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Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Trash Can Waste Receptacle – The trashcan of my dreams!

Love this trash can and the lid we purchased separately. Expensive, yes but all good trashcans are. (just take a look at simplehuman prices, ick). Everything works great and it fits perfectly in my small trash spot, its just we are having issues finding a bag that fits. The 13 gallon certainly doesn’t fit so i got 20 gallon. Even the 20 gallon doesn’t have a mouth wide enough to go around the top. I’m wondering if its the drawstring kind thats the issue as it doesn’t stretch enough. So we’ll try 30 gallon, but in a 16 gallon trash bin it seems a waste. I wonder if i can find a non drawstring wide mouth 20 gallon?.

Perfect size for under my desk. I needed to keep the dog from getting in my office trash (he likes eating recyclables) and comes up to the top of the underside of my desk, not allowing him to sneak in for a treat.

We bought several of these slim jim containers for recycling different materials. They seem sturdier than they are. One was blown across the lawn into a wall and the corner cracked. For the money, and from the feel of the can, i expected better. Here are the specifications for the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Trash Can Waste Receptacle:

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  • Venting channels make removing liners from the trash can up to 60% easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of worker injury
  • Four bag cinches secure liners around the rim of the receptacle and create quick, knot-free liner changes
  • Robust handles at the base and rim of the garbage can resist tearing and improve control while lifting and emptying
  • Rib-strengthened rim resists crushing while the step design prevents jamming when nested
  • Crafted of the highest quality commercial-grade materials for superior durability

This slim jim trash can is perfect for a small kitchen. It holds a 30 gallon trash bag perfectly. The brown color looks good with wood floors. The only downside is it does not have a top. Overall a great trash container that doesn’t take up a lot of space and manages to look stylish.

I bought this for a thin cabinet pull out trash can. Still had to trim the edges to fit my thin cabinet. But it is a good quality can and the trash bag comes out easily even when compacted.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Exactly what we needed!
  • Bought two to organize gardening tools
  • Awesome trash can is awesome

If i could rate this 10 stars i would. My kitchen is a glorified closet, actually a glorified closet is like the vast serengeti compared to my kitchen. Not only does this hold a week’s worth of garbage but it’s slim design is perfect. I am so happy that i can open my fridge with a trashcan in my kitchen.

Didn’t notice until i started shopping around for bags that it is really difficult to find bags that are made for this can. I ended up settling on 55 gal bags that do the job, but just don’t seem to work like bags made for the can. Other than that it’s a great trash can.

For a large family who cares more about function than style this is an awesome trashcan. Combined with the lid it has managed to keep the dog and kids from dumpster diving for interesting things. The lid also comes in handy to let you know when it needs to be empty because it will no longer shut. It uses large size trash bags. We buy the clear ones from costco. I love the system for securing the bag and the holes on the bottom that allow for easy removal. With the lid it is only a couple of inches shy of the counter top. At first i didn’t like that fact but now i find it is one of its’ best qualities. It is very easy to remove scraps and trash from food prep without making a big mess.

Have this on my front porch for recyclables. It fits on the side of a bench and holds a lot of coke and beer bottles. I don’t like them amassing in my kitchen so outside the door is a perfect spot. When full i just take the whole thing to the side of my house where the separate bins are and sort. It is heavy duty and i expect it to last quite long.

Rubbermaid trash cans work and last a long time.

So tired of the traditional small kitchen bins that basically fill up every couple of days. This bin holds a 33 gallon trash bag perfectly, with enough overhang to use the built-in cinches on the sides. The venting channels also seem to help the bag slide out more easily. The plastic is also very heavy-duty. This is not the $10 bin you can get at walmart – it’s way better. I chose the grey color, as it’s in the neutral palette for my house.

Bought for work and it hasn’t cracked or anything after being super used.

We replaced a couple large round trash cans with these slim units. They don’t hold as much but they take up a lot less space in the kitchen and the bags aren’t so large and heavy. That said, they hold a surprising amount for the floor space they take up.

Who knew trash cans cost so much?. I must say that i should never have to replace this trash can because it is a very sturdy trash can. It is the perfect size as well. Bags from any store, which fits perfect. I have bought 3 trash cans in the last 5 years that turned out to be utter junk (step pedal trash cans). So in the long run i will be saving money by not having to buy another can. I suggest getting the lid that you place on top of the can that does not swing. The lid is called ‘handle top’ for slim jim trash can. I read a lot of bad reviews on the swinging lids.

Very well construction, heavy duty. I use a regular, hefty, 30 gallon, draw string liner. They are a good fit but, being ’round bags’ they are a little tight over the rectangle trash can. I need to find the correct ‘slim jim’ liners.

This thing is actually pretty nice when you have a larger family. Our kids are younger and we end up with a lot of trash.

We bought it because our little dog kept knocking over every other kitchen waste can we used. The little monster can’t knock this over. Yeait is a great counter height and depth, and bottom heavy enough to keep it really stable. One thing to consider is trash bag options. Since it has a 33′ perimeter opening, we need to buy a pretty large trash bag.

If you live in the country and like to reuse empty feed bags as your trash bags this is the perfect size container. I also like that this is a much heavier plastic than anything you’ll find at wally world or target.

Bought two to organize gardening tools – rakes, hoes, brooms – anything with a long handle. You will need to weight it down but it does the trick and keeps the garage tidy.

Ok for $30 on sale, but definitely not the regular price of almost double that. It should at least come with a basic flat lid that is made of the same material and thickness. I made the mistake of buying the ‘flap’ lid that was cheap quality and $33.

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