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WC Redmon

WC Redmon mon Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin : The unit went together with great ease. From the opening of the box to

This compost bin does exactly what it is intended to and holds more than enough for my small household. It was easy to put together, only taking me about 10-15 minutes. All of the pieces fit together well. The stakes it has on the bottom are not very long so it doesn’t get securely anchored into the ground. I use two hands to take off the lid, which snaps on tightly, so as not to pull it up off the ground and let the compost out. I have mine located behind my shed so it doesn’t get exposure to high winds, so i haven’t had any issues with it blowing over or moving around. I like that it has the little doors on the bottom so that you can access the ready compost without having to dig to the bottom and lift it out through the top. Overall, i am completely satisfied with this product, especially for the price in comparison to many other compost bins.

The bin was easy to put together and pretty sturdy. Never bought a bin before and looked a lot locally and online. Most were much more expensive than i wanted to pay or had bad reviews. Our garden remnants and some leaves are inside. Will be interested to see what it looks like next spring.

There is another bin of a similar size for sale on amazon for about twice the price, it’s called the soil saver. I have one of each, and comparing them, i find the soil saver is of slightly better quality, but this bin is awesome too. If you are on a budget, you should go for this one. I advocate having two bins, however, so that one batch can decompose without further scraps being added, while the other bin can be used for day to day waste accumulation.

I was able to get my first batch of compost for my garden. Reasonably sturdy and inconspicuous.

  • Successfully composting in bear country
  • The unit went together with great ease. From the opening of the box to
  • Sensitivity to cold

Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin

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  • High Impact Plastic With Uv Protectant
  • Imported
  • Rugged, weather-resistant plastic resin
  • 65 gallons 8.6 cubic feet
  • Convenient lift-off lid for easy access
  • Ventilation holes for proper composting
  • 4 door access

Very easy to assemble and, so far, seems very sturdy. I previously used a different brand that required more assembly, but that model didn’t last more than a couple of seasons, so i hope this one will last. I did put a few thin rods inside the corners to make sure it stayed down in stiff winds (when low on compost). The little tabs on the bottom seem “pointless” (pun intended).

We recently decided to try our hands at composting. Now i have never composted before so i’m not a pro and really have no idea what i’m doing lol but i know when the time comes to use the compost as fertilizer for our fruit trees and the garden we will be planting next season we a re going to be so happy with the results. This bin is super easy to put together ( i did it with my 12 year old son) and light weight and easy to move into place once assembled. It is also very easy to access to add waste to and for my son to mix it up. I would recommend this to anyone who is new to composting and those who are seasoned professionals. Hope my review helps a few of you make your decision.

Set up was easy, and it fits nicely in the corner of our yard. Of course, exactly one screw was missing, so we just had to do without. Due to where we had to place it, it’s not quite closed on the bottom so just beware in case you need that.

Received the bin very quickly. I wondered after i had ordered it i could assemble it (i’m 80 years old) but it was a breeze. Think it took less than 30 minutes and was light enough to carry to the place i wanted it.

Perfect size for the side of the kitchen door. Good color and ventilation slits. It will not open by the apparent handles (flanges) on two sides. It only opens by lifting it on the “non-handle” sides. Not too great on the finger nails. I’ll work on correcting the design engineer’s troublesome opening maneuvers with some sort of handle attached to, maybe, a corner?.

Easy to put together, sturdy. I added a pull handle from old cabinet to center of the lid to make picking it up easier. Large opening top makes easy for large amounts of plants and leaves and debris. I have 2 different types of composters to allow one to “cook” while the other is in use. I’m sure it’s going to be a great composter. I usually just pick them up and move them rather than use the little doors this one has an open bottom perfect for moving after a year or so.

Not sure what the deal is here. I bought one for my father and his seems to work great. Material decomposes pretty quickly. On the other hand, mine does not seem to decompose that well at all. Maybe his in a better area of his yard where it warms up better?. It is easy to assemble, has conveniant doors at the bottom to access mulch, vents for air and a removeable lid. I have not had any problem with animals getting into it or blowing over. I would probably buy it again but i need to figure out what i am doing wrong for it to decompose so slowly.

For the price, this is one of the better composting bins i have found. The lid snaps in place on two sides which keeps it from blowing off or getting pulled off by critters. The plastic is not as thick as i expected, but it’s still quite sturdy when assembled. I went ahead and used some extra washers i had with the screws just to distribute the pressure and make sure the plastic didn’t break around the screw holes. I got a rebate from the city for installing and using this bin which made it free in the end. I just started composting in january and it’s amazing how much less trash we have now.

The cost was good, and it came with helpful composting instructions, but the spikes on the bottom that are meant to anchor it into the ground don’t work well at all. We are going to need to find another way to anchor it, as i have it half full of composting materials, and every time i take the lid off, the whole thing almost lifts up.

I bought this to replace an expensive composter that spins. It finally rusted apart and collapsed in a heap. This one won’t rust and fall apart and cost about a quarter the price. It holds a lot of material too so i think it’s a good replacement. It takes longer as you can’t easily move the material around but i’m in no hurry. Mainly use it to dump kitchen waste.

It is a little flimsy overall, but it works. I have not gone through a full year with it so next spring will be the real test as to its effectiveness. As far as the little tabs that dig into the ground, yes, they are small. However, given the volume of organic material i put into it already, i am not concerned about it falling over. The unit went together with great ease. From the opening of the box to completion was probably 15 minutes, including the reading of the instructions. As far as construction, it is basically a plastic box with enough holes to assist in the decomposition of what you put into it. There are little doors at the bottom so you can dig out the older compost. If you have this in a windy area, it might be prudent to secure the top a bit. The top though could blow off but does snap into place as well.

This unit was the most inexpensive composter i could find on amazon. I’m fairly favorably impressed with it so far. Assembly was easy and straight forward. I put a big rock on the lid after i once failed to snap it down tight and a gust of wind blew it into the yard. Since then, the rock reminds me to check and be sure it is fully snapped in place and keeps it from possible “blowing away” if the short plastic ground spikes prove inadequate in a gust.

Box arrived with three holes through which most of the nuts and bolts escaped, and no instructions for assembly, so. Update: amazon sent a replacement asap that arrived intact, and which was easy to assemble. I’m a bit worried about it being rather thin. I’ve had this style before and the other one was much thicker and sturdier, and even that one sort of warped outward at stress points due to the weight of material. The access doors are what sets this style above others.

This is a great compost bin. First time composting, didn’t want to invest in a tumbler composter so this fit the bill. Put it in the back corner of my fenced yard so don’t have a problem with wind blowing it over. Put a brick on top of the lid and so far no critters digging under or knocking the lid off. One warning if you’re a klutz like me. I frequently cut my finger on the plastic edge at the top when i stir up the composting material. After cutting my left index finger probably about a half dozen times, i think i’ve learned my lesson and will start wearing gardening gloves when i turn over the material.

The lid isn’t perfect, a raccoon could easily get in. But we don’t have raccoons in the hawaii so it’s all good 😉 the build is a bit thinner than others i have, however there is more hardware holding this together to make it strong and the plastic is more impact resistant so as a whole this is a better package i feel :).

This composter is designed to go on the ground and he ground becomes the bottom. The problem is as it arrives the tiny tabs will not hold it securely. Any animal, or even a breeze will knock it over. I bolted about 6 inches of wood to the tabs all the way round and then buried them. I also added a couple of shock cords at the top to make sure the lid stays on. It is now very secure and works well.

I was looking for a composter that i could put table waste in so our dogs and cats couldn’t get to it. This one seems a little flimsy. In fact, one of the points for sticking it in the ground was broken off in the box. Be careful when putting it together as the bolts are plastic and it takes very little to strip them. It was cheap enough but after seeing it, i think you get what you pay for.

Went together well, bolts didn’t seem to tighten and holes seemed too big, but it works. Make sure you level out the ground so the lid stays on properly.

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Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin
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