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Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket : Good-looking – but some design flaws

Good quality and size, it fit my kitchen and i like the way it designed, save space and just do what’s for. Just as described, i recommend.

We bought this to replace our trusty 24-year-old rubbermaid kitchen trash can, and we wanted something identical. The size and shape are comparable and it’s reasonably attractive (by trash can standards). Four issues: 1) the lid doesn’t fit on well – the old one snapped into place and this one just ‘sits’ on the lid-holes. Consequently, 2) the lid falls off easily. 3) you have to have the can an inch or so from the wall to accommodate the lid-lifting. Finally, 4) see that space that is the ‘handle’ to open the lid?.That means it’s open to any random insects that happen to fly in (not that i have a buggy home, mind you).

How can you go wrong with rubbermaid.

I’m not sure i would call the lid ‘dual action’ – it either dips in on one side, or you lift the whole lid up. Bags can kind of obstruct the range of motion for ‘dipping’. It’s the right size, a good shape, and it holds trash.

I bought this seven years ago merely because i needed a covered wastebasket for my kitchen. I was unaware of the cleverness of the tilt-top mechanism it employed. But a day later i marveled at its niftiness. It has these advantages over the old foot-pedal style of kitchen garbage pail:1. Opening the lid requires no skill, unlike a foot-pedal, which is a smaller and more distant target. Opening the lid places ones hand inside the top of the bucket, making it impossible for a fluttery item like a piece of paper towel to drift off-target after it has been released. The lid closes itself noiselessly, unlike the crash of a foot-pedal can’s. The lid stays open once raised to its fully upright and locked position. The back edge of the can’s lid can must be 3/4 inch away from the wall for this to work. (rubbermaid should stress this in its instruction leaflet, and include a picture, because other reviewers appear unaware of this quirk. Maybe the can should include a swing-up-and-lock spacer to keep the back sufficiently clear of the wall–the customer could fold it down out of the way if he doesn’t intend to fill the can beyond ¾ full. The lid’s greater height means cats & dogs are less likely to nose around its rim. Clean-up is simpler, primarily because of the lid’s removability. Its plastic construction and simpler mechanics mean there’s no chance of it rusting or needing lubrication.

If you do not use a liner, the lid can still swing down as well as lift up. With a liner, it blocks the swing down so you will have to lift each time. Also, the color for the lid is whiter than the bottom (bottom is bisque and top is white). Not so different that everyone would notice but not perfect. If i had it to do over, i would get a wastebasket that has the foot pedal.

Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket, Bisque, 45-quart (FG280300BISQU)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lid swings in for quick disposal or lifts up for larger disposal items.
  • Accommodates a standard 13-gallon tall trash bag.
  • Large size makes it perfect for use in the kitchen or nursery.
  • Durable construction cleans easily.
  • Made in the USA.

I thought this trashcan’s lid would swing to put in trash, and it would if there were no trash bag in it, but when i use a trash bag the lid catches on the bag so i wind up having to lift it to put the trash in. It’s the right size to fit underneath the lip of the counter to our breakfast bar-type countertop (which i use for food prep), so that’s good, but i wanted something i could more easily dump trash into as i’m doing prep work. I think it’s pricey for what you get. I could have picked up a free pickle bucket and lid for nothing and had a better setup. I wish now that i had purchased something else.

I have had this before and like it. It’s just right for my kitchen. I got it timey and in good shape.

Exactly like my old one, wish it was blue though.

You can press it down, or you can put it up.

Good quality, but this is not a tall kitchen trash can.

Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket, Bisque, 45-quart (FG280300BISQU) :

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Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket, Bisque, 45-quart (FG280300BISQU)
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