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Cevillo Mini Trash Can, Like it, it’s cute

It’s a nice little trash can for the car. I just wish it was a little bigger to fit in the cup holders in the middle. It’s in the door holder so i’m the only one that can use it. Other than that, it’s a nice design, comes apart easily for cleaning, and blends in with the interior.

About the size of a can of soda. I thought i wanted it to be taller to fit more in, but i found a cupholder in my door that it wouldn’t fit if it was taller so it is perfect. Holds a lot even if you want to use it in a bigger space. Soft / flexible silicone on top. Easy to poke things into it and clean out.

Small, but good for wrappers and such.

I love the compact size of this trash can. It fits perfectly in the cup holder. I told a friend about it and she ordered one immediately.

This fix well in the car door and holds just the right amount of trash.

Item was as described, very pleased with purchase. Will likely order another one for passenger side.

It’s honestly an amazing addition to my car. No more mess to pick up and it holds a lot of garbage. At most needs to be emptied every 2 weeks. 100% would buy again in a heart beat.

Key specs for Cevillo Mini Trash Can with Lid for Car Cup Holder | Washable Silicone Automotive Kitchen and Office Mini Dust Holder Litter Rubbish Bin (Black):

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    by entering your model number.
  • ✅ SMOOTH SILICONE SURFACE – Non-sticky and non-allergenic environmentally friendly silicone makes clean up fast and easy
  • ✅ COMPACT DESIGN – Fits in most car cupholders and glove compartments. Also great for home and office
  • ✅ MULTI USE – Can be used for small miscellaneous car and household items
  • ✅ DISHWASHER FRIENDLY – Easily washable by hand or dishwasher
  • ✅ STABLE BASE – Will not tilt and spill the trash

Comments from buyers

“This trash can is perfect for your vehicle, Very cute little trash can, Fits perfectly in the cupholder in the car door. “

I absolutely love my mini trashcan. It’s probably the chicest trashcan i’ve ever seen. I definitely will be ordering a few more.

Fits perfectly and inconspicuously in my cup holder and is great for small waste like tissues, candy wrappers, etc.

I love the way it fits in my door and is invisible. I also like that it can be put in my dishwasher to be cleaned.

I just got a new car, and apparently new cars don’t come with small trash bins/’ash trays’ anymore. I bought this, put is in the my drivers side door where there’s an extra cup holder. Fits perfect, easy to put small trash in to. It takes a little oomph to take it apart to throw the trash out, and a little oomph to put it back together, but it’s not bad at all. I’m definitely satisfied with my purchase.

I was in search for a very specific product. I wanted it to be white so it would match the rest of my bathroom, have a lid, and be very small. It is all of those things so i’m pretty happy. It is a hard to use if you are not using it in a car cup holder (as it is designed to, which i understand) because it is very lightweight so you need to hold it in place if you are throwing anything away. If you use it in a car i’m sure you wouldn’t have to do that. Emptying it, as you probably read in the other reviews is a pain. The bottom comes off and you really have to pull everything out. The silicone has a sort of static energy that my hair (again, i’m using it in a bathroom) sticks to it and it’s hard to get off. Overall, i’m keeping the product because i care more about how it looks in my bathroom then the ease of use. A+ for visual design, c for actual functional design.

Very happy with purchase, it is as described and it is a hard item to find. Great merchant, responsive, professional.

I don’t really like the material cause its sticky, in a way, but the trash can is a perfect size and fits in my cup holder.

The item itself it’s designed well, i just wish it was a little bit larger. It seems smaller than a cup so it fits very loosely in my cup holder. I think the way to go is if they had different sizes to fit different vehicles. There aren’t very many vehicle trash cans out there though, so i like the product.

Great product fits well in car cup holder.

Very cute, great idea, just a bit too small.

I love this mini-trash receptacle. It fits perfectly in the car’s cup holder, as advertised, so it is easily accessible, and it is very attractive. The silicone material is great – study but washable.

I love how compact this mini trash can is. I fits perfectly in my cup holder and my car hasn’t looked cleaner since.

Fits perfectly in the cupholder in the car door. It’s not meant to hold a lot of trash, but enough to hold gum wrappers or straw wrappers. . The little things that will drive you nuts if you just toss it around in your brand new car.

It looks sleek and classy in the picture. A lil small for my cup holder not unless if i will use it as a coin bank inside my car and it will not move. If you got an ocd about the lint and the dust this is not for you because its silicone rubberish. It would be nicer if they make a lol more bigger than this one.

You need this its great fist the door hold all your little pieces of trash and dishwasher safe too.

I like it, perfect for small litter. Make the interior cleaner and more organized.

I could not find a decent trash can at any auto parts store. Most were too big i just wanted one that would fit on the console. When i saw this mini trash can i knew this was it.

This trash can is perfect for your vehicle. It sits in a cup holder and holds little random pieces of trash that would otherwise be all over your car. Having 3 kids under 5, i needed something to help hold all the tiny stuff they seem drag in. It’s easy to take out and dump and reuse. I’m thinking about buying 3 more so they can each have one in their cup holder by their seats.

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