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STERILITE 12 Qt Swing-Top Wastebasket, Great size!

Got this to replace my bedroom trashcan because my dog kept getting in to my old open trashcan. It’s a perfect size, tucks away nicely, and my dog doesn’t get into it.

This waste basket is exactly what i was looking for in a waste basket. It has all the bells and whistles that a waste basket should have. It holds waste like it was intended. It has an amazing swing-top that swings its top. And to top it off, it holds 12 qts of waste. What more could you ask for in a waste basket?. I look forward to many years of enjoying this waste basket.

Exactly what i was looking for, not real sturdy but small and does the job perfectly. I have in my laundry room for dryer lint clean out.

Perfect for our needs, fits next to the toilet & easy to reach in a fairly narrow space in our small bathroom.

It’s very small, which we need to fit between our toilet and shower. It’s a bit pricier than we would have hoped, but there’s nothing else we’ve found that has the proper size, shape, color, etc.

I have two dogs who love to pull things out of wastebaskets – like kleenex to shred up, papers, you name it. I bought 3 of these to hopefully keep the dogs out of the wastebasket. Didn’t want to spend a lot of money, in case it didn’t work, and we would have to buy something else. These or not fancy or decorative by any means. No more scraps all over the bedroom and bathroom floors.

This was exactly what u was looking for in the bathroom. Keeps my puppy from eating toilet paper lol.

Key specs for Sterilite White 12 Qt Swing-Top Wastebasket:

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  • Lid swings open and closed via a unique indexing feature at the pivot point
  • Easy-to-clean textured surface
  • Accommodates a standard plastic shopping bag or 4-gallon trash liner

Comments from buyers

“Five Stars
, Perfect
, Purchased for a friend with Parkinson’s disease

Cute wastebasket for bedroom, bathroom, or living room. Would be too small for kitchen waste. Sturdy plastic, swivel lid swivels easily, i’m happy with it.

This came with a warped lid and it won’t flip open properly. Also i had to wipe out the inside of the can because it was dirty.

Small just what i needed for small bathroom by toilet.

It works for what we need but the plastic is fairly thin and feels a bit cheap for the price tag of $20 that we paid.

Great for the bathroom; no rusting here. Easy to clean, goes well with everything, and all the of trash is concealed and hidden by the lid.

Made a r2d2 valentine’s box with this and now our son uses it in his room.

I wanted a trash can with a lid to keep my dog from stealing trash and this does the job great. I like that it fits a standard grocery bag, although the larger plastic shopping bags do fit better.

Right size to place outside my kitchen door, in the garage. Like the swinging lid especially.

For use in an older person’s bathroom. Fits perfectly and inconspicuously next to the toilet. I use 4 gal bags with deodorizer built in. Works well to control the smell.

But when i opened the box, the can was deformed (not broken, just squished). So the lid didn’t swing nicely. I am still using it, but i was disappointed that it was not a nice can. It works for what i purchased it for. They should just send it a bit nicer. So it is an ok item, but the packaging was poor. So i really cannot rate it 5 stars because it was deformed on arrival.

This is just the right size for my bathroom. Nothing fancy, it’s a plastic trash can, but it keeps my dog out of the trash.

I already had one that we use for cloth squares. I didn’t really want to spend this much money, but i couldn’t find them cheaper anywhere else so i bought it. I’m pleased i did as we really needed one in the other bathroom. The lid fits snugly but is still loose enough for the cloth bag fit over the top of the bin and then the lid on that.

So much easier for my friend to deal with. He had a unit that you had to push on a button on the lid in order for it to open. That was just too difficult. This was so good we got a smaller one for the bathroom.

Delivered on time, as promised. The purpose of this purchase is to contain soiled adult disposable briefs, for a person with limited walking stability (& avoid the step-on pedal varieties of wastebaskets. )the swing-top doesn’t provide complete odor control. I’ve taped a gel deodorizer to the underside of the swing lid, with the hopes that will control the odor more effectively.

I keep a waste paper basket near my chair where i watch tv. This way no one, including myself, has to look at the garbage in it, and it’s easy enough to get the garbage into it.

Surprisingly difficult to find this style of wastebasket in this size and color. After years of annoyance with a style where the lid would get stuck when it started getting full, this works perfectly.

I have a demon of a dog who takes every open opportunity to eat out of the trash can in our bathroom. It was surprisingly difficult to find a trash can like this one in stores near me but i finally stumbled across this one and it’s perfect. It’s just the right size for a bathroom or bedroom trash can. We have a pretty small bathroom, but this fits between the toilet and the wall with no problems whatsoever.

This is a great little wastebasket. We tend to accumulate a lot of bathroom junk so it is a little small for us, but if you’re looking to hide some dental floss, a tissue or two and a few bags of cat contribution, you’re gonna love it.

It is a very nice size and i don’t have to lose my balance to open the lid by stepping on the pedal like my old one. I wish i had bought this first.

I love my white swing top wastebasket. We had one for years in our house and it didn’t work any more. We searched everywhere local and finally found the exact one we had previously at amazon.

This is a cheap plastic white trashcan. Perfect for my needs in our bathroom.

Nice size and perfect for the bathroom.

This wastebasket serves its purpose well, is lightweight and slim. The cat still gets into the garbage, but the inconvenience caused by the swinging lid makes most prospects unworthy of the effort. The pail is easy to wipe clean and has no stains yet. White seems to be the only color – more color choices would be fun.

I like the design and the concept. However, we don’t think it will work for the location in which i hoped it would work. However, without the nice swing-top, it works well. Trouble is that swing top closes before we can get the refuse in the can. We hoped the swing-top would distract and become uninteresting to our dogs who seem to like ‘garbage picking. ‘ an automatic can would be nice but they are: too big and too expensive for us to use.

It’s been a great addition to our bathroom. Pros:-good material-stain resistant (so far)-top swivels well (important for the chronic fiddler)cons:-none.

I love these small waste baskets, and have them in all three bathrooms. They are extremely well designed, both in their ease and simplicity of putting anything into them, and in changing the plastic liner bags. I used to have a small trash can with a step-on pedal in one of the bathrooms, and it was a pain in the butt to use and to change the liner. The sterilite trash cans are light weight, do not put holes in the walls by getting pushed against them as with the heavier metal step-on pedal type, and are a breeze to keep clean. I was very pleased to find the black colored version as it looks much better in one of my bathrooms than the white one did. If you’re looking for a small trash can that is simple to use; good looking; simple to change liners; well made; won’t dent and scratch; and simple to keep clean; then i highly recommend this great little can.

This is a great trash can for the money. It holds a lot of trash and it is easy to clean.

I looked at quite a few different stores and could not find this trash can, it is perfect- works great -i couldn’t be happier. The lid swings perfectly and keeps my kitty from fishing things out of the trash can he shouldn’t.

Perfect fit for the bathroom. I was worried that it would be too wide for our small space in between the toilet & shower but it’s perfect. The lid is pretty sturdy too and doesn’t slip off or move when you throw something away. Definitely recommend for any room.

Perfect size for the bathroom.

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