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Sure Close Kitchen Composter

Sure Close Kitchen Composter Sure-Close Kitchen Composter : The best I’ve used for kitchen compost

I really like this compost bin. It is a nice size and the lid with the air holes keep it from stinking. The size is a little big for my counter top but nice under the sink. Handle makes it easy to grab. Really glad i bought it because it is so convenient for my scraps, washing it is very easy.

What a great food scrap container. I love the intuitive design to this bucket. The lid “locks” open in a couple different positions so you can open it and add scraps as you need to without it falling closed. The underside of the container has a place to grip with your fingers so you have a better hold on it while dumping it out. The holes in the top are the small enough to keep bugs out but still allow for air flow. The material is smooth and easy to wipe clean or wash. We only put fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds, and paper trash in and sometimes go a week without dumping it and there’s no smell. The only time it’s ever been stinky was when we put in soup stock veggies that had a bit of meat mixed in. I absolutely recommend this bin. And to anyone with stink or bug issues, don’t put animal materials in your countertop composting receptacle.

Keeps clever dog out of garbage, so far.

This works great on the kitchen counter. It is a little hard to open with one hand but it keeps the bugs out.

The sure close kitchen composter is well built. The best feature is no odor. We’ve used it for 3 weeks without every noticing an odor even though we didn’t use any trash bag inside it. It also fits nicely on the counter- the design is excellent. I would recommend this product.

At first the bin seemed large for my counter top, but i got used to it. It is very sturdy and keeps the smells of the contents inside even thought the top has holes in it. The handle is great for carrying outside, and the lid stops half way and locks, so you can empty your compost materials without fussing with the lid.

This little, simple compost bin does everything it claims. It opens and closes well, props open at 90 degrees or fully open, is easy to clean, and best of all, keeps odors in while allowing air in. Nothing fancy, but an excellent solution for holding compost at a nice price.

Its not really a composter but serves as a holding bin until we make a trip out to the compost pile. We juice a lot, it allows us to gather scraps and we can let it sit on the counter without having to constantly run out to the compost pile as it keeps the smells in and the gnats/fruit flies out. Best solution i found but don’t take my word as there is plenty of info on youtube and here to support this as the best counter top bin.

  • Excellent Household compost pail
  • Very happy customer
  • Well designed compost bucket

Sure-Close Kitchen Composter

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  • Hinged lid that clicks open. Microperforated lid seals out fruit flies and insects, but reduces smells with aeration.
  • Inside is smooth and easy to clean with patented airflow channels
  • Easy fit under sink, cupboard, countertop or corner.
  • Swinging handle with lip grip, bottom grip and back grip. Great usability!

The lid works perfectly, flipping fully open, standing open, and clicking securely closed. Very easy to wipe clean, and no liner necessary. I was concerned that it was too small when it arrived, but cooking for two with a lot of fresh produce i usually empty it just once a week. By then the scraps at the bottom get a bit slimy, but odor hasn’t been an issue. It’s been too cool for fruit flies so far, but i’m ready to add a little thin weather stripping at the back of the lid if necessary (as another reviewer mentioned). The neutral colors help it blend in on my kitchen counter. I almost dropped a star due to the plastic hinge, but at such a low price it is easily replaceable if it takes a fall and breaks.

My only complaint is to get the lid to stand up right you have to lift until it clicks, and it feels like eventually the clicking mechanism will fail. I haven’t had any smell problems despite this not being the type of bin with a filter on the top. The lack of filter also makes it very easy to rinse out.

Got this last week and have been using ever since. No fruit flies, no mess, it takes up a little more space than i expected but that’s ok. I bought the compostable bags to go with it to cut down on cleaning since the containers i have used in the past have become stained.

I have been using this for about a month and it is great. First time composter now that my city includes it with trash and recycling. Perfect size for me and my teenaged son–empty it every couple of days and no smell at all.

This is a really nice compost bucket. I was dubious at first about all the tiny holes in the lid, i was sure it would stink by the time it was full. But just like the manufacturer claims, that’s not the case – there’s no odor at all when the lid is closed. I have rheumatoid arthritis so sometimes it’s a little tricky getting the lid open when it’s locked but not insurmountable. I actually like the shape of it but would prefer it to be straight across in the front so i could tuck it under the edge of the counter to scrape food bits into it. It’s good quality, great size, easy to use & easy to clean.

I purchased the composter because i was tired of wasting full sized trash bags for the little garbage i wanted out of my kitchen. I am now using smaller biodegradable bags instead of contributing to the plastic pollution.

Just the right size to empty every few days. Absolutely no prpblems with odors or fruit flies. Easy to empty and easy to wash. Love that it has a wide open position for the lid when you need to add a lot at once.

I did research a lot before deciding to buy this one. I wasn’t happy with other composter bins where i need to change filters, opening is not wide enough. When i looked at this product, there weren’t many reviews but i was impressed how big the opening is and also with the fact that it doesn’t require any filters. I went max 10 days with out emptying it and still no odor and no fruit flies, looks good in my kitchen too.

I previously bought ‘exaco trading eco-2000 2. 4 gallon kitchen compost waste collector’ and it was nothing but a fruitfly magnet with the filter holes on top. My house was swarming with fruitflies for months and the day after switching to the sure-close kitchen composter, there’s not a fly to be seen in the house. When i open the bin, a cloud of flies does not pour out. That is the reason i bought this and it lives up to it’s claims. I do wish the container was slightly larger as i juice and go through lots of waste.

I decided i was going to start composting to improve my gardening / minimize landfill waste (like everyone else). I use this with compostable bags, and keep this indoors in the kitchen. This is a reasonable size (2 gallons?) pail, so it gets emptied every 1-2 weeks. Given that, i’ve had no problems with odor, fruit flies, or other nuisances associated with compost bins. With a the compost bag, the lid doesn’t really latch closed tightly, but that’s not a problem as i don’t have pets or small children to worry about. The compost bags sometimes tear (or start degrading) and fluid leaks through, but its not a problem because this pail is one piece (the lid is hinged but removable), so i don’t have to worry about it leaking through, onto the floor. When emptying, its easy to carry the pail by the handle to the compost bin, empty it, spray it down/air dry it outside and return it to use. With that, it has stayed mostly clean, though there are a little bit of mold on bottom of the plastic.

No venting at the bottle m causes mold to grow so you have to wash it often and/or keep a paper towel at the bottom.

The bin does what it’s supposed to. I do like that it closes tightly. It is definitely big enough so that i do not need to empty it out everyday. The handle is very useful so that i do not need to touch the dirty bin itself. It seems to hold in the odor pretty well but then again i try to hold in my breath when i open it so i don’t actually know if it’s good at eliminating odors.

I’ve used both a rectangular ‘ziploc’ plastic box and cylindrical rubbermaid pitcher as on or under the counter compost bins until now. I wanted something that looked nicer on the counter. I was planning to buy a bamboo container, however realized that it would quickly become part of the compost. I decided to try this one since the reviews suggested the microaeration prevented strong odor & it was easy to clean. I have used it daily for about a month. When just out of the box, the lid takes a little getting used to to keep it in the open position, but with gentle guiding, it stays up and gets easier to use. There are some ridges along the upper part of the back that act as catches for the lid to be open at 90 degrees or all the way against the back. I have had no trouble with ants, fruit flies or odor. It holds a lot and is easy to empty & easy to clean.

This is just what i wanted to store kitchen scraps until i get out to my compost bin. It’s the perfect size for my countertop. When the lid is open it still fits on the counter under the cabinet, out if the way. Its easy to carry outside, empty and clean.

Perfect in every way except the lid doesnt open all the way, that means i have to use one hand to prop the lid open while the other hand dumps the peels. Doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have a big drippy mess that needs both hand to scoop and dump quickly. Otherwise no little insects, no smell (once opened i noticed the difference. Smell is there, just not while lid is closed). I found the instruction sheet (which i didn’t read cuz what is there to read?) and found out if you pushed back the lid a bit, it will click and stay open.

Not the most attractive one on the market, but definitely the most affordable. I’m sure glad i got one with a handle so i carry the whole bucket out to the yard waste bin. Those little compost bags aren’t meant to last long or hold up very well. I quickly learned not to take it out of the bucket to carry outside.

This is the biggest countertop compost bin on amazon. Not unattractive and well designed. Positive ‘snap’ closure, and a catch to keep the lid open when loading. This item was shipped with the micro-perforated top for ventilation without fruit flies. Handle is functional and doesn’t look like it will break. Plastic hooks near the hinge might be for tucking the handles of bag liners, which are optional. Photo shows the smooth walls inside the bin (with a bar of soap for scale).

I am new to composting but this little gem fits neatly under my sink, doesn’t really need the plastic bags, and seems to keep odors away. It’s easy to open with a handful of cucumber rinds and easy to wash after emptying.

I love the sure-close kitchen composter bin, but their name seems a little misleading now that i look at it closely so i wanted to clarify one thing that seems to be popping up in some of the reviews. It’s not for composting in your kitchen. There’s no filter, special vents or fans; this isn’t a domed litter box for food. Their intent is to hold the food until you transfer it to your yard waste container outside or personal compost maker, not create your own fertilizer. If you’re looking for long-term food waste storage, this isn’t it. —————review time———–these are the absolutely best compost/food waste holders every created. These bins are the ones that our municipal yard and waste gave out free for a limited time last year and again at the beginning of this year in preparation for an increase in recycling/compost regulations in the city limits. It helps that they did their research in 2013 before deciding they would start issuing fines for not composting everything. We’ve owned the same one now for two years, when the city started to give them out again i went to pick one up for my grandparents but they had ran out. I searched online and was so happy that amazon had it available so i purchased it right away for them.

This certainly meets the function it was intended for. It hold compost materials, very comfortable ergonomic handle, but it’s plastic. Being plastic, it holds the scent of things that have been sitting in it for a while. This one also doesn’t include a carbon filter, or a slot to put one in. So again, this does what it’s supposed to it’s just not the easiest to live with.

This is the best under-sink food waste container i’ve ever had (this is the 3rd i’ve tried). The lid stays up on its own and goes down easily, doesn’t come off when i empty into composter. It’s the right size for the food waste bio-bags, and a great feature is two little hooks on the top back so you can keep the bag tied in. It’s really easy to wash in the sink. In response to other questions/feedback: i have not had any problems with smell. I don’t think there is a compost container in the world that will keep out all fruit flies when it’s that time of year, so i’ll have to do what i always do, which is the fruit-fly trap jars.

This compost bucket may not be as pretty as i would like, but as far as functionality goes, it beats anything else our family has tried. In the past i’ve tried pretty metal and ceramic compost pails, but they always disappoint because they are: hard to open and close, difficult to carry, rust, hold too little, and/or end up breeding clouds of fruit flies. So far this bin has kept smells and flies to a minimum, holds more than any other bucket we’ve tried, is very easy to open and snap shut, and can be carried easily and comfortably. I should note, we have been using bio-disposable bags with ours, which makes a huge difference as far as keeping the bucket clean. I also makes the trips to our large outdoor compost bin far less frustrating. Overall i would recommend this to anyone who wants to compost, but has been finding it a hassle. It’s probably your best bet for a kitchen compost receptacle short of purchasing one of the large, expensive (the run over $200), electrical units that accelerate composting.

We really needed something like this. I had wanted a decorative crock for waste and trim from cooking but the metal ones start to rust and the ceramic ones get broken. Even a plastic one got dropped and cracked. This composter looks like it’s going to last. It’s a good size (a bit bigger than i expected) and looks neat and clean on the back of the sink. No fruit flies or smell, as it closes completely. We still take it outside every day and toss the scraps to the chickens.

Ok, weird to say, but best compost bucket ever. I had one of the stainless steel ones that look like an old school garbage can with the charcoal filter and it was just a pain. This is a one handed operation, the lid stands open with a snap and it really holds a lot. When used with the compostable bags, it doesn’t get smelly and is so easy to use. It’s nicely made, appropriately light weight, the handle is useful and i think with the bags pulled over the outer edges, fruit flies would never get in side or out. Even my husband commented how much nicer it is.

I was so excited to start my kitchen compost. Unfortunately, this item does the job but still attracts flies and fruit flies. It holds the smell a little better than a regular trashcan does but i wouldn’t recommend going longer than 2-3 days without emptying the container. I also bought bio bags to insert into the pail which i think is great because my first load was so horribly gross on the bottom when i finally dumped it into my outdoor compost and i was even disgusted to rinse out the bucket. I say buy this item if you don’t mind the flies and are willing to dump it often.

I’ve been composting more since buying this as it makes it so easy. Our daughter lives in seattle and it was recommended to her through the mandatory composting program there. I bought the unni compostable bags to go with it, and they are working beautifully. It fits under my sink, and even the grandkids (3 and 4) now use it because of the ease of use. I do wish that the lid clicked up into the “hold” position a bit more easily, but that is a minor complaint.

Sturdy, good capacity, easy to clean and odor free. I use the compostable liners as recommend. I’ve had several kitchen compost containers and this is probably my favorite. Neutral colors make it nearly unnoticeable.

We thought the perforated top would allow odors to become noticeable, but the opposite is true. Even when not emptied for a week there was no odor and it actually smells less that the completely sealing model we replaced, and is twice as big. We like that the top also clicks into place straight up rather than falling backward but can go all the way back when needed.

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