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Seville Classics

Seville Classics 3-Pack Round Mesh Wastebasket Recycling Bin – Very functional and inconspicuous

Using it like i should and working fine.

These trash cans are very sturdy and look nice and are pretty tall/big. Didn’t fit in all of my bathrooms as i had hoped but pretty good to use as an office wastebasket.

I have a similar looking trash bin i purchased years ago and paid more for i’m sure- these were to match for other rooms in the house. The mesh is a bit flimsier than the others i had, but i assume that’s a change in the times more than the product. Sevillle build som ereally good stuff- particularly their chrome shelving- and these are not an excpetion. I am quite happy with the purchase.

Big enough to hold a few days worth of garbage. The only downside is that you need a liner for general trash, you wouldn’t need one for just paper products. The price for three baskets is the same as one basket in most retain chains, so i definitely feel like i got a good value for my money.

Just what i expect, fast shipping and very high quality product. Perfect size for any office, i bout for my private school classes and it’s looks so professional and cool.

They look great in all of our bathrooms.

They were slightly dented at the top upon arrival, but easily fixed. They fit my trash bags and they’re lightweight and the dark color blends in with nearly all of our rooms.

I like that they are lightweight and fit into various decor configurations. They are sturdy enough and to this point, seem to be durable.

I have to say, i love the look of these wastebaskets for some reason. When i say this pack of 3, i had to get it to replace some of the ones at my house that have some signs of abuse(a little rust or dents). It is a fantastic price, and the build quality looks excellent. I specifically replaced a silver one located in the bedroom which was starting to rust near the mesh area. I have no idea how that happened, but from comparing the two, it looks like these have a better coating on the basket. I believe i bought my previous silver one at ikea. These definitely take the cake though.

Great product for the price. Why i needed 3 baskets, not sure, but hey, have 1 in my office, 1 in the garage (totally unnecessary) and 1 in the laundry room for dryer sheets and dryer filter sludge.

Great price better quality product than i expected.

These are great for home office, and kids’ bedrooms.

These are actually very good quality wastebaskets, the only reason i am returning them is that they are slightly too big for the bathroom where i intended to use them. If you have a small bathroom i would recommend getting a 3 gallon basket. Here are the specifications for the Seville Classics 3-Pack Round Mesh Wastebasket Recycling Bin:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes 3 separate wastebaskets with 12″ diameter top, 9″ diameter base, and 14″ height
  • Provides a trash and recycling capacity up to 6 gallons (20 liters) per wastebasket; regular 8 gallon trash bags fit the wastebasket
  • Large, round opening and tapered shape make sure trash goes into the can, not around it; wire mesh keeps the wastebasket well-ventilated, preventing the buildup of moisture and smells
  • Constructed of steel with a reinforced rim and base for stability and strength; silver epoxy powder-coat finish provides protection from corrosion in dry environments
  • Furnish every room of your home with a wastebasket, make sure your office has trash can at every desk; separate recyclables from garbage with multiple baskets. Use them your way.

These are perfectly fine little trash cans. They’re the goldiloks size – not too big and not too small – and they were a great deal for the price on a package of three. My only ding is that one of them came bent in the package. I had to try to pop it back out to round shape. I think it’s a combo of amazon didn’t pack it well, and the mesh is pretty thin gauge. But they’re perfectly fine now and look more elegant than a big solid klunky trash can.

Looks simple and professional, great value for the price. We personally use it without any liners for disposal of bottles, cans, and paper towels.

These are probably best described as waste paper baskets, designed to stand alone in an office-type environment where the kinds of things you discard don’t require a liner. The mesh material is deformable but difficult to bend permanently – it’s deceptively strong, and is firmly attached to the rims at the top and bottom. There is a vertical seam where the mesh meets – this isn’t visible in the photos, but is not obtrusive or very noticeable. These have a nice appearance and will likely fit into any decor that isn’t all-white. They do not look ‘industrial’, but they would fit in such a setting. They seem a good value for the money. They’re doing their job, and i hope to never think about them again.

I am not sure why trash cans have gotten so expensive. These fit the bill for good price. Item is basic, sturdy and does the job. It is bigger than i thought it would be but then again i didn’t really pay attention to dimentions. This trash can works in any room that is not a ‘white room. ‘ it fits under my sink but do not find i have to change it daily. Not a good kitchen trash can for a family but if you hate a wastebasket sitting out in your kitchen this one works well. The top is big enough to easily accomidate a full size paper plate with out having to crush it in half.

Great material and definitely worth the price.

Sturdy, fits in any decor, good size (so many are too small), may buy more. Can always spray paint it, if you want to match a room wall color or a contrasting color.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wastepaper baskets, not for bathrooms or for wet/yucky garbage
  • Great priced bundle. Seem to be superb build quality.
  • Trashy business, but not trashy quality or priced.

These baskets are small, lightweight, and have just the right design to subtly blend into a room without intrusively screaming ‘garbage can’ to anyone who walks in. The sides aren’t super sturdy, but they are resilient and will usually pop back into place after being pressed in.

Use these as our waste-bins around the apartment. Pretty happy with them, but because you can see the contents of them it doesn’t take much trash to make them look disorderly. Also, dust and small bits of trash sometimes slip through the mesh and coat the floor when i turn them upside down to gather the trash.

If you want a nice trash bin that can handle trash in the bathroom, near your desk, or in a hallway, this one is great. I would probably suggest a larger, plastic one for a large kitchen, but this one works well for small ones. Very great purchase to make your home have quick access to trash bins. Another benefit is that the plastic bag that is a part of its packaging can actually be used as a temporary trash bag inside iti wish the company put in the description the specific size in gallons that this can hold, so that purchasing plastic bags can be easy. I’ll update this post once i figure out which one works best.

Perfect set and price to have a can in each room.

I really can’t believe the deal youre getting on these . Based on the price i was worried they’d be flimsy and small, but i am so impressed and excited . As much as anyone could be about a trash can haha. These are a very nice size, larger than expected, and larger than the average bathroom trash bin you’d find. They also seem very well constructed.

Good price for basic waste basket. Not art deco but ok for office use.

I bought these for my office. They hold up well and do not feel so obvious.

These are considerably cheaper than the rolodex baskets, but are almost identical. They are a good size for catching the trash in your study, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. I have the rolodex, and wish i had seen these first.

Nothing special, it’s a trash bin. Little bigger than i expected but that’s my fault for not looking for at the phusicay size. These are a great deal otherwise, best suited for a desk side trashcan or small office wastebin. I had planned to use these in the bathroom, but they are a hair too for where i wanted to place them.

Cans arrived undamaged and work fine. For liners, i am using ‘hommp 7 gallon medium trash bags, 120 counts’ because the popular blue/green 6-gal bags do not fit. I would suggest looking for another 7-gal liner to use as the hommp roll has issues tearing off bags correctly.

Classic design, substantial.

Great value, one for every room in my small apartment. One caveat: these things aren’t heavy-duty – not that a small waste basket needs to be, just don’t even think about inverting one and using it as a stepping stool, or such.

A little flimsier than i expected, but perfect for an office where you’re mostly discarding paper. Good price for 3 of them, might not hold up to heavy use.

The cans themselves are great; classic trash-can look. However, as other reviewers have also commented, the mesh deforms easily, and whoever does the storing and/or packing at the facility doesn’t handle them nicely. Be prepared to push the dents back in (it’s not hard to do). It doesn’t look perfect after being re-un-dented, but near enough that i’m not unhappy with the purchase.

Seville Classics 17-Gallon UltraHD Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Bin – The best trash bin ive had

My animals tend to knock my trash can over. They cannot knock this one down. You will have to get bigger trash bags with a larger opening but it’s worth it not having to spend my days cleaning up a dumped trash can. I use my old trash can for recyclables.

Update: 1 year later and we have purchased a second one for the officeexactly as advertised. Does not smudge easily and we opted to install it without the wheels. Has held up well in our busy office since we put it in about 6 months ago.

Yes, it looks like a miniature version of something you’d find at micky d’s. But it’s sturdy, holds a lot more than a 13 gallon can with a similar footprint, and is great for both regular trash and recycling (i bought two). With the old 13 gallon cans, my kids often shoved the swinging lids too far back and ended up getting trash on the floor (or the lids in the garbage). That doesn’t happen with this one, because there’s just one hole in front and no way for trash to leak out the sides or the back. While this was the primary reason i bought the can, i’m also enjoying an unexpected bonus. Instead of emptying cans 6-7 times/week, i’m only having to do it twice a week. So, even though the cost of the bags may be more ( i purchased some local 18 gallon compactor bags which fit well), i don’t have to use as many of them. I should have bought this years ago.

Very solid, really like this – and i even get a lot of compliments from houseguests (who compliments a trashcan?. Lol)only problem is that holes for screws in handles won’t take the screws they sent with it, so i can’t add the handles. I even took the handles and screws over to a carpenter friend and he said the plastic was drilled wrong and i should get different screws – too much bother, i’ll live without the handles.

Organize your recycle area with this near professional bucket. The metal is a bit thin so take it easy on the 3 point shots from across the kitchen. Also the screws that hold the handles on are a bit of a pain if you use a liner in the pail. Only use the correctly sized trash bags too (they are bigger than a tall kitchen bag and heavier too). All in all was a good buy that made recycling less messy. It does dent easily we had to send the first one back because it took a hit in shipping and could not be reformed.

I love that you can’t see right into it. I also like that if it is a bit too full, the top keeps it contained. It is sleek, and doesn’t look bulky in my kitchen. The outside has not been dented yet by my two crazy boys (2 and 6).

I really like this trash can. Goes well in my kitchen too. I like the idea trial look of this can with my country, shabby chic, rustic, mid century mod entire house decir. Maybe i should have just said eclectic. I am disabled so the casters help a lot too. You will like this trash can.

Clean lines and a sturdy plastic top make this a winner. Remember to buy 18 gallon trash compactor bags for this bad boy – the regular 13 gallon bags are just a bit too small.  ultrasac extra heavy duty professional quality compactor trash bag with antimicrobial odor control, 40 count.

 * sleek, clean, durable stainless steel, i got this garbage cans for two reasons. * the first, my husband’s dog is a garbage thief, a digger. *the second reason is because we swapped out our range and had a larger area to cover. * the product measurements are absolutely correct. * i thought it was the perfect opportunity to get double cans or an odd shape to enclose the area. * i looked at probably, over 100 garbage cans. * i never thought much about buying one before but there were soooo many considerations. It had to have at least some stainless steel to match my appliances.

This is the best kitchen waste can i have ever bought. I love every thing about it. The size is perfect, it’s easy to clean & it’s on wheels. So, even when it is full you can move it if you have to. I really like the user friendly open face top, which easily lifts off to empty, or to clean. I’ve had it a long time now & hope it lasts forever because i may never be able to find it again.

Super simple to put together. . Need phillips head screwdriver to attach the handles and it comes screw in legs or wheels. It is perfect for my needs in the kitchen. Bigger than a typical plastic kitchen can but not massive like an outdoor can. It’s tall, so if sliding under counter or something be sure to measure first. It’s just what i have been looking for for a long time.

We were looking for a kitchen trash can. It doesn’t seem like that big a problem but finding a quality, stainless steel, large, kitchen trash can turns out to be harder then it looks. Most are small, poorly made, very expensive, or have electronics or lids or other complexities that we don’t want to deal with every time we have to throw a piece of trash away. We have dogs and trash and a small kitchen. This trash can solved all our problems it holds a huge amount of trash (we use the large 33 gallon size), it has a front opening that we can just throw the trash at with one hand (usually hitting it the first time), it has wheels, it has a flat top that we use for extra storage space, and no odors or smells come up from it. The dogs can’t get into it and seem to totally ignore it and the stainless steel is very easy to keep clean. Now no trash can is perfect. There are screws holding it together inside and these have a tendency to catch on the trash bag when you go to remove it, especially if you keep stuffing more and more trash into the can instead of taking it out when you should. This can be solved by putting a small piece of duct tape over the screws or just not putting so much trash in the can at any one time. I would definitely buy this trash can again.

We removed a trash compactor installed in the island in our kitchen, and didn’t want another one. We added a cabinet door and didn’t install a toe kick, so this can fits perfectly (without the lid) and rolls in and out with no effort at all. The kirkland compactor bags work great with it, too. It comes without the handles or wheels put on, but the wheels just snap in (it also comes with little tiny legs you can install instead of wheels). The handles, though, were hard. We had to drill screws into them beforehand to prep the holes before we could then try it when attaching to can. Here are the specifications for the Seville Classics 17-Gallon UltraHD Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Bin:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dimensions: 17.2″ W x 12.8″ D x 34.5″ H
  • 17-gallon capacity
  • Includes wheels (2 locking) and leveling feet
  • Easy to clean stainless steel body with removable durable resin top
  • Ideal for use in your garage, kitchen, warehouse, office , workspace or man cave

Large, sturdy, and on casters. Opening is big enough to fit a gallon milk container through if you crush it a bit. I love the casters and being able to move the unit with ease. The only negatives are finding the correct size trash bags (i found them on amazon), stretching the bags opening to fit over the sides (often times the bag tears at the top ) and the screws inside sometimes tear the bag during removal of the bag if over-stuffed. I have learned how to avoid or work around these issues easily. Overall i absolutely love this container.

I replaced my previous trash can because the bags were nearly impossible to remove once they were full. With this one, i can easily replace the bags even when they’re over filled. I followed the advice of some other reviewers and put duct tape over the screws on the inside to make sure the screws didn’t snag the bags. It might have been fine without the tape, but it couldn’t hurt. I also love that it rolls smoothly around my kitchen.

The wheels are very easy to install. I put two screws on opposite sides of the handle in the holes loosely. Then tightened them a bit and was able to slide the handle to get the other two holes to match up. Then i tightened all the screws. You will need your own phillips head screw driver for this. I am using it in my closet to store gift wrapping paper rolls upright.

Looked long and hard for a kitchen trash can this good – spent a fair amount of money on others along the way. Who ever made this is a genuis. If you don’t have a ‘trash drawer’ and want a larger trash in the kitchen than fits under the sink this is the way to go. We had constant tension in our house over the lid to the trash. I always wanted the trash covered (looks better, less smell, keeps the trash barrel from being overloaded, etc. ) my husband always hated the cover – no matter what kind we got, (swinging top, step-on raised top, etc. We’ve been in perfect harmony since this arrived a month ago. I was afraid the opening might not be quite large enough for getting the styrofoam bottoms of family sized meat packages and other messy things into – but so far no problems at all. The wheels are a great addition (now the trash barrel gets swept all the way around everytime the floor is swept and mopping the floor is easier too).

Love the size, wheels and the ease of the lid removal. Only drawback is we had to put tape on the inside lip to keep it from tearing the bag when taking it out. We also keep a second ‘liner’ bag in place. It can roll all around my kitchen with ease.

I really like the look, size & function of this trash can. It was easy to put together & i like being able to roll it around. However the wheels are a pain, they don’t stay screwed into place even after i re-tightened them it’s constantly un-level & wobbles. Can’t get all 4 wheels to touch the floor at the same time. Only have had it for a few weeks.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • How Did I Live Without This. Excellent Garbage Can. Convenient Handles. Rolls Smoothly. #Two of The Four Wheels “Lock”. #
  • Should have bought this years ago!!
  • Materials could be more robust but functions well.

I don’t think i have ever felt so ambivalent about a product. The casters are heavy duty and work great. But the metal portion is thin and cheap feeling and the resin top is somewhat thin and a bit warped looking. The handles are placed so low that i can’t imagine anyone actually using them. And apparently the screws needed to install the handles can cause the bag to rip. Despite all this, i give the trash can 4 stars because it functions so well. It easily glides with just a nudge. The opening is just the right size. And odors can be controlled by rinsing off cans, etc before throwing them in.

This is so much better than a garbage can with a closing lid. The access is large, yet still keeps what’s inside fairly well hidden. Seems funny to say about a garbage can, but we tried several in our kitchen. We like this for its capacity and ease of use. We left the wheels off to fit under the lip of our counter. It comes with little feet to use instead of the wheels if your prefer. The wheels would make it easy to use. Bottom line: good design, well made.

I wanted a fast food restaurant style trash can for my kitchen. I thought it would look cool. Wheels work perfectly and can lock so they don’t move. It is so much easier to just throw away the garbage in that hole. I also have the sensor type garbage can, which is cool too but i have to get close to the sensor for it too open. I put the sensor one in the basement.

I have three boys who need an easy to use trash receptacle. It is so much larger than the trash can built into my kitchen cabinetry. I am buying more to put in their bedrooms.The only complaint: the bag is hard to remove when completely full so do not use cheap trash bags. If you do, you will wind up with ripped bags.

If your not looking for any special trash bin that does special tricks that matches your stainless steal appliances, then this is the bin to get in my opinion. I wanted a trash can that i didn’t have to worry about failing after a short time with no moving parts and one that could truly fill a 30 gallon bag. Well i have found what i was looking for. This is a perfect match stainless steal wise and it looks good. The top comes off easily when time to take out the garbage and at the same time it holds the bag in place when perched on top of the can and the bag will not fall into the can even when its full. The hole on the lid is the perfect size. (you can even fit a milk jug threw it) this trash bin is light and easy to clean.

We have a big dog who is very well-behaved except for the occasional stray dog flashbacks where she raids the trash can. She can’t tip this one over because it rolls, and before we leave the house it’s easy to roll it into the bathroom to lock up. We’ve tried several allegedly dog-proof cans and this one although not perfect is the best so far. It takes larger trash bags than kitchen size, and we are finding we like not having to flip open a lid. I would definitely buy again.

It’s big enough to hold enough trash that my teenage boys can throw at it. The wheels were easy to put on but the handles were a little hard to get the screws to thread and attach. Since the trash bag covers it, i figured it wasn’t worth it.

Exceptional commercial style trash can for our kitchen. Easy to assemble and condenses garbage as opposed to our previous 13 gallon stainless trash can. Love the commercial lid design as compared to the noisy step open lid style. Plus it contains the odors and is convenient to remove for large waste disposal. The wheels make for ease of movement if you want trash can near you for messy projects. Best trash can i’ve ever owned.

Have been dealing with our dog getting into the garbage for 6 yrs. I kept it in the pantry but it never failed someone would forget to shut the pantry door and we would be cleaning up trash all over the house. Got this one just because our old one was getting gross and old, and low and behold i don’t have this problem anymore.I leave it out in the kitchen all day, i do think the wheels and the lid freak him out a little which is fine by me lol the only time he touches it is if it’s full and he can easily reach in to grab something. I think this was obviously a style for a shop or garage however if you have dogs this is a definitely huge help. It does have screws on the inside that will snag the bags as other people commented, i just took their advice and put a piece of electrical tape over each one. I wasn’t paid nor did i get a discount to write this review (i wish) :).

This just arrived yesterday and i cant believe how exited i was for a trashcan. The old one was only 11 gallons and easily filled up in a day or two. Plus, the lid to it somehow got lost (don’t ask me), so the dog was always pulling trash out of it. I looked at reviews online for a while and this one seemed to be exactly what we needed. Its 17 gallons so it will take a lot longer to fill up, and the dog cant pull things out now. I liked that it came with wheels and regular feet so you can decide which you want to use. A lot of people say it looks like a commercial trash can, but i personally like the way it looks. The trashcan is great, however, we bought this 3 days ago and paid 62 dollars, and now all of a sudden it’s 31 dollars with free shipping?. We’re pretty annoyed that we just payed double what they’re charging for it now.

Love this – none of that stupid top getting stuck or broken. This is open but keeps the smells contained. Very good quality, durable and actually looks nice.

I’ve actually received compliments on this trash can. People have actually asked me where i purchased this from. Gone are the days of the kids emptying their plates into the trash bin and somehow hurling their food onto the wall behind it; fast forward to the scene of me trying to scrub some crusty god-knows-what off of the wall days later. This baby is shiny, it has wheels and it has a lid, which i liken more to a hood. If this ain’t the best thing i’ve purchased in a great long while i don’t know what is. I feel compelled to buy five more, just in case there’s a run on them, but really just because.

It’s perfect for an average sized family’s kitchen, attractive, easy to change liners and clean, rolls (but can be locked in place), and you can set your recyclables on top. The only thing i didn’t like was trying to put the handles on (i’m old and the bolts were a bit difficult to thread) but you only have to do that once, and it’s an excellent price for an excellent product.

I needed a new garbage can for my kitchen and my criteria was something that was bigger than the average kitchen garbage can that could hold the 30 gallon trash bags, but was not thirty gallon in size. So, i moved up from my old rubber (bland looking) 10-13 gallon to this seville (modern looking) 17 gallon and it fit the bill and then some. I’ve always used the 30 gallon size bags because they hold more, but with the shorter cans the garbage tends to hang over and you only get 2/5ths of the bag full; not anymore. Also with the bigger can you don’t have to take the garbage out as frequent. That was another reason for my choice. It come with 2 sets of feet: (4wheels, or 4pegs); i chose to use the wheels to maneuver back and forth when dumping the smaller garbage cans from various rooms in my home into this larger one. Also the top of the garbage can has a tray area so that you can rest items on as needed when placing items into the disposal section. It really comes in handy when you have lots of food stuff from plates that need to be scraped off into the garbage.

These garbage cans are really nice. They have good casters and can be rolled around instead of lugged around. They have a top that comes on and off. I can’t think of a single thing wrong with the design of this garbage can. My wife originally bought these, and we have one inside for kitchen use and one outside to collect trash (we spend a lot of time outdoors). It seems to hold up to the summer heat of arizona (in shade) for a season so far, however, time will tell.

Solid, portable, looks good. The opening is large, easy to change out the bags. The space on top has come in handy when you need a 3rd hand. Totally happy w this purchase.

Why bother with a trash can with limited capacity and a bothersome mechanical lid?. This can is spacious,easy to remove the bag even when full, easy to dispose of large trash items. Bullet can i would have to remove the top in order to put boxes or bottles in because the swing door in the top was small. This can has a large opening that permits easy access for disposal of anything i choose to chuck in it. This is much bigger than cans that cost twice as much. By the way, a previous reviewer noted that this can does not have the smooth surface pictured, it does have raised ‘ribs’ as shown in one of the alternate photos on the listing. It’s still attractive and does the job.

It has met all my expectations. I highly recommend using a larger bag than the standard 13 gallon, tall kitchen trash bag. Whenever we tried that size it would split around the top and then be very hard to get out and tied up. We switched to the 30 gallon trash bags, which are actually less expensive than the ones we were using. The 30 gallon bag works marvelously. The extra space helps keep at bay the spill-over when removing the full bag from the can. Any remaining space can be packed with garbage on hand while the bag is being taken out to the outdoor curbside cans. I would highly recommend this can. I have had many people admire it and inquire about where i purchased it.

On wheels so easy to maneuver. Lid comes off easy to empty. One thing i like is there is an opening only on the one side (the side pictured) so i can throw trash in and hit the back of the can and the trash falls into the bag. Stupid yes but if there was a hole for depositing trash on both sides it would go through. Also easy to clean and excellent size. Build quality seems quite good. Had this trash can for many months now and no issues.