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Rubbermaid FG295673 Medium Deskside Recycling Container : Blue recycling container

This looks exactly like the kind of recycle bin you would see used for paper in an office environment, but i’m actually using it as a kitchen recycle bin for cans and bottles. If you go through a lot of recyclables, you might want to consider getting a larger one, but i think this one is right for me. Positives: stylish color and design. Name brand product for a reasonable price. Negatives: too big to use a grocery bag as a liner, but small enough that a 13-gallon bag fits loosely.

Actually a surprisingly sturdy can for the price. I put it in our office to encourage people to recycle bottles and cans. Perfect size to not take up much room but bright blue made it easy to distinguish.

When i moved into my new house i had an ‘under the cupboard’ trash mechanism but no direction on which trash cans i should get. Nothing i already had fit and everything seemed to be too big or the wrong shape. I got this for my office and when i was measuring the under cupboard for size (again) i realized this fit.Maybe someone else would have noticed earlier, i felt kind of dumb, but i was ecstatic to be able to get another and use this space in my kitchen.

This is sturdy, well-made, and great for the simply use that it’s designed for. It’s the perfect size to use paper grocery bags as liners for, and it makes recycling much easier by reminding myself and my guests to recycle more and throw away less. Good for business or home use.

  • I purchased this bin to use in my classroom.
  • Inexpensive, Sturdy and Won’t Take Up Too Much Space.
  • Blue recycling container

Rubbermaid FG295673 Blue Medium Deskside Recycling Container with Universal Recycle Symbol, 28-1/8 qt Capacity, 14.4″ Length x 10.25″ Width x 15″ Height

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  • 100%Plastic
  • Imported
  • Designed to be used in systems with existing office containers and accessories, placed beside traditional wastebaskets
  • Displays the universal recycling symbol in contrasting white
  • Placed beside traditional wastebaskets, Rubbermaid’s Deskside Recycling Containers make it easy to separate waste paper
  • Contains Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR) exceeding EPA guidelines
  • Made in the USA

It fits perfectly under our sink.

Fine quality recycling container. This sure beats hanging a blue recycling bag off of a door knob. The bin is sturdy yet light and flexible. It fits inconspicuously under my laundry sink. I use it as a temporary place to dump recyclables before taking them to the large bin in the garage. Typical high quality rubbermaid. It arrived in a large cardboard box with seemed like overkill for a garbage can.

Works for what it’s meant for. . What can you say about a recycling bin?. It’s a decent size, sturdy, fits easily under my desk in my home office. The bright blue color and recycle logo easily differentiates where i should put cans, bottles, waste paper, etc. , rather than items i’ll need to put in the trash can next to it. The lips on the side are easily gripped to take it out to empty. I haven’t had to clean it yet, but seems it’d be fairly simple to wash out in the event of spills or the like. Does what it says on the tin for a reasonable price, what else can you ask?.

Inexpensive, sturdy and won’t take up too much space. . There’s not too much to say about this recycling bin. I wanted something on the smaller side to use at my apartment to collect recyclable items to take out to the dumpsters. This is the same size that you would see in an office, it only comes up to about mid-shin and doesn’t take up very much space. It’s as sturdy as every other recycling bin i’ve ever come across and suits my needs perfectly. It’s very inexpensive and is exactly as described. What more can you ask of a recycling bin?. Maybe if it took the items out to the dumpster for me, but then it would be a robot and not a recycling bin.

On the side it would state recyclables must go in it. Strangely enough i have been able to use it as a garbage can. I guess the symbol on the side is not at powerful as one might think. However, i did like it so much that i bought a second one, and it is only used as a recycling can. The universe is balanced out once again.

Save time and helps us save the planet. . We used to keep a card board box on the kitchen counter for all our junk mail. A basket on a counter for our soda cans (which we empited everyday) and our upstairs recycling (shampo bottles and such) often went into the trash, because we’d forget to bring it down. I bought three of these, one for the kitchen, one for the upstairs, and one for the computer desk, and put them right mext to the small trash pails. We now throw out less trash, because everything makes it into recycling, and because of their size, we only empty them once or twice a week, rathen then every day.

Organizing recycling in-one step. I purchased this rubbermaid fg295673 blue medium deskside recycling container with universal recycle symbol as a deskside companion for my rubbermaid commercial plastic 7-gallon trash can, they are both the same height, and hold 7-gallons of trash, this works well, avoiding me from placing recycle items in my trash can. It works best for me when preparing for garbage pick-up, i don’t have to sort recycle from non-recycle trash, everything is prepared easily, organized, and ready to be placed outside for garbage and/or recycle pick-up. The seller identified this product accurately. I like the recycle symbol on the side of the recycle container, and the bright and vibrant blue color. It serves my recycling needs, it is a perfect size, fits well under the desk, and is a sturdy container. I also use to collect my recycle paper for shredding, as well as bottles, containers, and anything recycle. 0 gallons of recycle garbage, a very good size for a container out of the way, and underneath a desk in your home/office. I would recommend to others, as well as amazon customers.

I use this daily and it has held many recyclables. I usually like to line the bin with a used plastic bag so i wish the opening would fit standard plastic shopping bags. Not a deal breaker though as this recycling bin does its job. I only wish the sizing would fit better in my under sink cabinet and had a more uniform rectangular shape.

Durable ones that will last for years. . Just what we need in each of the classrooms in our church. Not sure where other reviewers bought theirs but no these do not smell like smoke or any other odor and the blue is not faded nor is the recycle symbol off center, though it is only on one side. I bought them directly from amazon. They are tough and durable and even though i bought 18 of them for $5. 68 each from amazon in jan 2016 so i’ve only had them for about a year, we’ve had a number of them from 7 years ago that are still working great.

Sustainability mission accomplished. My family is a family that recycles and this blue bin helps us accomplish our mission of sustainability. They’re inexpensive enough that you can purchase multiples to put wherever you need them. I’ve placed these bins in every bedroom in our house, the kitchen and the office for paper recyclables. They’re also very well made and i can’t imagine that i’ll need to replace them any time soon.

Good product for the price. . Very good product for the price. A little bigger than what i wanted. But i am using it by my desk. Takes medium size garbage bags, just so you know.

Surprisingly durable for the price. I love the “recycle blue” color. Worth every penny for a recycle basket for your home or office. I’ve taken my anger out on this poor basket quite a few times and it hasn’t cracked yet.

Clearly labeled recycling can for office or home. I needed a clearly labeled recycling can, as when i have friends over, they could not tell which trash bin was for recycling. The rubbermaid one has done the trick, as it is bright blue with a clearly labeled recycling logo. Update: i have been using the recycling bin made by rubbermaid for the better part of the past several weeks, and i have had no issue with people confusing our trash can for a recycling can or the opposite (recycling can for a trash can). It was a much needed improvement since my last roommate moved out and took the recycling can with him.

I like the plastic is thick enough to no deform. Adequate size for collecting recycling in the kitchen. This is my transfer container to my recycling bins in the garage. I like the plastic is thick enough to no deform, but too heavy. The lip is sturdy enough for me to use to carry the container. Also, the large recycling symbol reminds all this is not a trash container. I was using paper grocery bags before.

This is sturdy, well-made, and great for the simply use that it’s designed for. It’s the perfect size to use paper grocery bags as liners for, and it makes recycling much easier by reminding myself and my guests to recycle more and throw away less. Good for business or home use.

Great size for a small family/individual. For the $5 or so i paid, i’m very happy with this. I live with a roommate and cat, and we go through canned goods/recycled products pretty regularly, and i only have to empty this twice a week. It’s about the size of a deskside trash bin, and the plastic is very durable. We’ve had it for nearly a year, and i haven’t had to scrub the inside once, and it doesn’t smell bad either (i also rinse out all of our canned stuff before putting them in). If this one ever needs replacing, i wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again. I also love this because it’s small enough to go underneath my kitchen sink cabinets if need be.

I got this to put in our kitchen for our recyclables. We had just been putting them in a bag, and the bags just did not look very attractive. So, i got this blue recycling bin. It stands out, and the kids can clearly see what goes in it. I have a lot less trash to filter out when i’m doing the recycling. It is made by rubbermaid, so it’s extremely solid. I’ve had it for a while now, and i can tell you there’s no cracks in it. This recycling bin is a good size for a kitchen.

Not too big for our home and the plastic feels thick and sturdy (i. Not cheap even though the price seemed too good to be true).