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simplehuman 50 litre slim open can heavy-gauge brushed stainless steel : but I love this can from Simplehuman

Slim design is nice until you try and empty your vacuum canister and it doesn’t fit.

Gorgeousthis orb trashcan looks great in my newly-remodeled kitchen. I didn’t have the space for hidden-cabinet trash space; however this fits the bill.

How can someone be so excited about a garbage can, i have no idea. I spent some time looking around the department stores and online. I was hoping to find something cheaper and still good quality. But this is the best i have seen. It is an unexpectedly handsome can. The standard grocery store garbage bags fit over the sides nicely and snugly; not too tight or too lose. And, unlike the pails with the pedals that pull out of the can, there is no extra lip into which to tuck the bag. The can is durable and does not tip easily. I have had the pedal cans and found the bags a hassle with their designs.

It’s got that nice added touch (the top) which makes it a really nice looking can. It takes regular tall kitchen bags which makes it all that much better.

  • Money well spent!
  • This is a lifetime purchase
  • with all the positive reviews — this is a sturdy, handsome trash can that looks good almost anywhere

simplehuman 50 litre slim open can heavy-gauge brushed stainless steel + code N 60 pack liners

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  • Open top design: great for high-traffic areas, the lid has an open design so it’s quick and easy to access
  • Large capacity: ideal for large families or busy households
  • Lift-off lid: lid lifts off easily for a quick bag change
  • Hide excess bag: top cover extends to hide messy bag overhang
  • Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly
  • No bunching, overhang or slipping
  • Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams
  • Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags

Stable, tall, holds and hides trash till ready to empty. I prefer open-top trash cans so i can toss stuff in from a distance. For a step- on lidded can, you need to actually walk up to it in order to lift the lid. And hidden pull-out trash cans necessitate that you put your dirty hands on the handles of your cabinets. That’s why i love the open top. . Suits my needs, looks great, and hides trash. 5 stars and worth every penny.

We have noticed no smell from the can despite the fact that we use it for all the normal kitchen garbage and an occasional dirty diaper. It stays clean and it fits regular tall kitchen bags quite well. We like the open concept and the oval design lends itself to fitting a dust pan or wide pizza box perfectly. Would buy again or as a gift.

In my 44 years of marriage, i have never paid this much for a kitchen trash receptacle, but i was tired of replacing the cheaper ones that i would purchase, would never like, the lids would break, or the can would crack. I first saw the simplehuman brand at church and knew they were sturdy. Those are still holding up after 6 years even in the youth wing, so i searched amazon. At first the price gave my bank account an asthmatic attack, but after reading the reviews, i decided to order the bronze color ~ i didn’t want the stainless industrial look in my kitchen. The bronze color is true to the color shown online. Shipping was also faster than the estimated date upon checkout ~ no dents, dings, or scratches happened during the shipping. So far the can is perfect with the open top, no lids to work around, and i especially love the slim design. They included a package of their brand of white trash can liners with the order, but regular 13 gallon grocery store ones would also work. Since mine is a darker color, i’m thinking of using the smaller black liners so looking in from the top one doesn’t see all white. Like previous reviews, i think with this high of a purchase cost ~ an additional, removable, and washable inner liner would be best in order to attach, hide and secure the trash bag ~ then slip back down inside the receptacle.

I was looking for garbage can because my dog kept getting into ours. I read in the other reviews that people were able to keep their dogs out with this can. I bought it, and it looks great. It even came with bags that i may actually purchase again because they fit so well. My dog has yet to be able to get into the garbage and he is a weimaraner.

The height, width, and depth were perfect. I am not liking the full open top since you can see the trash, but the most significant disappointment is that is scratches easily when you remove the top to change the bag and with the bronze color it is significant. The bronze color is not a good choice as a result. Way to expensive for this to happen :(.

Got for work to replace a different model by simplehuman. The other one had a step lid with a small opening. These go in a customer waiting area near a coffee area. This one is the one we should have purchased to begin with. The large opening (no lid) make it much easier for customers to use (and somehow more obvious).

I was looking to replace my plastic flip top kitchen trash can. Something tall enough the dog could not get into. My husband and i have both been happy with this purchase. We use glad trash bags in it and they fit fine. We like the open top to just drop stuff in. Best of all the dog can not knock this over and even if she stands on her hind legs she can not reach inside pulling stuff out.

Worth the extra money – cleans up effortlessly, super easy to use (while the risen lid keeps the trash inside from being too obvious), works with my boyscout-troop-fundraiser trashbags beautifully. The slim design makes it easy to fit wherever it’s most needed, and it’s tall enough to keep the contents from the curious gazes of my young children. Definitely recommend*edit*years of use, still absolutely love this product – have only one small complaint to offer, so i’ll post it here in the hopes that simplehuman might take note and come up with a way to tweak the design. The plastic lip that holds the lid onto the can has an upper edge that traps crumbs, but the top of the lid itself is curved, so that when you go to dump these crumbs out, it catches them so you can’t dump them out (see photos – one is of debris as it is shaken just clear of the plastic lip it catches in, and the other is of debris resting in the lid’s curvature so it can’t be dumped out). I have to either take the lid outside and shake it about violently so the crumbs eventually all come out into the yard, go get out the vacuum cleaner and attachment, or use a microfiber cloth and try to wipe it all out a little at a time (tho the shape of the lid makes this approach kinda tedious). Not the biggest deal, obviously, but a little gross and annoying. **2nd edit**yet more years of use – still love this trashcan. Recently noticed i hadn’t had to vacuum/wipe out any crumbs lately – the new factor is a dog: evidently she’s been licking the crumbs out of the lid as i go to fetch a new bag.

I did a lot of looking to find the right trash can and i’m so glad to have found this one. I use it for my kitchen composting. I have no idea how others manage with 3 gallon bio bags. I needed something that would handle a 13 gallon bag and fit in the only available narrow spot. I use a regular 13 gallon tall kitchen bag with a compostable 13 gallon bag inside it. That way there is no problem if the inner bag leaks before i get it to the outside compost trash pail. I have a lab and no food (or semblance of food) is safe around him, the trash can is great. It’s tall, sturdy, easy to use with the open top and impervious to my lab. I had a hard time convincing myself to spend the money on it but i’m glad i did.

This is the best trash receptacle i ever had. It’s sleek and unobtrusive. It’s heavy enough not to get knocked over but pretty enough to look good. It’s easy to empty and can use standard trash bags. I like it being open on top as i don’t have to step on the opener or swing open a top-i can just toss stuff in when my hands are sticky or covered in cooking. Very handy to clean the counter off and dump directly into the trash also.

I agree with all the positive reviews — this is a sturdy, handsome trash can that looks good almost anywhere. I agree also with other reviewers who don’t like the air holes at the bottom. The sieve feature makes it harder to wash the trash can. Strangely, it seems to attract ants, too, though the plastic bag (also sturdy) fits well and keeps garbage well contained. I might use this for recycling instead of for trash.

This is a great trash can, and although it is a commercial trashcan it is nice looking enough for a kitchen. We use it in our downstairs bar area and is perfect, especially when we have people over and they are throwing away a bunch of plates, cups, napkins, etc. This holds more than a regular kitchen trashcan and even though it has an open top, you really don’t see all of the trash inside unless you stand right over it and look down. We love it and wish we had spent the extra money to get this trashcan years ago.

Quick delivery, durable, easy to clean and fits my normal 13 gal trashbags. I call it my ‘grown up trashcan’. It’s pricy but well worth it. I recently bought a new house and i have this awkward under the cabinet space and i felt a ‘fancier’ trash can was in order. I love simple human products.

Spent years designing our custom kitchen. Thankfully i’d bought one of these about five years ago. Loved it so much that i bought a second one last year for recycling when the kitchen was actually built. Hold up well and don’t scratch easily. The best part is that the lid opening is at such an angle that it doesn’t scream ‘garbage’ but is still open enough that it’s easy to drop items in. You never find yourself fighting to open the can while holding something gross. The lid holds the bag in place reliably.

I had another trash can by simple human that i really liked but my ex ruined it. I tried this model/version and like it even better (the other one had a foot-step and a lid. This has no lid and i didn’t think i would like that, but i do. It’s a nice sized opening and with the bags it is supposed to be used with, you can get a lot of trash in one bag, so the number of trips is reduced. You can toss trash from a distance and not have to be in front of it to open any lid. Very happy with this purchase.

I have to say i’ve never spent this kind of money on a trash can but then i’ve never had a trash can of this quality. I use it in my kitchen and absolutely love that it’s always open. It doesn’t smell like garbage in my kitchen and trust me i was concerned about that but it doesn’t. I love the very wide opening so it catches all when i throw things out. It’s easy to clean, no fingerprints and it’s heavy weight (not too heavy to move but heavy enough that my dogs can’t just push it over. I love the slim oblong shape it fits perfectly in my kitchen and the sleek look is decorative so you don’t have to hide it. The can comes with a sample trash bag that the brand makes. Although the can will fit any standard size kitchen trash bag, their bags are also very durable and has a perfect size top so you don’t see the trash bag folded over the top. I loved that because it really helps to keep my kitchen looking clean and orderly.

Very solid, sturdy, and fits into a tight space. I bought it to perform as a laundry hamper, not a garbage can, just so you know. And it fits nicely in the space between my clothes and the door of the closet. I know that simplehuman sells the round can like this specifically as a hamper, but that thing is huge. Just buy a large laundry bag to slide down inside, place the lid on, and you are set. Place for the clothes to be hidden, and it hides in the closet.

It fits perfectly in the narrow space between my refrigerator and door. I like that the top is open so i can toss in stuff from across the room or position it under the counter to drop in fruit or vegetable peels as i’m doing meal prep. Looks high end and nice beside my stainless steel refrigerator. Holds a surprising amount of garbage, too.

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