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Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG295700GRAY Plastic Resin Deskside Wastebasket, Nice Blue Color and Recycle Logo.

It is a trash can, it holds my garbage without complaining. I could not ask for more from a rubber bucket.

It fits perfectly under our sink.

I wanted a recycle bin with a giant recycle symbol on the front of it so that guests would know we recycle in this house. I also wanted my recycle bin to fit under the kitchen sink. Since most kitchen sinks feature a garbage disposal situated smack in the middle of the kitchen sink, there’s usually not a lot of room in the cabinets under that sink — especially if you already have a garbage bin in there. I’m happy to say this compact recycle bin is a great size and it fits perfectly under the sink in front of the garbage disposal, meaning i can have both my garbage bin and recycle bin side by side under the sink. This bin is small, but i only end up needing to empty it about every other day. Which is totally worth it that i can get everything out of sight and tucked away neatly.

This can is amazing, it hasn’t melted, or fallen apart. It’s well built, it hasn’t exploded or changed colors. It’s not gotten itself lost. It’s not frozen and needed a reboot. Also, it’s maintained the same gray color that it came with. It has ample power to collect garbage. It works with all iphones and androids. It works with the earth’s gravity to stay on the floor and not float away — strongly recommended.

This looks exactly like the kind of recycle bin you would see used for paper in an office environment, but i’m actually using it as a kitchen recycle bin for cans and bottles. If you go through a lot of recyclables, you might want to consider getting a larger one, but i think this one is right for me. Positives: stylish color and design. Name brand product for a reasonable price. Negatives: too big to use a grocery bag as a liner, but small enough that a 13-gallon bag fits loosely.

Top opening 15 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches and height is 20 inches. It seems to serve it’s purpose well.

4 gallon recycling bin online because i could not find it in stores. I did find the 7 gallon bin at home depot. I had to go thru a bunch of them before i could find one with a decent print of the ‘recycle’ logo. A lot of them were scratched, smeared or had other cosmetic flaws. So if you can find these bins in stores check the print quality. I was lucky as my online purchase, the 3. 4 gallon bin had a nicely done print. I really like the blue color and recycle logo. The logo is printed and not a decal which is applied on only one side.

Key specs for Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG295700GRAY Plastic Resin Deskside Wastebasket, 10 Gallon/41 Quart, Gray:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Space-efficient, economical, and an easy and an effective way to recycle
  • All-plastic construction won’t chip, rust or dent
  • Fits under standard-height desk
  • Great for conference rooms, registers, admissions, display rooms, gift shops, housekeeping, offices, shops, and more
  • Rolled rims add strength, and are easy to clean
  • A solution for home, office, and more
  • Recycling and side bin options available
  • Made in the USA. Material Type – Resin

Comments from buyers

“Does what it says, This can is amazing, it hasn’t melted, Serves it’s purpose well. Dimensions listed bellow.”

Holds trash and recyclables perfectly. Doesn’t need charging or software updates. Works during power outages and inclement weather. If you turn it upside down, you can sit on it in an emergency. Every house should have one.

In 1977 i bought my first house, and promptly went to a local store and bought two rubbermaid wastebaskets, one for the kitchen and one for the basement. I’ve gotten married, moved, and they followed me through the years to my current kitchen and workshop. The one in the workshop got more abuse and cracked a few years ago. The kitchen trash can is kept under the sink and is dragged in and out of its home 2 or more times a day. Finally, 37 years later (), the top edge began cracking from being grabbed by the rim many times daily. Needless to say, i wanted another rubbermaid. I couldn’t find the right size here in town, but this was perfect. It’s exactly the same height and width as the old one, so it fits perfectly under the sink. It seems even more sturdy than the original, and probably costs about the same, which means in 1977 dollars it’s practically free. The color is a little darker than pictured, more like taupe.

It holds things i put in it. Didn’t come to life and try and kill me.

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG295700GRAY Plastic Resin Deskside Wastebasket, 10 Gallon/41 Quart, Gray
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