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Zero Waste Together Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by – 2 Gal – Great for hiding your compost

Great idea, and useful for collecting for the compost heap, without collecting bugs at the same time.

Needed a larger size as my steel canister was filling up too quickly. This still looks fine on the counter. Use with green bags also bought on amazon.

We had one for years that hung on the wall, off the counter. We don’t have much counter space, so the hanging feature was important, but are hard to find. The only comment i would make is that it is deeper than our last one, and so it is harder to wash in our sink – doesn’t quite fit. As for durability, it’s hard to judge yet as we’ve only had it about a month. But so far, we like it a lot.

Mounts on cabinet door, lid stays up on its own for hands-free use / plate scraping. Detaches from mount so it can be used on counter during food prep. Has a handle so it can be carried outside to compost bin and dumped easily. No smell at all (and it’s summer where i live). I wish i had bought one sooner. Purchased with the recommended unni biodegradable green liners.

This compost bin is very well thought out and designed; i’ve had it for a year and haven’t found anything i don’t like about it. It has lots of useful features built-in that make it one of the best. I design products for a living, i know well thought out design, this is it.

This a well built product, but it does not keep fruit flies out. I placed it under the kitchen sink as suggested. But after several days of not being being used, when it was opened it was full of fruit flies. I had a ton of fruit flies in my kitchen. So this product is going in the garage and will only be opened outside, which is very inconvenient.

  • The WINNER – Green VS Brown
  • This is wide enough that the compost does not go all over the place when I dump it in here from the cutting board.
  • Best compost bin so far!

The zero waste mountable kitchen compost bin was easy to install. It is the perfect size to fit underneath the sink, and holds quite a bit. We only compost plant waste, so there is no smell or insects. It lifts off and returns easily to it’s base. We have limited counter space, so this fits ours needs.

Easy to mount to the cabinet under the sink and incredibly easy to take it off to empty compost. Can’t smell the compost until you open the lid. Pleased with this little bin.

We like the size of this container for capturing compost in the kitchen, and the vented lid is a good touch. We’ve had one of these before, and we were happy with it.

It’s not too small, not too big. Keeps odors in, but also lets fresh air in to avoid immediate decomposition of the scraps. I usually take it to our compost bin to dump it once or twice a week, depending on how full it is. Also don’t need plastic liner bags (trying to be more zero-waste) and it’s super easy to clean.

Great compost bucket, perfect size to mount on cabinet door under our sink. We bought small composting bags to go inside and are very happy with our set up.

Features of Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by Zero Waste Together – 2 Gal, Under Sink, Countertop, Odor Free, Dishwasher Safe, Bags Ok, Made in Canada

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  • EASY to MOUNT and CONVENIENT SIZE – Mount and screw assembly included! Small and perfect fit for most cabinet doors, pantry doors, under sinks and countertops.
  • EASY to CLEAN – Smooth HDPE and BPA free plastic makes it easy to wash and includes recycled content. UV protected. Dishwasher safe. Compostable bag compatible.
  • INSECT and ODOR FREE – Hinged lid which clicks into place ensures a tight seal. Micro-Perforated lid seals out fruit flies and insects and reduces smell with the process of aeration.
  • EASY to FILL, CARRY and EMPTY – Hinged lid which clicks into place allows lid to stay open. Lightweight with a swinging handle. Lip grip, bottom grip and back grip for emptying.
  • PATENTED AIRFLOW CHANNELS – Promotes healthy, PH balanced compost and a more efficient breakdown of food scraps.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Nice and simple, easy to use. Will hold a couple of days of veggie scraps from a family of five. There are a couple of hooks on either side that allow you to attach a bio-baggie which helps keeps the bucket from getting gross. I like that it is slightly larger than other compost bins, and that the opening is large enough to scrape the scraps from a chopping board without spills. The lid can be lock up or pushed down behind the bin. The kid that has to empty this bin likes how easy to empty it is and how much less yukky scraps are. Easy to rinse out as no nooks and crannies. Scraps don’t smell, or barely after a few days and straggler fruit flies gather on the lid, longing to get in. Has definitely improved the fruit fly problems in our kitchen. Only downside is that it doesn’t look very cool or slick, but in the battle against fruit flies and stinky food scraps, utility wins out.

This is a really great sized product. I know that some people have a problem with the lid not staying up. However we’ve been using ours for over a year and we’ve had no problems. You have to push up a little bit further and then it holds in place. You can easily wash it out and i have not had problems with thing smelling in it. If anything i wish it were larger but to be honest if it’s the small bags perfectly and if it were any larger it would getting messy. We often times throw things out that are wet. So on rare occasions are based ripped open but the bottom doesn’t have any wholesale collects all this garbage juice.

Purchased this as a gift for my husband as a father’s day gift. We compost so this was the perfect gift to have. It sits on the counter and helps prevent fruit flies in the warmer months. I would recommend this to others as long as they aren’t expecting to have it compost fast on the counter. This should be solely used as a container to hold the scraps until you can empty them, it isn’t large enough to hold until fully composted. Container is made of durable plastic and lid allows the right amount of air in. I accidentally left it outside for about a day during the winter time and there was no damage done. We have had some of the compost mold in the bottom, easy to clean with hot water.

I like the size of this bin. It is very easy to scrape food off dishes into it. It also has a large capacity which i like. I haven’t noticed any odor either. The large handle makes it easy to carry. The lid stays open when lifted up which is also convenient. The mounting bracket looked a little flimsy and i thought the pail might not be secure but i was wrong. Very easy to put on and very easy to remove. This is the third compost pail i’ve owned and this is by far my favorite.

We like this so much better than the yukchuck. Believe it or not, the aeration holes in the lid keep it from smelling. We’ve yet to go through a summer with it in the kitchen, though, so i’m not sure how the holes in the lid will do with any fruit flies. So far, very happy with this purchase.

For us it has been smell free, currently 3/4 full of wide variety of dated veggies, coffee grounds and the not supposed to compost meat products. No smell, no fruit flies in it, some of their buddies already in the kitchen seem to be attracted to area but the aeration holes do not allow them in. Some have complained about the 2 stop arc of the lid opening but no issue in my use. The first lift will not stay open but i am usually holding the lid with one hand and dumping goop into the container with the other. If indeed i need two hands (and why would i?) then keep opening util it clicks, which will require about the same force to push past the ‘click’ and secure the lid. So much better than the improvised kitchen containers i have used for years.

EASY to MOUNT and CONVENIENT SIZE – Mount and screw assembly included!

I love it, at first i was a little frustrated, but after i finally got it installed, it works like a charm. I added a compostable bag, prevents the bucket from getting grimy and stinky. The handle makes it easy to carry out to the compost pile and i don’t have a bunch of plastic containers to deal with. And it eliminated the fruitflies.

So easy to install and it fits perfectly on the inside cabinet door. When you’re ready to empty it out, it lifts off easily from the attached bracket. It’s so nice to have it hidden and not out on the counter. Overall, very pleased with our purchase.

We have been composting for several years and just used an old tupperware container. It sat on the counter and was gross to look at and to open when we added scraps. Easy installation, just enough room under our kitchen sink for it to mount on the cabinet door. Wide bin makes it easy to just take the cutting board and dump scraps in. It’s fairly big and can hold a lot. I am curious to see what the smell factor is like over time.

It looks nice which is an added benefit. We chose to not use bags and simply rinse out after dumping. However, we noticed they also sell bags which is an option to consider. We haven’t had any problems with leaking unlike other bins we tried in the past. Leaking compost is not fun to clean up ha.

Just got around to installing this today, though i’ve had it for awhile. It fits perfectly inside my cabinet under my sink and is very handy in that location.

Did my research, and this is definitely the best bin for our kitchen setup. Had too many problems with bugs from other bins, but this one works. And very little odor if any at all. Perfect dimensions, handy lid that stays open for two free hands, and very sturdy.

EASY to CLEAN – Smooth HDPE and BPA free plastic makes it easy to wash and includes recycled content. UV protected. Dishwasher safe.

This has a larger capacity than many kitchen compost keepers, which is great, especially because unlike some of them, it doesn’t seem to attract gnats/fruitflies. The holes in this one are very small, just enough for ventilation without letting bugs get in. I like that the lid has different ‘stop’ positions, so it will stay open if i’m peeling lots of veggies, for example. It isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but it is very practical.

As many reviews have stated, this composter is the perfect transition under the sink to before it heads out to the yimby tumbler in the backyard. I absolutely love this composter and have had zero issues with it. It mounted super easily and stays in place very easily. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a small composter to keep under your kitchen sink. The holes are so tiny in the lid that they truly do keep all insects out (including those pesky fruit flies).

Easy to clean and it doesn’t take up too much counter space.

I bought an open box version from a 3rd party. It didn’t come with a mounting kit but they will send me one. Good companyi like the style of this bin. The air holes and latch are creative engineering. I was using a standard metal bin before and it’s handle finally came loose. I’m hoping this bin has greater durability and stays cleaner. This bin has 1/2 gallon larger capacity than my old one. I bought this larger format of bin so i can fit compostable paper plates in it.

The winner: zero waste vs sure closeafter much debate and careful consideration this has every feature needed plus more. Measurements:exterior: 11′ wide (side to side) by 9. 5′ tall (top to bottom) by 8. Interior: 10′ width (side to side) by 9′ deep (top to bottom) by 6. While many communities can use the compostable plastic bags, ours doesn’t have the industrial process to handle them (the green liners) – so we do the cheap and easy alternative; wipe the inside with a dab of carnauba wax (it’s plastic friendly and non toxic) to make the inside slippery non stick surface that rinses right off. Easy to use, clean and store. Well constructed and sooo easy to lift on or off the mounting bracket.

Love the size and having it mounted in a useful location but not in the way. Easy to rinse out when the compost bags leak. A little concerned about the hinges and so on holding up, don’t seem very sturdy.

Gets the compost holder off the counter and out of sight. At the same time it holds a lot, remains convenient, and seems to keep odors in fine. Have not tested the long-term durability yet, but if it lasts like i hope it does, i will order another when can no longer be used.

INSECT and ODOR FREE – Hinged lid which clicks into place ensures a tight seal.

Pros: easy to openeasy to uselarge capacityno stink after over a week with food and banana peels ( left it under the sink when we went out of town)cons: fruit flies got in.

My teenage daughter was giving me grief about not composting, and i was an easy mark because i already felt guilty about it. But my new house has very little kitchen counter space, and i didn’t fancy having a big canister taking up what little spare room i had (i needed a bin with a fair volume because i’m mostly vegetarian so generate a lot of compostable scraps. Didn’t want to be dumping this thing once a day). I was concerned that the scraps would smell a bit and so i didn’t want them right on the counter where i prepare and eat food (or become, as my friend’s wife complains, a fruit fly brothel). And most of the ones i saw had a removable lid, so you’d have to use two hands to open, then put the lid somewhere, scrape, then put the lid back on. Finally i just sat down to look at all the offerings available online and decided this looked like the best option. It’s been two months now and i’ve been super pleased. I mounted it to the inside of the cabinet door under my sink and didn’t have to give up any storage under there to fit it in. Lost no space on my counter. Never smell it except once when i left some juicy stuff in there for over a week.

This plastic bin arrived quickly. The bin appears to be good quality. Unfortunately it is slightly too large for my cabinet door under the kitchen sink. My doors are a little wider than the bin but once mounted the door will not close because of the bin’s depth. The mounting hardware (see photo) states that the cabinet door must be a min of 14′ wide. Sad that i will have to send this back. I wish that the mounting hardware info was shown in the original description.

Great size, not to big or small. My previous bin was stainless to match my kitchen appliances but it started to show rust stains inside and it was impossible to clean. I use this on my countertop rather than on the inside of a closet door.

Easy to open as long as you don’t already have your hands full.

This thing is just perfectly designed. Mounts easily under sink, compact enough to sit on counter, fits in my bike basket and has a handle for when i run it to the compost station. Has ledges to grip it in all the right places, like when emptying the bin. It’s summertime (bug season) and so far no bugs inside. One thing i didn’t expect (being an amateur) was that the food waste would start to smell after a few days if i had lots of wet/moist things inside. So i started putting ‘wet compost’ in a container in the fridge and more ‘dry compost’ in this bin, and then just combining them one per week when i take it to the compost station down the street. This has been working perfectly and i don’t get any odors now and only empty it once per week. Very happy with this product.

EASY to FILL, CARRY and EMPTY – Hinged lid which clicks into place allows lid to stay open. Lightweight with a swinging handle.

Pros: i have not seen a fruit fly coming from it yet. However, in winter, i do not have a problem with them. I can dump scraps in without dropping them getting everywhere on the sink. I have an old-fashioned sink cast iron sink with a built in drainboard on both sides. I keep my bin on the one drainboard. The handle makes it easy for carrying and dumping the debris in the outside compost bin. Con: not really a con, but i have nothing else negative to say. You have to push in on the white part and pull out with the green. But i have trouble opening it with my one hand at a certain angle-i think it is just me. I have no trouble with the other hand.

Larger than i expected, which makes it great for a lazy apartment dweller like me who doesn’t want to hike to the outdoor compost bin too often. I stuck it under the sink, and haven’t had any problems with odors or insects. It’s easy to carry, easy to dump, and generally just rinses clean; anything that sticks is easily removed by soaking in hot soapy water.

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Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by Zero Waste Together - 2 Gal, Under Sink, Countertop, Odor Free, Dishwasher Safe, Bags Ok, Made in Canada
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