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Toter 025532-R1GRS Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Trash Can, The very odd shaped interior means they don’t hold much

I finally bought this garbage can because of the numerous times animals would rip through the garbage bag and create a mess in front of my house. Although a bit pricey, this product is very sturdy. It only holds about 2 kitchen bags which is not alot but there are no more messes in front of my house anymore.

A little disappointed with its size. Seems to be a quality product. I found this exact model at walmart for $30 cheaper.

Trash cans aren’t the most exciting product we have bought on line but since they are a homeowner’s necessity we are glad we could. Having them delivered was so much easier than going to a big box store and dragging them home ourselves. Only one of our cars would have fit them. Having it dropped off at our door was a wise choice. It’s nice to have fresh, perfectly clean cans, and they are very durable. No problem rolling it to and from the street and the lid fits tight so no animals can get in. This comes with a good warranty too.

Very easy to move around and good quality. I do wish i had got a larger size because i would like to totally replace all my current trash cans.

This trash container was perfect for my recently purchased small row house in the city (the city doesn’t provide containers). It really beats keeping full kitchen garbage bags in the house until pickup day. It holds 2 full kitchen bags, which is all i need to get me through the week (the larger sizes may be needed for couples or families), and it looks a lot better than setting garbage bags on the curb by themselves. It also seems to keep the rodents and other small animals out; at least i haven’t seen signs of any getting in. It is very sturdily constructed, and with the square design and large wheels, it is easy to maneuver and store. I will definitely be getting the blue counterpart for recyclables.

We lost a lid to high winds for one of our older 32gallon round trash bins. So we decided this time we wanted one with a lid attached. This fit the bill perfectly. They are very durable yet still light enough to lift. The wheels are much bigger and sturdier than on the old trash cans. This makes them easier to roll. You can feel the durability and strength of the material. They do seem to be a tighter fit for our trash bags. This is likely due to the design which may be for added strength to the trash bin. However we still have had no issues with any lack of space in the bins for weekly trash pick up.

We have ‘lost’ so many lids that an attached lid was the main thing i was looking for when i found this trash can. It is heavy and i expect it will hold up for many years. My only regret was not purchasing the larger one.

Key specs for Toter 025532-R1GRS Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Trash Can with Attached Lid, 32-Gallon, Greenstone:

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  • Rugged rim design and bottom wear strip provide added strength where needed; large footprint and aerodynamic design provide stability
  • Toter trash can design is compatible with automated and semi-automated curbside collection
  • Rugged wheels make Toter cans easy to maneuver; ergonomic design leads to easy to tilt and roll, even when full
  • Toter trash cans have a 15 to 20 year service life; backed by an industry leading 10 year warranty
  • Distinctive Greenstone finish masks normal wear and tear and keeps cart looking new for years

Comments from buyers

“Toter trash container great but avoid 32 gallon model
, Sturdy, easy to wheel, and best of all, the lid doesn’t come off.
, Picture it wrapped in holiday paper and adorned with bows

This toter is very large, very sturdy, very easy to wheel. We have smaller rubbermaid trash cans. The lids can be difficult to close and lock, especially in winter weather. Our trash collectors take the lids off and throw them on the ground. They can’t do that with the toter. The lid doesn’t leak, it can’t fall off, it can’t blow away. We’ve had it for a few weeks, and i have no complaints at all. It’s the best trash can we’ve ever had.

After having looked locally and finding less than stable trash cans on wheels with lids, i turned to amazon and found this. It arrived ahead of multiple other items ordered. For the money with free shipping, this is a solid buy. The products in local stores don’t roll behind me adequately–typically, i have had to bend at the knees to keep them from tipping over or roll properly. This is far better than most. After having used this can, i reduce from 5 stars to 3. The wheels take up so much of he container that it cannot hold even 2 tall kitchen bags.

The best new large trash can to keep out animals and be compatible with the truck system.

I’ve had this trash can for about 6 months now. The only issue is it is wobbly. It came like this and i hoped it would improve over time, but it has not. I have another one in the dark green, and that one is fine and does not wobble at all. I would recommend, but if you get a wobbly one, return it immediately.

My trash collectors are rough. In about 12 years of living here, i have been through 4-5 trash cans. I was looking for something more durable for them to abuse and i hope i have found it. It sure feels stronger and more well made than any i have tried to date. I like the size, a little larger than my last can (which was 32 gallon). I liked this one so much i ordered the 65 gallon recycle cart. We can recycle so much that this trash can should last 2-3 weeks between collections for us, the 65 gallon recycle cart should be a weekly empty.

After struggling for years with my old rubbermaid 45 gallon can from a diy store i finally invested in this can. What a difference, i wish i had bought this year’s ago. It is so sturdy i think it will last several years. It looks great and holds the equivalent of two smaller cans so my old ones now get used for yard waste.

Looks strong and seems to be made well. First garbage pickup the wheels fell off in the street. Found all the parts and hammered the wheels back on the axle. Time will tell if its long lasting or just garbage. With out the wheels its useless.

Think of it’s size and put it in a plain cardboard box. Now add rain and it is a disaster. If had to return couldn’t in that box as soaking wet. Now add stupidity of a fed x delivery guy that did not put it under carport. Get’s worse, he puts it in front of door in the rain blocking door. Bought this because already own 1 of the larger ones and so far this looks just as good. Wheels same size as other and hope this lasts for years. If not for the packaging issue would give it 5 stars. This is 8 / 28 /17 and will up date if any issues.

The 32 gallon size assumes you are filling them with water. If you are using garbage bags, the irregularly shaped interior means a lot of the capacity goes wasted and unused. They end up holding much less than a normal round can. Otherwise, these are well built, good quality and look nice.

Awesome product, strong and convenient. Could not find it in any store. Arrived on time as advertise.

I bought this trash can to use as a recycling bin, as we do not have an hoa and so no bins are provided by our trash collector. I wanted something wheeled and durable to match the trash bin that is provided by our trash collector, and that is exactly what we got. So far so good on the construction, and has been very easy to wheel. We do not have a garage or car port (just a driveway), so it has also been subjected to the full force of natural elements and seems to be holding up nicely. My only complaint is that i should have bought the bigger size (we bought the 64 gallon), as i underestimated how much we recycle.

Super sturdy and a nice weight to it that keeps it from getting knocked or blown over. Was great to have it delivered to the door and not have to schlep it home from the local big box store. The only watch out is that this is not a huge toter. . It really only holds 2 of our 13-gallon kitchen bags.

Price fluctuates wildly, so time your purchase. Very similar to the containers that are rented by my local garbage service, but much cheaper. Lid is attached on one side so doesn’t blow off.

We were leasing a large trash can from our local trash collector, but after some issues and being asked to pay a replacement fee we decided to buy our own large can. Searched local hardware stores but none in stock. Found this same item on major hardware retailers, but the shipping/handling were about 50% of the cost of the trash can. Searched amazon and found the toter. The item was delivered via freight, simple easy. We’ve been using the can for about 2 months and looks great.

This is my second ‘toter’ can and it’s not as well made as the first one. The lid is not as snug, which is important for keeping the critters from coming after the garbage. Wheels are good and it’s sturdy, just too bad it’s not as nice as the first one i purchased last year.

In the city where i live, we have to purchase our own trash cans fro pick up and this 32 gallon has been a great purchase. I ordered two so that we could have both and one came shipped in a box and the other without. I appreciated that one came just as a trash can not in a giant box, the giant box to fit the trash can would take up all the space in it to throw it back out.What a waste the box was then.

I’ve only had it for a week but it’s pretty clear that i will enjoy it for a very long time. The plastic it’s made of is thick and sturdy, the lid does not feel flimsy, nor does its hinge. And the size appears to be just right not to need a second bin on a regular basis.

I purchased this 96 gallon size toter curbside trash can in 2013 and have been well satisfied with it. It holds plenty of garbage, doesn’t tip over, and despite almost three year’s worth of use, it’s not really showing any signs of wear and still rolls easily. I think this can is more rugged than the ones supplied by our local waste removal company, and i would definitely purchase it again.

Hard to drag around without toppling over.

This was by far the most unusual christmas present i have ever purchased. My husband was sick and tired of the cheapo garbage cans we had which fall apart in a year or so. He was so fed up that he was willing to up our waste collection service bill just to get a 35-gallon bin like this one, but i wouldn’t go for it. We didn’t need the larger capacity, as we recycle as much as we can, and our our monthly waste collection bill would have increased by a fair amount as well. I ordered up this heavy duty can for him as a christmas gift. Our capacity remained the same, but now we have a 32 gallon can as sturdy as the 35 gallon version, and i didn’t have to increase our bill at all. It’s an expensive garbage can, but shipping was free, and i figure the amount we save by not increasing service will pay off the cost of it in a couple of years. It was a tough one to wrap, but he loves this new garbage can.

This trash bin is a great size, sturdy and easy to move. I got this one after my last one was destroyed by the trash company playing a game of ‘see how far the trash can can fly’. It was smaller and more flimsy, but this one they won’t be able to as easily as its far thicker, heavier, and has a few metal reinforced parts. Pros:largesturdyintegrated lidcons:a little expensive, but it’s worth the priceother thoughts:i’ll be picking up a second so i have two giant bins, may even get one for recycling later.

Solid build and fast shipping, box was roughed up but for a large item it was understandable. Only problem i would note is that even though its large, big items do not fit in the bottom of it as it is very narrow with a lot of the side walls protruding in. But i think this maybe designed on purpose due to waste management specifications?.

They are heavy duty and sturdy. The only reason i gave 4 stars is because the lid does not click shut so that it stays down securely.

Excellent for my beach house to keep all the trash covered in a nice compact can that is no an eyesore.

My old, cheap trash can was destroyed by the garbage truck, so i looked for sturdy trash cans everywhere. This is not only good looking (i bought the black one), but it is as sturdy as it looks. Best of all this can, that fits in the pickup arms of the garbage truck, costs only about $64, when the price for this type of can cost as much as $400 or more. So my research was well worth it, and i am very happy with this trash can,s sturdiness, fit with the trucks, and the cost.

Overall, i’m very satisfied with the toter trash container. It is sturdily built but fairly lightweight. The wheels are large and make it easy to roll the container. I like the attached lid as well. One issue limits my rating to 4 stars. I purchased the 32 gallon model primarily because it was the only reasonable size available at the time (otherwise i would have had to purchase the 64 or 96 gallon model that was much more costly and larger than i needed). The 32 gal model is ok but a bit too small for my family – also, you lose a lot of room because the bottom is very narrow. I’d recommend buying the 48 gallon model that unfortunately was not available when i made my purchase.

Sturdy, durable and rodent proof. Easy to pull/push and you will never deal with a lost lid again. I have tried cheaper ones, and i am back to this one. Only disadvantage is, that these are so nice, hat they tend to get stolen from our back alley, if they are not very well marked.

I am very happy with this rolling trash can. It looks good and the outer coating is tough to help protect it from rough handling. I know it is a trash can, but i prefer it to not look like its something that should also be thrown away. A little tough to put in a 33 gallon bag but unless you have sever arthritis, it can be stretched over the edge. I would suggest a little larger bag, but since i have a 6 month supply on hand im just using them.

Purchased this 8 months ago, the bin itself is very sturdy and i like the lid, the wheels are terrible, and already fallen off twice , not sure how many times we can retighten before they’re useless.

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