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simplehuman 10 litre slim step can white plastic : and they work great with this can

When i was looking for a small trash can with a lid, i never dreamt i would find one of this quality. While the description sounded good, the price point made me doubt that i would be receiving a quality product. I was so excited when i opened the box, i couldn’t believe that i had received an incredible, well-built trash can. When i step or push down the pedal, the lid opens without hesitation. I ordered this trash can in order to keep the smells in. Yes, this product keeps the smells in wonderfully. I hate having to open the lid when i have more trash to add to it because i don’t want to smell the odor. I would also recommend the trash bags made for trash cans of this size. If you don’t use these, i believe the trash can would be slightly hard to clean because the bottom is not straight due to the mechanism for opening the trash can lid. If you are looking for a quality small lidded trash can, this product is for you.

I really like this can – – its size & shape are perfect in the bathroom. The step lever is easy to use, and the inside removable liner is better than having to line it with a plastic bag, but i really wish it would stay open. Instead, if you take your foot off the lever, fhe lid closes. Because of that, it usually takes two hands to lift out the liner and to put it back. I also have another if these i use as a kitty litter disposal can with a plastic bag inside the liner.

Almost all plastic so no hinges to rust. Perfect size to fir in our small bathroom. Yes, as some reviewers noted, it can tip over when steping down hard on the foot pedal. My solution, put a good weight rock in the bottom under the bag.

Just received this little garbage can and i like it. I am not one to keep garbage in my place for very long, so it does not have to be very large. It does tip slightly when pressing down on the lid opener. But i am not a neanderthal man, so i just press the lid opener without pressing extremely hard.

  • Good size trashcan for a bathroom
  • Great outdoor can!
  • Great product, suggest you add additional weight if you can. I used Quickcrete

simplehuman 10 litre slim step can white plastic + code R 60 pack liners

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  • Great for tight spaces
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Stable operation for big can feel
  • 5-year warranty
  • Custom fit liners: simplehuman liners are tailored to perfectly fit our cans so they don’t slip and the bag stays completely hidden when the lid is closed
  • Thick double seams: Extra durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears
  • Convenient drawstring handles: Easy to lift, tie and carry

This trash can was smaller than expected, but functioned well enough. I originally bought it to hold diapers from nighttime changes and it held a decent amount. I lined it with a plastic shopping bag, which fit perfectly. Having the pedal to open the can was a nice perk, so i didn’t have to bend down to open it. We eventually replaced this can with a diaper genie that was gifted to us.

There’s no inner can – i read that it had a little can that could be removed, so i didn’t buy liners for it. Now i’m back here buying liners since i live in an area with ordinances that make plastic grocery bags hard to come by (not a bad thing, but i don’t have a supply of them here). So make note: you will need either liners or a supply of plastic grocery bags to use this trashcan.

I just wish i knew that it was not a tall kitchen trash can. I was so saddened when it arrived and it was so small. Other than that mistake on my part for not measuring the size i needed, this roduct has a solid strong step to it. The lid solidly opens and closes keeping the trash and it’s trash smell sealed. I might look to see if the company has a taller trash can.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a diaper genie but also didn’t want to smell dirty diapers anymore so i decided to buy this for my sons room to hide the smell (paired with a glade plug-in). So far i haven’t smelled any diapers and it also fits grocery bags, which were the 2 main reasons i was looking at it. As others have mentioned, it doesn’t really have enough weight to keep it from tipping over when you step on it, but you can put something somewhat heavy in the bottom to keep it down (lucky for me i just happened to change out some old door hinges so i threw them in the bottom and it’s been perfect).

We have a 5-year-old who still prefers to use baby wipes over toilet paper (actually, now i do too), but the kind we get are not flushable (and reports vary on whether or not the “flushable” variety really are anyway), so we end up with poopy wipes in the bathroom trash can. Unfortunately, we also have a disgusting little dog who loves to fish poopy wipes out of the trash and take them all over the house to chew on (yuck). This little trash can is enough to keep her out of it. The rubber grips on the bottom keep it from sliding all over the tile when you try to use the foot pedal, and there’s enough of a grip on the lid itself to open it if you’re still sitting on the toilet right down next to it. We use grocery plastic bags to line it and they stay in just fine. The trash can is just the right size for that, and fits in some tight spaces between the vanity and toilet in our cramped bathrooms. The lid can even swing all the way open without getting stopped by our toilet paper holder.

I agree with the reviewer who wrote that this trash can is smaller than it appears in the photo. The exterior dimensions are given to be 7. 5″h though it tapers from 7. The interior dimensions are 6. The result is that the capacity of the can is not what the given dimensions would suggest but rather is only about 60% of the implied capacity. My household generates very little kitchen trash and it fits nicely in the cabinet under my sink, so it works for me. But, if your household generates a lot of trash or you don’t mind emptying the trash frequently, this is a nice little can and i recommend it.

I was looking for something to use as a single-day diaper pail and had trouble finding a step-on can that would fit a thick liner. I made my own pul liners for cloth diapering, and they work great with this can. There is plenty of room between the can and the lid mechanism to fit the elastic and doubled fabric, and the lid still closes nicely. I will update if there is any issue containing the smell.

Good size for babies room/diaper pail. Wanted something with a lid. Ok can overall but tips forward if there are fewer than 5 or so diapers in it when you press the foot pedal. Holds about 2 days (15-20) worth of size 2 diapers.

It is perfect?‼️ blends right into our bathroom and keeps the family dog from emptying trash all over the bathroom when he’s upset that he was left home alone?‼️.

Nice looking, works with grocery store plastic bags which is what we wanted. Mechanism is easy to use and we don’t have worry about pets sticking their noses inside it also.

I bought this garbage can because i had a tight space in my bathroom and really wanted one with a lid. This was the perfect size and the quality is great. I’m not sure how other people are stepping on it to say that it topples over, but if you use your foot at the angle you’re supposed to (not at a 45 degree angle) it works perfectly fine. I also love that the small garbage bags at target are the perfect size for this can.

Love it, however i suggest you add some weight such as quickcrete cement to help stabilize. First, i do like the look of this. It fits nicely between the toilet and the vanity. However it is on the smaller side and thus when you engage the foot opening mechanism, it tends to “jump” a bit. If you look inside the trash can, it has two areas on either side that that are deeper than the main area. I simply took 3 pounds of quickcrete, added a bit of water, mixed for two minutes and added to those two recessed areas. Added as i said about 3 pounds + of weight and the trash can now has a uniform bottom with more weight such that it no longer ‘jumps”. If you do not do what i did, the trash can is just fine and as others have mentioned, it helps keep the dogs out of the trash. I’m simply trying to take a really good product and make it even better, without much extra effort.

This small trash can is just what i was looking for in most ways. It ends the need to buy the expensive trash can liners because the ‘disposable’ grocery bags fit it just fine. And it’s small enough that it encourages me to empty the trash frequently, another reason i chose this size. I’m withholding one star because it is too light. I remedied this by adding a couple pounds of dap 10466 concrete patcher and resurfacer 5-pound to the bottom of the can and a lighter layer inside the lid. The added heft gives the impression of a higher quality and makes the unit much more stable when operating the foot pedal (and increased the final price by a few dollars).

I’ve only had these for a few days, but the foot pedal function seems sturdy. I bought 2 – one for each bathroom. I like that you can lift the lid – there is a place to grab the lid easily, or step on it. It closes by itself, which i prefer over the spring loaded foot-pedal types. Sometimes you just don’t want to touch the trash can. Also the size is perfect for using plastic grocery bags as liners, and slim enough to fit beside the toilet.

I was hoping for a little more of a grey color and this has a little more yellow in it (thus the stone color). I have other cans from simplehuman that are metal and seem to be slightly better quality, but i have no complaints on this one.

I purchased this hoping it would fit into a small space in my bathroom, and it does. This seems to be a good product, well made and the step pedal works just fine. It holds a fair amount of waste paper, and much more to the point, my cat can’t get it open. He loves q-tips, and i try to keep them away from him, as i worry about him somehow finding a way of huting himself. He’s just that kind of furkid. So far, i am happy with this product. It is narrow and solidly made.

I wish i could say this is up to the simplehuman standards, but honestly, it is just a plastic bin, too lightweight to really use the foot pedal. If you’re looking for a small office or bathroom step can, get one that is more substantial than this.

This is just the perfect size to slip in beside your toilet, just anywhere where you need to dump things. I doubt paris hilton will be ordering one of these, but it is nice looking. I’m seriously going to have to order another for the other bathroom now and for beside my desk. With the liners this was a great price. Holds plenty and hides it away till you dispose of the bag. Looks good, works well and is so handy as it fits anywhere, yet isn’t really tiny, is large enough to last a week or more in my bathroom.

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simplehuman 10 litre slim step can white plastic + code R 60 pack liners
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