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Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter : Works but too little scale of production

Update after 1 month:i just started my second tray less then a week ago – after 12 hours i already had worms climbing into the newest tray. I still have a ton of worms working on the bottom tray but it’s pretty neat to know they are thriving and looking for more food. I’m amazed at what they eat – i feel so much better knowing i’m not wasting food because a roll got moldy – ‘the worms will eat it’. Has become my mantra of late. The only thing i have been struggling with is keeping the top layer of newspaper moist. I think it has too many colored areas on the pages so isn’t retaining the moisture well. Eventually i’ll change it out for something 100% black & white but for now i soak it in water every couple of weeks. The worms don’t seem to mind. Update after 24 hours:the garage got rather cold as evening went on and more worms were escaping. It was probably about 45* in the garage and since it was a new bin there wasn’t any warmth inside the bedding and food pile.

My worm factory arrived in good shape and was not warped in any way. But did not come with instructions, guide, dvd, or ‘up to date content’ that were supposed to be included as pictured. We’ll see if it works the way it’s supposed to before i decide if it’s worth returning.

I was very pleased with the wealth of information provided with this worm bin. I was initially expecting to only get a simple worm bin with a few bedding materials and a few instructions on how to set it up. But instead it comes shipped with a full booklet on just about everything you need to know to get started in vermiculture. I appreciate the fact that these sellers are committed to the success of their customers by providing so much useful information. The booklet details how to troubleshoot and identify problems that may arise, how and what to feed your worms, how to properly maintain the bin over months, how to harvest the castings from the bin when it’s ready, anatomy and life cycle of worms, how to keep your worms happy, and so much more. Receiving this booklet was definitely a breath of fresh air compared to all the small sheets of papers i get with broken translated english printed on them. I also like how you get enough bedding to fill two trays so you will be set for several months before you need to go get some additional materials for bedding (if you don’t already have some). Currently, the worms have been quite happy in their new home (as far as i can tell). I’ve had the bin for about a month now and it has worked well for me. Obviously i will need more time to fully access this product, but so far, it’s been easy to use and useful.

(as the process continues, the review will update. )hi, i’m michelle, and i have worms. A few weeks ago i made the decision to give vermicomposting a try. I live in an area that supports recycling, but we still have to take the items there. The rest of the trash costs us per weight, and ends up decomposing in a way that is not healthy. Why not reduce the trips to recycling, the money spent having someone else take away the rest of it, and end up with healthy compost for our plants?. Hey, when it’s january and you live in one of the coldest states, you start thinking about gardening so that you don’t go all jack torrance. I read a lot on the topic, including a lot of advice on making my own bin. However, diy bins almost always involved work in getting your slimy friends to go to the other side of the bin. I decided to make the investment and buy a stackable unit, because they’re made and used in a way that the worms migrate up and leave the finished compost behind.

I ordered this bin along with 1,000 worms from uncle jims worm farm. I have been chopping up veggie scraps for the bin, and i freeze it for when i have time to get my hands dirty feeding the worms. I have already been able to harvest a full bin of soil to plant under my new raspberry plants. Kit came with detailed instructions and everything i needed to kick start the process and i still have left over minerals to keep going. I am a 3-6 year old director and plan to incorporate this process of composting in our class next year. We have compost bins now, but the raccoons and squirrels gnaw their way in and the bins and the bins create more of a feeding area for critters rather than a composting site. This is a much more wholistic way of composting food scraps. The process is very educational and the cycle of it all is rewarding.

This worm composter is really well designed. It is durable, easy to use, and comes with an excellent manual. I took a two day class on vermicomosting at the state university, and everything in that class was included in the handbook that comes with this worm factory. So you are going to be really well prepared and informed by reading the included book. I got my first batch of worms from growing power in milwaukee, wi. The worms were transported in their normal compost in a 5 gallon bucket, and they were only in transit for about 1 hour. The worms adapted to the composter very quickly and the short travel time made sure they were not traumatized. I am using two worm factories side-by-side so that i have enough composting capacity for my needs. I put my paper in a crosscut shredder first and then mix it with food and put it in the composter. I really like that the worm factory comes with probe thermometers so that you can monitor the internal composter temperature.

I’ve only had mine for about 2 months now, but it is working as described. I’ve gone to the site chat to ask questions and been answered well. The worms seem happy, the composting is going as described. Getting rid of sad & decrepit veggies & fruits, coffee grounds & egg shells, plus certain types of paper trash, too, for a beneficial reason instead of just throwing them away means i’m not totally throwing away or wasting money anymore and majorly cutting down on trash. Have found that cutting up the produce/paper into smaller bits really makes a difference, too. Did have an issue with the gnats & fruit flies, but after the first raking to mix everything up – this cut off the odors, too – it cut down on them considerably and the site gave recommendations on other remedies to help as well. Am now raking/mixing at least once a week. I’ll report back after 6 months or so – since there’s only 2 of us, the rack build up is probably slower than for a family, to let you know how it’s still going & if i’m still as enamored.

After reading an interesting article in the chicago tribune about worm composting i searched around for a worm composter. There were lots of choices out there, this is on the high end of a home composting system, it seemed very complete and i like to order via amazon. I ordered my worms at the same time. I like the multitiered system that allow the worms to progress at their pace. One thing that is not immediately evident is that it is not recommended to leave this unit outside in the elements – it must be out of the direct sun and not exposed to the rain. I set it up in my garage and plan to bring it to the basement in the winter. ) order the composter in advance of getting your worms and set it up per the directions. The worms respond better to the bedding if it has had a chance to ‘mature’ a bit.

Started my worm colony on feb 9, 2017. I acquired 1000 worms from uncle jim’s worm farm and so far i’m getting my first finished tray. My worm management isn’t the greatest as i’ve added more food to the first bin so their still working their way through the food on the first tray. I like the worm factory and the only complaint i may have is making it easier for the worms to migrate upward. You have to switch bins and make sure eggs and worms aren’t in the finished bin. If i could of down this over, i would of just gotten a flow through worm bin like the hungry bin worm farm. I see a lot of home made items on you tube but quite frankly that system looks far user friendly.

My worms are doing great and multiplying as well as tons of other bugs int he same bins. The whole idea of this kind of composting is designed for a very very little scale of gardening like in apartment, where you have only few plants to maintain. If you think you will get rid of your kitchen scraps-no, you will not, worms need so little food that all of your kitchen scraps will go to somewhere else (like in regular compost pile if you have one). With my little garden around the house this volume and speed of production is pretty useless. It could be more useful for seed starter boxes, but i am not doing it. I am thinking to get rid of it. Too much hustle for nothing. At this time i think i would rather spend money for heap of good mature manure, would be more efficient for plants.

The factory is great and the instructions very clear, but dear god make sure to read as many blogs as possible before your worms actually come. I made so many rookie mistakes with maintaining the farm. Maintaining the proper environment is extremely hard and unique to each persons waste and home environment. Also, when putting down the newspaper below the dirt on the bottom-most, do not. Do not scrap any of that newspaper away when you are digging in your dirt. I scrapped some of it off by accident and then my worms were escaping through that hole (that is almost impossible to repair once everything is going) for the next several months. They will try to escape at any opportunity.I might try some sort of mesh on the bottom layer next time.

These worm farms are great, we now have five of them. We put one of these under our under-performing starfruit tree and the next year the tree put out an extraordinary amount of fruit. The next year it’s even better. Worm castings are an all natural fertilizer. My gf is our worm farmer at our 5-acre farm in central florida. She feeds them a variety of cardboard (recycling) and rotting fruit that falls off the trees on our farm. We started with one farm and are now up to five of them. We’re putting a farm under every one of our fruit trees because the trees love the worm-castings so much. We only bought worms once for the first farm, when the first farm became fully populated by reproducing then we spread the worms among two additional farms. Soon all three farms were loaded with worms so we added two more farms.

I built my own worm composter a few years before getting this one, i almost lost my worms twice because of over feeding and heat in the summer. I love this one because it looks nice enough to keep in doors. It does take training your worms to come up each level and i found using one on the bottom with a lot of news paper works the best and then have one that has the main compost, that way the old stuff drops on there and collects any compost dropping down before getting into the water reservoir. It makes it easy to collect when it just drops down and keeps worms out of the water as well. They tend to go for a swim every now and then. It happened on my other one too. I honestly love it though and think every one should have one of there in their home. I may get another one later.

I don’t have previous experience with vermicomposting, but wanted to give it a try. After a week of operation, i am really impressed with this kit. The book that comes with it is excellent — it is well organized, attractively illustrated, and as far as i can tell thus far, it is really comprehensive. The kit comes with a dvd, but i didn’t find it particularly useful, especially when compared with the high caliber of the book. The dvd has poor image quality, many misspelled words occurring often enough to be distracting, and nowhere near the detail found in the book. The kit is complete (except for worms, which need to be ordered separately), the quality of all the materials appears to be excellent, and the instructions make it easy to get up and running quickly. The book is good because it not only provides what you need to get started now, but it goes into long-term management of the worm farm, ensuring a successful outcome down the road.

I’ve had my wf 360 for a couple of months now, and it’s great. My 4 year old loves feeding the worms, and i like just checking up on them every couple of days to see how they’re doing. I never really liked worms, can’t say i ever touched one until i bought this, they grossed me out. Now i like to hold them in my hands and pet them. After i have my morning coffee, they get the grounds, so we literally have coffee together. They are seriously like having a pet. It’s hard to describe, kind of weird, but they have become a part of the family. We put this in our laundry room, and yes it smells fine, no stench. If you follow the directions (and the direction booklet provided is very helpful and full of information, did you know worms had 5 hearts????), the compost will actually smell good. All of the materials included are easy to put together, and i’ve had no worms escape yet.

Living in alaska, i haven’t had much luck with heat composters breaking down my compost quickly. I’m excited to try the worm factory. The directions were easy to follow and included starter materials that made it convenient to set up. It arrived quickly and in good shape.

I’ve been using the worm factory 360 for almost 2 years now and i’m very pleased with this compost bin. I enjoy gardening, and one of the principles of organic gardening of which i was well aware, but had been resisting to implement, was composting. I thought it would be too much work, too much hassle. But now i’ve been doing this for a while, and it’s a really low maintenance operation. About once or twice a week, i’ll put food into the bin and water. I empty out the drained water on my garden plants. About every 6-8 weeks now i have to harvest the compost. This is the only part that takes work – you have to rotate the bins so the bottom one is on the top and then rake the compost a bit and wait a few hours for the worms to all migrate back down. Then you have to set up a new bin with new bedding material. The worm factory works very well, although when you look inside there are always going to be tiny mites crawling over everything and even tiny snails, which i seem to have been stuck with since day one.

Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter, Black : I’m a beginner at worm farming. Started this worm condo about a month ago in my garage in florida. I purchased worm castings before i decided to start the worm farm, and my plants loved the compost tea i made so much that i decided to start making my own. There were items missing from this kit. When i contacted the seller, i was told to send them an email with my mailing address, and they would immediately send them to me. I never heard back from them. I read a few other reviews that said the same thing. . That the seller ignored their emails about missing parts. I don’t think this product is any better than similar looking worm farms, so if you see another brand for less, it’s probably as good if not better than this one. This one just happens to be more expensive because of the manufacturer.

This is the best wormery i’ve had the pleasure of working with. I had another worm tower, but it was a few years old and needed replacing. I built one myself, and wasn’t thrilled with the results, since i move the wormery in and out of schools for my job. So i buckled down and bought the worm factory, and i’m pleased. It’s sturdy and the worms seem to love it, and overall easy to move around because the feet come off easily. Perfect for a garden educator like myself who travels around with worms from time to time.

I have now had my worm factory for about a year, and absolutely love it. When taken care of appropriately, your little worms will turn junk mail and kitchen scraps into a luscious potting soil. Nothing makes me smile as much as shredding junk mail and feeding it to my little worm buddies. 🙂 ok, well, shredding the old, paid bills makes me smile more. As long as you keep the ratio of food vs. Paper in balance, there is no discernible odor. If you notice it has a slightly funky scent in that corner of the kitchen, go take a peek and see if you have been putting too much of one or the other item in there. I have gotten carried away with veggie scraps and had the balance tip a bit too far – and yes, it will begin to smell funny. Not garbage smell, but a funky kinda stale-beer-smell. My houseplants have absolutely love the worm dirt produced.

Are you like me who tried to compost your kitchen scraps the old fashion way which causes fruit flies, a deathly stench and last but not least gets frozen in the winter then this vermicomposting is the one for you. Well at least it’s the right match for me and my family. Purchased the worm factory on may 9th and it arrived on may 12th. I ordered 2000 red wrigglers from www. 95 on the same day the worm factory was purchased. The worms arrived 2 days after the worm factory was delivered. The worm factory comes with an instructional manual and dvd, a bottle of mineral rock dust, shredded card board, a small ziplock bag of coir, small ziplock bag of pumice, 4 trays and a kit (rake, scraper and a thermometer). It was easy to set up the first worm bin because the instructional manual was written in simple layman’s terms and step by step instructions. You only need to line the first worm bin with damp not dripping wet newspaper. The additional food trays added does not need to be lined. I am 2 weeks into setting up the worm factory and i am thrilled. The first tray is almost broken down completely only a few scraps of food remains which i didn’t cut up small enough and as a result they still need to be broken down more. I just added a 2nd food tray last week and used the rest of the coir, pumice, added damp shredded newspaper and some of the castings from the first tray and it was a success.

Started using this composter last spring and all through the summer. It has a huge capacity with the expandable bins (comes with plenty for a family of 4, and you can buy extras if you generate a lot of compost). The system is super easy to set up and even easier to maintain. It has a collection tray and spicket so you can collect the liquid run off – great for plant fertilizer (although they say you shouldn’t use that liquid as fertilizer for any veggies or plants that you will eventually eat – house plants only). System comes with everything you need to get started (minus the compost food and newspaper). Once it’s up and running theres not too much you need to do – it’s a self sustaining eco system. Just add foodit comes with a dvd and booklet with information on how to get started and keep it going. You do need to maintain the right balance of ‘greens’ (compost food) and ‘browns’ (things like cardboard and shredded newspaper/mail). But it’s easy to figure out: too dry, add more greens – too wet, add more browns. You can compost most organic material that isn’t cooked. No meat products, dairy, or citrus. Chop up onions and garlic – add the shells. Banana peels, apple cores, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags. It cuts down on the amount of garbage thats in your kitchen, and the garbage that’s left doesn’t have any smell because theres nothing organic thats rotting in it. Plus it makes great fertilizer if you grow your own veggies (use the compost, not the liquid run off). Unfortunately i did not have a place to keep this in the winter so needed to stop using through the cold. Next spring though all i need to do is add more worms and it’ll be ready to go. Great for novices and advanced composters alike.

I have had this worm factory for two weeks now and love it. I put 1200 worms in it that i also ordered from amazon and they are chowing away, making me mulch. This device came with very clear written instructions plus a video on how to set this up and i followed the directions and have had no issues whatsoever. This sits in my foyer and no one knows it’s a worm farm, until i show them – no smell, no mess. The worms seems super-happy and i am using up all my vegetable left-overs, rather than putting them in the landfill, and in return, i’m getting some awesome-looking ‘black gold’ mulch – can’t wait to use it in my garden. This is very easy to do, very low maintenance and i feel i am contributing to the environment in a small, but positive way.

I wasn’t sold on the idea when my wife said she wanted to start raising worms in the garage. But now, i love it (not touching them–that’s her job). As a writer, there is something immensely therapeutic about feeding the torn up drafts of your writing to a box of warms in the garage. And knowing that in a few months it will be soil that feeds the yard that you can walk in in bare feet. As a person, there is something satisfying about putting your food waste to good us. In our case, the worms have also presented an interesting food hierarchy. We, the humans eat what we want from the fridge. The waste, leftovers and scraps then go to our pet goats–who are surprisingly picky. What they don’t want goes to the chickens.

I had a home made worm farm and it worked but it was hard to keep the moisture at the required level. I ordered the worm factory 360 wf360b worm composter in black and it arrived in a couple of days – very prompt delivery. It took a few minutes to get it unpacked and set up. A few more minutes and i had my worms transferred from the home built to their new home and they were ready to start eating. It has been several months and the first bin is about full – time to add another layer. I read the other reviews and have an observation:some said the worm ladder or top were missing – mine were exactly where they were supposed to be – upside down in the bottom of the stand. I suspect some people didn’t check where the directions said they would be. I have my worm factory in a greenhouse where i can control the temperature – especially in winter when they need protection from freezing. Summer provides a little more of a challenge but i can still keep the unit below 80 so the worms are doing fine and consuming all of my shredded mail and garden waste.

For a new worm farmer – i definitely recommend paying the extra money to get the ‘accessories’ that are in this kit. I have a feeling that i’ll be eventually making my own bins – but for now i’m enjoying the process of falling in love with worms that this handy kit encourages. Right now it’s in our home (it’s winter) and i love the handy way of feeding them. They are so quiet, and low maintenance. A great thing for kids, even though i have none – i would definitely get this if i had kids, to teach them about taking care of our world. . Did you know that this world would have a critical garbage problem, and depleted soil issues, if it wasn’t for the tiniest of creatures such as worms?. One single worm can process 10 pounds of material every year – transforming garbage into something useful and nutritious. What’s very interesting along these lines, is that what goes into a worm, and then comes out the other end, are two different things.

It was my best ever mother’s day gift. We started with a half pound of worms locally and still are on the first bin. Our food waste is next to nonexistent – and that makes us happy since our city does not collect compostables. Setup is a breeze because everything is included. I wish i had bought more worms to start, but i think the local worm farm wanted me to to get the bin environment going before adding too many worms. The worms are happily multiplying and we have many babies and cocoonsi’ve had no trouble with flies or other pests. If you are having trouble, your bin is either too wet or you are feeding too much. Cover your bin with a few pages of newspaper and a couple inches of shredded paper and cardboard.

I bought this in november and it worked fine then i added another tray and it still work fine. Description says it can hold up to eight trays i have 6 trays on it – added gradually- and it worked fine for a short amount of time and then a bottom leg bent. I would like to get a replacement bottom – hopefully the company would take this one back but i don’t see any way to contact the company so i’m using the comment section hoping they see it. I live outside chicago and luckily we have some warm weather now so i can put the trays outside but that won’t last long. I don’t know why they say you can add 8 trays when six of them bent the bottom leg. So if you see this from the company please contact me. I would be glad to change this to a four star if i could get some assistance here.

I bought this item along with 2 pounds of red wigglers to start off my vermicomposting experiment. I followed the instructions exactly, even watching the included video. It is winter here in the midwest so i decided to keep the bin under a heating vent in my kitchen. While i did have a slight ammonia smell in the first two weeks, the problem was eliminated by simply adding more shredded paper. There has been no smell emanating from the unit since, even stooped over the bin i am unable to smell anything. Per the instructions i have not placed any dairy, meat or acidic fruits in the bin, and i have yet to see any insects anywhere. Maybe this is just because it is still relatively cold outside, but currently there are none. The worms have been steadily moving towards the top bin, and are currently migrating into a third bin after 5 weeks. I could be crazy, but they seem obviously annoyed when you crack the trays apart to investigate; they really do not like light. Overall the worms seem happy, my trash is being diverted from a landfill, and i will eventually stop paying (as much) money to a nursery for worm castings.

I’m a huge fan of the worm factory products. I own three bins, one is the original and two are the 360. While the 360 has a few silly whistles & bells that the original didn’t include (instructional dvd, a plastic rake my 3-year-old loves, a black thing called a ‘sprinkler’ that i haven’t figured out yet) it is worth the small additional investment for a few reasons:1. The 360 maxes out at eight trays because of its sturdier base. If you plan to grow your colony this is important. The lid on the 360 fits more securely and can hold trays while you are harvesting. I bought a meat thermometer for use with my original worm factory, then found the 360 comes with one. Very handy when one of your trays is overheating. They send you a generous quantity of pumice with the 360. This is great to sprinkle in the trays for moisture control and airflow. The spigot on the original isn’t slanted down like this one, so it’s tough to drain the leachate completely from the collection tray. The bottom tray sits up on risers to allow airflow in the leachate bin. This is a huge improvement over the original, where i had major issues with product quality once i reached maximum tray capacity.

Update: 5/23/15i have had this thing for 6 months now. I purchased 500 worms right after receiving. Half the worms died within a couple of days. Thinking the cold weather and slightly delayed shipping killed them. Uncle jim stated his company guaranteed quick shipment and live. When i contacted they just blew me off with excuses. The remaining worms slowly multiplied. I should have purchased local and started with 1000 worms. I have been feeding regularly with slightly aged veggie scraps and some newspaper. I added my second bin 2 months ago.

Had neglected to order worms so had to wait to try it out. Has been working just fine and i have been able to add trays and keep them full and the worms are quite productive and eat like horses. We have it out on the back porch under the eaves and discovered one morning that the raccoons had discovered it so now it is ‘locked’ every night with bungee cords. Despite the raccoon raid, the worms are still there and must have run for cover in time to avoid being eaten. All in all, a fun and productive way to handle kitchen garbage.

So far, the worms are absolutely thrilled with their new abode. It’s built well considering how lightweight it is. That’s a bonus for me as heavy lifting is not my favorite sport. The directions are permanently attached to the lid, which is great for those of us who need reminders on worm bin maintenance. The only insecurity that i have is the amount of food to give the worms. Some sources say 1/2 pound of food per day for 1 pound of worms, some say 1 pound of food per day, so i’m splitting it down the middle and giving them 3/4 pound a day. The bottom bin was filled to the top with food and dirt while we were on vacation (enthusiastic grandkids) so i added another bin and the worms instantly migrated to the second bin. I’m encouraged that i will have worm castings way sooner than expected.

There are things i like about this composter, but i really think they should try to redesign it so that it’s enclosed. It’s advertised as something you can keep in the house, but the fruit fly problem is an issue. I do have a solution for the fruit flies – i have modified a recipe for a fruitfly trap i got from friends a few years ago. I place a small jar containing a little balsamic vinegar diluted in white vinegar plus a couple of drops of dish soap in the corner of the top tray. I just wish it wasn’t necessary. I still have to be mindful of the fruit flies when i open the lid to put something in the bin, which doesn’t make it as useful as i’d like. I just don’t have thousands of fruit flies all over my kitchen anymore.

I received my worm factory today and it is just as advertized. The little booklet is very clear and detailed. I recommend getting the set with the booklet and the materials for getting your worm farm off to a good start. I think the pumice and rock dust are a great addition. Very necessary for the health of the worms. There was a glitch with my first order. I never recieved it and had to order another. I wasn’t happy about this, but amazon kept me informed and recommend a reorder and refund of the first worm factory 360. The squirm firm was easy to work with and let me know to contact amazon and informed me how to care for my worms until the replacement worm factory arrived.

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