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Suncast Commercial TCNLID03BK Slim Trash Can – Quality product!

It’s affordable and matched the side of my fridge perfectly. The swing lid sometimes gets stuck down which is really annoying, but overall a decent product.

Works well and is heavy duty, should last for many years.

Suncast commercial tcnlid01bk slim trash can, double flip lid, black.

  • Excellent performance and function; bumpers recommended
  • These are worth the price!
  • Quality product!

Despite the price, it is exactly the right companion piece to the suncast line of commercial slim trash cans. If you get one of those, you really should also spring the extra 30 or so to get this as well; it is certainly worth it.

Bought one of these trashcans for use in my kitchen and chose this lid style. It’s wonderful, and does a fantastic job keeping odors in the trash can. When the lid closes, the clatter of plastic hitting plastic was a bit much. I bought some small felt bumpers softtouch self-stick 3/8′ furniture felt pads value pack for hard surfaces (84 piece) – oatmeal, round and installed four of them on the inside of the lid where the doors hit. Sound is now muffled and the color matches, too2. Very infrequently, one of the doors gets stuck open. It only takes a moment to give it a little nudge and it pops closed, but it does happen sometimes. Overall, i’m very happy with the function and performance of this lid.

Features of Suncast Commercial TCNLID03BK Slim Trash Can, Paper Recycling Lid, Black

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  • Durable resin constructions
  • Opening allows for both paper and bottle recycle
  • Available in 5 corresponding colors

They are working great as recycle cans for our church.

My kitchen now has an in house recycle bin that matches all my other appliances.

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Suncast Commercial TCNLID03BK Slim Trash Can, Paper Recycling Lid, Black
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