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Carlisle 34202303 TrimLine Rectangle Waste Container Trash Can Only : Trim it down to get a very narrow can.

Was exactly the size and color i wanted.

The can fits nicely into the space we had. It makes recycling even easier.

Lengthy review but promise it’s worth the readthis trash can made all my dreams comes true (with a little tweaking). So i have this teeny tiny space in my kitchen between the fridge and my counter. I’d be searching forever for a skinny can to fit that 9. 5” space that was more than 13 gallons. Finally i stumbled on this can that seemed sturdy and was 23 gallons (yay) however like every can id researched, it’s dimensions said 11” depth (grrr). But then i saw where a gentleman reviewed the 15 gallon can and said he purchased it for an 8. 5” space but he had to trip the lip off for it to fit. I thought “hmmm wonder if i could do tht with the 23 gallon can??” well guess what ya’ll. It’s the small things in life hahaha now my trash can isn’t in the middle of my kitchen floor and is out of my way. And thanks to the man who gave the awesome review on the 15 gallon can.Btw, i have 21 gallons bags in the can and they work perfectly.

Very durable and the perfect size for what we needed.

Im giving this a 5 because it was a total shot in the dark if it would fit in the space i needed it to. It fit like a glove so i’m stoked on the purchase.

In my restaurant, these don’t last very long thanks to my dishwasher dragging them to the dumpster. I bought the clever little dolly made for this model, so hopefully i won’t have to replace them as often. Good price on amazon for the case of 4.

I am thinking of buying another for home.

  • Trim it down to get a very narrow can.
  • Excellent size to hide on the side of kitchen island
  • Never been so excited about a trash can LOL

Carlisle 34202303 TrimLine Rectangle Waste Container Trash Can Only, 23 Gallon, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Space saving design fits into small / narrow spaces protruding less than 1 foot from wall
  • Corner tabs keep trash bags secure
  • 1 piece plastic construction for easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Handles on bottom make transporting and dumping easier
  • Measures 30″ x 17″ x 11″ (H x L x W)

It would be really really hard to hurt this thing.

It’s black and it’s a trash can.

Heavy duty and 33 gal garbage bag fits nicely.

Perfect, it fits right where we planned to put it.

Perfect for my small kitchen.

Good quality bit shipping was a hot mess, this came the wrong color so i’m still not happy, bit the quality is very impressive i do have to state that. These trashcan are very, very well made.

I have a small space this was just what i need it.

It does what it needs to do, holds a 33 gallon liners and its a slim line so it doesn’t stick out very much from the wall. The only thing is keeping the bag in place, so we took two medium size binder clips and it stays in place great.

I had to get a specific size to fit our cabinet drawers. Make sure to get the right size bags. I added some heavy duty plastic clothes pins and the bag stays on better.

I thought it was expensive though. But they are all about the same price. I like this one because it is plain, no big brand name on the side.

Doesn’t come with a lid, which they charge an extra $34 for. Other than that, it is very durable and is best if you need a larger trash can than the standard 10-15 gallon cans.

Had a custom trash can pull out built for our really old kitchen (doing a reno). Very weird dimension the trash can had to meet. I was hesitant because this had no reviews but it was the perfect size. Now that i have it, let me be clear — this thing is solid.If it works for you in your space, please strongly consider purchasing it. The price point at $40 (i’d go as high as $50 though) is spot on. It’s just extremely well made and sturdy.

Ordered the smaller trash can but received the larger one.

I use two of these, one for trash, one for can recycling. They are rigid and sturdy cans.

Obviously; does not truly fit 13 gallon bags. But if you have the stretchy fancy kind– you can make it work with a little bit of elbow grease.

Bought this because i wanted an open garbage can next to my kitchen island that wouldn’t take up too much space, wouldn’t be visible from the other side of the island and wouldn’t block the path around the island. The container does all that. The 23 gallon container comfortably holds a week’s worth of my waste as well, so unless you have a bustling kitchen this should be sufficient for a week. Hefty easy flaps 30 gallon bag comfortably fits this. I haven’t had any issue with trash odors and wonder if the deep-but-narrow frame makes it harder for odors to circulate.

This is perfect for what i needed it for. I live in a small apartment with limited space and needed some serious de-cluttering. I bought this in the 23 gallon size to replace 2 bins i was using for recycling in my kitchen. It fits perfectly in between my fridge and shelving unit all tucked away where as my other 2 bins were out in the open (yuck), so happy i found this. It’s not the prettiest thing ever but it works.

I have a very narrow, but very deep garbage can opening in my apt. The only items i could find that were narrow enough for it (about 8. 5′) were very expensive industrial trash cans. I bought this as a gamble and it worked. I very very carefully and slowly cut the top lip off of this can and got it down to about 8. I sanded the rough and sharp edges down, and squeezed it into this space. It fits snug, but it fits perfectly. We used to have a smaller can that would fill up with recycling in literally two days. This takes 4-6 depending on how much stuff we go through. Not having to empty out a recycling bin every other day is a godsend. You know you’re middle aged when you get excited about a trash bin, but this thing rules.

All little taller than i need but then i should have measures.

Carlisle 34103203 Bronco Round Waste Container Only – Nice Durable MultiPurpose Bucket

I used these cans as planters for some larger citrus trees i have been growing for over 5 years now. Drilled holes in the bottom of the cans, filled them with potting soil and added the trees. They work great, lots of room for the them to grow into, the best part is the handles which allow moving them to easier. The cans are heavy duty and are working great. I figured if they are used for garbage then they should be great for a planter.

I would have preferred if it came with a lid.

I was very happy with quality, size, and price. They are the perfect size for container gardening.

This is the 10 gallon bucket that other 10 gallon buckets wish they were. It didn’t have any holes in it. I filled it with water and carried it across a room, and it didn’t burst into flames and disintegrate like my last bucket. But if that does happen, i am immediately coming back to change this review.

It fits perfectly in my coat closet so i can keep my recyclables out of the way (that’s what i bought it for-recyclables). Nice, bright color and standard bags fit just fine. I’m thinking about getting another one for my detached garage. I just love that there are so many fun colors to choose from.

Awesome no one will ever mistake who’s garbage can this is. The box though is about twice the size kind of cool that they do that. But just be ready to come home to a box bigger than the door no matter great product.

This is the most heavy duty container i’ve ever had the pleasure to own. It kept a mother cat and her three babies warm and dry all winter so far. I put a big pet bed and sheepskin inside. Also put a blanket over it to cover doorway, and an umbrella over the top so water would run off to side. These are wild kitties i’m trying to tame or they would be inside. Thank you for keeping my babies cozy.

Holds a lot but is pretty heavy so it’s a little difficult to carry up my steps when taking he garbage out to the curb.

Good construction as i fill all the way to the top with water to mix saltwater for my aquarium.

I use it for baseball, during drills it helps keep the balls off the files and in one place. I’ll have the players put the balls in the can after which rep instead of just throwing it on the ground. It helps with moving the practice faster. Great for storing baseballs after practice.

Trash can comes without lid. I was ok with this i didn’t want the lid anyway. Can is solid heavyweight and can take some bumps and backs around the office. I was looking for a can the i could use 13 gallon trash bags with and this is perfect.

I wanted a barrel without vented sides or latching lids, something big enough to take a big trash bag and effectively hold it so that there isn’t a ton of empty space in the bag when the can fills up. This fits the bill perfectly. The carlisle 34102103 bronco round waste container lid, 20 gal, black will fit it perfectly. Other than that, this is a trash can. The lid seals well if you buy it, and it holds trash/trash bags just fine.

The specs say it is 20′ diameter, but it is actually 19′, and thus too small for my new cyclone dust collecting lid. I have made do with insulating foam but it is annoying. Here are the specifications for the Carlisle 34103203 Bronco Round Waste Container Only:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Sturdy Construction – High-strength plastic walls and double reinforced stress ribs withstand daily use in commercial environments
  • Food Safe – NSF certified for food contact provides a cost-effective alternative to large food prep and storage containers
  • Ergonomic Handles – Integrated Comfort Curve handles offer a comfortable grip while helper handles on the base allow for secure maneuvering for overhead tipping
  • Tight Sealing Lids – Coming in a variety of styles, each lid (sold separately) offers a secure fit to keep odors in and contaminates out

Listing did not show the text on the side of the can which made me uncomfortable. Using for winemaking but after some research the nsf 2 and 21 ratings are good and no worries about the ‘condemned’.

A good height to make lifting bags out easy. The weight is moderate too where it would have a tough time blowing away but its still capable of being lifted. It was also delivered to me in sub zero temperatures and left at my door for hours. The plastic was frozen but did not become brittle. The shipping stickers came off very easily and didn’t leave any sticky areas or remnants of the label which was very nice and unexpected.

This little 10 gal can was the perfect thing for me to use for yard work. I have 80′ pine trees in my yard and they drop a ton of huge pinecones that i have to pick up before mowing the grass. The size of this garbage can makes it perfect to carry and it let’s me make fewer trips to empty it than my much smaller laundry basket i used to use.

I give the container 5 stars, but it came without a lid, so 1-star for that. Lid sold separately for this size?. And when i went back to order the lid, they were out of the same color, so now i have a green bin with a blue lid.

A little bigger than i wanted, but as long as i can fit a kitchen sized garbage bag in it, that’s okay. I keep it in the yard to pick up dog waste.

Like the color selection and priced out fairly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Different use for the big blue cans
  • A great no frills bucket.
  • Bakers – here is your perfect cake “dome” for protecting a tall cake on a 20″ diameter cake platter

Came with a lid because i was smart enough to read that it didn’t come with one and i needed to order it. Came in a box, unlike another review i read.

Hey, it’s a good quality container that i can throw things in.

I line the container with plastic bags when i gather tree leaves in the yard. Easy to remove bag from container, secure, and put on the curb for garbage pickup.

This is better than any other trash can. Sure it not space server but think about how much more time and money save by using up max space in a trash bag. So i got a 32gal trash can and find my self-buying 39gal trash bag. Anyway, this trash can make so much better dealing with cat littler.

We use this for our kitchen/ living room trash can. We live in an apartment with shared living and kitchen space and found even the bigger trashcans for kitchens were too small. We also needed a lid that would lock and the lid for this trash clips on securely so we don’t have to worry about our pets getting into our trash. Perfect size to fill, we take it out about 2x weekly.

Bought 3 of these to plant tomatoes. I drilled holes in the bottom, filled with soil and planted one tomato plant in each. Chose the white one so the soil stays cool (rather than getting black which would absorb more heat). Love having the handles to move it around if needed.

Perfect price, hard to miss color, very thick plastic.

There’s not too much a person can comment on when it comes to a garbage can other than its durability, whether it’s accurately depicted as advertised, and/or whether there are any problems with its design, composition, etc. With that being said, the price is great, the item is extremely well-made, durable and strong, yet not heavy. I found no problems with my order; hence, when i go to purchase more in the future, it will be these garbage cans which i will purchase.

Just wish the lids were part of the package. You should not have to pay extra for a lid to your trash can.

Heavy duty and a bargain at this price. Bought this for our baseball camp to hold balls.

I bought these for mixing self leveling concrete. I had read that 5 gallon buckets were just a tad too small for a 50 pound bag and i thought this would be better. Very sturdy, love the handles. Way easier to pour with them than the standard 5 gallon bucket with metal handle. The best part – for those of you thinking construction – is that the bottom is perfectly flat. Other trash cans often have ridges that would’ve been difficult to mix concrete in.

Thank you for my itemit was what i need. I truly recommend this seller.

I use them mostly for my yard debris and lawn clippings. They might be a bit too large for the clippings though, as they get very heavy when completely filled. I occasionally use them when we have friends and family over to entertain outside. I drilled a few 1/4′ holes in the bottom to help when i go to pull out a bag a bag in them for the parties.

I bought it for one reason, but it is so nice, durable, and cute that it has become a multipurpose bucket in my kitchen. I will have to buy more for other uses.

It got lost for weeks, which had me sweating bullets, but thankfully, amazon was on top of it. It arrived exactly on the day it was needed. It served as a wedding cake safe – i needed something food-safe and impermeable to put over a 4-tier wedding cake sitting on a 20′ diameter cake board overnight in the reception hall. I hate refrigerating a cake – dries it out – but i don’t want to risk bugs and vermin or stray fingers in the frosting. First, the shipping screw up, and secondly, in my epic search for something that would work, most of the photos and descriptions showed this with a lid and spoke to how you kept the lid from going astray. I never noticed that it had to be purchased separately. But i made do by securely taping the bottom to the table cloth with packing tape, and it did the job.

Nice size for what i needed, very sturdy trash can. It was weird to me that the lid was sold separately but when the lid did arrive (about 4-5 days after the trashcan arrived) the lid had a tight fit and was just what i needed. I needed something for indoors that had a very tight well sealed lid. That is exactly what i gotsturdy and solid, small enough for inside but with the feel of a heavy duty outside trash can. Very happy with this purchasemust add: the only con – that the lid was not included, instead of selling separately, why not adjust the price and send both together. That part was odd to me, and caused me to worry about a proper fit. Glad for a happy outcome of the lid fitting very well.

It is not too large, and not too small. But the best thing is it is very sturdy, and for some reason much more less expensive than other similar heavy-duty trashcans.

Just like i remember the trash cans in school, very sturdy and durable. I will purchase the larger sizes next. These were great to put alongside a crab boil table with a trash bag in them.

Unlike a 55 gallon cantough, rubbery, hard plastic.

This is a very durable trash can. I use it for 1/2 barrels at picnic, fermenting grapes, to name a few. This item was priced right on amazon. All the other sites wanted 20+ dollars more.