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Rubbermaid 1819956 2-in-1 Recycler : This is a great product!

Couldn’t fit inside my cabinet but. . Couldn’t fit inside my cabinet, but it may not have been a regular sized cabinet. I put it on the outside of the cabinet door and it works perfectly for what i want. It looks nice so i am don’t care that it is seen. It has made recycling a lot better due to the layout of my kitchen door.

It’s super easy to instal and seriously. It’s super easy to instal and seriously has made recycling so much more enjoyable. Open the cabinet, lift the lid – in goes a can. All full – open the cabinet, lift the lid, pull the handle up and away you go to your outdoor recycling bin. Easy to keep clean, easy to use, and not too shabby looking either even though it’s in a cabinet for most of it’s use.

Bought a new house and there is no place in any lower cupboard for a recycling bin. Normally i would put it under the sink but the side that doesn’t have the drain has a garbage disposal. All the other cupboards have a fixed shelf in the middle making it impossible to put a bin in them so i ordered this rubbermaid one. It is small enough for me to but on the door under the sink and not hit the drain pipe or garbage disposal but big enough to hold a lot of recyclables. I am happy i purchased this as we just had a plastic container on the floor and my dogs were always interested in sticking their noses in there. This could be dangerous if they were to get a hold of a can with an exposed lid. I would buy this again and recommend it.

I’m in love with this recycler. I had a round step can that used for my recyclables for about the past 8 years. It was slightly broken to begin with and everytime i would add somehting to the recycling can, i would curse it. A lot of items never even made it into the can because it was such a pain and didn’thave anywhere for paper. Cardboard so lots of things would end up on the floor next to the can until recycling day. I was hesitant to spend $40 on what is essentially a type of trash receptacle but it was $ very well spent. I love opening the top to put in my cardboard/paper and stepping on the step to toss in some aluminim or glass. I’m finding myself looking to make extra trips to my recycling bin just so i can open it again. It is the perfect size for about once weekly trips to the recycling bins outside for 1 couple with 4 pets.

  • Decent Product That Could Use Some Improvements — I Do Use
  • Not perfect, but I like it!
  • This thing is awesome!! It’s super easy to instal and seriously

Rubbermaid 1819956 2-in-1 Recycler

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  • Contain trash and recyclable all in one location or sort recyclables
  • Sleek design blends into kitchen decor
  • Features linerlock bag management
  • 7.4-Gallon tilt-out bin with LinerLock handles and 5.8-gallon upper sorting bin
  • Foldaway handle for easy and clean transport

Easy to mount, time saver, and perfect for hiding unsightly recyclable material. These fit perfectly on the cabinet door below my kitchen sink and laundry room sink. It’s easy to mount and holds a little less than a brown paper bag (grocery store bag) of recyclable material. When the bag is full, i just grab it by the handle and go dump my recyclables in a bin in the garage. Its snaps back in place very easily. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to save time and hide an unsightly recycle bin in the house. Just remember, you’ll have to make space under the sink to close the cabinet door when the bag is full. Losing some space under the kitchen sink and laundry sink was worth it to me.

Love it, but don’t pack it too tight. Not big enough to fit a pizza box into, but it’ll hold lot of recyclables. Taking it off its hanging over-the-door mount is really easy, as is placing it back on. Since it is flexible, when you push your recyclables down into it, the bag will kind of mold to their shape, making them not want to come out when you empty it. I have to either not pack it quite as tightly and empty it more frequently, or use my hand to pull stuff out. Not a bad thing at all, and it certainly doesn’t detract from the otherwise awesomeness of the product; just something to note.

Our city just introduced “single stream recycling” so we needed a way to store our recyclables in the kitchen before taking them out to the huge recycling barrel on the side of the house. My husband installed (hung) it on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door below the kitchen sink. It does take up some room in the cabinet, when you close the door, so be prepared to clear adequate space for it. At the level i would expect for a rubbermaid product. It is very easy to lift the bag off the holder and comfortable to carry it outside to the big barrel. The inner plastic lining makes it easy to wipe up the inside to minimize stickiness, etc. You can toss the bag into the washing machine as well but i have not tried that yet.

I purchased the hidden recycler because my kitchen is tiny and i needed something discreet. It’s a little too wide to fit under my kitchen sink, as it either hits the pipes or the disposal, so i attached it to the inside of a lower cabinet door using the hooks. The hooks make it so that the door doesn’t close all the way, so i may eventually mount it with short screws. Even though it looks a little wonky, i really like the product. It’s much cleaner than using a trashcan, and the waterproof lining makes it super easy to clean. It has two handles, the one you can see in the photo and another at the bottom of the backside, which makes emptying very hassle-free. Definitely measure under your sink before purchasing the product, but i recommend getting it if you need something discreet for your recycling.

Greatest contribution to recycling ever. I wanted something that made it easy and simple for me to recycle at my apartment. I love how easy it is to put this in place and begin using it. You always end up at the sink rinsing out recyclables so it makes sense to have your bin there as well. The “hooks” that hang over the top of cabinet door are padded so they won’t tear up the cabinet doors. The install is simple, slide the “hooks” onto the recycle bin and then just slide over a door. The bag is wonderful quality. However, due to my apartment valet recycle rules i bought the “simplehuman code d custom fit recycling liners” to go inside. These aren’t a perfect fit but it makes it simple to remove them from the recycle bin and set outside.

I use the bottom for recycling cans, and use the top for storing my soiled kitchen rags. I love that both bins have handles, making it easy to take out the trash and carry to the laundry room. The quality is solid, and the design is sleek and modest.

I used to use a reusable shopping bag on the floor next to my garbage can, but this is so much neater. It tucks away in the cabinet, hanging inside the door. I completely fill my robocan every week because i’m using this bag.

We use this as a trash can for our rv (minnie winnie). We installed two camco screen door cross bars, an upper and a lower one. This recycler is hung off of the lower cross bar, so it basically hangs off of the step well and is out of the way while conveniently close to the kitchen. It makes an otherwise unusable space very functional for very little money. When we travel it is easily removed, and we use tall kitchen bags which fit pretty well. We love that it has a lid so you don’t stare at your trash, and the soft side is perfect since we still open and close the door. Because of how we use it, we don’t put alot of heavy things in it, and the size prevents you from overloading it. Since it is on the door, it moves out of the way when you enter/exit the rv.

This bag is the perfect solution for us as renters. This bag is the perfect solution for us as renters. The bag is a great weight, very easy to unhook and empty, and doesn’t let any leaks get into the cabinet. I do put a recycling bag inside this one for greater ease in changing out our compost. We have another for recycle items which, after being rinsed clean, sometimes leave a few drips. Usually i have a regular plastic garbage bag inside this one and just empty that into our regular recycle bins in the garage. When the extra bag is forgotten, however, this bag keeps any drips inside.

I am actually using this as my main trash container in the kitchen and recently ordered a second one to go in our office. The green material is nice enough to have it hanging in plain sight. The bag is easy to detach from the lid/holder, and i like the fact that it has a material strap located at the back toward the bottom which helps in tipping it to empty it.

It fits on a standard kitchen cabinet door (i keep it under the sink). It is easy to remove as well as transport to a larger recycling bin. It closes tightly and holds approximately 40-45 16 ounce plastic bottles before crushing. The inside is vinyl; hence, no leaking and easy to rinse out.

It’s super easy to instal and seriously. It’s super easy to instal and seriously has made recycling so much more enjoyable. Open the cabinet, lift the lid – in goes a can. All full – open the cabinet, lift the lid, pull the handle up and away you go to your outdoor recycling bin. Easy to keep clean, easy to use, and not too shabby looking either even though it’s in a cabinet for most of it’s use.

When i opened the package i was looking for hardware to put it together. Product comes with two hangers that slip into place. Product can be hung on a drawer, cabinet door. When hung this way the cabinet or drawer will not close all the way. To have it inside a closing cabinet you’d have to screw it onto the door. Anyhow, this holds a fair amount and since i have it hanging on a drawer in full view, i’m recycling more. The bag lifts out easily to take my recyclables to a can i have outside. Seems with a liner could also be used for garbage that’s not too heavy.

I was growing very tired of just having a corner on the floor in the kitchen for recycling and/or having to cart each item outside individually to our large recycle bin. I placed this in the cabinet under our sink and it’s brilliant. Occasionally i have to hose it down when guests put something in there without emptying it, but it cleans up easily. I originally tried using the the over the door hooks but because of a basic design flaw with too much padding on the hooks, it never allowed the door to close flush. Once i finished refinishing my cabinets i decided to screw it on to the interior of the cabinet and it’s now perfect for us. I usually fill up our large pick up recycle bin (size of garbage bin) to the point of overflowing so it means that i have to empty this little beauty about 2-3 times per week, more if we’ve had company.

It didn’t fit in my cabinet so make sure to measure before buying unlike me– i put it in the recycling closet instead. I like this bin a lot, relatively easy to put together and is waterproof.

Perfect out-of-the-way recycling bin. I was previously using a cardboard box for my recycling until my boyfriend accidentally recycled the box. I have a small kitchen in an apartment, so i needed something small and out of the way. It was really easy to put together and hang inside my cabinet with the over the door hooks. It also came with mounting gear if you prefer that. It fits perfectly inside my cabinet. Yes, it’s small, but what would you expect for something that is designed to hang inside a cabinet?.It still fits a good deal of items if you crush/compact them down first. I empty it about once a week (just me in my house). It is really easy to take out too. The bag/handle assembly easily lifts off the rest of the fixture to take to your outside bin. There is even a handle on the bottom of the bag to easily dump it. Then it just slides back on to the lid/door assembly.

No more counter clutter and it’s easy to use and holds plenty before having to empty it. Item came as described by the seller and well packaged and on time delivery. Super happy about this purchase.

I bought two of these, one for each door under my sink for trash and recyclables, because i have a tiny kitchen and my huge joseph joseph trash can was hogging up valuable space in my closet pantry. It’s less convenient but saves me space, plus, my kitchen never smells like trash because i use grocery bags which fill up quickly.