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Joseph Joseph 30002 Intelligent Waste Totem Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin Unit, I was looking for a garbage can for easy sorting for recycling vs

I was looking for a garbage can for easy sorting for recycling vs. This does it, and so stylishly. Most other units for sorting are way too large in terms of space it takes in a kitchen. This unit is pretty compact yet holds quite a bit. Already i’m noticing that i recycle most items that i was previously just throwing in the trash. I also love the little basket and place it on the counter during food prep. At first i was like – the cost of this can is ridiculous. But after looking around, it’s actually about the same price as many of the stainless steel brands that are more stylish- like- simple human. The extra cost compared to other brands i think is worth it.

This trash can is everything i was looking for in terms of making trash sorting easier and all in one unit. Good luck training your family not to screw up your new sorting procedure though. I put cans and bottles in the bottom drawer. It’s easily lined with paper bags from the grocery store, i just trim the top couple of inches off. Then i can throw the entire thing into the big recycling bin for trash day. The larger trash section works just great with my usual kitchen bags. The compost bin fits the compost bags i had already been using, so you don’t have to buy theirs. At first it seemed like i was going to have to empty this thing constantly because the trash section is smaller than my old can. It turns out i actually only have to empty it once a week now since we are composting , most paper and cardboard and produce trash gets composted. So there’s not much actual waste left when everything else gets sorted out.

Lid lock is broken (see pic). I bought this unit through amazon in september, 2016 so i’m aware it’s already out of guarantee. I am willing to pay for the replacement part but my request on the manufacturer’s website has gone unanswered for 3 months. I like the unit very much but there’s no need to buy a new one just to fix its smallest/weakest part.

Key specs for Joseph Joseph 30002 Intelligent Waste Totem Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin Unit with Compost Bin, 16 gallon/60 liter, Graphite:

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  • Totem 60 combines all your waste and recycling requirements in one stylish unit, whilst taking up the same amount of space as a conventional kitchen bin. Dimensions of Totem unit with lid closed (inches): 15.7 L x 11.8 W x 31.5 H
  • 9.5-gallon general waste compartment at the top of the unit is removable and has liner-retaining holes and breather vents that make bag removal easier
  • 6.3-gallon multi-purpose drawer at the base of the unit includes a removable drawer bin with hooks for securing trash liners and a removable divider for separating different types of recycling
  • 1-gallon removable food compost bin can be stored in the general waste compartment, the multi-purpose drawer, or on a kitchen counter
  • Carbon filter inside the lid helps eliminate odors. 10-year guarantee included.

Comments from buyers

“But as I was researching trashcans turns out they are all pretty pricy. I was stuffing all my recycling into , Good compact waste solution; has shipping and manufacturing issues, Item damaged multiple times”

This trashcan had to satisfy three adults (my mother, my husband, and me). And it did the impossible: it made everyone happy. Initially, i thought the little compost bin would be an annoyance but it’s become my favorite kitchen helper and sits neatly on the countertop awaiting prep and table scraps. My only complaints are that the stainless steel lid fingerprints and the compost bags are difficult to find. Other than that, it’s perfect.

I don’t always read product descriptions carefully and thought this was a hard high quality plastic version, even if a bit pricey but i had a gift card. So i was shocked when the very heavy box arrived. The entire thing is a heavy graphite colored metal. I didn’t buy the special garbage bags they recommend and my standard 13 gallon glad force flex drawstring garbage bags fit fine and is snug at the top so it won’t slip or show when the lid is closed. The interior compost feature i use for ‘wet garbage’ (food remnants or anything smelly) and i keep it on my countertop while cooking (instead of rachael ray’s famous garbage bowl). I can use a grocery bag to line it and it fits well though not perfect. You don’t need a bag because it washes easy, but i prefer a bag. The recycling part is about the size of a file drawer. It won’t hold as much as a standard recycling tote but it does hold a fair bit. It is vey tall – almost as high as my countertop (which are rather high).

While this three compartment trash can is perfect for what we need, it did arrive with a dent on the side. Unfortunately for us, it is on the side that is visible. Since we need more space for recycling and less for trash, we decided to use the bottom drawer for trash and the top for recycling. If you are ok with the can possibly being dented (and at this price point, most people aren’t) then i would recommend it.

Never thought i would use love and trash can in the same sentence, however i have to. It is so nice to have it all in one clean space. I was really on the fence since i have never spent this on a trash can before but i’m glad i did it.

I have limited space in my kitchen to fit both a recycling bin and reg trash and this fit perfect. Plus the composting bin is a fabulous lil feature.

Absolutely love this garbage / recycle can. . With the exception that the filter in the lid keeps falling out and i keep finding it mixed in with the garbage.

I really wanted to like this item. There were a few things i didn’t like about it, however. Everything worked as described, and there were no real problems with it. But i didn’t like having to use two hands to throw something away every time–one to open and close the lid, the other to hold the trash and throw it away. I also simply don’t like touching the trash can lid–too germy while i’m cooking. I really liked the composting compartment and that you can lift it out and set it on the counter while you’re cooking, but while nesting in the trash can it did choke off the opening for the place where you throw the trash. I loved the built in recycle bin–this is the main reason i wanted it. But i throw so many bits and pieces of recycling away throughout the day, stooping over to roll the recycle bin in and out each time was too much of a chore. Finally, i had a problem with the smell. When you open the trash can it stinks 🙁 for people living in an apartment where it is more of a hassle to take the trash out, this would probably be a great solution.

Arrived brokent but my husband said he could fix it.

The first one arrived with large denting in the front, due to both amazon’s poor packaging but also the manufacturer packaging, which is utterly lacking on the sides. It’s probably not intended for individual shipping but rather purchases at a bricks & mortar retailer. Ship-back was easy and the replacement arrived quickly, but after two weeks of normal use, the large press-button that opens the lid simply fell off. It’s stainless steel that is (poorly) glued to plastic underneath. It would not be hard to glue back on, but then again, i paid $240 () for this trash can and i expect more for the money i spent. I applaud the industrial design of this product: it functions well and looks good. I’m going to try a third replacement, and it’s nice that there is a 10 year warranty. But overall, this product feels overpriced given the construction. If you’re expecting a handcrafted, artisan, made-in-small-batches-with-love trash solution, looks elsewhere; this is just another thing made in china. If there were other options on the market — and i suspect there will be more soon — i would look at those instead.

This has been the best purchase we have made in a long time. The garbage part hold more then our regular kitchen garbage can. The recluciling part is also good sized. We just love the look and it completes our kitchen. Will defiantly recommend this to anyone ? we are so happy.

Bottom drawer does not line up perfectly. Other than that, it is a great trash can.

Never thought i would love a trash can, but i do. For a city apartment, this is a dream. Holds a lot of trash and recycling in a compact package and truly smudge/fingerprint proof.

Was embarrassed to spend this much ona trash receptacle, it is perfect for my needs. We seaoarate yard waste+ food, recycling, compost and just plain trash. Well constructed, easy to clean. Standard kitchen trash bags fit in upper trash compartment.

I love how this trash bin allows me to organize everything. The bins are spacious & i love the color. The bottom drawer doesn’t lineup perfectly but it is a minor flaw.

Looks great but it came with a dent. Not sure it’s worth the price but once i figure out where it will go will probably change my mind.

It holds everything and logically sorts four ways perfectly. In my community we have to keep the paper separated from the plastic. And we keep compost and garbage too. So this is the perfect solution for the way we need to keep our trash. Sorting it as we toss it, prevents the need to stand and sort on trash night. I love the colors and the style of the waste totem. I had intended on putting it in my pantry but it is so cool looking that i have it at the end of the kitchen counter.

This is a fantastic all-in-1 trash unit that makes great use of space. I got the biggest one, and wish there was one just a tad larger so i don’t have to empty the recycling so often. The body is nice gray-painted metal, the top is stainless steel, and a bit of green and gray plastic round it out. The recycled bin at the bottom is on wheels and easily comes out/in of the unit. The best part (compared to my old trash can) is that you can leave the top open while preparing meals and put things into either the compost bucket or regular trash easily without opening the can again and again. It comes with some specially sized bags which, which they hope you’ll reorder, which is why i gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I’ll surely substituted more reasonably prices bags.

Expensive yes but if you are composting and recycling it a charm to get it alltogether and out of site. Trash area isn’t big but the can would be huge if it were larger.

It was heavier and sturdier than i thought. All metal outside and the plastic inside is very sturdy, thicker than my current plastic kitchen garbage can. I was disappointed that amazon shipped the wrong color, but i understood why. I finally found the color on the very bottom of the joseph joseph box along with a bar code. I’m still deciding whether to keep it or exchange it. The stone color is not bad, just not what i ordered. I’m really looking forward to using this. I currently have three containers: garbage, compost (to go out to pile) and recycle.

Was skeptical about the cost/design value of this trash can – but after 6 months+ of using it i have to say it was a great purchase. Having the top a foot higher than our last trash can, it’s just easier to deal with loading and pulling out the garbage. The recycling bin on the bottom holds more than i expected, and the wheels on the bottom make it easier to pull and and carry the can to our household recycle cans outside. Love the design and functionality of this product and would recommend it to all – it’s worth the $$.

I wasn’t sure i wanted to spent $200+ on a kitchen garbage can, but i’ve had this a year now and it is really great. Works perfectly for the amount of trash and recyclables that we have in our household. We usually put a paper towel down in the compost bin which prevents stuff from sticking to the bottom. That works well so we don’t need to buy compost bin liners.

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