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Rev-A-Shelf Dbl 35 QT Top Mount Waste Container Quart, The trash/recycle cans are good sized and I love having near the sink

Freed up space and wasn’t too bad to install.

Poor instructions that could be made much easier by the addition of a paper template. Also not as smooth as i expected despite adjusting numerous times.

Takes some time/patience to install, but works great.

The ‘soft close’ is a little stiff initially to pull out/open and does take some effort. It’s worth a little extra money for the hardware to mount directly to the cabinet door, and not have to open the cabinet, then pull your trash can out. Very good design, very clear instructions, very sturdy. If you actually own a drill driver, level, mearsuring tape and carpenter sense ( without having to borrow any of these) you should be able to install within an hour no problem.

The base for the cans, does not butt up against the front door, so i had to seal it myself with some caulking. And it doesn’t close well all the way. Kind of have to give it an extra push. I like the product otherwise, i guess, i mean, my trash isn’t out in plain sight.

It took the place of a compactor. Set up took a little longer than expected, but that was not due to the product, but rather the box that it went in to. I would not hesitate to purchase this.

Would have given 5 stars but the installation directions were very weak and it’s not an easy job. My husband can put together anything but this one was difficult as there was no way to tell how far apart or high up to mount the brackets. Once installed, it’s awesome and works great.

Key specs for Rev-A-Shelf Dbl 35 QT Top Mount Waste Container Quart, Natural:

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  • (2) Silver 35 quart containers with Wood frame for 1-1/2″ face frame cabinet and mounting hardware. 150lb Full-Extension Soft-Close slide system with over travel. . Adjustable depth from 22-1/2″ to 24-1/2″. Intended for cabinet opening exactly 15″. Note: Top-Mount Waste containers come in many different widths as they are specific to a cabinet opening to function properly. Intended for cabinet opening exactly 15″.

Comments from buyers

“Difficult install, instructions need complete overhaul
, What I knew: My new cabinet was an 18”
, Amazing product! If you close it gently

Good product, but as others mentioned, terrible install directions. They have extra you tube video and a ‘tips & tricks’ sheet you can print, but none of the directions tell you about having to have the rails spaced a specific distance apart. I do a lot of dyi projects, and this install took 3-4 hours, with a lot of trial and error. Revashelf needs better instructions.

What i knew:my new cabinet was an 18′ cabinet. What i did not know:my new cabinet has a 14. 5′ opening and this model will not fit and must be returned for the correct size. I ordered it while the cabinets were still in boxes in my garage prior to being assembled. I suppose it’s not rev-a-shelf’s fault that not all 18′ cabinets are standard 15′ openings, so i’ll just deduct a star – mainly wanted to post a review to save someone else from having the hassle of finding the right trash can fittings.

I like the auto close feature.

5” wide but i just chiseled an opening 15” wide for it to fit (see photo). I had some extra 1/2” cabinet material that i used for a backer plate for the slides (see photo). Directions aren’t that hard if you understand basic math and instructions. The screws aren’t labeled but 3 very distinct types of screws and easy to figure out where they go. Slides very nicely and is soft close.

But, what the instructions noted as an estimated 45 job turned into a head scratching 3 hour job. Our handyman would have done better without their instructions. The first pieces of hardware that was put on (as per the instructions) were the pieces that was preventing the unit from going all the way into the cabinet. So, they were ultimately removed. Now, all is right with the world.

The description of the rear bracket installation was not based in reality. Luckily in the instructions there was mention of a rev-a-shelf youtube channel. Oh wait, this particular model isn’t found there.Well a 40 minute job took 1-1/2 hrs of head scratching and amusement. After erasing them from my mind, i was better off not referring to the instructions. With a little common sense along with some trial and error, the brackets were mounted and the cabinet face installed. The usa distributor should really update the instructions for us poor american folk. Other than that, it works fine. A little stiff on the release, and a bit of slider noise, but functional.

Took a little time to install but works great.

Shameful instructions, not the normal translated from chinese by someone that only speaks 5 words of english instructions, no these seem to be written by someone who has installed this 500 times and assumes you know how to do it and only need a bare reminder. The instructions assume you have stock cabinetry, my standard size cabinet with inset doors (not rare by any means) is not accounted for at all. I went through the instructions several times before i could figure out why they made no sense. Finally figured out the issue and went to the youtube channel it lists on the instructions to pull up the installation video so i could at least see how it should work and was just amazed to find out they do not actually have an installation video for this model, the one they do have a video for installs in a completely different way. Went to the link for the pdf for the helpful hints and found out it only discusses how to get the soft close to work after the install. Useless and a waste of my time – don’t send me to youtube if you do not have anything there for me to watchleft to my own devices, the lack of any proper dimensions on the drawings made it difficult to reverse engineer how to make these work in my cabinets, but i eventually made it work by ripping down a 2×4 to stub out the side of the cabinet. Other no-nos in the instructions include having different dimensions for different models in the same instructions – stop trying to save a dime and have dedicated instructions for this model. It tells you to use certain screws, and the different types of screws come in their own bags, but they are not labeled so you have to pull out your tape measure and try to figure out which screw they are talking about. The instruction step for screwing in the back plate did not say which screw to use at all and i chose the wrong one, leaving me with finding my own screws when attaching the cabinet door. That is actually fine, given the weight of this thing, especially once loaded with trash, i was very wary of the small screws they gave to attach this to the cabinet and went back and used better screws throughout.

This is a bit of a nightmare to install, but once we listened to the other reviews and threw out the instructions, it was much easier. Save yourself the headache and read the installation tips in the reviews, not the instructions that come with the bins. That said, these look great and have functioned very well.

Beautiful and simple to work it.

This product is — mostly — great. I am so happy with the extra space in my small kitchen. The barrels are designed to hold a 13 gallon bag perfectly. We have one 13 gallon plastic bag in the front bin, and in the rear bin i use any old paper bags from the grocery store to easily store and empty my recyclables (see picture). The reason for docking one star is that after about a year the glider mechanism no longer works well. However — i guarantee that this is entirely because my house is full of my kids’ friends most days of the week, and there’s no way i can stand by and police the cabinet, and explain that you do not need to push the trash cabinet all the way closed. It is a soft-close mechanism. So all you need to do is get it mostly closed, then it will glide closed the rest of the way by itself. But most people (adults included) will go to close it, see that it ‘stops’ an inch or two short, and instead of waiting for it to close itself (which it used to do beautifully) will push on the door and force it closed thinking they’re being helpful. So after loads of forced closings, i’m not surprised it’s wearing out.

Difficult to install, but once in – it works great.

Easy to install if you a handy person. Worst part was measuring where to install the brackets. The rails are designed to flex as long as you space them far enough apart. Instructions were minimal, poor in my opinion, and bracket placement only became apparent after i installed. No big deal, i adjusted the rails and the remainder of the install was fine. The product itself is very solid and gets a lot of use in our house.

After reading the reviews i decided to have a trim carpenter install it, which worked out nicely. The soft close feature seems very stiff. You have to give it a good tug to get it open. Overall it seems very sturdy and i’m glad i bought it.

This is a very good product as almost all rev-a-shelf items are. I ended up sending this back because i was trying to step up to wood roll out trash on a project. This application would have been difficult to make it work. We went back to our original plan and used the rv 18kd-18c-s.

Neither myself or my able handyman could get this to fit to the width of our under the counter cabinet. He ended up using some miscellaneous plywood and attaching it to the sides of our existing cabinet walls and then installing this to the plywood. He also did indeed end up using his own hardward as well. All in all it was a difficult installation, but now works well and looks nice. My old set up had three cans which i prefer since we do lots of recycling, but these two cans are somewhat larger reducing trips to the curbside refuse container. Since our old cabinet door was a swing out it had a knob on the side, but we didn’t want to leave a hole there so we just added a cup handle to the middle since it now slides out. So much nicer to slide out then to open a door and then pull a rusty old shelf out just to throw out a piece of trash.

Installation instructions were lacking but the product was very high quality and works great.

My hubby had no trouble installing. The trash/recycle cans are good sized and i love having near the sink. The soft-close, slides work perfectly with the door fully seating.

I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ve had to adjust it twice since i installed it, and the instructions kind of suck. It’s sleek, and works as it should. Better than a can under the sink.

Directions not good at all but quality product.

Excellent but needed a handyman to instal it.

Paritually my fault for not realizing this would not work in a double door cabinet. It needs side walls inside for rails to mount to. They should provide an adjustable front mount kit so the rails can mount like the rear. Otherwise hardware is good quality and i like the soft close features.

Great product and very easy to install. Well built and will last for years.

Great 2 basket recycle unit for retrofit in kitchen.

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