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Rev-A-Shelf – RV-814PB – Single 20 Qt : Functional But Not Perfect

I can’t believe what a positive difference installing 2 of these products has made in my kitchen. I have a small home with limited cupboard space, but these really helped me maximize my under the sink storage area. I was was able to fit two of these under an extremely cramped sink, and now i have two trash receptacles that are both hidden, yet really easy to access and remove. I tried another similar product (that i had to return) but this one really fits in tight areas, where the other competitor just could not. It is very well made and seems like it’ll last a long time. The bins are very slender & the clean bright white is modern and simple.

I opted for the door mounting kit in addition, for which i am glad. Without it, i could just see the inside of the door getting beat up from people not opening it far enough before pulling the can out. Plus without it, its a double move to discard trash, which sometimes is a challenge with full or messy hands. Installation can be trickier with older cabinets were the bottom may have sagged slightly, creating an non-level surface which may require shimming of the slide rails to achieve smooth operation as in my case. I’ve had it installed for about 8 months at the time i wrote this review and am totally satisfied. Quality bags can be tough to found locally, though lately i’ve been ordering these http://amzn. Com/b001jcvm6o (glad force flex 8 gal) w/ free prime shipping.

Every time i try pull the trash bin out it literally comes right out of the metal frame. You literally have to kinds of push the trash bin down while pulling out so it stays in place. Not many options this size so i’m kinda living with it for now.

There is no handle on this product so you have to pull on the trash can itself. When you do this, the trash can comes out of the base because it is not anchored in anyway. Would not purchase this product again. If it wasn’t already installed i would send it back. Installation was not easy either.

I give the product an a and the installation instructions an f. It’s a great 20qt garbage bin and slider for a fair price and installation is super easy once you figure it out. The instructions skip so many steps it’s pathetic. You do not need to drill pilot holes but you do need an electric screwdriver (phillips head), a pencil and a ruler. Here is how to install:1) do not cut the zip tie before you start2) place the frame on the bottom of the cabinet where you want it to go, at least 1/2 inch from the front of the cabinet and use the ruler to make sure it is perpendicular to the side wall of the cabinet. 3) trace the oval of the horizontal hole in each of the 4 slide legs. 4) now cut the zip tie and separate the frame from the slides. 5) take the right slide and place it exactly where it was before using the ovals you traced as a guide. 6) use an electric screwdriver to screw one floor screw through the rear slide leg at the horizontal hole. Re-align the slide using the oval you drew and screw a floor screw through the front slide leg at the horizontal hole.

I bought this for a customer and it was too big (my fault, i didn’t take the depth measurement),so instead of returning it, i put it in my house. I never wanted a roll out garbage in my home, now i can’t believe i didn’t put one in sooner. I love it and highly recommend it.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-814PB – Single 20 Qt. Pull-Out White Waste Container with Adjustable Frame

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Package Contents:(1) White 20 quart container with White frame and mounting hardware
  • Horizontal Configuration: Designed for a Cabinet that is 12″ in width (B12) from outside to outside, with a 8-1/2″ or wider opening. Vertical Configuration: Designed for Cabinets that are 24″(B24), 30″ (B30), or 36″(B36) in width from outside to outside, with a 21-1/2″ or wider opening.
  • Assembled dimensions: 8.5″ W x 14.62″ D x 16.62″ H
  • 35lb – 3/4 Extension Euro slide system
  • The design can rotate to either fit a 9″ or 15″ opening
  • Simple (4) screw installation

We needed something to work with the piping under the sink and this fit perfectly. Small enough to fit, but holds plenty of trash. Slides easily and removes easily for emptying. My only complaint is that you have to grab the top of the trash can to slide it out and that can get pretty gross. We added a small handle to the front (just a piece of pvc pipe) in order to grab it and pull it out without getting grimy hands.

Just the perfect size for my cabinet. I wish it had a handle though. Need to find the proper bags for it.

The instructions say 15 minute installation. This would have been true except i needed to rotate mine. The small screws that needed to be removed all stripped very badly although i was using a hand held screw driver. It took about 30 minutes just to get those out. All in all the rest of the installation was very easy and i am pleased with the outcome.

This shelf works as advertised, but it is rickety and the wheels do not roll smoothly. I also got the door adapter that allows you to use the door to roll in and out the shelf. The rolling shelf itself lacks a closing feature, and you need to push it all the way in for it to close. I know that’s a small gripe, but with so many great drawer accessories out there, this seems like a ’70s item. You would never find this shelf demonstrated in a home store or anywhere else, and i will be searching home stores to find a replacement that lives up to the standard of my rather normal kitchen. Then this thing goes directly into the trash.

– i got crazily configuration under the sink which wasted space. -got this item since you can install it either way (the wide side can face the front)-gave it a chacence and cut back side of the bucket and it works great, no issues for months now. -sister loved it and i got one for her as a gift 😁.

The size was perfect for under kitchen sink, as it cleared all drain pipes. Assembly was simple but if the base rails aren’t perfect, the can does not roll out easy. The biggest complaint is it’s durability. It may be due to a family member pushing the garbage down (compacting) but thats always been the case with my old 15 year old can assembly. I ordered another style with a different slide rails that seem more durable and have more travel to full open. It’s ok for light trash but not for a kitchen trash can.

This product was easy to install, with clear, simple, instruction. The device rolls smooth and without forcing it. There is minimal measuring, which helped with the ease of install.

This is definitely a product that you have to look online for help installing, which, is super inconvenient. I took off the zip ties before reading the instructions to ensure i had all of the parts and to get everything laid out. It tells you in the instructions to remove the zip ties after installing the floor screws. The pictures were a little unclear as to which way the rack is supposed to go, so i originally installed the floor rails backwards before watching some youtube videos and realizing my mistake. I had trouble installing because i didn’t understand the instructions so that’s partly my fault. After installation, i’m expecting it to do its job and that’s keep my trash can out of sight while also allowing me easy access to it if needed.

This seemed like a good solution for our small kitchen, i’d give it five stars if the frame was sturdier. I adapted it with some cable ties to hold the brackets for the can, which pull out of their holders when you remove the can. Also, if your cabinet floor is not level – mine is warped from a water leak- it’s hard to get the install right. Having said all that, it’s a good idea.

There are few things i hate more than seeing a trash can in the middle of a well-appointed kitchen. It truly ruins the aesthetic. I purchased this to fit in a very narrow cabinet and it fits perfectly. It was extremely easy to install – my boyfriend did so in about 1/2 hour, including charging the screw gun. Please remember to get the inside measurement before ordering. I previously ordered the larger size that i thought would fit, but i was off less than 1/2 inch because i didn’t take this into account. Am extremely pleased with this purchase and will be buying more items such as this to finish off my kitchen.

I don’t want to be one of those people that marks down a product that effects the rating because i didn’t fully pay attention to the description so i gave it a neutral 3. The truth is i sent this unit back when i got it and saw how tiny it is. I based my purchase on the photo and i think they use that one photo for every one of their products. Either that or that cabinet is from a dollhouse. I’m not saying to not buy this but the photo doesn’t match the real item so don’t make the same mistake i did. Make sure it truly is the size you want based on the description and not the picture.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-814PB – Single 20 Qt. Pull-Out White Waste Container with Adjustable Frame : I live in an apartment complex where we have valet trash but there’s nowhere to put their trash can and i learned that they will take trash out from cans that aren’t theirs. So i ordered this to fit perfectly under my sink. It’s been installed about two months now and it still glides really well. I put it in width ways instead of depth, due to how my pipes run under the sink. However, due to this one if the metal bars that holds the trashcan in place comes loose if i pull/push the trashcan too fast which is a quick fix just pop it back in. However because of that i won’t give it 4 or 5 stars. Still super useful otherwise.

It’s pretty good: not the most sturdily-built device, and it may not last a whole lot of years, but it does the job. However, if you do buy this, then as soon as you open the package, burn the instructions. They were written by someone who apparently has never actually seen the product. They are misleading, leave out critical information, and are just plain wrong. Installation should take you about five minutes with a pencil, a ruler, and a power screwdriver–unless you try to follow the instructions, in which case it will take you about an hour.

This is the only sliding shelf i found that might fit in my cabinet. It was very easy to install, which is good. The only problem i have is that you have to pull the can all the way out of the cabinet to take the filled bag out. I have to lift the top part that holds the can off the sliding track and hold it with my leg until i empty the trash. It’s just a tad short to bring the garbage can all the way out of the cabinet enough to pull the filled bag out. And before you ask, yes, it was installed as close as possible to the door so it would still close. It was really my only option so it will do.

The idea is a great one but the design missed out somehow the can tends to tip a bit and sometimes sticks as it is pulled out. The motion of pulling the can out should be smoother and it should glide, not pull and tug and tip.

It’s really weird that rev-a-shelf doesn’t have a lid option for this size – even despite the numerous complaints. The sliding function of the frame hasn’t loosened up, and i’ve added wd40, but it’s still stiff. So especially for this reason it would be nice if there were a handle. Will try some diy suggestions other reviewers suggested. Pleased that it fits under my sink, though.

It’s so quite close to perfect, but it falls short a little. . I have a tiny row house and need to fit two cans in a kitchen island so i knew i had my work cutout for methese were slim enough, but my beef lies around the following:- really wish there was a pull out handle as their 35qt model. I believe this would help stabilize the can and make the pull out more smoothly. – the can rails are really loose and don’t have any way to thightem them, so the can tends to left out of place when you pull them out. – it was not an issue for me, but mine came without the installation template – i had a flat pack install the units, and he said it was no problem. All in all i got what i paid for. It fit perfectly where i wanted it. I will just have to find a way to secure the can so it will come one easier.

I needed something that would fit in my little kitchen under my sink beside all my pipes. I just couldn’t find one with a lid. And when it’s full, i can smell my garbage when i pass by the kitchen 🙁 if i could buy a lid separately for this, i totally would. Preferably a lid with a string or chain that can be attached to the back of the cabinet so that the lid automatically raises when you open the trash can.

The shelf is an easy way to make the waste basket easy to access and still be out of sight. I would have preferred to be able to install it as in the perpendicular to the door but with drain pipes and garbage disposal, i had to install it parallel to the door. It can be a bit tipsy pulling it out, but is sure saves room on the kitchen floor and it is, again, out of sight.

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