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Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway, UPDATE-a fix for the bag ripping problem!

Very easy to put together too. I bought an entire corfu set ( 2 chairs/1 sofa, table) including this trash can, and cooler-table. Looks great on my tiny deck. No it not wicker but can not beat the price and just as comfy.

These are very sturdy and only took a minute to snap together. I can’t say how well they hold up outside, but the quality is far better than i expected for the price. I actually bought these as a creative way to sort laundry. I purchased three of these trash hideaways and some cloth liners off amazon for $7. I snap the liners in the lid so that the weight of my husband’s jeans don’t make the liner fall into the bin. The top opening hatch is perfect for my kids to use, as it keeps everything in place during their clumsy sorting. I no longer have to fish out the edges of the hamper lining under a bunch of dirty underwear. That makes this a perfect design for a laundry hamper for any mom (especially with little bed wetters). Standard laundry hampers don’t have this feature because they are not built this way.

Ok i’ve has this trash can for a couple of months now. I wanted to live with it before i reviewed it. I have this inside, in the kitchen, because it does look that nice, and i like a big trash can that i don’t have to empty every 2 days. I love the overall look, the way the lid holds the bag in place, the way the lid locks if you need it. . When i take the full bag out, it’s a struggle, and the bag usually rips because the inside is not smooth, it has ridges made into the resin that catch the full bag and rip it as you pull. If they could make the inside smooth, this would be the absolutely perfect trash can. And i know, you could put less trash in it so the bag wouldn’t be so full and push against the inside as you try to take it out. . But that kind of defeats the purpose of having a large trash can, doesn’t it?.You use a large trash can because you want it to hold a lot of trash so you have to empty it less often and use fewer bags. I do have an idea on how to fix this, and i’ll be trying it out probably in the next few days. I’m either going to cut 4 pieces of either cardboard or flat plastic, and tape it to the 4 inside walls to make them smooth. It won’t change the capacity, and it should make the shredded bag problem go away. But should i have to do this, or should it just be made that way?.With just a little more real world testing, it should have been obvious to the company that it tears the bags when the bag is full.

The photo i have posted, taken today, is of a 5 year, 4 month old suncast outdoor trash hideaway, which i purchased from amazon in april, 2013. Since that time the bin has been sitting on my covered patio in an area that faces the morning sun until at least 11:00 to noon during the long summer months, with temperatures of 90-100 degrees, or higher. Our town requires that all trash be bagged, so we put a 33 gallon trash bag in the bin. Each day we empty the trash bins from the house into the bag in the suncast bin. When the trash bag is full we take it out to the large containers provided by the town that are stored behind our house, usually twice a week. I am writing this review now because we recently purchased a 2nd suncast bin when we found that they also come in a lighter (beige?) color, which matches the patio colors, block wall, etc. , and blends in better than the dark brown. However, our more than 5 year old suncast bin is still in nearly perfect condition. The photo shows that it is kind of dirty/dusty right now because we have had several monsoon dust storms in the last few days, but we normally hose it off once a week and it cleans up like new. It is also almost waterproof.

My dog poops roughly 8 times a day. I needed a place to store this poop that wasn’t inside my house or inside the garbage cans i keep in the garage. This thing sits on my patio and stores my dog poop until garbage day. It contains the smell; there is no odor around or near it. Of course, when you open it up, it smells like dog poop, but how are you going to stop that. It has like a double lid thing going on which is nice. The main opening allows me to put garbage bags in and take them out and also keeps them securely in place. The smaller lid opens up allowing me to dump dog poop straight from the pooper scooper without messing with the bag or worrying about getting my hands dirty. Also, i have had this thing sitting in the sun for more than a year now and it has held its original color. I expected it to fade, but so far, so good.

Handle was missing, had already assembled it now have to tear it apart and send it back. In addition, the price went up and down several times, i bought it, next day price went back down and amazon won’t adjust. While they are sending a replacement trash can for the missing handle, i am aggravated at the hassle plus paying a higher price. As for the can itself, it was easy to assemble and looks nice, but its pretty flimsy plastic. I have two others the same brand different color and the lid peg broke off plus it keeps tipping over when i take out the trash bag. But its the only can i could find that fits in a corner of my porch. So i have mixed feelings right now. Had it not been for the hassle of the new purchase i would have rated it 4 stars.

I love these storage containers. I have purchased 3 sets of them (6) over the past 2 years. I have 2 by our pool – 1 for trash & 1 for cans/bottles. They stay closed nicely so even if the dog finds a way to tip it over he can’t get in it and spread garbage. Two others we use to sort recycles (glass, cans, plastics) for our association at our summer condo. The last set i gave to some friends for their man-cave. They are very attractive, large and well worth the price. I made signs and laminated them for inside the lids to indicate what goes in them.

Key specs for Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway:

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  • Durable, contemporary design looks great on patio
  • Keep your area clean while adding style to the ambiance of you outdoor area
  • This trash hideaway features a latching lid
  • Solid bottom panel. Exterior Dimensions- 15-3/4 W x 16 D x 31-5/8 H inches. Interior Dimensions-13 W x 13 D x 26-3/4 H inches
  • Stay dry design
  • Note: This item does not have nuts/bolts

Comments from buyers

“UPDATE-a fix for the bag ripping problem!, Makes the BEST laundry hampers!!!!! Read why, If you are in need of an attractive, large sturdy trash container – this is it!”

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