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simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Can – Five Stars

I really like the looks of this unit. Sleek, clean design, looks easy to clean and i just got it moved to the new house and installed the batteries and it works great so far. I like it and would recommend to another quickly. (i’ll amend my review if that changes, but so far so good.

This looks great and works fairly well. The only issues we have had is that the batteries (4x aa) infrequently get out of position somehow and do not make connection in the battery compartment. When this happens the lid doesn’t open. I have been able to fix it each time by opening the battery compartment and pushing the batteries back into place. I might stick a pace of foam in there to prevent this from happening in the future.

Opens when you don’t want it, doesn’t open when you want it to open 😒.

My kitchen look good with all stainless steel.

Just wish it came in a bigger size.

We have had ours for several years so we order two more for gifts.

Works great and the batteries last a long time.

It does open every now and then when you walk by but no big deal. It matches the stainless steel appliances.

This was a gift for my mother in law for christmas and after watching her use it since then iv noir iced how much she loves it. The batteries have lasted all this time. Love the fact that it stays open longer than most of these sensory garbage cans on the market. I am definitely considering getting myself one.

Comes with some samples of their version of trash bags. Don’t worry any old 13 gallon kitchen trash bags will work just fine. Trash can operates very well. I like that you can just flip up the lid to remove or change the bag rather than have to take the cover off completely like my last motion sensing trash can.

We can hardly imagine a time when we didn’t have this can. So easy to operate hands free while in the process of cooking or cleaning up.

I’d like to try to clarify with my order. One, it takes 4x aa’s, not d’s as in some reviews. Two, it fits j liners, not m’s like in some reviews. I assume some reviews related to a different product. Overall, it’s a nice trashcan. The lid is plastic, so i’m dubious as to how long it’ll actually last, but, it comes with a 5 year warranty, so perhaps i’ll be pleasantly surprised. The lid does open often when i just walk by it, which is mildly annoying and what seems like an overly sensitive motion detector is the only thing keeping it from a 5* review in my mind. Here are the specifications for the simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Can:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • motion sensing: Infrared field senses the area above the can so it opens automatically with just the wave of your hand.
  • smooth, steady power: A planetary gear system transfers speed to torque for smooth, consistent lid operation.
  • stainless steel liner rim: Flips up for a quick and easy liner change.
  • nano-silver clear coat: Protects stainless steel from fingerprints and germs.
  • 5-year warranty (when purchased through authorized re-sellers: Amazon or simplehuman)

I also bought one for my friend. The shape is perfect if you are putting this against a wall. Holds lots and takes up little room. The automatic opener is very helpful.

I didn’t even realize these were a thing till i was in a house with one. If you can afford one they are worth every penny. They dont accidentally open from random movement from you or say a cat. It looks sexy compared to other competitors brands.

Great customer service from simplehuman.

I was skeptical about spending the money for the simplehuman trash can but am glad i did. It wasn’t terribly more expensive from the other less known brands, but it works perfectly as all simplehuman designs do. I’ve used simplehuman cans before and when not using them, i immediately notice what is missing in the lesser known variants. The can comes very well packaged. The finish is great and leaves no fingerprint marks. The lid is a nice smooth but slightly textured grey plastic that avoids stains and is easy to wipe down. The batteries are in an easy to access compartment at the top back of the unit and the compartment also doubles as a carry handle. No special batteries are needed (i used eneloop aa rechargeable batteries) and the cover opens and closes without a hassle. The lid opens and closes quickly and very quietly. It is pretty good about false openings, but if you walk too close (within a few inches), it will typically trigger it. The lid stays open long enough to dump stuff in, and if you are standing in front of it, it will remain open. If you need to keep it open even longer, while walking back and forth to the trash can for example, you can simply flip the entire lid open. Flipping the lid open is how you change the bags. No special internal bucket or anything to mess with, just put a standard trash bag in it and drape it over the edges.

Really love this trash can so far. Will follow up with review after some more time goes by.

Starting to give us trouble 3 months after purchase. It takes multiple tries to get it to open. Doesn’t act like it’s gonna last long. Pretty frustrating considering what we paid for it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • There’s some confusing reviews
  • Works great, simple and effective design
  • It was cool.

Love the color and works great.

It worked until the warranty end. Then stopped the very next day.

You can really pack it tight, and it holds more than any other can we have used, with similar capacity.

It was a bit of an indulgence but so worth the price. Just wave your hand over the front edge and the lid opens, then shuts automatically. Easy to change the bag, i have not had to change the batteries and have had it over a year. I do wish the garbage bag could be concealed in the can and not show on the outside of the can.

All the other cans are imposters, this thing was made smart. The batteries are on the outside on the back, so the moisture from your throw away salad won’t corrode them months down the road. The hinge is sealed tightly so crap doesn’t get in and clog it up. Costco bags work just fine, and the whole lid comes up as one unit making the change out super easy peasy.

This design and brand is way better than the itouchless models we’ve had in the past, as we’ve had several of them. The simplehuman engineering and design is better thought out and works great. The past 2 itouchless models had lids that would raise up about 2/3 of the way and drop. The simplehuman concept is to raise the lid completely, fully, and pause there for a moment so you can scrape a plate if you have to without the lid collapsing on you. In fact the sensor will pop the lid again to extend the up mode until you are done. Uses dinky aa batteries, instead of 4 d batteries on the itouchless, and it comes with form fitting garbage bags that are affordable on subscription – about as affordable as the ones we get at publix, only they fit the simplehuman snugly. Overall a solid design and functions well. Haven’t changed the batteries in 4 months.

It works exactly how you’d expect it to. If you waive your hand or bring a piece of trash above the sensor, the lid begins to open. Once it no longer sense your hand there, it will stay open for around 2 or 3 seconds, then slowly close. I haven’t run into any issues yet. It’s simple to install and replace the aa batteries, and it works with normal sized trash bags. People love coming to my home and throwing things out, just so they can play with the trash can.

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