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Rubbermaid Wastebasket, Wasteful wastebasket

This is a replacement for our 30+ year same model. Appears to be made to same rugged standards. I would definitely recommend this product.

Fits perfectly under my sink for kitchen waste. I prefer this shape to the newer ovals or anything with a lid; it is stable, holds a fair amount of waste and is easy to access without a lid.

Holds a normal 13 gallon kitchen trash bag. Could be a little wider, as you won’t be able to fill a bag, which is a little ‘wasteful’ for a waste basket. Other than that, it’s the great quality that you’ld expect from rubbermaid.

Shopped high and low for this size and brand wastebasket. It fits under cabinet in kitchen.

Rubbermaid products are always excellent quality. This wastebasket was just as advertised. It’s fits beautifully under my kitchen sink.

It was a replacement for a 12 year old one just like it. Rubbermaid products are great.

Just to right size fofr our kitchen trash drawer.

Key specs for Rubbermaid Wastebasket, Bisque, 21-quart (FG280500BISQU):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This traditional wastebasket is durable and lightweight.
  • With an extra-tough rim and strong sides, it will stand up to years of daily use.
  • Haas a smooth inside surface and a textured exterior that resists stains.
  • Made in the USA.

Comments from buyers

“Organize trash and recycle in one place, Handy little wastebasket, Wasteful wastebasket”

Fit our cabinet design perfectly.

9 l x 9 w x 15 h (all in inches)i had the hardest time finding the size specified in that format, so i hope that helps. The sellers posted those numbers, but didn’t specify which number goes with which dimension. Two of them fit in my current drawer, one for trash, the other for recycle.

I needed this exact size to fit under my kitchen sink. I have a fairly small kitchen with no room for a large trashcan. It takes large kitchen trash bags with a lot of room to spare, but i don’t mind.

These pails are great and sturdy. They are so hard to find, these are perfect.

It’s a trashcan and serves the purpose but it was a thinner and much more rigid plastic than i have had in the past. Guess they just don’t make em’ like they used to.

I searched high and low to find a wastebasket narrow enough to fit under my kitchen sink next to the piping for the in-sink incinerator.

Bought this as a replacement for a waste basket that i have in a confined space under my computer table. I wish it was a bit taller (as my previous rubbermaid basket was) because it tends to fill up fast, but it is one of the few waster containers on the market that is not too wide to fit in the 10′ space i have available next to my shredder.

It may seem a little pricey for a trashcan but my 1st one did last 16 years. This is the only size that perfectly fits under my kitchen sink. I was so glad to find it on amazon.

Basket fit well and was made of decent quality. Rubbermaid has always made some of the best quality products in my opinion.

This replaced my old one that had developed a toxic odor and it’s perfect for my kitchen. Thought it would be simple to replace a rubbermaid wastebasket but neither target nor walmart had anything equivalent.

The absolute perfect size of waste basket. I sit at my desk, with it right at my side. For me i don’t have to empty it that often, as i did before. If your looking for a under the sink type, its perfect. I use the 13 gallon plastic garbage bags.

One for trash – one for recycle – they fit side by side under the sink. This is the perfect size for 2 people in a small apartment.

As other reviewers have said, this is a nice, attractive, and durable wastebasket. I needed to replace the one under the sink in the kitchen, and this is just what i wanted. I even prefer the color; the old one was white, and i think this one looks nicer. I would definitely recommend this product.

It’s a wastbasket and not a flimsy cheap one.

Pleasednot much to sayit’s a trash can.

I was looking for a certain size to fit under a small kitchen sink area, but didn’t want a 4-gallon size. This one uses an 8-gallon bag, and fits perfectly in the space, any larger anywhere and it wouldn’t have worked. This wastebasket is the usual good rubbermaid quality, in a neutral bisquit color. I had searched at every store that even thought about carrying wastebaskets, and saw the same standard brands, sizes and colors over and over, had about given up, but decided to look online. Highly recommend measuring thoroughly the area it will go in, as i had to return several to local stores that were just slightly too big.

These fit perfectly under my sink. I got two, one for trash, one for recycle. A little expensive, but perfect for what i need.

Love this wastebasket – size and especially the ‘ivory’ color.

Of course, that was my fault, because the measurements were given. I expected it to handle a kitchen garbage bag.

Fits supper market bags perfectly.

Came super quick, and what can i say?. It’s a trash can, and it fits perfectly under my sink. My only advice is that since it’s a little larger than 5 gallons, you may want to buy trash bags that are also larger than 5 gallons. I’m including a link to the bags i bought that fit almost perfectly. Ibbm 8 gallons drawstring strong trash bags – tall kitchen trash can liners – 0. 8 mil thick – size: 22′ x 23′ – 60 counts / 1 rolls.

Nicely made wastebasket from rubbermaid. The size of this one fit perfect in the limited space that i had.

This is an ideal sized wastebasket for that small space under the sink. It’s about the right size to fit the plastic bags from the grocery stores. It saves me the cost of buying actual garbage bags and i don’t have to waste the grocery store’s plastic bags and throw them away and have repurposed them.

Replacement for the trash and recycle bins in the kitchen cabinets.

I love the hard to find almond color it comes in. It’s impossible to find in stores.

This is a nice sturdy waste can for my bathroom. It will last for many years. A little bigger than i expected but that is ok. I found some bags to fit nicely inside. Rubbermaid always have very good products.

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