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Rev-A-Shelf – RV-35-LID-17-1 – 35 Qt – Expensive but fits

Fits perfect and works great.

The bins came without covers, so this makes it what i expected–a bin with a cover. Fits well and it of good construction.

This lid itself does it job. It fits onto the unit which came with my rev a shelf product and opens and closes fine. The 3 star review is simply because of the price point. $15 for a trash can lid makes me feel like i’ve been violated, but because i knew it would fit the canister i went ahead and did it. In the end i’ll be glad i did, but i’m certainly bitter about it. I also wish it fit the trash can a little better. I was expecting it to snap on or have some or mechanism which secured it to the container to some degree. It just sits on top of it like any other trash can lid.

Works great on out trash can just wish it didn’t cost so much.

Perfect lid for garbage under sink. Keeps odors out, and don’t have to look at garbage.

This is a well-made, solid product that stands up to rugged usage. It does appear a bit pricey, but we’ve had ours for over a year and it shows no sign of wear and tear. I’ve owned pricier units in the past that cracked or loosened in shorter periods of time, but i don’t think this will. It also does a good job sealing the can to lessen (and usually completely hide) the smell of our garbage.

  • Little pricey but good quality lid.
  • Should be bundled with the garbage. Not seperate
  • Green for recycling?

These were the best priced lids i could find. They work well for what they are designed to do. It would be nice if they snapped into place, but they serve their purpose.

Perfectly fits my rev-a-shelf trash bin. But bit on expensive side just for the lid we are spending money , ideally shouldn’t it be included in the trash bin purchase.

Definitely needed for in cabinet trash can. Shocked at the price for just a cover but is twice as much on the manufacturer website. Our trash was making the cabinet smell. Cannot use in the back can though as the lid cannot open.

Fits the top of my rev-a-shelf trash can perfectly. Haven’t had any failure of the plastic lid components – especially that it’s opened many times daily. Have had mine for 6 months now. I like that it helps keep odors locked inside the trash can.

The lid pops off pretty easily when bumped, but not with simply regular use. I like being able to close my garbage when it’s in the rev-a-shelf drawer system.

Features of Rev-A-Shelf – RV-35-LID-17-1 – 35 Qt. Silver Waste Container Lid

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  • (1) Silver 35 quart waste container lid
  • Fits all Rev-A-Shelf 35 quart waste containers
  • Optional Rev-A-Shelf waste container frames and lids available, sold separately

Make sure this fits
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Installed this in a 24′ cabinet and fit great. Installation took a while loner than anticipated since i mounted the door directly to the sliding shelf. I purchased the shelves from lowes and the lids from amazon.

Perfect fit for a rev-a-shelf trash can that came without lid. Fits snugly and holds trash bag in place. Like the color; it matches pretty closely with gray can. Holds odors in so they don’t permeate through cabinet.

Let me just start out by saying i’m glad i bought this lid and it seems like it is very durable and will last us for a long time. That being said i wish it was spring loaded or better yet, was a no slam lid. There’s no frills about this thing. Just a regular open and shut lid that goes on a great trash can system. I guess i expected just a little more for the price. Seems like two lids should come instead of just one. Four stars for durability and i got exactly what i asked for. Extra bit of advice when installing the sliding trashcan system that goes with this. Is to make sure that you clear the drawer above where the lid is going to open. I didn’t account for this and had to install twice.

Purchased with the waste container. For a few bucks more it should be included with it.

I am so happy about these lids. They fit inside the rim firmly. They don’t snap on but they are still snug fitting. Put your trashbag in the can then push the lid on. They don’t come out after lifting the lid to put trash in.

I bought this one and a black one for the dual pull out i installed. I thought it was better to get to keep the smell contained and not to attract bugs and also to distinguish my trash from recycling. First off, they are awfully expensive for trash can lids. Secondly, the lids work fine unless you have the double unit as i do in which case the lid to the waste container in the back can not be opened because it is stopped by the top of the cabinet as the unit does not pull out far enough for the second one to avoid it. Instead you just end up lifting the entire lid up to throw the trash in rather than use the lift up part of the lid. After receiving it, i also decided it was kind of a pain to have the extra step of opening the trash can to throw out the trash. (here i installed the unit to the cabinet door so that i didn’t have the extra step of opening the cabinet then pulling out the drawer so why would i now want to lift the lid up?)so, i don’t use the lids and i find it easier to just make sure we throw the trash out every night.

(1) Silver 35 quart waste container lid

Perfect for hidden trash/recycling storage. Make sure you install the pull out drawer right up to the front of the cabinet so that the lids will open all the way when you pull out and won’t interfere with the knob in the pullout drawer above.

It works just fine but could be better quality.

I revamped my kitchen, installed the sliding pull-out unit for two 35qt waste bins. I use the silver one for recyclables and the black for regular refuse. Also purchased lids for both. Slightly expensive but worth the money. Sooo convenient and nothing standing around on the kitchen floor taking up space.

But no springs or something, designed to put over garbage bag around rim.

Bought to retrofit an itouchless deodorizer touch-free sensor 13-gallon automatic stainless-steel trash can. Fits perfectly into the rim that holds the bag in.

These should be designed to open on the side, because the average depth cupboard isn’t big enough to mount this so you can extend it fully and open the lid of the back can without hitting the drawer above it. We ended up cutting out the door.

Fits all Rev-A-Shelf 35 quart waste containers

I’ve never been so excited about waste containers. We just bought a double-pull out rev-a-shelf for our new apartment, and we love it. It fits in our cabinet perfectly, including the lids. The lids are well-made and install easily (they just sit inside the opening on the top – no snaps). My biggest source of confusion is why green?. In both california and oregon, the standard color coding is: – black – landfill – blue – bottles and cans (recycle) – green – compost/yard wastethis is how people are used to sorting their waste here. If this was blue, everyone would know exactly what it’s for intuitively. We could have it be the front unit in our pull-out. As it is, even with the little recycling emblem embossed on the top, it’s not obvious to people who haven’t seen it before. My roommates moved the green unit to the back (even though we recycle most of our waste) because guests wouldn’t see the recycling emblem and would presume the front one is trash.

Fits perfectly and makes it easy to access. Seems as though it should be cheaper, when you compare it to the trash can. Anyway, i’m pleased with it. I can’t imagine having the little critters begin to appear with an open trash can.

The rev-a-shelf products are amazing. Just outfitted my kitchen with 4 different ones. The waste basket is my favorite, but i was dissappointed to find that it didn’t come with a lid. The price of the lid alone is almost as much as the entire product.But it’s the only solution to having a covered waste basket.

The lid is great since i hate an open garbage but i think it should come with the garbage when ordered. Not sure why you have to order it separately.

Like a previous reviewer, i found the lid expensive and with my double unit it doesn’t pull out far enough to get the lid off. So i removed the cover from the lid casing and just use the casing to mark the recycling as green. Good quality if it fits your cabinet?.

The only reason these didn’t get a 5 was price. And why is the smaller lid more than the larger?. I had bought custom cabinets from lowes and wanted lids for the trash cans but they could not find them. I stumbled across these looking for something else on amazon. They are the same brand and a perfect fit, go figure. The cabinet purchase was a nightmare. Lowes did their best to help out but i can not recommend diamond cabinets.

Optional Rev-A-Shelf waste container frames and lids available, sold separately

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