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Thornton’s Office Supplies Mini Curbside Trash and Recycle Can Set Pencil Cup Holder – Cute, and very small

These are definitely not a necessity for anyone, except maybe for the young kids mentioned in other reviews (fun is definitely a necessity for little kids, and for some not so little kids, like me). I purchased simply because they were cute and unique. I was surprised by the realism (detail) and quality of the product they make a nice addition to my hobby work bench to hold pens, pencils, scissors, small screw drivers, tweezers and the list goes on. The price is a little heavy, but not bad.

I am a bit puzzled why recycle is blue and trash is green, but that’s as it is with the big ones, too. These make a nice pair of desk accessories or conversation pieces. Sturdy plastic,large enough for a fistful of writing implements and what not, the tops and wheels move freely. I could see the garden gnome trundling them down to the curb for pickup.

Cute – i use them as sugar glider toys but i suppose they’d work fine as pen holders too.

Adorable little novelty trash cans. I can see them being fun to hold pencils or something on a desk, but i’m using them on my sewing table. Thread bits and unusable fabric scraps go into the trash can, and reusable scraps go into recycling. When i’m done my project i dump them both out.

Cute but wheels come off easily, not designed for much use. Was hoping to get more use out of them, my toddler loves to play with garbage trucks and needed someplay trash bins. The recycling & trash decals come unmarked and hidden in packaging with no instructions – almost got thrown away and i thought the bins came unmarked at first so hunt them down if you decide to buy.

I bought these for my sewing table trash collection – the threads that get snipped go into the trash, and things that can be recycled go into the blue bin. My inner child is delighted when i have to keep my space tidy.

So we bought these for my garbage truck loving 4 yr old son and he’s in heaven. One of the flip tops gets stuck but he works around it. He will probably break it off in a matter of weeks anyways so no one’s concerned. Wheels are more durable than the last set we got from a different place that snapped off on a day, so he’s happy about that.

Very cute, but won’t serve my intended purpose of actual desktop trash and recycling bins. They are way too small for my needs. I will use them as storage for smaller items.

My 3 year old son is obsessed with mini trashcans. Even with him dropping and throwing them they still last a few months. My first delivery there was a mistake with sending two blue trashcans instead of one blue and one green. So i talked to junipers costumer service and they were great. They shipped me out new ones with no problem at all.

They are ok, the plastic is kind of cheap & thin wish it was a little thicker plastic, bigger and taller. But i still like them , love the colors.

You could use it to hold things on your desk – pens, paper clips, staples, sticky tabs, etc.

I use these for trash cans in my car. One sits in the center console and the other is in an organizer that hangs on the back of my car seat. I know they are pencil cups but they work perfectly as car trash cans and i get many compliments from my uber riders.

I purchased these as a garbage and recycle can for my 2 year old who loves garbage trucks. They were much bigger than the ones that come with existing toys and he needed a few more for all of his ‘trash’. He tends to play with the more appropriate sized bins that come with the toys since they work better with the trucks they come with, but does use them, especially since they hold so much. Here are the specifications for the Thornton’s Office Supplies Mini Curbside Trash and Recycle Can Set Pencil Cup Holder:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Each set includes 2 adorable mini storage containers that stand over 5-inch tall
  • One is a mini curbside trash can, the other, a mini recycle bin
  • Complete with closable tops, and real wheels
  • These are higher quality than the other brand mini trash can pencil cup holders
  • Each pencil trash can holder is: 5.9 x 3.55 x 5.00 inches

These are big cans normally used for pencils and pens, but i use them with my toy garbage trucks. I cut up paper and cardboard for pretend garbage.

5yo son loves these trash cans. We use them as toys and not pencil holders. The wheels broke off from crazy trash truck and trash play but it still gets five stars because we use them: outside in the dirt, inside for shoving toys and crumpled paper in for disposal in our toy trash trucks, for snacks, in the bath (water play and also i use for dumping water on him to rinse soap suds off), for cuddles at bed time (i know. It’s not cuddly but this is what he wants to cuddle with), and for keeping busy at restaurants and in the car. Just give the kid a napkin and he will rip it up and put it in these trash cans. Great size for putting hot wheels in too. He’s the envy of kids everywhere when we go out. Never knew my kid or other kids would be so obsessed and intrigued by trash can toys.

I love these little recycle and garbage cans. They are quite the conversations starters on my desk at work plus they work great for my pencils and pens. They are made with sturdy plastic and the lids and wheels are fully functional.

My son has a garbage truck obsession and they get played with every single day. They have held up well considering how much they are used.

Comes nicely packaged, in a manner that you could gift it to someone and not have it look to cheap. Print quality on the bins is good.

I used them for my daughter’s paw patrol party (representing rocky). I filled them with sour cherry flavored bottle shaped candies. After the party, i gave one to my niece for her pens and my daughter kept one to play with.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great quality and such fun for my Garbage Truck obsessed son!
  • Add interest to your desk/workbench
  • Multifunctional toddler use

I bought them for my grandkids who love garbage trucks. Now they are using these when they play with the new trucks santa brought them. They fill them up with all sorts of ‘trash’ that then gets dumped into the trucks. You may think these are just for pencils, pens and such but no.

These are much better quality than others being sold on amazon. I bought 2 sets and my son has so much fun with them. He is obsessed with garbage trucks and playing garbage day.

The kids are really in to them as art supply holders. Had them a few weeks and the novelty hasn’t worn off. Holding up to my kids manhandling them so far.

I’m really glad i got these because i use them as decorations for my work desk and write mini signs on it with ‘complaints’ or ‘suggestions’ to poke fun at the workplace. My coworkers get a laugh at them and suggest that i search for a dumpster one too. 🙂 they are big and hold a lot of pens or whatever assortment you want to put there (thinking of putting candy in one of them).

She loves these she uses them as toy trash cans instead of pencil holders 🙂 very bright, would easily work as pencil holders ,, or as barbies trash can haha.

If i could give ten stars i would. These were purchased for a two year old, who loves all things trash related. He plays with them all day every day. He lines them up and drives his toy garbage truck up to ’empty them’. One for trash, one for recycling :). We were so lucky to find them online. The wheels did break off a couple of them kind of quickly though (they are plastic, so not unexpected). It has not hampered our little guys enjoyment in playing with them at all though. If you have a ‘trash lover’ like we do, get these.

My son, who is obsessed with everything trash, loves these trash cans. They are durable and have survived being dropped (and thrown). We have washed these in the dishwasher (top shelf) after using outside with dirt and mud. These appear to be the best trash cans we have purchased to date for our toddler.

I get so many compliments on these. They are great for pens and scissors and stationary. Mine came with a yellow lid on the green can, but sounds like some people got green lids on theirs.

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