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Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18PB-2 S – Double 35 Qt, Got space back in my kitchen!

I get paper bags from the grocery store because they fit perfectly in the provided bins. Installation -had a problem with the water taps hitting the top rim of the top can, i removed a 1 inch section from the middle and taped back together so it clears the top now. Way better solution than notching the rim- structurally it’s still rigid. Tips:if it’s going under the sink anyone doing a new kitchen should put the taps, drainage, and disposal to one side to make sure there is enough clearance on top and back, this thing is deep.

We did some remodeling and finally had a cabinet where we could install this. It went in pretty easy and it works wonderfully. I love having the garbage out of site. These cans don’t have lids which in a way would be nice but in another way. You would have to open them every time. Now we just open the cabinet door and put things in. They are not huge cans and we empty often so no problems. I use a standard 13 gallon trash bag and it works great. It slides in and out nice and smoothly.

Anything rev-a-shelf worth purchasing just redid whole kitchen installed r-a-s in every base cabinet, pantry and slide out for tray over fridge great product.

I bought this to replace an older rev-a-shelf system that had completely fallen apart. I was very disappointed in the quality/durability of the old system, so was reluctant to buy this one. However, the quality of this seems much better. Pros: easy to install, pretty much. This is more of a $50 item than $180. Also, you may need to add risers to the bottom of your cabinet to accommodate this as the directions assume the bottom of the cabinet it flat. I’ve added a picture — i had to add 3 inch strips of 1/4 poplar wood to both sides of the bottom of my cabinet. I also bought 1 inch screws that were a tad longer than the ones included.

I love this system and can’t believe i waited so long to buy this. It was fairly easy to install (for a tiny person who fits under the counter easily). It slides nicely and feels sturdy even when both cans are full. After a few days of using this, i broke down and ordered the kit that attaches the cabinet door to the front of the sliding rack, so i don’t have to open the door, slide the rack, then close the door. I highly recommend that if you’re installing this. (rev-a-shelf heavy duty door mount kit)the sliding shelf made a huge difference in our small kitchen. No more ugly trash cans sitting out. (and the door mount kit makes it even better, especially when i’m busy and only have 1 free hand.

So this is a review from an amateur diy guy and by no means a pro. I just bought the dual-bin slide-out with door mount kit. Previously, i had just the slide-out unit behind a standard cabinet door. I will say the longevity is questionable, since this appears to be the same product that was originally installed in my home, which was completely worn out after just a few years. After installing this replacement, it already rubs and grinds a little. I even removed and reinstalled it to make sure it’s straight, but that didn’t help. Installation overview: maybe it’s just my luck, but it took me a couple hours to install the whole system and have it look decent. Mostly trial and error on my part. Install details: instructions for the door kit say the door is plenty adjustable, but realistically, there is only vertical adjustment. Double sided sticky tape is provided to assist with attaching the door to the brackets with screws.

 my husband always gets irritated at me because i buy stuff, and think i can install it myself. Half way through i always end up saying ‘can you help me a minute’ and then he finishes the job. As soon as my rev-a-shelf arrived i got to work. It fit perfectly under my cabinet (and i have an old house with old cabinets) and sink. We just remodeled and put in a new sink so i completely forgot to measure to see if the top of the trash can would hit the sink – so don’t forget that your sink may be lower than the opening of the door. Luckily mine has about 1/2′ clearance when the trash cans are inside.

Key specs for Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18PB-2 S – Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out White Waste Containers with Full-Extension Slides:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • (2) White 35 quart containers with White frame and mounting hardware
  • 100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system
  • Removable handle
  • Optional door mount kit available (RV DM KIT sold separately)
  • Optional Rev-A-Shelf lids available, sold separately

Comments from buyers

, pantry and slide out for tray over fridge GREAT
, In this house we hide trash – just like we do with feelings- great product, well made

One bigger size and the next size down. I then purchased the door bracket to have one handle for easy access. We’re still in the process of the remodel but it’s coming together. I will buy rev a shelf items in the future.

Fits perfectly in our 18′ cabinet. I was under the impression this had a soft self close feature like i saw a review on youtube but i was wrong. That was a bit disappointing but i didn’t want to deal with returning it and paying more for one with that feature so i modified mine. 22′ soft close full extension slides can be purchased at home depot for $20. I purchased those and some bolts and mounted them to mine. Now i have the soft close feature and it took me about 30 minutes to modify them. The cage that the cans sit on unscrew and i drilled holes in the new railing and screwed them back to the cage. The mounts which bolt to your cabinet are riveted to the slides. Drilled those out and use a #8 machined screw and nut.

Once you have these you will never go back to regular trash cans. This works so well: slides in and out smoothly, holds two nice size bins, fits into most cabinets. I highly recommend getting the front mount for single hand use. It’s a separate item, and about $20, but it makes it into a one-handed-open. Works fine no matter where it’s mounted. We had this in a custom home we bought and it was a $400/option. In this new house, doing it with this kit, much less expensive and it’s easier to keep clean. Took me about 20 minutes to unpack, read directions, grab tools, and install. Took my hubby another 8 minutes to install the front brackets (separate product). You will have to bend down and crawl between tight areas to tighten screws inside the cabinet. Again, you’ll wonder how you lived without you trash/recycling hidden.

I tried several ways of containing my garbage and recycling to one cupboard. Nothing worked well and i was tired of the frustration of not having a good place to put recycling items. I finally gave in and purchased this item. I think it took longer to assemble the metal frame than it did to actually install it. 15 minutes at the most from start to finish and i’m a girl. I also ordered the brackets to attach the cupboard door. Installation time of 15 minutes does not include attaching the door. My cupboard is quite a bit taller than the wastebaskets so i was able to fit the box of garbage sacks under the rear basket. That was a nice surprise since they would no longer fit in the cupboard otherwise.

Who knew i’d be excited about my trash cans?. I just installed this so my review will be mostly based on that. I’m a sahm who occasionally likes to prove to my husband that i can do a diy completely on my own. I was able to install this plus the door attachement in one hour with my 12 mo old crawling all over me. It was really easy and made even easier with an electric screwdriver. Instructions were clear and easy to read. They were written by someone who has a complete understanding of the english language and knows how to explain things. My kitchen now feels high end. I’m glad i spent the money on this.

Most folks might want this under a sink. If 99 of 100 sinks are double, both cans won’t fit because of plumbing. (i see from the photo where ‘extra’ bits are meant to go. This is a quality full pull glider. I installed one can that is very convenient now. And put the other in a dark corner to put ‘big’ recycle stuff that would fill a single can too quickly. All in all i’m happy i bought this. But be prepared to install it ‘intuitively’ .

Who knew that moving your trash and recycle bin off the floor would make such a huge difference?. I sure didn’t – not until i got this. I installed it myself in about 10 minutes and it has been such a life changer. The only thing i would recommend is, since there are no lids – put a little container of baking soda inside the cabinet to reduce the trash smell – or get lids?. The containers are not large enough to hold a whole bunch of trash anyway, so we change out the trash bags about twice a week (family of four). We use one bin for trash and one for recycling and both are dumped about twice a week.

 speed of delivery ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ quality of the product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⏰ minus one star because only time will telll. Ease of install ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ minus one star for incomplete directions – and i get it. . Directions are provided for just about everything else, except the final component. . The handle – but incomplete directions, just feel lazy & unprofessional. By the way putting the handle on just requires looking at the photograph and squeezing the “u” shade connector hard enough.

This worked perfectly for my location. It is made well with a very smooth slide-out mechanism. Because of the placement of the pipes under my sink, i had to make some adjustments to make it work. I had only enough room for one of the trash cans so i cut down the second one and i use it for trash bag liners, dishwasher soap, refills of dish liquid soap and brillo pads. I could have used one trash can by itself but needed the trash can to be used with the flat part side-to-side and not front-to-back and also wanted the slide-out option to keep everything well organized. This is exactly what i needed and an excellent product.

(sort of a no brainer: make sure you measure your cupboard frame before you buy this. Measurements listed on the site are accurate)i’ve had it installed for just over a month. The mechanism is smooth and easy to operate. I turned one of my poorly leveraged cabinets into my garbage/recycle and i’m so happy to have the space back in the kitchenat first i was worried about a slightly smaller trash capacity than my free-standing can i was getting rid of, but the kitchen space gained is worth it and i’m forced to take the smelly trash out more often ;-)installation was a piece of cake, just a few screws. My only advice is make sure to give yourself a enough room on the sides so it doesn’t catch the trash liner and tear it.

Perfect laundry room solution for sorting laundry without the huge expense of revamping the entire laundry room cabinetry. Very sturdy and perfect for separating just the right sized load.

Just received this, pulled out a shelf and installed it by myself. The product seems well made. And i love not having a trash can out in the open in my kitchen.

The rev-a-shelf install was ridiculously easy. From unboxing to installation the process took right at 15 minutes. And the bulk of that was removing a shelf from inside the cabinet. The slides are smooth and the unit itself is sturdy once properly secured. The cans seem durable, and hefty cinch sacks 13gal fit well. I’ve got the door kit as well, so that will be the next mini-project. I’m impressed with the design and i’ll update as needed if there are any build quality issues. So far, this is a must-buy for kitchens where a trash can placement in the open would be an issue.

I installed this rev-a-shelf along with the door mount kit and the girlfriend approves. Slides very effortlessly, but i did make sure it was all nice and square before securing the 4 mounting screws to the cabinet base. Make sure you visit rev-a-shelfs website and check the part numbers to make sure you get the right size. Most of my 15′ cabinets which fit the 35qt didn’t have room so i had to return this 35qt and use a 12′ cabinet with the 27qt trash can version of this product. One note to installing, dry mount the door kit for your cabinet if you’re using it before securing it. I took this advice from another review and it made it easier. If you install it, then use the door mount, you can’t easily get the right depth. By putting the door mount kit on first and putting it in the middle adjustment depth you can then install the actual slide rails at the perfect depth for when it closes it actually latches in. This way it doesn’t just bump against the cabinet face as a ‘stop’ point. Mine actually catches and hits the rubber slider ends to ‘hold’ the trash cans in right as the cabinet door goes flush to the cabinet face.

This little unit brought a year to my eye. It’s poetic curves, strong silent steel and a smooth glide that will leave you feeling weak in the knees. The plastic bins are trusty classics that never fail. They are elegant and mysterious, and everything that one desires of a plastic bin. I can spend hours pulling this out and pushing it back in. The sound it makes is similar to that of a flight atop and eagle with gossamer wings. I also feel like a secret champion because i got a free handle. Oh how i revel in my own personal rose tinted world. I alone posses the only handle amoung the millions of units sold. For as i peered through the amazingly detailed instructions, for which there is no comparison, i did not find a picture nor a mention of this elusive handle.

I wanted a pull out shelf for the trash can under my kitchen sink but was having trouble finding one that was oriented the direction i needed in order to get the can in without the plumbing being in the way. It comes with two trash cans. They are nice and tall, so you can get a bit more trash in them. Since only one fit with my plumbing , i’m using the other elsewhere. I had hubby cut down the old trash can to a height that would clear the plumbing in the back of the cabinet (jig saw works great) and i’m using it behind the main can. This provided a bit more storage in that wasted space and helps the can not flop around in the drawer. ( there is a kind of wire divider between the two and they do provide brackets to use to hold one can by itself but my plumbing was even in the way of that. ) it also makes a great spot for storing some of the bulkier items under the sink. They are well built, sturdy and easy to install.

We have two large dogs who are so well-behaved you’d almost think they were trained that way. But we all have a dark side, and for these dogs it’s an affinity for the trash receptacle. I tried everything, including an $80 trash can. Alas, these otherwise dim-witted animals can out-think anything with a latch. Often times the dogs forget where the trash is, and when i open and close the drawer for trash and recycle; it flashes in their goldfish-brains for a second only to out-smart them again by completely disappearing into the cabinets. It’s wonderful and keeps me from losing my cool after a long day at work, whining kids, and a terrible commute home only to find the kitchen trash spread across the entire floor. This rarely happens now, unless someone forgets to close the drawer all the way. Edit:those f&^*&^ng dogs can open this now. Still cool aesthetically in the kitchen, but no longer functions for the reason i purchased it.

This is just what i was needing for an under cabinet trash bin. I was tired of seeing my trash can sitting out on my kitchen floor. I wanted a pull out bin but didn’t want to sacrifice the amount of space for trash. Some of the bins on the pull outs are on the small size, not so on this one. And, i love the fact that this one has two good sized bins and still fits in my standard depth cabinet. I am using the front one for all trash and back one for paper only. Standard 13 gal trash bags fit perfectly in the bins. The handle on the front bracket is great, it keeps you from having to touch the garbage bin.

I’ve been wanting to order this for a while, but recently my dogs have taken an interest in my trash can so i decided it was time to do it. I also have recycling that comes each week, but since i didn’t have a separate container i never really leveraged it except for large items. I also ordered the brackets which attach it directly to the cabinet door which i highly recommend, but the rest of the review is about this product specifically. The installation of this item is super simple.I had this installed in the cabinet of desire in less than 15 minutes. It literally might have taken me as long to get the shelf out of the cabinet because of those darn clips than to install this. Upon arrival, the base unit ships in a single piece, and then you just snap the wire frames for the bins into place. I never measured my cabinet, even before ordering. The awesome part about this being a bottom mount piece is the width of the cabinet isn’t all that important as long as it is minimally wide enough. I’m usually pretty anal about measurements and installations being an engineer, but this looked simple enough i just eye-balled it.

Packaging and delivery: this product comes in a heavy-duty cardboard box. Product was ordered on a saturday and arrived 9 days later on monday. Contents: as a pleasant surprise, this product comes fully assembled. The only extras are 4 screws and what appears to be a removable handle. I was pleasantly surprised that the two black waste baskets were included. I thought i’d have to buy those separate. Build: everything is very sturdy. The rollers are heavy-duty and fully-extendable. The waste baskets fit snug, and the unit does not move or shake around. It has a well-built feel to it.

Fits an 18” base cabinet like a charm. With about 1 3/8” clearance from the cabinet carcass sides. Install such that the rubber bumpers on the front are at the same depth as the back surface of the face frame (if you have face frame cabinets). I highly recommend the adapter brackets that allow you to directly attach the door to the pull out. It gives a much more polished look and removes the step of opening the door first before pulling out the bins (and, the potential for causing damage if you try to close the door without pushing the pullout all the way back in).

I have wanted to do this for a few years, so when we moved into our new house i just decided to not wait for my husband to install a roll out garbage bin and just to it myself. I had no problem following the directions and it took me 1/2 a nap time (about an hour) to stall the whole thing including the door mount hardware. My 6 yr old son did help out screwing in the back screw attaching the base to the cabinet, but i could have done it no problem. We have been using it for the last 2 months and it has worked great. Very sturdy, we put recycling in the back and garbage in the front. So stop waiting for your husbands to out fit your kitchen ladies, take the screwdriver into your own hands and just to it yourself.

Very little assembly required. One only needs to snap in place the upper bars that keep the containers upright. Per the included instructions, you will need a drill to make pilot holes for the screws that anchor the rev-a-shelf. I’m a big guy so it was a bit of a challenge to screw the two rear screws. Please note that this does not come with covers, so when checking the dimensions of your cabinet door opening, be sure to account for the covers (if you plan to use them). Also, if the cabinet is under a drawer that has a handle, make sure that your depth dimension (from the front of the cabinet to back) accounts for pulling the shelf far enough for the flip cover of the rear container to clear any drawer handles. On mine, the back flip cover does hit the handle, but i can’t bring out the rev-a-shelf any further. This is not a knock on the product. That’s just the limitations of my particular kitchen cabinet.

Very nice quality setup for placing garbage bins inside a cabinet. All mounting hardware was included and instructions were easy to follow. Had plenty of clearance to mount within the cabinet and i may have missed the details but was pleasantly surprised to find it came with two garbage bins. I purchased the optional face mount so you can pull the entire drawer out with a handle on the cabinet instead of opening the cabinet. Everything installed without an issue and looks great.

I love that it comes with 2 trash cans and they fit perfect under my standard single cabinet. It came in a bunch a pieces in an unidentified box with absolutely no instructions for installation. It was a guessing game that took a few trial and errors to get it to work correctly and we’re handy people. It would have installed in a fraction of the time had it just come with some installation directions. I’m not sure where this is really coming from and i didn’t get an open box price if it was already used and returned. Don’t forget to order the door attachment pieces separately if you want the system to slide out when you open the door. These came in a manufacturer’s box with overly detailed instructions.

I just received and installed this unit, about 15 minutes is all it took. Seems to slide very nice and smooth. Placed the cans in the unit everything fits great plenty of clearance which was good because i purchased the ids for the cans as well. Placed the lids on and still have clearance. I was very pleased with all of this because i built the island and made sure my measurements would receive this product with the measurements i was provided. The unit is placed in the center of one side of the island with a single door and a drawer above it similar to how the company has their product picture. The lids to the containers are hinged so that it might help with odors and generally keep the cabinet tidy looking. The one container i am using for recycle and placed a green recycle lid on that, the other container to the rear will be used for dog food so i placed a white lid on that. The back container does not come out far enough so that the hinged lid will clear the drawer above it. I have the track system back about an inch from the front of the cabinet which if i moved it the hinged lid would miss the drawer but will not open due to the handle of the drawer being in the way. Since i need a lid on the containers i’m keeping all that i purchased. The hinged lid will be used as a lift off lid, but i just wanted to point this out to anyone making a purchase of these items.

This product is very well-made. My daughter installed it for me. What a pleasure to have garbage and recycling hidden from view. I should have done this look ago. I’ve bought other rev-a-shelf products to make reaching everything in my cabinets a snap. As a senior citizen, it’s a blessing not to have to kneel or bend to get to stuff.

Mounted in conjunction with the dm17 door mounting kit. This easily fits inside my 36′ sink cabinet although i use this on the other side from the sink. You obviously cannot mount it under the sink directly for there would be pipes in the way, etc. The screws that mount the back to the cabinet floor. Way too small as other reviews have pointed out. Those 2 screws will be under the most stress when you slide out the rack all the way and perhaps push down on the trash can to cram it down so you don’t have to be the one to empty the bag 🙂 i replaced those back screws with heavy duty cement backerboard scews. The wood will fail before the screws do. I recommend you do the same. Other than that, it went together in minutes.

Let me first comment on the end product: this is a very high quality pull-out waste basket system that is meant to be installed in an open cabinet with either an existing hinged door or an attached door. I had to do a little bit of research on rev-a-shelf. Com to be sure that i was buying the model that fits my cabinet, since the descriptions here on amazon are less than adequate. So be sure to cross-reference the model number with their website to ensure you are buying the right model. Further, i had to do a little research to find a model that can be used to replace my old pull out system with my old cabinet door. Rest assured, the model i am reviewing can be used for exactly that purpose. Be aware because some of the rev-a-shelf models are made only for swing out doors and are not meant to be attached to a door as this model is. Also, although it looks like this model comes with a door, it only includes the inner system itself and it is meant to be attached to an existing cabinet door. It also comes with two very nice trash bins, all packaged neatly and safely together. When all is said and done, this is a very sturdy and attractive set that looks and feels to be of very high quality.

I needed a sturdy under-cabinet mounted and slide-out trash can holder and since i had previously bought, installed & used a lighter-weight product for 5 years in another house, am pleased to report that this choice was a major improvement over that one. This is a heavy-duty, well-made product that delivers exactly what i wanted: smooth slide action, trash can capacity (at 35 qts that’s the largest plastic can that will fit inside a cabinet in a slider-13 gal. I wanted double cans since i wanted to recycle in one while using the other for more appropriate trash. It came with an extra feature that wasn’t in the sales information or even in the product sheets in the box when it arrived. It came with a 7′ long u-shaped piece of metal with black clips on the ‘horseshoe’ ends and, in spite of having no direction from the installation manual, i clipped it onto the top front rail of the slider metal body frame. It’s a ‘pull-out’ handle for the whole slider that i never had missed or thought of before since no other products i’ve seen have one. After using this for the past two weeks, what a great feature. No more grabbing the edge of the plastic can to pull the whole thing out, sticking your fingers into old garbage and it rotates up or down, as you want to use it, and then sitting flush with the rest of the fixture so you can close the cabinet door. Now that i’ve used one, i’d never do without it.

We have been using this pull out trash can feature for about a year now, and i don’t know how we ever lived without it. Previously, we had to carry trash across the room to a trash can; having a trash receptacle next to the sink is wonderful. The product is great quality and was quite easy to install. As in the picture, we’re able to fit two decent sized plastic cans inside. We use one for trash and one for recycling. I had wondered if the cans would be too small, but for us, they are a great size. In our family of two, we usually fill up the cans 1-2 times per week.

Good idea but not practical for me. I installed but then when doing the dishes, i hated to have to open the drawer and pull garbage cans out. Also, 35 liters is really small for a regular kitchen size garbage. The last gripe is that i left garbage in there 2 days and it had already stunk the entire cabinet.I ordered the very expensive garbage can lids and then realized this just added to my aggravation. Now i had to open the cabinet, pull out garbage cans and also pull off lid, then do all steps in reverse just for a banana peel. All this seems like a lot when you are trying to also clean up and finish dishes. I returned and used money for a good looking can that has a step opener. Looks good, easy to use and i can use with no hands.

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