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Household Essentials ML-6692 Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket | For Bathrooms & Bedrooms | Natural – Boho woven bucket

I purchased two of these baskets for display on top of cabinets in the laundry room. They appear to be well-constructed and look nice. Unfortunately, only one of the two baskets had the two darker rows near the bottom, so displaying them together is less than optimal since the two baskets don’t match exactly — that is why i only gave them a 4-star rating.

I put a plastic bag inside of it and throw my trash in it.

A trash can shouldn’t be this pretty. The woven basket even smells good.

Perfect size for grocery bags.

The color is a little bit lighter than pictured but it’s still very cute for the price. It did smell a little bit at first but it totally disappeared within a few hours.

I love this little waste basket. It goes with every color that i have had in my bathroom. It is made so well and looks as though it will last a lifetime. I like to change colors often in my home and i wanted something that would match everything. I am very pleased with it and it will be around for a long time.

  • Not brown as pictured but definitely worth $12
  • Natural grass made for dry waste light weight
  • My gamble paid off

Well constructed but the color of the actual basket is way lighter than it appears in the picture. I was expecting a rich brown but received a very light colored basket (ordered 3 baskets and all 3 are light).

It’s functional and meets the description, and delivery was fast. However, i didn’t read the reviews that mentioned the smell, and that was kind of a shock. Luckily it’s spring where i live, so i can leave windows open in the room where i’m using it until the smell dissipates. Other items shipped with it have picked up the odor, so make sure you don’t order it together with food, clothing, or anything with fabric. It’s also a slightly coarser weave and different color from the photo, and mine is just a little lopsided. That’s not unexpected for the price, but the odor is.

Great price for the baskets, where you’d otherwise pay $35+ for the same thing at pottery barn.

Bought this to go with another small basket that i have in my foyer for shoe covers for house guests. This is used to dispose the shoe covers when guest are leaving. Has a plastic lining that is not the most sturdy but since i only dispose lightweight shoe covers not damage is done. I is very nice looking and the color gives it a rich look.

Lovely, attractive, very sturdy. Dimensions on the product description are fairly accurate. Though it’s a little small — it’s not tiny. I was a little hesitant to purchase it since i was concerned it would be too small, but it’s actually perfect and very serviceable in a bedroom where you don’t have huge amounts of stuff to throw away. It’s big enough to discard old magazines, mail and other papers in it, for example, and other things of that sort (covering plastic from dry cleaning and so on). And still have room for more. I use it in my bedroom with the matching magazine rack and they look great together. I am delighted with it and glad i purchased it.

Features of Household Essentials ML-6692 Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket | For Bathrooms & Bedrooms | Natural

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  • Wicker
  • Imported
  • STYLISH ROUND designer trash can made of natural wicker
  • STURDY METAL FRAME protects basket’s shape
  • BLENDED DECORATIVE weave with protective coding to protect from humidity
  • PERFECT FOR USE in bedrooms, dorms, bathrooms, or offices
  • MEASURES: 10″H x 10″W x 10″D

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Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

No smell like others stated. I love how it looks and very happy with the price. Matches my bohemian decor in the restroom perfectly.

Fits in with my bathroom theme and is just as i expected. These things can run over 20. This is well made and i hope to have it for many years.

These baskets are a great deal for the price. They look stylish in my bedroom. I will say one of them was a little uneven on the bottom making it not sit flat on the floor but for the price, it was a good buy.

Fits well with my natural-themed bedroom composed of fine floral prints, plants, and woods. Typical size for a bedroom or bathroom trashcan. Perfect if you’re looking for something nicer than plastic but not too pricey.

I selected this particular trash can because i liked the color, but instead of getting this warm brown tone, i got a dark blonde colored trash can.

These are super cute and well-made. Nothing particularly amazing about them, but they are exactly what they look like. A neat bathroom size waste bin made of woven something-or-another. Hey, it’s always nice when you buy something online and it’s what you expect it to be.


Would’ve preferred it have been a bit darker but not en.

I read the reviews that mentioned terrible odors as soon as the package was unwrapped and decided to see for myself. I bought two of these waste baskets for an office that i share with my husband. The room is roughly 17×15 and i wanted the color and texture to compliment our wood floors and black desks. They are woven tightly so if you are using for paper waste, there is no need to have a ‘trash bag’ liner.

The brown catail is a natural fibre made of woven grass and has no metal frame support, in contrast to some of the other products by this manufacturer, so it is light and flexible. A litter lighter than expected from the ads picture, but the ad also say cream, which is more accurate. 5 oz and has no liners (others by this manufacturer) do; not a lot of confidence this would be ‘durable’ but it would be dependent on your use. The weave is such that the sides weave in to the bottom such that the bottom isn’t woven in separately such that it might tear out. For me in the bedroom, this should be fine. Dimensions are about 10′ tall, 10′ diameter at the top and 7. Tag says made in china, fwiw. From the q&a section, i would guess this could hold 4-5 rolls of toilet paper.

This trash can looks great and has a removable clear liner inside. Overall, for the price, this is a great trash can.

We were very surprised by the fine quality of these baskets. We almost did want to use them as waste baskets as they are so nice looking. They metal stiffeners are thick and well made, giving the baskets a solid feel.

Tightly woven to hold trash in. No splayed pieces, appears to be of good quality. Even though i measured the baskets i was replacing this one with and they’re the same size, this one is a bit smaller than i expected (the opening doesn’t angle out much further, if at all, than the rest of the basket), but it’ll work out just fine. The color is only a tad darker than the picture, but it’s a great, neutral basket to match any decor.


I love it its perfect for my seashell theme bathroom. The basket is a very good size and it’s made very well.

I bought these for christmas for my mom (don’t you judge me; it wasn’t her only gift and she asked for waste baskets). These were surprisingly sturdy. I think they’ll hold up for a while. They need a liner, but i’m glad i got these.

Common natural weave and fiber. Perfect size for small bathroom trash. It is a natural weave so expect it to have a few small holes in bottoms or sides. Only downside is that the color on the pictures looks like a brown or a natural banana leaf, it is not, it is a tan, very bright color similar to bamboo. (i need brown so i will return) overall i think it’s a good buy.

Look great, very nice look for $9- only giving 4 stars because the bottom weeve was cheaply done and had some bigger holes (but only on the bottom, not on the sides).

This is a very nice and well-made basket. It has a heavy frame and will not tip over. Someone commented that it had an odor and it does but it is a fresh straw or hay odor as one would expect from a newly made wicker basket, no surprise. I think it is well worth the money. You couldn’t find one like this, for this price, in the stores. Very happy with my purchase.

This basket is perfect for the bathroom. Holds a 4 gal bag, you could go another inch to inch and a half larger in diameter and still use a 4 gal bag. Very sturdy construction, almost like its made of wire, but it’s not, should hold up for a long time.

Appears well made, nothing fraying and no holes. I got it to match other water hyacinth decor in a bedroom and it looks great. I definitely waited for it to go on sale due to the small size. It’s nice but not exactly an heirloom.

STYLISH ROUND designer trash can made of natural wicker

This is absolutely beautiful in person. It is exactly as described & was delivered on time. I am really happy with this.

This is the perfect touch of natural in my black and white bathroom. Love that it has a clear plastic insert that can easily be washed.

I use it as a hamper for dirty bibs and burp rags.

It is really sturdy and wasn’t frayed at all. Really great quality and perfect for our bathroom.

STURDY METAL FRAME protects basket’s shape

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Household Essentials ML-6692 Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket | For Bathrooms & Bedrooms | Natural
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