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InterDesign Wastebasket Trash Bathroom, Great compact trash can

This is a nice trash can, shiny high gloss plastic. Has more weight than my old metal can and looks great in my bathroom. Understated, not cheap looking. Would also make a good bucket for bath toys, etc.

This trash can is great for the price. Looks elegant and easy to clean.

This is a little trash can that’s perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. It’s made of plastic and has a oval shaped design. My son was happy to trade it for an old wicker basket in his room. ‘ nothing fancy, but will do the trick.

This is just what i was expecting, so five stars. It’s a nice compact trash can, made of sturdy plastic. The dimensions are as provided: 11. I was wondering if the height was the 10 and the width was the 11. 5, and that turns out to be the case. Obviously, this is mportant only if you’re trying to fit into a specific space. It’s very shiny, and i expect that it will get easily scuffed, is my only concern.

The oblong design fits very well in the limited space between my toilet and vanity cabinet. The black color hides stains and helps it to blend in, not stand out. This plastic trashcan is lightweight but not too flimsy, and fits 4 gallon trash bags perfectly. I buy the colored ones, and it looks great, but would also be fine with white bags. Finally, i appreciate that the sticker that came on the trashcan when it was new was easy to peel off and didn’t leave an obnoxious film or glue behind as can happen with cheaper ones.

This wastebasket is sleek and stylish. It is not too big, so it can’t hold large items. However, it will look good in a bathroom, office, or bedroom. It is sturdy and doesn’t seem like it will crack easily. I will be using this in my home office/guest room.

It isn’t anything special, but it works perfectly for my purposes. We needed a trash can for our bedroom. It is thin and fits perfectly in the small space between the wall and my nightstand. It is a glossy, shiny black. It doesn’t hold a ton of trash, but it is great for middle of the night tissues and socks that have holes in them. I would recommend it if you are looking for a small, thin trash can to hold occasional trash. It is great for bedrooms, or a small office area without too much trash.

Key specs for InterDesign Wastebasket Trash Bathroom, Bedroom or Office – Navy Nuvo Waste Can:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • COMPACT TRASH CAN – Use it in the bathroom, den, bedroom, office or anywhere to conveniently dispose of trash
  • CLASSIC DESIGN – Subtle curves around the rim and base provide a classic look; Its neutral color palette blends into any décor instantly
  • SLIM PROFILE – The slender profile of the waste basket offers a perfect fit into tight spaces around the home for discreet disposal of trash
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made of durable plastic that stands up to daily use; Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • ROOMY STORAGE CAPACITY – Provides ample storage capacity for trash or recycling; Measures 11.50″ Inches x 6.78″ Inches x 10″ Inches
  • Proudly made in the USA, BPA free

Comments from buyers

“Great compact trash can
, Fits perfectly in tight areas
, Great price and looks nice!

This is a really nice waste basket. It is slender in design and works well.

Perfect and durable lightweight trash can for my navy blue bathroom, and its oval shape makes it fit perfectly in smaller bathrooms.

It’s a great little wastebasket. It’s very narrow so it’s very useful in tight spaces such as a small bathroom where the toilet is really close to the cabinet next to it. I thought from the picture that it had handles, but it doesn’t. Now i realize it’s just a shadow in the photograph that looks like a hole. This doesn’t impact anything for me. For its small size, it’s nice and sturdy.

Nice high gloss oval shaped can is perfect for bathroom or office use. The plastic composition appears to be durable. Capacity is not great, but i empty cans frequently.

I needed a little garbage can for our master bathroom. This one works perfectly and there are many colors to choose from. The bin is a durable, hard plastic and a cute rectangle shape and is easy to clean. We have very small bathrooms and the areas between the toilet and our counter is pretty tight. To change out the bag normally, i have to essentially slide from the front area of the toilet rather than being able to just get to it from the top like normal people. This garbage can is perfect if you have a tight space due to small bathrooms or larger toilets. I plan on getting 1 for each of our bathrooms.

I have a minuscule half bath downstairs and there is seriously no room for a normal sized trash can. This nuvo wastebasket from interdesign fits perfectly between the toilet and the sink. It would also work well under a small desk – anyplace where space is minimal. This is a very petite trash can but because of the narrow, oval shape, it holds more than it looks like it will. It’s made of thick, glossy, black plastic. There is little flex in the sides but it’s not that brittle plastic. It’s good, high quality plastic. The top flares out a little from the base and there is a thicker lip around the top. I love that the glossy black matches the glossy black of my toilet seat but it’s neutral enough to go with anything.

I received the nuvo wastebasket from interdesign. It is a very short, oval-shaped, plastic, shiny, black wastebasket. If i had received it in a blue color, i would have loved to have put it in one of my bathrooms. Instead, i took it to my office at the shipyard where i am an administrative officer. The wastebasket takes up very little space and fits perfectly between the shredder and the copier/printer. My co-workers and i remove staples, paper clips, binding clips, etc. , from documents that are about to be shredded. We toss these items into the wastebasket. The wastebasket is not intended for someone’s trash. If left inside their documents, these staples, paper clips, binding clips, etc.

If you have a tiny space between your toilet and a tub or cabinet, you’ll love this. It just slides into almost any space. It will hold a grocery store shopping bag as a trash bag also.

Product is as described and looks great. My only complaint is that i wish it was a little wider. This would be great for small spaces but looks a little out of place in my larger bathroom. That’s my fault for not paying closer attention but i am keeping it since it still looks good.

Small, compact trashcan for small spaces. It has a very solid construction and handles to carry it easily. Great for the bathroom or the bedroom. The price is also on point for the solid construction and quality of the trash can.

This fit the bill perfectly for a small bathroom waste basket, in a small bathroom with little space. It fits very neatly in the space between the commode and the cabinet where there isn’t a lot of room to spare. It looks nice enough without a liner, but holds just about any small bag if you choose. The design is also a bit different than the ordinary round or rectangle waste basket. Overall, an in-expensive, but simple staple in a guest bath.

This trash can is small and made out of sturdy plastic. It’s perfect for a bathroom or bedroom but probably not big enough for an office. The sleek oval design makes it easy to fit into small spaces, like between the toilet and the wall or sink in a bathroom. And it has handles to make it easy to carry and empty.

Nice little plastic wastebasket. It’s oval in shape and relatively narrow which makes it great for my tiny guest bathroom. For scale, i put a standard 3-wick candle next to it in the picture.

I love the way this basket fits in a small place without taking up extra space.

Best darn small trash can i’ve bought. As elegant as a trash can can look). It’s weighted on the bottom so it doesn’t tip easily and that’s a very good thing. It would look great in the bathroom (and she who must be obeyed has ordered a couple more in white to do just that). For ten dollars you can’t get a better durable plastic trash can. It’s got a narrow profile which means it’ll fit in those tight spaces. I’m using mine beside my computer desk and it looks great and doesn’t get kicked over by my foot like the other one before it did (constantly). It can take the taps and stand upright without spilling the contents.

I really like this wastebasket. It is small enough to fit into my office but large enough to hold a fair amount of trash. It is very sleek looking and fits just about anywhere i put it.

What can i really say about a trash can?. I stuck a bumper sticker on this can to match the décor in my bathroom and it stayed.

As wastebaskets go, the only things that make one distinct from another is size and appearance. This is a plain wastebasket, sleek and shiny, and really quite small. The thing i love about it is that it fits on the *other* side of the toilet, where there is no room for most sizes of wastebaskets. This frees up space in our small bathroom for a scale that didn’t fit there before. The wastebasket draws no attention to itself wherever it happens to be placed. This is a great wastebasket to place in any small nook or cranny where one is needed.

It’s a wastebasket, so nothing fancy. But there’s a small space between my counter and the toilet, which is why i was looking for a slimmer wastebasket. This one looks nice and fit perfectly.

Only thing is, i wish it was about 3 inches taller as it seems to look so low to the floor.

InterDesign Patton Wastebasket Trash Can, Good choice for a bath waste paper basket

Had looked at several at local stores. All were heavier tha this one but the price was 2-3 times more expensive. For guest bathroom it’s perfect.

It lloks nice but it is to small for a trash can.

Very light and a bit cheap feeling. They’re only for guest rooms.

It’s a trash can, what else can i say?. Fits over the head if desired.

Carefully look at the size of this thing before you buy it. It is a really small garbage can – really for q-tips and cotton balls, and nothing of size. Perfect for a small powder-room or area where you need a little wastebasket but don’t have much space. The stainless steel is attractive, both to the eye and to fingerprints. It would have been nice if the basket had some coating to prevent smudging so easily. If you like the look and the size, this could be perfect for you. Just note it is incredibly small and also shows smudges quickly. However, it seems reasonably durable and should work fine for many light-uses.

This did arrive a little bent, but it was easy to straighten out.

Seriously, not a whole lot to analyze here. This is a small, attractive, cheaply-made, steel wastebasket. It’s reasonably attractive, and definitely preferable to plastic. It’s not big enough to be, say, your kitchen garbage bin for a family of five. It is, however, perfect for the small office or bedroom corner where you need to throw away a very small amount of trash. I live in the super-humid pacific northwest currently, so i wouldn’t put this in my tiny bathroom for fear it would quickly rust. For my wife’s office corner though, it’s perfect because its small enough to fit under a low table. This item does not get five stars because while it’s reasonably attractive it’s not exactly beautiful, and it’s a bit pricey for the quality and size in my opinion.

Key specs for InterDesign Patton Wastebasket Trash Can for Bathroom, Office, Kitchen – Brushed Stainless Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • USE THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME: Perfect for use in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and more
  • DURABLE: Steel construction make the waste can durable for years of use
  • STYLISH: Modern stainless steel matches a variety of bathroom decors
  • STURDY BASE: Base prevents can from tipping over or sliding on a wet floor
  • IDEAL SIZE: Each trash can measures 8″ x 8″ x 9.7″ to fit in small spaces throughout your home

Comments from buyers

“Cheap but usable, Good choice for a bath waste paper basket, It is a trash can”

Who doesn’t need a modern shiny stainless steel wastebasket for the office or bathroom?. It measures 8 inches diameter by 9. Perfect for those small areas. Will this nicely brushed stainless steel wastebasket with the bright shiny inside hold up to water or will it rust?. That is a question that remains to be answered. Not knowing the other metal used to make this line, i presume iron is used, since it is magnetic. Magnets will not stick to all stainless steel depending on the other metal used to make the stainless, like chromium. Since this one is magnetic, i can almost guarantee you that somewhere along the line, i will see rust, especially along the weld marks on the base. But, by the time this happens, i will most likely want a new can anyway.

Read the dimensions before you order.

Cute but small, in the end we are happy with it.

Looks great in our remodeled bathroom.

This is an attractive and well built wastebasket that is ideal beside (or under) a desk or perhaps in a bathroom – particularly those with a modern decor. However, the suggestion on the amazon page that it could be used in a kitchen is wishful thinking – it is far too small for that (9. Particularly in the right setting, it could blend right it and go well with its surroundings as well as being functional and solidly constructed.

I have a ton of interdesign products that are wonderful, but. This trash can is notthis silver trash can arrived bent in a box and is made of thin metal. It is easily dented, bent out of shape or marred. I was able to mostly bend the trash can back into a reasonable circle but it is so flimsy that when my kids empty it, it gets askew and dented. I don’t often have to give a negative review but i would not recommend this trashcan unless it is just for decoration and will not be used.

Holds garbage, perfect for dirty tampons and used flushable wipes. Has a very noticeable seem on one side but wasn’t so bad after you had some junk inside.

I think i received two for the price of one. I would send them back except it’s not worth the trouble. I will be looking for a couple of larger ones. They are just plain silver, very light.

Check the measurements: it is a little smaller than i expected, smaller than all my other mini trash cans around the house. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, because it’s easier to clean if you don’t use a bag, and being stainless, it shouldn’t get mucked up if you do throw stuff besides paper in there. It does have a seam on one side, as i guess it has to. But that doesn’t look bad for a seam. The metal is thin, as you can imagine, but it’s thick enough and it looks really goodnice trash can. It’s the little things that make a house look better sometimes.

Goes perfectly in our redone bathroom.

Standard stainless wastebasket. We use ours in our guest bathroom where the finish matches our fixtures. It seems wider than our old one – but otherwise it’s pretty basic – which is exactly what we were looking for. No distracting patterns or designs.

Nice item that matches in with the brushed nickel decor of my recently renovated master bath.

This is your basic stainless steel waste basket. Quality seems pretty good and it looks nice.

Nice, well built, and good looking trash can. It is not made of stainless steel. Brushed metal finish on the inside and outside. Product photo appears like polished on the inside, but it is really not. There is a seam on one side. The trash can does leak, so it cannot be used as drinks cooler. I was hoping that it would be leak-proof and can offer multi-purpose use, but it doesn’t.

InterDesign Pail Wastebasket Trash Can – Metal – Love the bucket it looks great in the bathroom and

I bought this for the guest bathroom in our new house & it is perfect. Looks super cute & is the perfect size.

I bought this to match my decor in the guest bath. I really like this trash can, but it is rather big compared to the average size of a bathroom trash can.

Works perfectly as a trash can in my powder room. Very shabby chic, vintage, farmhouse, country, etc. Can’t really go too wrong here. I got it in the white and i’m pleased with the purchase. Larger than the last waste can i ordered from amazon for the bathroom.

Good for under the bathroom sink.

I am beyond impressed with this waste basket. It was bigger than i expected and look super cute in my main powder room.

Love the bucket it looks great in the bathroom and goes great with my country theme. It’s a pretty big bucket it could easily last for 2 weeks if not longer before dumping.

I love this trash bin, it is on the large side.

Love this trash bucket and it looks great in my farmhouse. I was surprised by how large it was because i didn’t look closely at the measurements, so be sure to do so.

This is super cute, a little expensive in my opinion and the price changes all the time. Kind of bummed because right after i ordered it, it went down like $5. But still like this can and it goes perfectly with my decor.

Super cute little trash can. Very well made and super cute.

Looks great with my ‘modern farmhouse’ style decor. It’s been in my kids bathroom for three months so far and seems to be holding up. I paid $20, which i think is just a tad steep for a bathroom trash can, but i like the look, so i paid it.

This is absolutely adorable. Pretty blue color, more vibrant than photo. It’s also very large and nice quality.

Really nicely made little trash bucket, looks adorable in our nautical themed bathroom with wood floors. It’s really much heavier and higher quality than expected, it’s just. Would recommend if you are going for a look that this would go with. Here are the specifications for the InterDesign Pail Wastebasket Trash Can – Metal:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Great for use in bathroom, office, bedroom, and den
  • High gloss Ivory finish with Black lettering
  • 3.3 gallon capacity
  • Sturdy metal construction with wood handle
  • 10.75″ diameter x 10.5″

You get exactly whats pictured. It looks adorable in my bathroom. The font of the writing is so classy and unexpected. I have been shopping for a bathroom trashcan forever.

Just wish it was a little smaller. It’s a bit large for a bathroom waste can.

It’s just a trash can but i love it 🙂 i didn’t really read over the dimensions so found it looking a bit bulky in my teeny-tiny bathroom–should’ve known better as it is a pail. It’s cute nonetheless & will find a use for it elsewhere. As another stated, handle does cover lettering when left down on that side.

I put this in my bathroom and it’s so cute in there it’s really a good trash can.

This is such a fun little bucket. Handle makes it even easier to empty. Perfect with farmhouse decor.

This is a good size trash can. It was exactly what i expected and looks good in the bath, good replacement for my old receptacle. No dents, smudges, chipped paint or any other complaints.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 100% recommend. well made and adorable
  • Cute alternative trash bucket
  • Cute and Very Functional

I was worried that this would not be the right size but it is perfect.

I purchased two of these to go in our new house currently under construction. I bought one for our kids’ bathroom that will have a cream colored with mint zig zag shower curtain, and another one for our downstairs/guest bathroom that will be done in a vintage feel with chalkboard style art. The letters were not smudged on either of them, and they feel suprisingly sturdy and well constructed. One reviewer suggested using little black trashbags inside and i plan on doing that instead of the usual grocery bags i used to use. Would definitely buy this item again.

I’m using this for an ash/coal can for my fireplace, and it’s the perfect size and definitely does the trick. And it’s a fraction of the cost compared to official fireplace ash cans.

Garbage can was bigger than i expected but added a nice touch to my half bath. I’m glad i purchased it despite some negative reviews.

When i finally got tired of our mangled wire trashcan (someone who shall remain nameless fell out of bed and on top of it, mashing it pretty badly) i started shopping amazon for a replacement. When i saw this one, i knew i was going to order it. When it arrived and was unpacked, it was exactly as pictured, large enough in size to accommodate normal usage without constantly needing dumped, the lettering was nicely applied, and its sturdy enough to handle a little abuse. If you want a trashcan with a bit of humor, you won’t be disappointed in this one.

It came just as stated, just as pictured. I did not have any problems like some others with the decal being sloppy or somewhat missing. It works perfectly in my ‘farmhouse’ office.

They make the perfect wastebaskets for a bathroom. The handle doesn’t hurt either if you have a full one.

Hopefully it’ll hold up for a while. However, i just received it and took it out of the box and the lettering is already peeling off. The ‘h’ is missing a little bit. If these are not stickers, they sure look like stickers and come off easily it seems.

A little bigger than a normal bathroom garbage.

I’m using it in a rustic bathroom as a trash can. Is exactly what i had been looking for.

It is a hair wider than i expected and does not fit where i wanted it in my bathroom. But it’s nice enough that we are actually going to use it in out little boys nursery instead.

Fits perfectly in my farmhouse style bathroom. Exactly what was described and pictured.

I bought one and loved it so i bought two more. They are stylish plus very easy to clean. I use a plastic liner but sometimes they still need to be freshened. It is bigger than those mini bathroom cans but not so big that they look out of place.

And it holds a decent amount of trash.

Absolutely love, love, love this wastebasket. It is exactly as pictured online and is a great size. Matches my bathroom perfectly and blends right in. I can tell it will last a long time. I would expect to pay so much more any other place, so i am very happy with this purchase.

I never thought i’d describe a trash can as adorable, but it is.

Loved this product, my husband doesn’t like my decorating style and he even liked it.

It looks just like the picture expect it was severely dented in when it arrived. I submitted a return on amazon, so hopefully the next one doesn’t have any dents. Without dents it looks very nice and a good size. I plan on using it in my laundry room for lint.

InterDesign Franklin Wastebasket Trash Can – Teal : Franklin Waste Basket

Intended for a bedroom but because of the size, place the trash can in a small guest bathroom.

Color was just what i thought it would be, perfect size trash can for a bathroom.

A little small but fine for use as a second trash can in bathroom. Seems sturdy and well designed for the price.

Perfect cheap little trashcan.

The basket has a nice color. The size is just perfect for a kid bedroom.

We got this in “mint” and i really like the color. It’s a cheap little trash can, but good for what we need it for. It holds trash, i’m not going to spend a fortune on it.

It’s a little smaller and flimsier than i expected, but for the price, i wasn’t too disappointed. Worth keeping for a discreet location in a home office to toss some wadded papers in.

Perfect for any room in the house. They are small and stay out of the way, they are easy to wipe down and keep clean. Most small trash bags fit these trash cans. Perfect for the bathroom or any room.

  • InterDesign Franklin Waste Basket
  • Small, Simple – Good for Home Office
  • Smaller than expected. Intended for a bedroom but because

InterDesign Franklin Wastebasket Trash Can – Teal

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compact waste can great for small spaces
  • Perfect bathroom waste can, recycle bin, or bedroom wastebasket
  • Great for use in bathrooms, kitchens, home offices and more
  • Made of durable plastic
  • 7.74″ Inches x 9.12″

Note that it is pretty small, but this was perfect for what i needed it for.

But i only have a small space for it to fit in my bath.The only drawback is that it is see through. . I would have preferred the latter.

Great product for the price it is very durable and doesn’t look cheap.

Nothing special but it works in a small space and is clean and new.

Looks nice in my spare bathroom.

It’s a wastebasket 🙂 hasn’t broken yet.

This is a sturdy trash can with a pleasing design. It fits easily into small spaces.

Lightweight and collects trash.

Perfect size for a small space and nice and sleek.

Good size to put next to the toilet.

Great deal and perfect for a kids bathroom.

Nice, little waste baskets for my bathrooms.

Serves its purpose and matches decor well.

Got it for my 6 year old daughter’s room. Has held up to her and her little brother using it as a chair and a step stool. It would probably work well as a small trash can too but i might never know.

Smaller than they seem, but cute and functional.

Bought for granddaughter as she just redid her bedroom in teal. Just the right size for her.

A little smaller than i expected but works well.

Exactly the perfect wastebasket for my bathroom . The price is perfect also :).

InterDesign Formbu Bamboo Wastebasket : so I should have read the description better.

Looks pretty but the bottom doesn’t have any drainage, so mold builds up within a day or two in a somewhat humid environment.

Bought this for soaps beside our new jacuzzi, looks great, very pretty.

Nice looking but smaller than expected. Good for a very small basket.

Good for the bathroom, it fits a small trash bag.

So lovely i bought a second one – wish there was a slightly larger size though.

Much smaller than it should be.

I like its compact style – i use it in a 1/2 bath – and i like the coloring of bamboo. I did not give it 5 stars because, unfortunately, bamboo is not, in my experiences with bamboo products, a very hardy material. The first one had to be replaced due to damage in shipping, a separation of one side at the top and cracks on two adjoining sides at the bottom. I live alone and it will not be subject to any harsh treatment so i can indulge in my bamboo preference.

This lightweight container is so attractive that, in the past, i put it on my kitchen counter to hold misc. Items for easy access, such as cleaners. I would have given it 5 stars except that this time it arrived damaged with dents/tears on most surfaces. It still serves it’s function & returning it would be such a hassle. Instead, i will repurpose it to another less visible spot.

  • Just what I needed
  • Would have given it 5 stars except that it arrived damaged.
  • Can’t miss for the price.

interDesign Formbu Bamboo Wastebasket, Rectangular Trash Can for Bathroom, Bedroom, or Office, Waste

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • USE THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME: Perfect for use in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and more
  • STYLISH: Matte black finish is fashionable and matches a variety of home decor styles
  • DURABLE: Sturdy MDF construction is durable for years of quality use
  • STRONG BASE: Sturdy base prevents can from tipping over or sliding on a wet floor
  • FUNCTIONAL SIZE: Compact trash can measures 10.5″ x 5.75″ x 10″ to fit in small spaces throughout your home

It arrived with a dented bottom corner, and it’s not bamboo- its mdf veneer, bamboo colored, so i should have read the description better.

Using this for some model paints i have.

I actually bought it to put on my counter as a makeup tray. I have my perfumes and a couple mason jars that hold my makeup, and another tiny jaw that holds my jewelry. It’s a great way to keep everything organized while also looking pretty. It’s got really smooth surfaces and nothing is scratchy, no raw edges. It looks really nice for the price you pay on amazon. I would get another one when i move and get a new place with a bigger bathroom.

Looks nice, packaged well, and has held up well since we’ve had it.

Nice looking and small for small bathrooms. It’s nit made of real bamboo, which is nice because it can easily be washed out.

Such great quality and the size is perfect for our small bathroom. I highly recommend this product if you like bamboo products.

Sleek design with smooth edges. Doesn’t take up a lot of space, easy to clean, exactly as pictured. It’s a nice a$$ garbage bin.

I didn’t read through the description that it is compact. It is not that big, but good size for waste near your desk. Great quality and looks nice.

Smaller than i thought but still really cute for a bathroom trash receptacle. Looks just like the picture. I’ve had two of these bins for almost 6 months now with zero problems.

Ordered 2 of them & happy with the size, shape & color. A little pricey, but overall we’re satisfied.

Nice looking and sturdy wastebasket. A bit smaller than i hoped and easy to tip over by accident. It would be be better with a weighted base.

These trays are stylish and very nice looking almost like fine furniture. I’ve seen trays that were 10 times the price that didn’t look as good as these. The size is right and the price is right.

I purchased this for our kitchen sink; i put a soap dispenser and a scrub brush in it because i didn’t want these sitting on the counter because i have kids and i wanted to avoid soap and sitting water on the granite. Glad i purchased it; it looks really nice and has worked well.

Very sturdy, attractive, and fits perfectly in between our rv toilet and the wall. Highly recommended but measure first.

Looks fantastic in our living room. Big scratch down back side makes it 4 stars instead of 5.

I love bamboo products, and you will find many examples around my house. In this case, i like the color and shape, but several of the glued joints are open. In fact, i find that open glue joints are increasingly common in the bamboo products i order. They are all chinese made, and clearly quality control is a problem.

After installing a new black leathered granite countertop in the master bath, i realized i needed to clean up my act. Just storing the shaving cream, mouthwash, etc. On the counter wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I made room for most of the items in the medicine cabinet. Now just the soap dispenser, after shave and beard oil live on the tray. I also bought the matching tissue box, and a classic diner mug holds the comb, small brush and scissors. It looks very spiffy now, simple and elegant. The wood tone looks good with the black granite. I used a little guardsman clean & polish for wood furniture – cream polish 16 oz – silicone free, uv protection – 461500 on both the tray and tissue cover, and the bamboo looked even better.

It is only a piece of furniture but, good quality nice looking and fits as described so fits the space we wanted it for.

It’s very beautiful and neat. There was a little hit on one corner and the on other side the two pieces are almost disconnected as shown in the picture.

Nice finish, light and easy to pickup, little soft feet on bottom so doesn’t scratch flooring.

Really solidly built, simplistic design and even looks nice. Love the fact that i could get it used with amazon prime and save a bit of money.

Fits perfectly in a small apartment bathroom.

Fits perfect beside the toilet.

This is the most eye-pleasing way of hiding the cat litter scooper while still having quick access to it. A little bigger than necessary but it’s the best i could find. I kind of wish it were heavier on the bottom for stability but it’s ok.

InterDesign Una Wastebasket Trash Can 12″ – Inexpensive and look good

I’m giving this 5 stars because it’s what i had expected. When i say cheap it’s not dollar store cheap.

I ordered 10 of these waste baskets. When they arrived they were stacked together so tight it took significant work to get them apart. I thought i wouldn’t be able to do it for a while. Also, one of the basket handles was cracked all the way through but too much of a hassle to return.

This is a great bin for a tight place in need of a trash can. It fits perfectly where i needed it, it seems to be of high quality durable plastic, and it does everything it should. It holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff. So while i was originally concerned about having to constantly empty it into a larger trash can, i don’t find myself making too many trips. It holds plenty of empty soda cans and bottles, papers, etc. Couldn’t be more pleased with it.

The perfect tiny little trash can for small spaces. I ordered the gloss white and its perfect for the little space between my toilet and wall and the dog can’t fit her big head back there to get to it. Its short so don’t expect it to hold alot but its fine for a bathroom.

Kind of thinner and more flimsy than i expected, and the edges of the handles are a bit sharp. But the small size and those handles make it much easier to empty than the hulkingsuper-size rubbermaid basket i used to keep under my desk. This one may not last forever,but it’s perfectly fine for collecting papers.

My trash can was in pretty good shape. It was perfect for me because i intend to use it for paper as well as to soak my bad ankle in ice water. For anyone out there intending to do the same, i wear a size 7 in women’s and it could possibly fit a size 8. Mine just slightly concaves outwards on one side (versus a perfectly straight sides as it looks in the picture). But it is not as severe as the previous reviewer’s pics posted here of the yellow and blue cans by any means. I really had to look at it to see it. I just put the curvier side against the wall. For the money and all the color options i really like this can. The color is bright and exactly as pictured. I love the color, shape and price.

  • White trash can is nice, fits my bathroom vanity much better than the square trash bin
  • I use it to throw in lint and any crap I find in pockets
  • Just what I needed, and yes, it works just fine

I have 2 of these now, and i really like them. The shape goes easily under the sink in the bathroom. They hold a lot, clean up easily, look nice.

Size is true (bigger than what i figured it would be). Holds a plastic grocery bag, if you are using it for a waste basket and you don’t want to worry about cleaning it out.

This is a very small wastebasket. It is perfect for my half bath. I wouldn’t recommend for kitchen or where a larger size would be more practical. It is sturdy and well made hard, plastic with a sheen.

The manufacturing process makes it look cheap.

This white trash can is rather nice, it fits my bathroom vanity much better than the square trash bin that was in there previously as this piece can slide neatly along the side between the sink drain pipe and the vanity wall much nicer. The can is slim and fits better in small vanity cabinets. Handles on both sides, when placing can liner inside the handle openings allow the air to escape from underneath the bag. The sides of the can are somewhat flimsy, they do cave-in a bit because the plastic is thin. The trash can that i received from amazon was not protected in anyway from scratches, and when it arrived it had multiple scuff marks & scratches. Although this is infuriating as i paid full price, there certainly was not a discount provided because of the seller/shipper inability to protect the product from shipping abuse and subsequent damage; it is too much trouble to return this item and it will only be used inside the vanity.

Features of InterDesign Una Wastebasket Trash Can 12″, Navy

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  • Made of durable, flexible plastic
  • Sleek modern design
  • Integrated handle
  • Great for bathroom, home, office or kitchen
  • 12″ x 6.5″ x 10.8″, 10 quart capacity
  • Proudly made in the USA, BPA free

From the manufacturer

Make sure this fits
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Needed this for a narrow space in a very small bathroom. The stated measurements were accurate, and it fit just right. Hard plastic, and does the job. Exactly what we were looking for.

Needed narrow trash can to fit in rv bathroom. This one worked, durable and it looks good next to darker wood.

Fits perfectly under my sink and i love that it uses the plastic grocery bags as liners. Liked it so well that i bough 2 more, a smaller one for a friend for her small travel trailer.

These are very small but still work fine for my home office, i have one for trash, one for recycling and one for shredding under my desk and they don’t get in the way,.

Not the greatest quality wastebasket. However, it is nice and slim, and perfect for use in the guest bathroom, so i’m happy with it. I’m figuring the guests are not lifting and inspecting the wastebasket anyway, and i like how it stays out of the way, yet convenient to use.

Perfect size that i was looking for my van.

Made of durable, flexible plastic

I bought this trash can as a gift for a co-worker. It matched her décor for her cubicle. I was bit concerned about the shades matching at it was perfect. It’s just so extremely cute. Now i sort of want to do the same and copy. The colors brighten the area. I am glad i chose this for her. I will probably buy one in my color of choice as well.

This trashcan is excellent for small bathrooms or small apartments or just small spaces anywhere. It’s made of quality material, has a great form factor (not too small, not too big, and delightfully rectangular), and does it’s job well. The handles are great and placed well on the sides. We are using this trash can right next to our toilet. It fits between the throne and the sink counter.

This is a nice, slim wastebasket. We bought two for underneath bathroom vanities. We were specifically looking for something with straight sides so it would maximize the use of space. These sides aren’t perfectly straight, but pretty darn close. They are small, though (10′), so keep that in mind. You may have to empty it frequently if you go through a large amount of trash.

I previously ordered desk set and liked it so much i wanted waste basket to match. I would like it to be a bit larger for desk but find it is ok. I think it would have been cheaper to order the full set together. Quality good and handles are nice to have. After shopping around at other stores and either very expensive or cheap quality i liked price and found everything i was looking for.

The interdesign una wastebasket trash can is the prefect size for by my chair in the living room and prefect for by my desk in the office. It comes in a number of colors to go with the home or office decor.

This is just what i was looking for. This is a medium quality trash bin, but it holds trash just fine. And more importantly it fits in the space next to our rv 5th wheel’s toilet. It’s small, but enough for a bathroom trash can and the quality will certainly make it last for years.

Sleek modern design

First and foremost, i don’t get paid to write reviews. I also did not receive this product for free. This trash can looks great and the smaller size does help for places like the bathroom. However, i wish it was a bit bigger. Mainly, i wish it was another inch wider.

I purchased this small wastebasket to sit on back of my shower bench to hold and hide my bottles of cleaning spray. It is a good size for this purpose and holds two bottles. It is a little shorter than the bottles so they show over the top. So far, i am pleased and have had no problem with the shower water getting into the wastebasket. I realize this is not an intended use for this product but it is performing proudly and i am happy to not have the cleaning bottles showing.

We needed a narrow trash can beside our dryer. Fits perfectly and the handle is good.

Super cute and looks just like the pictures. It’s a little smaller than i had imagined but it’s perfect for what i needed it for which was my bathroom. It feels really sturdy and i haven’t had any issues with it. For the bags, i bought these little 4 gallon glade trash bags and they fit perfectly.

Handy and the perfect size for our little bathroom. Even the handhold holes look okay, i don’t know why they are there but what the hey.

Its a trash can and therefore not too much to say. Seems sturdy, i like the slim design and multiple color options (we have 2 side by side- one for trash and one for recycling). These are hidden in a cabinet so design didn’t matter to me. In person it looks just as pictured.

Sturdy, light, and a rich dark blue. Perfect for our nautical themed bathroom. The wastebasket was packed in a ridiculously large box, but it arrived safely and undamaged.

Integrated handle

These simple white wastebaskets perk up any room i’ve put them in. I would have liked a couple other colors, like the coral, but they were out of stock. Still, very simple, clean design.

These are sleek, and look nice in our office. My only complaint is that one side is completely flat, while the other bows quite a bit. Not a huge issue, we just have to make sure it’s turned the right way to sit flush up against the desks.

I never thought i’d be writing a review about how much i love a trashcan but here i am. This can is the perfect size for under a desk, in a bathroom cabinet, the backseat of a vehicle, or anywhere where there aren’t heavy amounts of garbage to be thrown away. My love for this item is unending. We now own 4 of these cans and i keep thinking of new places i can use them.

Purchased the mint and yellow versions of this trash can at the same time. Disappointed to find the sides were misshapen and the yellow trash can looked like there had already been trash in it. Easy enough to wash that out, but it says something about the presentation of their product. They’re a bit flimsy for what they cost, but since i like how the colors match the coordinating shower curtains, i’ll be requesting an exchange. Fingers crossed that the replacements arrive in better condition. The box they arrived in was undamaged. Update: received replacement trash cans quickly. This time they arrived in bags but the sides must not be sturdy enough because they still arrived warped. If you’re going to use a trash bag with these, that might not be a big deal. But for me it defeats the purpose.

I got this for a small space i have in under my desk. It’s the perfect size, and the handles make it easy to pick up and empty out. It holds more than you would think, and it fits perfectly in the small space i bought it for.

I have two of these: one is squished between my dryer and the wall (perfect size for that). I use it to throw in lint and any crap i find in pockets. The other one of these is in my bathroom between the toilet and sink. Again, perfect size for a small bathroom. They are attractive, and when lined with white 2 or 3 gallon bags, they actually look kind of elegant. I’m considering using a command hook at the back of the one in the bathroom to pull the lining tight to make it look more tidy. It’s probably a waste of effort to make a trash can tidy, so i don’t know if i’ll actually do that.

Great for bathroom, home, office or kitchen

InterDesign Wastebasket Trash Bathroom – Gray Mono Rectangular Can – Nice shape and color

I originally bought this trash can for my son’s dorm room. I liked the color and shape so much i ordered one for my house. Both arrived in perfect condition w no scratches. The navy color is very nice. It will be very easy to wipe clean.

I like this little trash can. It’s a nice shape, thick walls, washable, perfect for a bathroom or office.

Very pleased – i needed this exact size/shape to go beside my desk at the office & could not find it at the local stores.

This wastebasket is perfect for tight spaces. And it will hold quite a bit so you’re not constantly emptying it. Color looks just like it does online.

It’s a trash can and it works at holding trash so it’s hard to complain a lot. There were a lot of scratches all around the outside like other reviewers said. And the picture makes it look like there’s a contrasting color on the top, but there is not.

This is like a small trash for bathroom ect. Not made for a full room or office.

  • For you value seekers out there
  • Pretty, but marred by broken corner
  • However they feel sturdy and they look nice for the price

This is plastic and looks somewhat cheap but serves its purpose. Was thinking it would look a little nicer.

It looks fine, and it has not failed to hold waste. The only annoying thing is that it doesn’t pick up your trash for you; you have to do it manually.

It’s small enough to not be in the way and large enough to actually hold any garbage i need to throw away. The square design is perfect for next to my tv stand.

This is a lightweight item that i use in my bedroom. It is perfect for my needs, but if you’re looking for something that has a heavier weight, this is not the item for you. I found trash can liners that also fit perfectly with this item.

I eventually replaced them and got 2 new ones that weren’t as noticeably broken (but still had damage). However they feel sturdy and they look nice for the price.

Features of InterDesign Wastebasket Trash Bathroom – Gray Mono Rectangular Can

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  • VERSATILE HOME ACCESSORY – Use it in the bathroom, utility room, office or anywhere
  • SLIM DESIGN – Its thin profile makes it easy to discreetly store in tight spaces around the home
  • MODERN STYLING – A neutral color scheme and subtle curves add instant style to a practical storage solution
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made of durable plastic that stands up to daily use
  • ROOMY STORAGE CAPACITY – Provides ample storage for trash or recycling; Measures 11.25″ Inches x 7.50″ Inches x 12″ Inches
  • Proudly made in the USA, BPA free

From the manufacturer

Make sure this fits
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Kept even though corner lip was broken off. Pretty, shiny and mostly durable, but the plastic has a small lip around the top and a piece of that at one corner was broken off. Since i’m using it under a table at my bedside, on the far side of the bed i decided to keep it anyway and just turn it so the bad part isn’t easily seen.

A little small compared to other trash cans had. But perfect size for where it was needed.

Utterly gorgeous, sleek, adds a pop to my bathroom love it.

Works well in my modern powder room. It’s got a shiny finish to it which makes it look like it’s made from a better plastic than it really is. For the price, you can’t beat it. I’ve had guests comment on how ‘cute’ the waste basket is. The take home is unless your guests are going to pick up and carry around the wastebasket, they might think it’s ‘fancy’. If you’re on a budget but want a decent, stylish wastebasket, this one works.

This trashcan is a thin almost opaque plastic. It does fit nicely in our bedroom. The plastic had some light scratches on the outside when it arrived. I think it will do, but i wouldn’t buy it again.

This is an adorable little trash can; the color is a little different than it appears; and it’s shape makes it hard to dispose of some trash. However, i would certainly buy it again.

VERSATILE HOME ACCESSORY – Use it in the bathroom, utility room, office or anywhere

Very nice looking deep sky blue & fairly sturdy. Opaque but i use a trash bag in all my waste basket just to keep them cleaner. I like the shape and the size is perfect for my bathroom. Living on an island, it’s not easy to find a good variety of colors and the prices here can be quite high so the price for this was decent comparatively speaking.

Bought to put in my daughter’s bedroom. It is a great size and very functional.

Its a nice color and i like the size. My only complaint is the color is a little see-through as if the material itself is too thin. But for a bathroom trash can it is perfect.

. Great size; not too large, or too small.

Arrived undamaged, color and product as shown. I appreciate the wide choide of colors, so i got the exact color that i was looking for.

SLIM DESIGN – Its thin profile makes it easy to discreetly store in tight spaces around the home

MODERN STYLING – A neutral color scheme and subtle curves add instant style to a practical storage solution

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made of durable plastic that stands up to daily use

InterDesign Mono Wastebasket Trash Can – And is a nice small size to put under my dorm room desk

This trash can serves its purpose as it stands sentry between the wall and my toilet. Looks great with my pink flamingo themed bathroom.

Great color and i love the size.

Perfect addition, true color pink that’s pictured and sturdy trash can. Perfect for my daughter’s bedroom. It wipes out easily w clorox disinfecting wipes if she doesn’t put a trash bag inside. I normally empty all our bedroom trash cans every other day and it’s a great size.

And is a nice small size to put under my dorm room desk.

Nice soft color in the bedroom.

I love the color of this wastebasket. It is also a nice size and shape for my bedroom. I’ll keep it next to my nightstand. I chose this shape because it looked like it would fit better than a round one, against the nightstand.

  • Great Little Wastebasket!
  • Durable wastebasket
  • Nice color and size

High quality, strong waste basket. Better quality than the cheap material found at walmart or target.

Very cute and girly for my bedroom.

This wastebasket is a beautiful in material and color. There are so many colors available. I bought the pink one, which is opaque. I noticed other colors are solid and do not know if they are as attractive in person, but all of them appear very well made from the same unusually good quality plastic. This wastebasket that will last forever (no kidding.

It is just as it appears in the description.

Looks exactly like the picture.

Features of InterDesign Mono Wastebasket Trash Can for Bathroom, Kitchen, Office – Blush Pink

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Classic rectangular shape
  • Great in the bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, and more
  • Compact trash can great for small spaces
  • 7.1″ x 11.2″ x 12″
  • Proudly made in the USA, BPA free

From the manufacturer

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Great little basket for college off campus bedroom housing.

Received cracked and broken twice. Packaging had no cushioning for item whatsoever.

Works fine, no problem with shipping or product so far.

Cute garbage can for a bathroom. I like that is is not too bright of a color. Great suttle pink mauve color. Does not look cheap like other cans. Perfect size, not too small or too big.

Perfect for my daughters bedroom.

Got this as a gift for my granddaughter, for her bedroom. It goes well with the room and is a perfect size for her needs.

Made of durable plastic

A little smaller than i expected but does the job. I have it sit under my home office desk while i study. Package came fast, clean, and as expected otherwise.

Durable plastic, easy to clean and my daughter loves the color.

Great for the price and bigger than i expected.

I have my master bedroom and bathroom decorated with pink roses and wanted trash cans that were pink. These are absolutely beautiful and i found pink rose scented bags that fit wonderfully in them.

Perfect size and true to color, sturdy, no color flaws. Downside, cat likes to knock it over and sleep in it so i’m still using my old trashcan too.

Classic rectangular shape

Great in the bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, and more

Compact trash can great for small spaces

InterDesign Twigz Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder – Spare Roll Storage, I have had this for a while and it is holding up great.

Looks lovely in the bathroom.

I love this toilet paper holder. Just one thing i wish they had done differently in making it. Where that top bar bends upward to hold the roll on, they could have bent it a bit more to keep the toilet paper roll from sliding off. In my bathroom’s cramped quarters, this sits right next to me on the toilet, and my elbow sometimes knocks the toilet paper roll off.

I bought one for each bathroom. They arrived on time and nothing was bent. The item is nice and perfect for its use.

Key specs for InterDesign Twigz Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder – Spare Roll Storage for Bathroom, Pearl Champagne:

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  • DECORATIVE STORAGE: Hand crafted, pearl champagne steel wire with a vintage look twig and leaf design.
  • EXTRA ROLLS: Never run out – store up to 3 spare toilet rolls within easy reach in the bathroom.
  • TALL & SLIMLINE: Freestanding roll holder measures 6.8″ diameter x 15.2″ – ideal for compact spaces.
  • EASY TO REFILL: Extra toilet rolls slip in and out of the holder easily – fits standard sized rolls.
  • THE INTERDESIGN PROMISE: You’ll reap the rewards of our 40+ years’ experience marrying form with function in home goods that shine.

Comments from buyers

“Love this thing!, Late post, but it came scratched which I thought , Simple, elegant & fits super mega rolls!”

It’s a toilet paper roll holder, not sure what to say. Except that it’s graceful and attractive, sturdy and just exactly what’s needed.

Just what we needed in our small master bath to have the toilet paper accessible and easily used. We are thrilled with this item.

Very pretty toilet roll holder. Only issue i had was that when it arrived a few of the side bars were bent. No biggie, i just very carefully straightened them out. So be careful in that they will bend, but probably not unless you misuse or abuse it.

This line is beautiful and strong. It’s so clean that it pretty well fits with any decor. A huge plus where i’m concerned: it fits those huge super mega rolls that none of these canisters usually fit.

Color matches my faucet and towels racks beautifully. One of the spokes had a slight dent in it , but not to noticeable, might have happened in shipping.

The color is lovely – a very light gold color that is not overly metallic looking. It sits level and looks great. I have been pleased with everything i buy made by interdesign.

Looks very nice in the bathroom, does what it needs to do, but has some style plus fuction.

Nice, good quality, fits fat rolls of toilet paper well.

I am so pleased with this toilet paper reserve especially the finish. Most bathroom accessories available are either chrome or oil rubbed bronze which is very dark. This finish is perfect for my newly remodeled bathroom. It holds 3 rolls of toilet paper and it’s so attractive.I highly recommend this item.

Fits nicely in a small space.

We bought this for the restroom in our healing center. It is nice quality and seems to work very well.

Simple and functional answer inconvenient walls.

Fit well in our small half bath. Look nice and was serviceable.

. I have had this for a while and it is holding up great.

I wish the brush was white instead of black, otherwise love it.

Late post, but it came scratched which i thought i would get over but never did. Tried to reposition it so it wouldn’t be noticeable to others but that didn’t work. Needless to say the scratches bother me so much, i’m not using anymore.

The first stand i received was damaged in shipment because there wasn’t enough packing in the box and it just rolled around damaging most of the thin metal pieces. I exchanged it and the second one came with only a little better packing but arrived with just one bent piece. I decided to keep it because although it’s not as heavy as i thought it would be, it’s still very nice and goes well in my bathroom.

This tiolet brush is quite nice. It looks good in the bathroom.

Bought this for my new bathroom. Brush is smaller than usual (i think) but cleans well.

I bought the whole matching set for my bathroom and i love it. The champagne colors matches perfectly. You can fit 3 rolls in the center and one on top to use.

InterDesign York Wastebasket Trash Can, Nice Holder USA Made.

Work well and look nicer than bare rolls. Bought these for the guest baths as i don’t like extra rolls sitting out in the open but guests shouldn’t have to search through your cabinets. These look good and go well enough with the rest of the bathroom accessories. Even my little godkids figured out the extra rolls were in here and could open them with the little hole up top. Kid tested, god mother approved.

This toilet paper holder is actually pretty nice for what it cost and what it’s designed to do, hey it’s a toilet paper holder plain and simple, it fits both large and small roles with no problem at all which is good as some other ones do not fit larger roles. The build quality is not bad, it’s made from plastic with some metal accents, if i would change one thing, i would iike to see the chromed metal base be made from a heavier material as it is very light, but to my amazement this thing is made in usa which is not the norm these days, so if you want a simple attractive holder that’s made here then you should def pick one of these up.

Solid plastic construction with shiny metal accents. It’s a bit more of an off-white than a true white. Easily holds jumbo rolls from costco. Looks great and is a great space-saver.

Key specs for InterDesign York Wastebasket Trash Can, Clear Frosted/Chrome:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Coordinates with York countertop accessories
  • Traditional Design
  • Clear frost color with chrome accents
  • Durable plastic with metal accents
  • 8.5″ diameter x 10.25″

Comments from buyers

“Well made but not real white color, Nice Holder USA Made., Nice product – good customer service”

Such a great way to hide and protect the paper in the. Such a great way to hide and protect the paper in the bathroom. I use the extra large tissue and they fit great in this good looking container. I am so happy i took a chance and bought this one.

This little item is perfect. I love the chrome at the bottom. And so easy to open at the top. It’s perfect for my bathroom. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Great quality, price & shipping.

Expensive for being plastic made. The item looks nice but is very cheap for the expensive price. You would think for the price it would at least be glass.

This tower for storing toilet tissue is just what we needed at our house. I bought one for each bathroom and they tuck inconspicuously between the toilet and the wall.

Great for paper roll storage.

This fits 3 standard toilet paper rolls and works as expected. It’s designed well enough to not look cheap, but still inexpensive.

Expensive for being plastic made. The item looks nice but is very cheap for the expensive price. You would think for the price it would at least be glass.

It is what exactly i wanted.

I like it, the only trouble is that the spout. I like it, the only trouble is that the spout pops off. It can easily be put back on, i am just not sure it isn’t secured by anything. I do like that it’s easily cleanable, unlike the metal ones that corrode and rust as soon as you get them.

Beautiful tumbler, but it rusts around the screw in its bottom. A $15 tumbler shouldn’t rust.

Our doberman,at age 6, decided he liked chewing rolls of toilet paper. This canister has stopped his new bad behavior. It’s tall and will hold 3 rolls of toilet paper, plus it looks nice in the corner of the bathroom and doesn’t take up very much space. It’s made of strong plastic, not flimsy. I am pleased with this purchase.

Looks ok, but sounds like finger nails on a chalk board if you bump it. We have it on a tile floor and it makes a blood curdling sound if you slide it on the tile floor; like fingernails on a chalkboard. Due to the design, there is no easy way to put any type of furniture pad under it to stop it.

Great to keep my toilet paper in. I just used to keep the paper on top of the toilet tank which was not a wise idea. These are perfect for this and they are nice looking and don’t take up much room.

This cans no wastesoap dish update. . Last item to complete my guest bathroom accessories i have been very happy with all four items bought from interdesignwhen i chose the plastic i though safety but am presently surprised to see quality and class togetherno more fear that younger guests will break items. No more worries that the waste can will be knocked into the toilet, cracking it. Soap dish up date: its been a while was very happy with items until i noticed that the soap dish which has a rubber bottom is staining my marble sink and is discoloring between two parts screwed together. Disappointed to say the least.

I had to reorder this because it was not well packaged the first time. The replacement came promptly and in one piece. It is as described and works well.

I purchased two of these for my bathroom. They are of nice quality and arrived unscathed. I like that the glass is frosted so that one can’t see the contents-it makes the bathroom counter neater. The glass is of medium thickness- not super thin, which i like.

Will wait and see how long it will last.

Great quality, price & shipping.

Our doberman,at age 6, decided he liked chewing rolls of toilet paper. This canister has stopped his new bad behavior. It’s tall and will hold 3 rolls of toilet paper, plus it looks nice in the corner of the bathroom and doesn’t take up very much space. It’s made of strong plastic, not flimsy. I am pleased with this purchase.

This tower for storing toilet tissue is just what we needed at our house. I bought one for each bathroom and they tuck inconspicuously between the toilet and the wall.