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Rev-A-Shelf Replacement Waste Bin -50 Quart, Five Stars

Perfect replacement for the originals that came with my cabinets.

I bought this along from amazon and the lid from the manufacturer. What an awesome combination. It fit into my 10 year old cupboard holder that used to hold an umbra. Love the way the cover flips up towards the cabinet and not to the side so that it can be used from either side.

These cans are as efficient as a kitchen can can be. They have right angles at each corner and are not rounded corners. The sides are basically straight (perpendicular from the floor). I was able to fit two of these into a small cabinet and use one for recycling and one for trash. They fit a standard ‘tall kitchen bag’ (e. , glad tall kitchen drawstring bags). They are much more expensive ($35-40 per plastic can) at stores on on other sites, at least when i was looking.

This was exactly what i expected, it arrived on the last day of expected time, and it was packed just right. It fits perfectly, is good quality and i love it.

Arrived quick, bought to fit wooden trash box we bought that came with small bin.

Looks great and good quality. I bought a different brand and thought this would fit. I will use these somewhere else. Can never have too many trash cans.

Exactly what we needed for a replacement.

Key specs for Rev-A-Shelf Replacement Waste Bin White-50 Quart, White:

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  • Rev-A-Shelf
  • RV-50-8
  • Waste Bins

Comments from buyers

“Five Stars
, Love these!
, Looks great and good quality

Perfect replacement for a broken waste bin.

Needed a very specific size, and this is it, to fit inside of a sunny designs sedona trash box.

Fits perfectly in my built in receptacle.

I fit 2 of these in my drawer for waste and recycle.

Took forever to find it works great.

I love these trash cans, they actually fit in my cabinet drewer that was costume cabinets made from the previous owner, i tried getting standard trash cans thinking they would fit but slightly to big but these fit so perfect and look so sleek and nice. My husband is going to make a devider for them inside the drewer.

. Replacement for 1 of a set of 2 cans. Will order again if necessary.

Perfect replacement for the double 35 quart cans that came with my rev a shelf. Save on shipping by ordering 2 of them now.

Call them and ask for a catalog, great items.

These bins are the perfect size for the pull-out trash drawer in our remodeled kitchen. I got one for trash and one for recycling. So far they have held up quite well after about a year of use.

After several purchases and returns at several stores to find the right fit i finally got smart and measured the space and size i needed in a waste basket. This waste basket fit perfect. I could not believe a 50qt would fit when a 30qt would not. I will promise you that you will not be disappointed in this purchase.

Fits perfect in my slide out cabinet.

Lasts for years and easy to clean.

My husband wanted this for a clients kitchen. Works great, easy to install.

Heavy duty, has a small lip to help carry, a little larger handle would be nice improvement, much better than the one we had previously.

Two fit nicely in a 24′ wide pullout installed where there once a second dishwasher.

It’s a trash can, what can you say?.

Didn’t fit where i needed it so had to find new use for it.

Trash and recycle bins for my custom pull out cabinet.

I needed a taller garbage can for my new full height pull out garbage drawer cabinet. This fit the rev-a-shelf double pullout waste container series rv-18pb-2-s to replace the 35 quart shorter containers.

I ordered 2 of these to replace the cracked originals in my recycling unit. Although they are slightly different from the originals they still fit.

I wanted a large freestanding open inexpensive waste bin for recyclables. This container meets each of these criteria perfectly. Big enough but not overwhelming in the kitchen.

Shipped faster than expected and fits my wooden garbage.

Perfect fit for my wooden trash can that i bought it for.

Fits in my kitchenmaid garbage can cabinet perfectly.

Fits perfectly in the space that i need.

I had been looking for a 2nd bin for my kitchen.

We have a pullout draw next to the sink. There are various systems that involved replacing the pullout draw mechanism, but i didn’t see how to put the drawer’s wood face onto them, so i needed two bins of very specific size: one for non-flat recycling, one for trash. A lot of bins that fit in the drawer were a little short. At one point, i had one size for garbage that was taller, but because of its shape, the recycling bin had to be shorter. They fit the drawer perfectly – mostly because i measured over and over again the footprint, the airspace, the length, height and width. The only unfortunate thing was i didn’t account for the knob on the shallow drawer above the garbage drawer. So, the recycling bin lid opens, but not very wide unless i muscle it around. What i love about having two bins exactly the same is that i can take the garbage and recycling out at the same time, and the recycling bin liner becomes the new garbage bag – i just switch the green and white lids (acquired separately), and i put in a new garbage bag as the recycling bin liner. At first, i was a little disappointed there were no spring loaded lids for these. That is the part that always broke in one way or another with all the prior bins we had, and i was always trying to keep them going as long as i could with new springs or superglue. Also, sometimes the spring wouldn’t catch, and we’d have to open the drawer slowly and get our fingers to push down the spring lid as we opened it further.

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Rev-A-Shelf Replacement Waste Bin White-50 Quart, White
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