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Nicesh 2.6 Gallon Trash Can with Swing Lid, 10 L Plastic Swing Top Trash Can (Green) – Cute Trashcan

Comfortable bucket in my bathroom.

I like seeing this tiny trash can in my bathroom. It does a good job of keeping the cats out of my trash, but my toddler steps down on the lid and sticks his whole chubby leg in. Update: my cat has now figured it out and is dragging trash around my house. I still like the trash can, though.

I ordered it for the cute factor, but i wish it was a little larger to make it more functional. I like to use a liner in it, but there is no way to use a plastic grocery bag without it showing. This detracts from the cuteness and functionality a little. I really don’t want to buy special liners just for this trash can.

Does what it’s supposed to do.

I was reading about car cleaning hacks on another website and decided to order one for my vehicle. I had originally gone to walmart and found their garbage cans too large for my use and without a lid which is an absolute requirement. The size is perfect for its intended purpose.

Absolutely perfect for under my desk at home.

  • Easier than training the dog to stay out of the trashcan!
  • Cute and Functional!
  • Not quite the blue I expected.

Prefect size for a bedroom or bathroom trashcan, deff a change from a boring old trash can. Adds some flavor to the room.

I got this because our puppy developed a hobby of picking through the trash and running through the house with wadded up tissues or whatever in her mouth. Small, which is good because it doesn’t take much room. A regular grocery bag is almost too large for it– hangs down the sides quite a bit but we don’t care. We aren’t exactly the house beautiful types, but even i draw the line at the dog trailing bathroom trash through the house. So this solved the problem and looks fine.

Great little size for a tiny bathroom but big enough to hold quite a bit of trash. Soft pink color is not too loud. More muted, powder pink like a 1950’s pink.

Cute and fit perfectly in my bathroom.

It seems strange to review a trash can but this one is by far my favorite. I had to by several new trash cans for my new house and this one is so perfect for the bathroom. I’ve tried many over the years and i am so glad i found and purchased this one. It is absolutely perfect for keeping trash out of sight and very easy to use.

Features of Nicesh 2.6 Gallon Trash Can with Swing Lid, 10 L Plastic Swing Top Trash Can (Green)

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  • Length x width x height: 10.78″ (top length) x 7.6″ (top width) x 15.35″ (with lid), bottom size: 9.45″ x 6.42″, trash bin height: 11.69″
  • High quality durable plastic
  • Removable, swing-top lid for easy use
  • Convenient side handles make the can easy carrying
  • Best for in kitchen, living room, bed room, office and more

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I bought this trash can for our bathroom due to our dog getting into the old trash open can we had. This trash can has a swivel lid which has so far kept the dog out of it. It is the perfect size to fit between the toilet and the sink for us. It is attractive and well built.

I like it but the blue has a little tiny tint of green, it does not match my bathroom as much as it should by looking at the blue in the picture. The picture quality of my picture below is no too good so just know that the trash can is indeed very cute. However, you may see the color is not as blue as i thought by the picture they advertise. Also the trim is not white, is actually creamy. I bought two, for my two bathrooms are blue. The company, i know, would take it back, they seem very diligent, but i am just too overwhelm nowadays to dedicate time for it i am just going to have to get used to it. It would have been perfect otherwise.

Perfect size for the bathroom. I bought it because my kitten kept trying to play in the trash.

My daughter needed a new trash can and this one was perfect for her. It’s very nice quality and the color is nice as well.

Attractive small can with a lid. The lid is nice because you don’t have to look at questionable items in bathroom trash. I don’t use a bag with this, but you could. Can’t just throw stuff in like with a lid free model, but i usually miss anyway.

Plastic grocery bag fits nicely.

Length x width x height: 10.78″ (top length) x 7.6″ (top width) x 15.35″ (with lid), bottom size: 9.45″ x 6.42″, trash bin height: 11.69″

Nice can, i use on my craft room beside my sewing machine for clean garbage.

Perfect size for my under sink cupboard.

I never knew it was possible for a trash bin to be so cute. The shiny powder blue color goes well with the myriad of blues and browns that i chose for my bathroom accessories (shower curtain, rugs, etc). The little saying on the front is really cute and well-designed. This bin is also the perfect size for a bathroom/desk bin, and the rotating top functions excellently and keeps things covered and sanitary. The white trim around the top and bottom of the bin make it look even more elegantand if anyone is wondering, i bought the nicesh flattop trash bags (120 coung/roll, 5 gal) bags to go along with my new trashbin. They fit perfectly, and the blue color matches the bin very nicely.

This is the cutest little trash can for a bathroom.

It’s easy to use in a tight space. I like that the swing lid hides the trash but it’s easier to use in the narrow space between our toilet and shower than a step can would be. I’ve just been using old target bags to line it and you can see the edge of the bag around the rim of the can so i think i am going to buy the clear can liners.

Bought for the laundry room to collect stuff that was left in pockets and lint from the dryer. Just the right size for a grocery bag and sits on top of the dryer. Finally no more piles of lint stacked on top of the dryer.

High quality durable plastic

It was so hard for me to find a swing lid trash can for the bathroom. Really just search there is so few alternatives. This one is a perfect size and really good.

This is an adorable trash can, it is a good size for a bethroom, the swing lid works great. Loved the color, and everything about it. Even came with liner bags, great surprise.

It sits by my chair and takes all the ‘stuff’ you pull out of a magazine you are reading. Good size and like the swinging cover.

The nonsense text makes me giggle and it’s a big part of the reason i bought it. It’s probably not 3 gallons but it’s a perfectly acceptable size. Who really needs 3 gallons worth of space in a bathroom garbage can anyway?. Maybe they should just take their garbage out more often.

Perfect size between cabinet and toilet. Had to have some the dog won’t get into.

Sturdy, such a lovely design.

Removable, swing-top lid for easy use

I bouht one blue for one bathroom and one pink for our other bathroom. Both are a pastel color, and they fit in perfectly without being an obvious ugly garbage can. They are small, and an easy shape to tuck inbetween a toilet or tub and counter if you do not have a lot of space in your bathroom. Yet they are very cute, so if they have to be placed somewhere in the open, they look great.

It was very easy to clean and very cute in size.

Cute, fits in small places, perfect for bathroom or office. I recommend to any one that wants something different than a basic trash can.

Love this trash can – so glad i purchased it.

Beautiful and functional but quite small depends on where you going to put it.

Cute, practical and perfect. Fits nicely into the bathroom decor.

Convenient side handles make the can easy carrying

Be careful because this is a very small trash can. Take the measurements and look at how wide/tall/deep the trash can will be. Unless you want this for a child’s play room i would say you’ll probably need something larger. That being said, the construction of this product appears to be excellent.

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