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United Solutions TB0010 Rough and Rugged Rectangular 34 Gallon Wheeled Outdoor Trash Can, Good Product. Great Price.

Bought this for our 4 person small home for weekly trash pickup. Great reviews led me to buy and so far so good. Wheels roll well and like the handle feature. However, the lid is not on a hinge. It is one that had to be picked up and put aside. Not a big deal, but something to note.

I constantly have an issue with losing my trash can lid or having the garbage men throw it away :/ the lid on this isnt attached but it does snap down on firmly so i havent had an issue with that yet. The wheels are awesome (makes my garbage night much easier) and moves easily without problems and the handle helps. The size of this has to be my favorite part. Its big enough to fit about 3 full kitchen sized trash bags inside and still be able to close the lid but its not too big that the garbage men wont take my trash. I live in a city so we have restrictions on size. I would buy this all over again and will probably buy a second one just because i like it.

Good garbage can, with a good lid. The wheels make it easier to empty and transport. Large size, but not too wide. I like that it is taller rather than wider, so that it can fit more easily in many kinds of spaces. Much better than a round and wider can which i had before which had been too bulky. This can is much more convenient. And the price was very reasonable. The more i use it, the more i like it. The wheels make it easy to transport garbage from upstairs kitchen to downstairs larger garbage container and it is light enough to carry with ease, yet sturdy enough to handle being hauled around.

This is a nice little trash bin. It’s no so big that i have trouble moving it (i’m 5′ tall, female). It rolls easily and holds a week’s garbage with some room to spare. It’s good quality plastic and should last quite a while.

Ordered two, one can came square, one was round which was strange. Didn’t bother to send back the round. The round lid fits perfectly, the square lid doesn’t seal closed. Since i purchased these for outside the lid not fitting right makes one kinda useless for trash as critters can easily get in it.

(review is for the square version) paid $25solid and inexpensive, does the job well. The plastic is thick enough and doesn’t bend, enough that it doesn’t feel cheap (the lid feels kinda cheap though, but not effecting functionality, fits on tight and stays on). Stable enough that as long as there’s something in it, it wont have a chance to fall over. Otherwise if empty just putting it against something will stop it from tipping from wind. Someone got the package before me, so i can’t say for sure if it was missing the plug for the lid or not, just used a strip of duct tape instead. I expected a ‘cheap’ product for the price from previous reviews, seems some people have their expectations too high.

I hate how expensive trash cans can be. How frustrating to pay a lot of money to hold garbage. These cans are perfect for me, though. For what they cost, they are perfectly adequate – they hold garbage, roll, and do garbage can things like a garbage can should. I don’t expect them to last 30 years, but they are decent quality. For the average user in a suburban environment, these cans will do their job just fine. They’ve made it through two michigan winters so far and are none the worse for wear. They are pretty lightweight, so i would recommend using decals or spray-paint to put your address on them in case of high winds (which i would think is a good idea for any can).

Key specs for United Solutions TB0010 Rough and Rugged Rectangular 34 Gallon Wheeled Black Outdoor Trash Can with Hook&Lock Handle-Thirty Four Gallon Garbage Can with Locking Handles:

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  • Imported
  • 34-Gallon capacity.
  • Heavyweight blow molded plastic construction built to last.
  • Wheels provide easy transport.
  • Hook and lock handle secures your lid.
  • 20.75-inches L x 18.875-inches W x 35.25-inches H

Comments from buyers

, You can put your garbage in this thing
, United Solutions TB0010 Rough and Rugged

This product works fine, however, it doesn’t work for us. I wish we had a bigger trash can. This can is filled and overflowing by the time trash day arrives. It is probably 50%, maybe 75% of the size of one of the trash cans that the city typically provides for trash pick-up. So if you ever fill those up, this probably isn’t for you. Get a bigger one, just in case. My actual complaint, though, is that i find the lid to be difficult to put on and off securely. Maybe i’m not strong enough or my hands are too flimsy with the lid handles, but sometimes when the lid is on securely, it’s really hard to pull off without sticking my fingers under the lid and prying it off (and who wants to get that close and personal with their trash can?). Also, even when the lid is on ‘securely’ roaches can still enter it through the cracks. In hindsight, i’d likely just purchase a trash can from the county, one with a flip lid, so that it easily opened and closed and had a fairly secure seal to keep the roaches out.

Only ‘okay’ because it’s so very small. I guess i didn’t understand the sizing; it holds two, maybe three, tall kitchen garbage bags which are somewhat full.

Nice size, easy to move which is what i needed. Lid us very snug which is a blessing and a curse. The can is lightweight so when taking the lid off it tends to tip. I don’t hate it but is try a somewhat heavier one next time to avoid the tipping.

Works well to use large yard waste bags in. I wish there was a different handle to use when using the wheels because the hinged handle makes it try to stand up straight, causing it to drag rather than roll.

It’s the night before garbage day. Your wife yells you at you ‘take out the garbage, you lazy bum’. Then you’re all, ‘hey ohhh, lay off me’, then you can’t put up w/ it anymore so you take out the garbage. And you’re all ‘hey how you doin’. Put the stuff in, roll it out, go back and watch reruns of mr.

These are mid-sized garbage cans, not the behemoths most of us use for weekly trash pickup. That being said, i purchased these for a ‘water collection’ emergency on my patio (i have a new run off problem which can only be corrected by a little construction and these cans will serve as a stop gap solutions to prevent flooding back toward my patio grilling area until permits are issued and the contractor can start work on my place). They are easy to wheel when full which is what i wanted so that i can dump run off water into a banana patch or my pool then put these back in place for the next fl afternoon monsoonal downpour. On the other hand, the lids are beyond useless (they don’t fit) which isn’t an issue for my usage but would be for someone who wants to use these as actual outdoor garbage receptacles. Be wary of price if you are going to buy these. They’ve gone down by $8 in a week since my purchase. Maybe put them in your list and if you really want them, pounce when prices go down a little more.

Wheels on trashcans are always great. Isn’t the biggest trashcan out there but i knew that before purchasing because i read the description. The handle pulled up locks the lid on and to unlock and release the lid you just snap the handle down and lift the lid up. I was afraid that the trash men wouldn’t figure it out but they did. The lid fits on very securely so it’s not even necessary to lock the lid. Doesn’t blow over when windy outside. Yet light-weight so even if it didn’t have wheels it’s easy to lift up or carry. I plan on getting another one for gardening.

You get what you pay for here. It’s a decent, cheap fix for light weight trash items but it’s not heavy duty by any means. It’s super awkward, like top heavy or something, and there’s only 1 handle. Don’t expect to have this 1 for long term but it’s easy to clean out & holds quite a bit.

I know this seems minor but the cover was missing the plug for the hole. Seeing as the next 10 days forecast rain for this area it guarantees it will be taking on water.

Does what it needs to do but very light weight. I do not think it will hold up very long. Also we are a family of 4 and if i miss 1 trash pick up during the week ( we have 2 ) the trash can is over flowing. I also think the handle sucks, as you use it to pull can down driveway the handle doesn’t lock in place so it is always moving around making it hand to keep can on its wheels.

Several low marks were given to this product because the product was flimsy in the wind, the lid didn’t fit just right, or the wheels came off easily. That’s not been my experience. I’ve been using one of these outside for several years, and it works just fine. Except the top, which is worthless. I will buy another one when the day comes, and recommend to you to buy one if you haven’t ever had one. Besides, if you want a really good, commercial grade trash can this size, you’re going to pay a lot of money, well over 100 bucks.

This isn’t a very sturdy garbage bin, but you get what you pay for. It probably won’t last long, but my garbage guys are so rough on my bins, they break them no matter how much they cost, so i’d rather not lose money when they will inevitably break. My lid isn’t easy to put on, but it did stay in place after the handle was latched. It has survived a month of trash days thus far and still has both wheels, the lid, and the handle, which is a miracleupdate: still in good condition after several months of use.

The can is a very flimsy plastic, much more flimsy than what you would find on a plastic storage bin. The weight is awkward, so it falls over easily. Light duty and smaller than it appears in the picture. The plastic has significant imperfections, as if it dripped after the hot plastic was poured into the mold. If i had been shopping at a store and saw this, i would have passed it by. It will serve my purpose, so i’ll keep it, but i know i’ll be replacing it soon. It’s not going to last long. When i do replace it, i’ll go to a brick-and-mortar store to make sure i get something decent, even if i have to pay twice the price.

It’s light and could blow over under the right wind. But being light is also an advantage depending on where it’s stored and how easy it is to heft. The lid isn’t always easy to put on, since it’s cheap plastic and can easily be misshapen like other reviewers have noted. All in all, it’s not great, but it’s not terrible. It certainly does the job of holding trash on the curb, as long as you don’t live near large predatory pests, or in an environment with gale-force winds.

I would not call these rough and rugged or recommend them for more than a 2 person household. I have not had any issues with the wheels to date but i’m also being careful to not put a lot of weighty items into them. They also don’t seem to have much balance so if you don’t load them right they fall over quite easily. They did arrive quickly and in perfect condition, so i’m giving some credit for the speedy service.

I will make use of them for interim yard waste collection as planned, but they are very unstable. Too tall for the tiny footprint perhaps, but also they just are not steady standing. A very light breeze (or nothing) knocks them over. I bought 4 at once and leaned them all into each other to hopefully support them all when they were delivered. Next morning they were all flat out in the driveway, so many dominoes dumped over. Then i placed them each around the yard for green waste collection. Later in the day they are again all fallen over. I filled one hoping that would make it more secure, it did not. The wheels work fine, material is sufficiently sturdy, the lid is secure, i just wish they were more stable, i will have to figure out a way to stabilize.

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