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Rev-A-Shelf – 4WCSC-1835DM-2 – Double 35 Qt, Excellent product

 had the cheaper version of this model and liked it. But it wasn’t very sturdy.

Good quality product and gets a lot of use.

Very good quality and easy to install. Just follow the instructions step/step.

Very high quality build with dovetail joints, nice finish and smooth quick relase rails. The template/instructions that come with the hardware doesn’t really apply. The instructions you need are on the small page that is in one of the trashcans. It took me 10-15 minutes to figure out how it all works and about 15 minutes to install.

Incredibly well-built and works like a dream. Only drawbacks: 1) i couldn’t figure out which model would fit my cabinets (though, i e-mailed rev-a-shelf customer service with my cabinet measurements and was provided a list of compatible models within a few hours); 2) installation is not for the novice. Getting the tracks in was pretty easy, but attaching my existing cabinet door to the rev-a-shelf frame took quite some time to ensure it was properly centered. Total installation time: 1h 15m (as a pretty competent diyer with decent tools).

There were a few broken pieces that did not affect the functionality of the the installation nor the use of the product. My client is very pleased with the outcome. If you have a drawer above where this is going it is hard to use the rear trash can. Either to get it in and out or to use the enclosed lid. It comes with a template that ensures it is square.

I really like the cut outs for the cans to fit in. Makes cleaning up items that missed the actual garbage cans easy.

Key specs for Rev-A-Shelf – 4WCSC-1835DM-2 – Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Bottom Mount Wood and Silver Waste Container with Soft-Close Slides:

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    by entering your model number.
  • (2) Silver 35 quart waste containers with Wood frame and mounting hardware
  • 120lb Full-Extension Blummotion slide system
  • Includes patented door mount brackets for up to 5″ of adjustability (US Patent #: 7,204,569)
  • Optional Rev-A-Shelf lids available, sold separately
  • Attractive dovetail wood construction with durable clear finish

Comments from buyers

, Well built drawer, good adjustments on the slides and face to get a perfect fit. But it’s meant only for OVERLAY doors, beware.
, Sturdy cabinet kit – recommended!

4 stars because it was a bit tricky to install. It took two people to install it. However, the convenience and the quality were worth the installation snafus. I wish we would have purchased this years ago. After using it for about 1 week i realized we needed to buy the motor to automate the open and close of it. After that week my fingers began to hurt opening it. I think if you have older people in your home, physically challenged, or small children, the automation is an essential add. We didn’t buy the motor on amazon. One person commented that the lost of trash space was worth it.

Well designed, excellent fit and finish, blumotion sliders are great, couldn’t be happier.

It took me about 1 hour to install. I found the video mentioned in other reviews to be of the most help as the instructions that come with the shelf are rather minimal. There is no mention of how to install the door. I found the best way was to measure the distance from the base of the cabinet to the bracket holes with the shelf in place and fully retracted. Using that measurement, mark the positions with horizontal lines on the back of the door. Then remove the shelf and place the door on a flat surface, front side facing down. Center the shelf over the door and attach the screws at the level of the horizontal lines. It came out perfect with no further adjustment required. I really like the action of the slide and especially the soft close. The most difficult part is the alignment of the door so i wanted to include what i did.

We bought this to replace the unit that came with our new cabinets. Set it in place and tighten 4 screws. Put the brackets on the shelf and slide it on. Mounting the door was a little bit harder but we found a video online which was a great help.

Lives up to the reviews i read before purchasing. The only improvement i have is that the instructions be written more clearly. Take your time when installing – measure twice, cut once – and you’ll have a smooth functioning hidden trash can that’s easy to use.

Difficult to install but works great once it’s in. We have been using it for about 9 months.

I want to rate this higher as i love it. As it came it wouldn’t support itself. I added two 2×4 on the side for support and then held and is working fine.

We had purchased another slide trash kit and it was rickety and difficult to install. This one has the gas-slides that slow down right before it closes and all the hardware is pre-assembled. It took about 5 minutes to install the drawer and another 5 minutes to put the cabinet face on. Comes with 2 large bins and the wood frame makes the whole unit very stable.

Finally, a well built product that works well. I was hesistant at first because of the price but when i opened the box and noticed how well it was constructed at the joints and the use of real wood i knew it would be good. Now that it’s installed i absolutely love this thing.

I bought this system to replace an older, less sturdy top mount rev-a-shelf system that lasted all of two years before the rails completely failed. With the rails mounted on the floor of the cabinet, i expect this to last a lot longer. Installation was fairly straightforward, though as others have mentioned, it is a little tricky to ensure that the cabinet front is lined up correctly. I found that having another person was helpful to line it up. The instructions say it should take about 15 min to install, but it took me about an hr and i’m pretty handy around the house. It works and looks great and i love the soft close feature.

Amazing quality and took no time to install. If you are handy with tools you should be able to install it in about 15 min. This unit is very durable and glides are perfect. The soft close works incredibly well unlike other units where sometimes the pullout stays a hair open. The self closures keep this closed.

The installation was somewhat difficult for my wife. The product is very solid and durable.

This pulls out smoothly and the soft close works great. It came with a lid for the front trash container, which we use for trash and we use the back bin for recycle. I followed the install video on rev-a-shelf’s website. Installing the glides and trash containers was very simple, but i turned over the drilling into the door for someone with more expertise. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Probably the most utilitarian thing i ever bought. Fits perfect in our remodeled kitchen. One for recyclables and the other for trash. Makes life easy for me since i’m the one responsible for curb-siding our trash twice per week.

The carcass of the drawer is very well built. Glued dovetail joints and with a wood divider between the two trash cans. I was surprised to see it was made in china. But sadly, that’s the nature of the world. The drawer slides are easy to install and the template provided is adequate — there’s a video on their website to watch if you want extra assurance on how to install the slide. The drawer slides are made in the usa. You can use fine adjustment levers on the drawer slides themselves to adjust the height within the frame (important for inset doors where it’s a game of millimeters). The one reason i didn’t give this 5 stars is that it’s for overlay cabinet doors. And nowhere in the description nor on the rev-a-shelf website does it mention that detail. I have inset doors which meant that i needed to set the whole unit back into the cabinet an extra 3/4′.

When we built our house 3 years ago, they installed a wire can holder that was very flimsy. It continually came apart (screws falling out) and was difficult to open and close. It is firmly attached to the door, so no pulling away. Just push it in, and it closes automatically, just like our drawers. It makes me happy every time i use it.

Great quality and easy to install.

I absolutely love this pull out trash can. I’m so glad we added this to the remodel of our kitchen. Took my husband about 30 minutes to install. It slides smoothly on the track and is really great quality.

We purchased this to replace an older system that fell apart. Our local hardware store quoted us $360 for a similar unit customized to fit our dimensions. I opted for this option at $188. The product was reasonably easy to install. My husband and i spent about an hour overall. The instructions were unclear for certain parts of the installation and gave little guidance on aligning the door to the product. But, with a little extra thought, installation is completely doable. The main downside is the (gray) bins that came with the unit are too tall for our cabinet. We were able to improvise with some shorter bins (red and brown) we already had around the house. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn it was a ‘soft-close’ system, so the drawer doesn’t slam shut.

Great product, very well build and easy to install. I would defiantly buy again.

Sooth operation and soft close is great.

Much cheaper than buying the cabinet with this pre-installed.

Had similar drawer in last house and had to have. Semi-easy install, mostly due to having a larger door/cabinet than this item intended for.

Paper template makes it easy to install. It has a ‘soft close’ mechanism.

 this turned out to be just what i was looking for. I turned a 20inch cabinet that was basically unused into this trash drawer. Before i installed, i watched the video below – it goes through step by step the whole process (shown in the video but not included in this product is an electric servo motor which opens the cabinet – just ignore that part as everything else in the video is accurate). If the video looks too complicated for you to handle yourself, it shouldn’t take a decent handy-man more than an hour or so to take care of it for you. Com/watch?v=mh9objqgwz8i would call this a 2 person job. One thing the video does not show is how you go about marking the door to be attached to the brackets. You want this to be level, so you might be intimidated by this step. I chose to use a stand-alone cabinet that was not connected to an adjacent cabinet as to keep the garbage as isolated as possible. The easiest thing i found to do was once the trash drawer was installed and working fine, my friend held the door in place for me to mark 2 of the bracket holes. Since this cabinet is a stand-alone cabinet (no access from an adjacent cabinet) i had to remove the drawer above the cabinet space, then reach in with a sharpie to mark the holes in line with the rev-a-shelf brackets. The best part about the bracket system is that they are adjustable horizontally – watch the youtube video, it will make sense. You will also notice in my photos that i had to cut a 2×4 and install into the base of the cabinet to raise the level of the bracket a bit. For the slide system to work, it needs to be placed at the same level as the front lip of the cabinet.

This product really solved a problem for our household. After researching different options i felt this one was the best for our kitchen. Very sturdy and the install was pretty straight forward. It comes with a template and instructions that are easy to follow. My only complaint is the second trash can in the back hardly comes totally outside the cabinet frame which restricts the use of the recycle top that comes with purchase. If you intend on using the recycle top for one of the trash cans it has to be the front trash can. Overall very happy with the product and install was smooth.

Everything was great and easy but i gave 4 stars for 2 reasons. I had to look up the video at rev a shelf website. 2 installation of the pantry door to the rev a shelf wasn’t efficient. There has to be a better way to install it.

The garbage is great, high quality. I gave it 3 stars for a couple reasons. It is not a 15 minute install. Also, the template is for doors that are flush against the cabinet. If they set in at all you need to adjust.

I use my rollout to store dog food, it easily holds 105 pounds with room to spare and does not stress the undercount slides. Wish i had these undercount slides in all my drawers, very smooth.

Nice looking, easy to install, keeps trash out of the way.

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