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Rev-A-Shelf – RV-12KD-17C S – Single 35 Qt : This is hands down one my favorite upgrades in our kitchen

This product screws into the bottom of the cabinet in 4 locations. At that point, the ‘hard’ part is over. Its quick and easy to install. It comes out 100% and very sturdy when it’s out. I used the brackets kit to install the cabinet door to the shelf. This was still very easy but did take patience. I marked where my door sat before i took it off, so putting it back on in the right place was simple. I highly recommend this product. My only regret was i didn’t purchase this sooner.

Can’t say enough about this hardware. Dimensions in description are accurate. The stainless steel finish is polished and professional looking. Sliding action is rock solid. The bracket arms take some elbow grease to install, but the unit is rock solid holding the can once installed. The basket in the rear for holding your trash bag box is a welcome surprise. Buying another for my recycling now.

My double sinks were in the way and the doors wouldn’t shut, but another reviewer suggested cutting it, and even though i hadn’t installed the frame yet, i took a gamble. The trash can has a 4 in u cut in the back to make way for my pipes, but the frame is so smooth and my goal of having a hidden trash can under the sink is achieved.

I’ve installed a lot of things in my 54 years on this planet and this by far was the easiest thing i have ever installed. Was a bit critical the price before i bought it, but after installation and seeing the quality of the product. It even has a basket behind it which i am using for trashbags so they are close by. I’m going to get another one for my recycle items. Now i’m going to start looking at other slide-outs for pans.

Great solution to put a small trash bin into a cabinet. I could get this to fit under the sink although i have a garbage disposal in the same space. Overall, this is a product i can recommend. The only little surprise that has an impact on the space requirements and installation is that the slide has a catch mechanism: you have to push the slide with some extra force through a barrier so that it goes fully back. It’s a bit awkward to pull it back out over the barrier, so it would be easier not to push it past that barrier, but then the slides stick out a bit further. It’s less than an inch and probably not an issue for most installation. In my case, it was very tight in the space and it fits down to a fraction to an inch, so this means that it doesn’t fully side in and pushes against the door a bit. Not a biggy – just a little wrinkle in what is a nice product.

This product makes using the garbage fun. We had a cheap metal pull out that never fit right and had to be repaired by my husband countless times. I was determined to find a better quality option and this was it. This is a very nice product; sturdy, well made. It took my husband a while to get it flush and level, but once installed in worked extremely well. The little box in the back is great for storing the garbage bags. And i love that it connects with the door.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-12KD-17C S – Single 35 Qt. Pull-Out Silver and Chrome Waste Container with Rear Basket

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    by entering your model number.
  • Package Contents:(1) Silver 35 quart container with Chrome frame and mounting hardware
  • Designed for a Cabinet that is 15″ width (B15) from outside to outside, with a 11-1/2″ or wider opening
  • Assembled dimensions: 10.62″ W x 22″ D x 19.25″ H
  • 100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system
  • Rear basket for extra storage
  • Removable handle

This is a well made product, looks solid and installs with only 4 screws that are provided. The track is on ball bearings so it slides easily in and out from under the sink. The pull handle is a nice addition that makes easier and more hygienic to pull the trash can. The small basket in the back is useful to place extra trash bags box. The construction is heavy steel that makes durable. The plastic trash can is a bit tall for location i have in due to the garbage disposal pipe, which is something i expected, so i replaced the trash can with a slightly shorter one. In general i am very please with it.

 i wish i had done this soonerinstallation is straight forward with the clear instructions, the mechanism is smooth, and the trash basket is good quality. Can’t ask for much more than that. Please watch the video if you’d like to see this in action.

My mom has parkinson’s and has to remove her trash can from under the counter to empty it. I thought this would be better for her (plus i might inherit the place) so i installed this as a christmas surprise. It works great and i did not even bother to look at other brands because i own a double rev-a-shelf pull out rack for my heavy pans and love it. The quality is excellent and i am taking it with me when i move. You can use reg 13 gallon trash bags with this and there is no need to pay more for the smaller bags that fit smaller cans. Money is tight in our family so whenever we can do something to be helpful all year round, it means more than a bottle of perfume. She seems to like the waste can.

We had to remove the shelf inside our cabinet, but we cut it and hammered it out lol. Then we installed the slider which only takes 4 screws and the basket behind it with 2 which is super handy for bags or any type of storage. We also got the cabinet door adapter and that was as well super easy to install. Wished we would have done this upgrade sooner. We put away the big trashcan and the area looks bigger.

Very smooth sliding mechanism, easy to install. I also got the rev-a-shelf under sink plastic drip tray insert (rev-a-shelf – sbdt-3336-s-1). I installed that first and then when i drilled the hole to screw in the garbage can pull out, i just drilled right through the drip tray. It looks great, if i do say so myself. By the way, the installation was easy and i’m a 54 year old woman. The only thing that was somewhat confusing is they didn’t specify which size drill bit to use. I just used a really skinny one to err on the side of caution and it was only necessary to drill a starting hole. At that point i used a handheld screwdriver to put in the 4 screws. They went in easily to my starter holes.

I hesitated to trade existing storage space for a trashcan but i am so glad i did. The rev-a-shelf was easy to install and worked exactly as i expected. The instructions were a bit lacking but a quick check on you-tube is all you need. Just four easily placed screws to your cupboard bottom and project complete. Now my only problem is continually going back to my old trashcan space instead of my cupboard. The fact that the kitchen trash is not the first thing guests see when they enter my house is awesome. I should have done this upgrade years ago. You won’t be sorry if you purchase this unit.

It was easy to install and it glides smoothly. The feature that makes it one step better is the handle. The handle makes it really easy to reach to pull out and even to push back in. This is one of those items you never knew you needed until you got it. It has made a difference for me anyway.

This is hands down one my favorite upgrades in our kitchen. It is so nice to have the trash can hidden away (which also hides any unpleasant odors). We are not diyers but we did tackle installing this on our own. Wasy easy to install and works wonderfully (can even use your foot to slide it out). The only issue we have is that we ended up having to use bungee cords around the outside edge to keep our trash bags from falling in (maybe smaller bags would solve this, but we have just been using what we had for our previous can). This isn’t a deal breaker because the bungees work well and no one sees them.

Only four stars because the brackets that support the bin do not hold it snugly and the bin slides back and forth a bit when opening and closing. Almost seems like it is for a bigger bin. Nonetheless, it is well made and suits our needs. Basket in back is handy for utilizes space that would be otherwise hard to access behind the bin.

This is the best invention since sliced bread. It took all of five min’s to screw in. It fits well under my cabinets and it pull’s out easily so i can get to the trash, plus. The garbage pail isn’t a focal point in the kitchen anymore.I knew it would be smaller than my regular kitchen garbage pail so i actually paid attention to how much trash ended up in the pail on a daily basis and realized the size of this one would hold a decent amount before i had to throw the trash out. It could last me 3 days as long as the trash isn’t smelly. I measured first to make sure it fit but didn’t take into acct the pipes that were on the wall underneath the sink so i wasn’t able to use the little shelf attachment that sits behind the pail. It’s no biggie though as it’s in such an odd place that i probably never would have used it anyway. I have a lip on the bottom of my cabinet and it fits right over that with no problem.

Received the product and it is well made. I like the having the larger size pail 35qt as well. Couple of things to note if it helps anyone. It is tall and will always need to be pulled out to toss garbage. Although it does come with a handle i tend to simple use the top of the pail to slide it out (its the highest point and i don’t feel like bending if i have too. Maybe its an aversion to exercise or being lazy some might say 🙂 but because the brackets that hold the pail is not tight and snug on the pail it wiggles some as i slide it out. Kind of feels like the pail might pop out ) but it doesn’t. I would prefer that it would be a tighter fit to avoid the pail from being loose.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-12KD-17C S – Single 35 Qt. Pull-Out Silver and Chrome Waste Container with Rear Basket : I am not a handy person (at all) and i installed this myself. I didn’t have a drill, so i just hammered a nail partially in the spots and screwed the rest of the way in. Make sure to leave enough room in the front for the handle. You don’t install it until last based on the instructions, and it adds to the length just a bit. Also, the slides on the bottom rack were partly stuck together so when i first tried to install it, it didn’t extend as far out. Because of this, i almost put holes in the bottom of my cabinet a little too close to the front, where the door wouldn’t shut all the way. I’ve been using for a couple weeks now. It’s great because i never have to touch the can when filling it. I sometimes use the handle, but most of the time i use my foot to slide it out.

The glide is so smooth and so convenient. We love this and are going to buy another one for our recycling. Cons: the instructions could be more descriptive with measurements. We had to add more spacers than were provided in order to attach it to the thickest part of the door (see photos) but we made it work. We didn’t realize it was an extra order or $25 to get the door mount kit (https://www. Com/gp/product/b000mf272w/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1). It took us about 30-45 minutes to install because we are perfectionists. Even though the instructions were annoying and that could be improved, i’m still rating it 5 starts because we love it so much.

 if you want a large under your sink trash can with the ability to purchase a lid, a handle , ease of use and assembly, able to fit under a very deep sink with a basket in back for your trash bags this is the one. I had looked endlessly for one with all of the above features and am extremely pleased with this purchase. If you are looking for what i was searching for look no further.

This is the absolute best trash can ever. The rollers slide out and in perfectly. The handle folds up or down easily, there is a little basket that holds trash bags and i can buy the big pack with the 2 big rolls of trash bags and they both fit back there. The cabinet door really traps the smells inside so your kitchen doesn’t smell like trash anymore, and if you’re worried about your cabinet smelling icky, you can just open a box of baking soda and stick it close to the trash can. I will never display my trash can ever again.

I was tired of having a garage can sitting in my kitchen visible to everyone but it seemed like i couldn’t find a pullout can small enough for my 11′ cabinet. . I couldn’t be more excited that i found this full kit after months of research and searching. It slides smoothly and works like a charm, definitely worth it.

I tried the double container, but didn’t work due to pipes. I ordered the single one and it fits perfect. I just moved to a studio in nyc, needless to say, new yorkers are always looking out to save space. It’s great even if you don’t leave in a cramped apartment. I highly recommend you measure well and take into account the pipes as it will seriously reduce the space.

I like this shelf but found if very difficult to mount the basket (in fact decided not to for now). The very small screws that fasten the basket to the frame are preinstalled and must have been installed via a machine. Found it impossible to remove the screws with screwdriver and started to strip the head when attempting to unscrew with small battery operated drill. I’ll figure out an alternative way to mount the basket but am disappointed that could not do as proscribed in instructions. I suggest to the manufacturer to just ship the shelf screws – do not install them before shipment.

I almost skipped this one because they seem so expensive. We had a similar plastic tray and it finally wore out (or my wife ripped it out). This was very easy to install and i upgraded to the get the door mounts so the cabinet door now pulls straight out with the can. My family loves it and says its actually easier to use since the can slides out with the door in one motion. My wife is happy so that equals money well spent.

Everything went together quickly and works the way it should. The tray in back is good for replacement bags or whatever. I purchased this to replace a ‘two basket’ version i’ve had for years. I never left garbage inside long enough to use the second basket; plus, i wanted to use garbage space more efficiently.

1st thing i bought when i moved into condo, keeps garbage out of site. I recommend you also buy the door kit which allows you to pull out without opening cabinet door and then sliding out can. With door kit you just pull on door and it slides out.

This works fairly well for our needs. It loses one star due to the awkward installation. As part of that, the basket in the rear to hold the bags had the screws screwed into the base so you had to unscrew them, place the basket in place and then screw the basket in. Unfortunately the screws were tightly screwed into place that i only managed to get one one unscrewed so the basket just kinda hangs there from one screw. Would have been much better if these screws were just with the other hardware, rather than having to be removed and put back in place.

Very happy with this purchase. The roller mechanism is heavy and solid unlike my old white particle board roll out bins. This looks like it will last much longer probably forever. Very easy to install i unscrewed by old one put this in so that itwas butted against the front lip of the cabinet and drilled 8 holes 4 for each one as this unit is wider and the holed did not match up. Super easy few parts to put together. One of the easiest things to install and gives you great bang for the buck as you are always using the trash and recycle bins i also notice these trash/recycler bins are larger ie wider than the ones they replaced even though they easily fit into my space. Always wanted larger bins as they fill up so fast and now i have them don’t hesitate to buy these .

I installed this on one side of the double door cabinet under the kitchen sink. You need a drill and a screwdriver and about 15 minutes. Due to my double sink design, i had to set it at a slight angle in order to clear both the cabinet door frame and the drain pipe from the sink. We use the small wire basket attached behind the waste basket to hold a box of trash bags.

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