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Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 – Breathable Worm Farm is Perfect – Just be patient

This is the second urban worm bag i have purchased. I am really impressed with how much surface area this bag has. I was hesitant at first about the zippers, but they are easy to zip and unzip, and there is a lifetime guarantee on them, so you can’t go wrong. I like the sturdy metal frame and sturdy connectors. And i put it together in less than 10 minutes. Very responsive seller, too.

This is a great bin for composting kitchen scraps, if done correctly, you won’t have any odors.

I started out with the stack-able worm condo, i had a population explosion so i went to this one. The brand that i formerly used did not drain well and often times worms would get into the bottom ‘liquid reservoir’ and that usually did not end well, required constant checking. This one seems well made and should last a while. East to harvest compost from bottom, i feared that opening the bottom would empty the whole bin but it is quite manageable. I also was surprised that it seems to somehow maintain moisture at the proper level.

Overall, i really like this composting bin– no smell, can produce more compost, easy to set up, good price. Also, my worms seem happier (more room, growing bigger and fatter). I mainly got this composting bin because the company seemed to have found a way to get the compost without having to sort through the worms. Unfortunately, when i unzipped the bottom for the first time, i had the hardest time zipping it back. Lots of sweat, cursing, etc. I really wonder how others are able to do this. If i was able to easily open and close the bottom, this product would get 5 stars.

After much trial and error with stackable bins and similar flow through systems. I found this product to be the easiest and most promising. Especially if your new to vermicomposting. I order 2 and had them both put together and in their designated area in less than 10 min. The bag is incredibly durable and most issues i’ve found with similar products have been addressed. The frame is strong, structurally sturdy and assembly is a breeze. I have had some fruit fly issues with stackable and similar bins, escapee worms, and always needed extra space to store the unused bins. Well no more it’s virtually impossible for worms to escape and i have no fruit fly issues around these bags. So if you want a great, simple, easy to use and set up worm bin with a small foot print, but larg capacity, that won’t break the bank trust me make this product a first on your list. I guarantee you’ll be very happy.

You could say that i have been interested in raising worms my entire life. Starting out in my adolescence, i gathered earthworms and a salamander from nature and put them in a fish tank only to find the tank empty of worms after a couple weeks. Needless to say, i murdered them in a pit of lions, but the salamander always had a smile, whoops. On to my high school years, i tried again with a homemade approach of composting straw and dried hog pin manure. This was probably my worst attempt. The worms (1lb red wigglers) fled for the hills. The (dry) straw and (dry) manure were poorly moistened and in such vast quantities they really had no chance. If i recall, they lasted 3 days. Shortly after college and my last failed attempt, i purchased 1lb of red wigglers and followed some instructions for a compost bin for totes. If you’ve made it this far into the review section you’ve also thought about using the totes and drilling holes in them.

My worms are happy and eating like crazy in there and the zip top lid makes feeding the worms so easy. I’ve had my system set up for about a month and i couldn’t be happier. My worms have also started growing mushrooms, which i’ve learned (as someone new to vermicomposting) is great.

In short this is the most efficient and easy-to-manage vermicomposting bin available on amazon. I have had two of the worm tower 360’s and they not only lack the capacity of this but they require multiples hours a week to manage. The two major features that set this apart are ways in which you can add compostable material and the way in which you can remove worm castings; the former being better than the latter but still leaps and bounds above the competition. With this urban worm bag you can simply unzip the top and toss in compostable material then zip it up and you’re done. With the worm tower you have to take each tray off one by one, add the compostable material, and then restack everything in a very specific order or you’ll throw off the worms and drastically slow down your vermicomposting process. Harvesting the castings with the urban worm bag requires you to unzip the bottom and the castings just fall out into whatever receptable you want. Personally i have a 5 gallon bucket that catches the drippings and the castings when i open it. I then swith it with a new 5 gallon bucket and aerate the filled bucket to make some amazing compost tea. Compared to the worm tower 360 this is again such a time saver that it pays for itself in time and saved and frustration avoided. The worm tower requires you to unstack the tower and set the tray you want to harvest on top then shine a light on the tray overnight to try and get the remaining worms to migrate out of the tray.

Revised review – i initially gave it 5 stars because i loved the look and functionality for the price. Unfortunately the stand in version 1. The plastic couplings will give way if you end up moving the bin around (which i did when i would move the uwb inside during days when temps hit 100f plus) and now my uwb is on a tilting stand that any day now will completely fall apart. I’m going to have to end up building my own stand or see if the company will sell me one of their newer ones. I heard the newer version is going to have either a better stand or instructions on how to build one. Also read quite a few complaints people are having with the zipper on the bottom getting stuck because the worm castings clog up the tracks. I haven’t yet tried to harvest any castings so i guess i’ll deal with that problem when the time comes. Overall, this is still one of my favorite worm bin designs but you think they would have really product tested it before they mass produced them. When i received it, i had reservations about the cheap plastic couplings used to put the stand together and i was right.

Bag worm composting is so much easier than worm trays. The bag holds a lot of compost and bedding and my worms are happily eating and multiplying. If you are using this for an indoor setup you will probably love this. The problem for my outdoor setup was the frame. I only need worm composters during the growing season to break down garden weeds so i keep mine outside. After a few days of on-and-off heavy rain, the whole thing got too heavy and the frame started leaning. There was also worm ‘juice’ dripping out of the bottom and the frame was too short for me to get a tubtrug underneath to catch it. My husband replaced the frame with steel pipes and fittings (8 – 3/4′ × 24′ for the top and bottom and 4 – 3/4′ × 36′ for the sides so i could fit my tubtrug underneath to catch the ‘juice’). We used the 90 degree steel pipe fitting elbows with the allen wrench adjustments so we can dismantle it and protect the bag in the winter. I still highly recommend this after years of looking for a better solution than worm trays.

Awesome system for composting with worms. I use this in combination with my worm tower and it works flawlessly. The only thing is, at $80 this thing is fairly priced and worth it but for $30 more these guys are pushing it. I would of purchased a second one if they were still reasonably priced. So 5 stars for the product and 1 star for the company and their efforts to price gouge people who are doing their part, doing the right thing. It’s companies like this and these types of practices that make going organic a lot more expensive than it should be. I mean we’re recycling garbage, doing our part just to keep this planet on life support and the thanks we get is a 30 dollar up charge. Rich people and corporations can afford the increased cost of living thanks to climate change, so they could care less.

I wanted to upgrade my diy 5 gallon buckets and did a ton or research on what to get (flow through, stacked, outdoor etc). I ultimately decided on this for multiple reasons, but mainly for the ease of harvesting the castings. The bin has been in my basement for about 5 months and i love it. There is no smell, i had castings within the first two months, and most importantly, the worms are happyi recently had a question about the bin and sent an email to the owner of the company. He got back to me right away and was incredibly helpful. Not only is his product great, but he’s a really fantastic person, too.

This continuous flow through vermicomposter has exceeded my expectations. Assembly was extremely easy and took between five and ten minutes. The poles are metal, and the plastic connectors are robust and fit tight. The fabric used helps keep moisture in while allowing air flow. I have been using mine in a hot garage with relative humidity in single digits. When i add scraps i spritz the surface with a spray bottle, which has been all the added moisture needed in this challenging environment. I was a little shocked reading other reviews that claim this composter bows under weight. To be clear, you add material over time, shredded paper, shredded cardboard, leaf litter, veggie scraps, banana peels, etc. Add them and let the worms do their job, in a few months time you will have finished vermicompost to harvest from the bottom, you harvest until you get to some that unfinished, then zip the bottom back up and continue adding to the top until you suspect some more might be finished. To start out and load this thing completely full of heavy dense material shows a general lack of understanding in how a continuous flow through bin functions. Even still, i cannot imagine that these iron bars would bend under the weight of compost. Here are the specifications for the Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 – Breathable Worm Farm is Perfect:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easily turn your organic waste into fertile worm castings for your plants and garden with no odor.
  • Feed through top and collect castings from bottom. No separating worms from trays. It’s that simple.
  • Breathable 900D oxford fabric construction. Keep bottom zipper open or closed to control moisture.
  • Worms stay happy & reproducing with continuous flow design. No need to disturb them during harvest.
  • 100% Lifetime warranty on material defects and workmanship guaranteed by Urban Worm Company owner.

My second urban worm bag has arrived and i am thrilled. I consider it the cadillac of worm bins for producing castings and for breeding a huge amount of worms. Not only that, i love that it is about one third the price of the touted hungry bin, and it produces probably four times as much castings as the same-priced worm factory 360. There is just no bin that compares to this uwbag. I will tell you that it is even nicer than the photos make it look. The bag itself is durable and handsome, and the easy-to-assemble metal stand is extremely sturdy. However, due to the weight of the bag when it is full, i would recommend the stand be positioned on a prepared level surface for the best stability. Now to get my bin up and going and producing more black gold.

Delivery was fast, company was instantly responsive, and set-up was very simple and quick (100% assembled in less than 10 minutes). Most importantly, it’s a great product. I’ve been vermicomposting for many years and this is the best worm bin/bag that i’ve used (comparing to the worm inn, worm factory 360, and oodles of diy rubbermaid totes). It’s simple enough for beginners; the breathable mesh sides all but eliminate the problem of over-wetness, which is what dooms many first-timers. I have used a worm inn for years, and despite getting good production out of it, i always thought it required too much ‘maintenance’ – i. , constantly having to flush water to keep it moist, adding a barrier (garbage bag) over the top to reduce evaporation, etc. The urban worm bag does a much better job of retaining just-enough-but-not-too-much moisture so it doesn’t need all that extra attention. I haven’t harvested from it yet, but the zipper mechanism at the bottom seems like a vast improvement over the worm inn too. Very excited to get more experience with this product and strongly recommend that you give it a try too.

I just received my urban worm bag less than 15 minutes ago and it is already assembled and ready to go. I’ve been using other setups so i’m excited to get started. This is the second one i’ve ordered. Unfortunately, the first was stolen from my yard minutes after it was delivered. Thankfully amazon refunded me and i placed another order. I’m a cup half full person so i hope whoever took the first one uses it.

I was looking for vermicomposting bin larger than the worm factory 360 but something cheaper than the hungry bin. And this hit the spot at nearly 1/3 the cost of the hungry bin. I’ve been using this bin for a few months and not only is it processing my kitchen waste very quickly, my worm population is exploding. Setup was ridiculously easy and i find that moisture control is much easier in the urban worm bag than it was with my worm inn. It breathes, but not so much that it dries out my vermicompost. Harvesting is simple but it’s important not to overfeed the bag because excess moisture will make the bottom zipper a little difficult to open and close if it gets too caked. My zipper got a little bit bound up, but i used a coarse brush to clean out the teeth of the zipper and it closes just fine. One unexpected benefit of this bin is that it’s great with keeping fruit flies in. When i overfed the bin, i came back a few days later and found that i had some fruit flies in there. They don’t live too long, so i just added some dry bedding, closed up the bag and came back and few days later and they were all gone.

Red wigglers are happy so far. Heat & humidity are something to watch every day.

Great so far, but no harvest for a couple more months. The zippers seem really great, the setup was dead simple, my compost stays a great moisture level (in my finished basement) and my rws are doing great. I still have my 18 gallon tote going for kicks, but i expect to move worms and materials over to this uwb gradually to avoid loading the bag too quickly and having unprocessed stuff buried deeper than the worms tend to hang out.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • So happy with this bin!
  • Easiest, cleanist, and most efficient way to produce your own high quality worm castings and worm tea.
  • The best value in vermicomposting!

This is an outstanding system. I am so excited, the system exceeded my expectations. As a woman who is not very handy, i love the fact that the stand to hang the bag came with it. Similar systems require you to get materials and build your own base. I could probably figure it out, but i honestly think i would have needed to use a relative to cut pvc pipe for me at the very least. The uwb has a sturdy steel frame which looks like it will definitely be able to handle the weight which will inevitably be 100 pounds plus when full. Oh, and set-up took me less than 15 minutes. Super-simple and the instruction pamphlet had a great breakdown. The capacity on this bin is by far the largest i have at the moment. I have used the worm factory with 8 trays working and it was still much smaller than what this is going to be able to handle.

The product is very sturdy and well made. The company answers all your questions.

‘i’ve had the bin for about 2 months now. Its well made, quite sturdy, easy to set up and use. Also, i have a big plastic tub underneath it in case of drips, but so far not a drop has leaked out the bottom. I would definitely recommend it to first time worm composters, and i may go ahead and get another one soon. ‘above was my five star review 2 months after purchasing the worm bin. I’ve had the bin for 4 months now, and i’m adjusting my stars a bit since i’ve run into a few complications. First of all, the base of the stand started (and continues) to separate as the bag grows heavier. The bag was perhaps 3/4 full and it was 3 months since i started it, so i decided to see if i could harvest any compost and that’s where the rest of the complications came in. First the heavy bag was impossible to open by myself. Ideally, you should have two people, one to lift the weight of the bag and one to unzip the zipper.

Works great, zipper stays function even covered in crud.

I am absolutely in love with this product. First impression: very attractive packaging and the assembly was very easy, taking me less than 10-15 minutes. I filled with bedding first and then a few days later, i put about 2 lbs of worms in the urban worm bag and they appear to be doing very well so far. I don’t have that much room, and the bin doesn’t take up that much space. But the volume is huge – much bigger than the stackable bins i’ve seen. I’m kind of new to worm composting and have heard horror stories other people tell about plastic systems. Well i followed the instructions to a t and i’m pretty sure i have a happy, healthy worm bini highly recommend. I will update this review after my first harvest.

The urban worm bag arrived about two weeks ago and so far i’m loving it. The box was awesome (i still can’t throw it out), and the instructions were super simple and easy to follow. It’s a really attractive design and one heck of a conversation starteras the directions suggested, i started with some existing compost rather than just tossing in some wet paper and wishing for the best. This is really important because worms don’t just eat paper or food. What they really like are microbes, so starting with compost or vermicompost ensures you’ll get off to a great start. The manufacturer (urban worm company) has a really helpful blog for beginners and they really stress simulating this natural environment for the worms rather than just putting them in a sterile bin. . I have a worm factory 360 and i was surprised to see how much larger this bin is. There’s more surface area and greater capacity. I also don’t have to bend over to feed the bin as the top of it is about counter level.

I had originally bought the 1. 0 version of the urban worm bag. To this point my efforts to keep worms alive had failed miserably, usually due to an accumulation of moisture and a lack of air. The urban worm bag allowed me to overcome all of those problems. When i had an issue with the frame, i reached out to the company on a sunday morning, not expecting a response for a day or so. I got a response within an hour from steve. 0 system, and its going well so far. I did my first harvest a few weeks ago and it was exactly what i hoped for. Great product and great service.

I’ll start off by saying this is my first step into vermicompsting. I’ve adored my friends worm bins for years and finally decided to take the plunge. So far it’s been super easy, set up was a breeze and the quality of the zippers is great. The only problem i had was my bag came with a little hole in the fabric but i just patched it and moved along. Other than that minor hiccup it’s been smooth sailing. . I’d def buy another if i had the room for it.

I have yet stil to figure out how to best feed the worms as i think we overfed at first. But now we’re allowing them to chew through what they have. We’re about 8 weeks into this so have not harvested any castings yet but i turn over whats in the bin frequently and see lots of healthy worms. The worm bag is sturdy, there is no bending of the bars at all. I have moved it 2x full of soil and its pretty sturdy. Seems like a far better solution to the tiered plastic rack systems i looked at before.

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