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Rev-A-Shelf – 53WC-2150SCDM-217 – Double 50 Qt : Love this. I’m careful not to push down on

Worked well, easy open and close.

We installed this while we were redoing our cabinets and it is awesome.

Makes a huge difference in our kitchen. And best of all makes recycling rubbish so easy.

Slightly taller than i envisioned but they hold much more than i originally expected.

This was pretty easy to install (comes with a template) and works great. Instructions are pretty clear. Seems the critical point is to ensure the unit/model you buy is pretty much the exact right fit for your cabinet. In my experience, having first bought a side mount model, is there there is a bit more leeway with respect to the size of the cabinet with the floor mount models. I couldn’t make the side mount model work.

Well, it worked great for almost two months, but in the last week the closing mechanism has weakened and it stopped fully closing. Something has changed in the mechanism that draws it back. I guess i should return it, but not looking forward to the whole hassle and process of taking the old one out, shipping it, and then installing a new one. Update: i processed a return and a new unit arrived in just a couple days.After installing the new unit, so far it works perfectly. One thing to note is that i did install it a bit farther back into the cavity, so that if the ‘draw back’ mechanism does weaken a bit, it may still be able to pull it flush to the cabinet opening by virtue of sitting farther back in the cavity. If this new unit holds up over time, i will update my rating to 4 or 5 stars.

Awesome shelf and trash cans. Just make sure to measure your cabinet opening for the height of the trash cans + a few extra inches. Mine rubbed against the bottom of a piece of wood inside my cabinet, which i had to remove to fit it. Great size and smooth rails, the soft close works perfectly.

I’m careful not to push down on it now. Because my cabinets are particle board on the bottom i remounted with extra screws to a plywood base instead of going directly into the particle board. So nice not having an ugly trash can in the kitchen. Also enjoying the double capacity a lot.

  • I wanted to clarify that it would fit this cabinet size comfortably with a liner in and the lid on
  • I wish a had done this a long time ago
  • Easy to install and the self close feature is nice

Rev-A-Shelf – 53WC-2150SCDM-217 – Double 50 Qt. Pull-Out Silver Waste Container with Soft-Close Slides

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • (2) Silver 50 quart waste containers with Silver and mounting hardware
  • Full-Extension Soft-Close slide system; Dimensions- 15-1/2″W x 22-1/4″D x 23-1/2″ H
  • 15 ½” cabinet opening minimum needed for installation.Durable powder coated finish
  • Included door mounting brackets (US Patent #6,390,576)
  • Optional Rev-A-Shelf lids available, sold separately

Stumbled across these and thought i would give them a try, works wonderfull they are the only ones i buy now.

My husband installed this and it looks great.

This kit is nothing short of awesome. I toyed with building my own but, by the time i priced everything out, it just wasn’t worth the time. This one also looks great, which would not be guaranteed with my own effort. It really does only take a few minutes to assemble. I should divulge that i was building my own cabinet so it wasn’t difficult to install at all. I was slightly concerned about the fact that there is a fair amount of leverage between the pull out hinges and the handle on the front of the door but it really is a non-issue. I built my door out of 3/4 inch material with this in mind and i don’t think using only 1/2 inch would have been a problem. I agonized over getting the single or the double and am quite happy that i chose the double. I was initially going to use the second can for storing garbage bags etc. But, taking the garbage out half as often was more appealing.

I was surprised how nice this was, the soft close works perfectly. Getting the door attached using the instructions was overly complicated, just use more double sided tape, hold the door where you want it, stick it on, then screw it in.

I love the soft close and the quality is great. If you think this is going to take the 15-20 min they claim you are mistaken. This is a tough, long project. Do yourself a favor and go to home depot and get better screws, the ones they provide are too short and poor quality. Once we got this in it works great.

Bought this to replace a one-bin rev-a-shelf that was in the house when we bought it. Our cabinet is full size with no drawer above and the one-bin unit was short and made for a cabinet that would have a drawer above it, so it was underutilizing the space to begin with. Plus, we needed a recycling bin also. This was easy to install, it’s very sturdy, and it has the soft-close feature, which is awesome. We could not be happier with this.

Easy to install, did it without my husbands help.

Finally got rid of the trash compactor i had never used and put this in the space.

Just wanted to leave a review that this larger version will definitely fit an 18 inch base cabinet with a 15 inch opening. Based on varying dimensions i saw when i was deciding whether or not this size would work for us, i wanted to clarify that it would fit this cabinet size comfortably with a liner in and the lid on. We even stillhave space to run conduit up the inside of this cabinet and install an outlet. Installation was easy, it took us less than an hour (and we updated a left opening door to make the front pull out version. ) the provided directions aren’t stellar, but you can figure out pretty easily what isn’t covered in them.

Easy to install and works perfectly.

Worked great , easy install.

We haven’t had our counters installed yet, but we love the trash can drawer. I had them at my last house custom made, but i prefer this mounting kit and the item better overall. It contains the cans, bracket, and slides. Some online stores sell them all separately. The y’all cans are much better than the half can size that have a cabinet drawer above them. Now we have one for recycling and one for trash. It’s my fav feature of our new cabinets, haha.

Very easy to install, took my husband about a half hour (with no cussing, deep sighs or growling ). It closes snugly, as anyone with soft close hardware is familiar with. But no worries my red heeler mix had it figured out in less than a week :-(. Cost about as much as two kitchen size trash cans, which we has before (1 for garbage, 1 for recycling ) but none of the clutter.We used the remaining space in the top of the cabinet to put a shelf where we hold our trash bags.

Have bought a couple of these over the years. This time it was for my brother’s new house. Like these and very functional.

Love the soft close slides and the large size of the trash cans. Installation was fairly easy, but i need to remove a crossbar in my cabinet to accommodate 1/4′ clearance.

Easy to install and the self close feature is nice. Being a cabinetmaker this is a high quality product that should be considered. The most difficult part will be the door attachment. You can use double sided tape if needed. I just lined up the door, pilot hole, then attached. There is plenty of adjustment to line up the door to give proper margin.

Comes with a template for locating screws.

Fantastic product easily installed and works like a charm.

So glad to have proper pull out cans.

Unit works great and is ready to install if you have the slightest bit of assembly know how. The only true issue i have with this is that the slides are not full extension. This prevents me from being able to put a lid on both of the waste containers or being able to remove the back container without removing the front container first.

I would definitely purchase this again as it has worked like a charm for us. My husband installed it after taking out an old trash compactor and it is larger, easier to keep clean and rolls so smoothly. The only thing i would change is the fact that we’ve needed this for about eight years. Wish we’d done it a lot sooner.

Very adjustable and includes extra hardware for adjustments as well. The perfect size trashcan as well.

It works really well both at home and at camp.

The double set of receptacles is exactly what i was looking for, installation was simple, item is well built, slides smoothly and is even quite simple to remove the upper platform.

Easy to install and very smooth operation. I recommend this to anyone and i would buy it again.

We’ve used this for dog food storage for a few months now and it seems to be holding the weight well.

I don’t like that the trash cans do not have any kind of separation between the two cans. They tend to wobble and it’s hard to put liners in them. Other than that, for the price weight and usage. These work much better than the trash compactor they replaced.

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