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ReLeaf Leaf Scoops: Ergonomic : Efficient and easy to use.

These are the absolutely best for picking up leaves. The plastic is heavy duty and should last a long time. They make it easy to pick up the leaves. I can pick up twice as many leaves as when i used my old ones (didferent design), which cuts my time bagging in half. I cannot say enough good things about this product. The order arrived in record time, as promised. I had to wait awhile to use them since my leaves were late falling. I will probably purchase another pair to save for when i wear these out. I never want to be without these “leaf hands”.

I’d been using a variant of lighter weight leaf scoops for years and thought they were very good until they broke and i replaced them with releaf leaf scoops. The older pair had a plastic strap on the back to hold them onto my hands. This worked okay until both broke and it became a challenge to hold them stably enough to pick up leaves. I selected the releaf leaf scoops because the strap on the back is molded into the hard plastic body so i don’t expect them to break — ever. I used the scoops today for the first time and happily discovered that they have other benefits as well. The molded straps hold the scoops to my hands much more rigidly, making them easier to control they hold an incredible amount of leaves. I filled a 33 gallon bag with just 4 scoops of leaves. Also, there’s a little hole near the top of each scoop making them very easy to hang for storage.

This appears to be a well made item, i assume i would be able to use without breaking. I’m considering returning them though, because of poor ergonomics: wouldn’t this be much more comfortable if the part that contacts the inside of your wrist was concave just like the top part that goes over the back of your hand is?. Also, maybe this goes against some safety concern i’m not aware of, and it might introduce the need for some reinforcing elsewhere, but shouldn’t there be a notch (or notches so they can be ambidextrous) where i can wrap my thumb around the bottom of the ‘grip’?if this was the case, then $30 would be a fair price for these. Is there a better device out there that is of this quality that is more ergonomically designed?.

Do not run around town shaking hands with these on your hands. The stares you get are not worth the effort to offer a friendly and socially acceptable gesture in most cases. Also, waving at your neighbors with these on will draw a comment or at least a frowned stare. Do not forget to take these off before you reach for that well deserved beer. Oh yes, and these are awesome for yard work and super comfy for use.

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  • The activity alone of using the rake to gather and deposit the leaves is exhausting AND hurts our backs so bad that it is very d
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ReLeaf Leaf Scoops: Ergonomic, Large Hand Held Rakes for Fast Leaf & Lawn Grass Removal

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  • Oversize leaf claws – the releaf closed design gets the job done quickly, wet or dry with minimal fuss or spills
  • Protection for you – a barrier from stinging nettles, rosebushes and weeds
  • Other uses include: an extra size hand for fruit picking, spreading mulch, feeding leaf shredders, and a hygienic pet mess clean up tool
  • Intelligent uncomplicated storage – easy hang and fit together design

I do like these scoops to use for picking up leaves in the yard. It does cut my time and half. However, i only gave it a 4 because i had a problem with the strap that comes across your wrist bruising me when i use these. I will have to come up with some kind of padding so i won’t get bruised again. They are well made and stack nicely on top of each other so they don’t take that much space in my shed.

After raking up a pile of leaves, there’s nothing worse than trying to get them into a bag. With these scoops its a breeze. For me, they are especially valuable in the spring when my magnolia leaves drop. Those leaves are thick and heavy. They don’t crush up and can’t be vacuumed. But these scoop it right up and save me a lot of work.

I have small hands and arms and they were painful for me to use. I found it easier to use as a scoop vs. Wearing them as i was bruised on the tops of my arms even though i wore higher gloves that were above my wrists. Probably best suited for a man’s arms and hands. Update: the owner of this company contacted me to inquire about my trouble with the product. They were very helpful and i was very surprised to hear from them regarding my review. I’ve updated my review to a 4 star as i was very impressed by their communication and the fact they took an interest in my personal problem with some remedies to try.

My releaf leaf scoops are much better than i thought they would be. I like that it does not have tines, or “claws” – – i can scrape up more leaves and needles and not leave bits and pieces behind. It also has a nice deep scoop so i can hold a lot of material and is light enough so it isn’t too heavy and sturdy enough so it does not warp out of shape. I have seen other brands in action and thought that they were a great idea; these are even better. I can tell you have put a lot of thought into making these leaf scoops.

I have used these for leaves and i am well pleased. They make the work so much more efficient. They are a huge improvement over the ‘two rake’ method. They can be used to scrape the pile back together without having to use the rake. I also used them to remove dirt from a hole i was digging for a sump pump. The hole was too confined to use a shovel. I was digging through hard pan with a pinch bar and the leaf grabber half removed as much as a shovel full of dirt each time i filled it.

I bought these scoops to help us clean up a yard that is surrounded by oak trees, which drop not only tons of leaves in the fall, but millions of acorns. Normally, we rake the leaves and acorns into piles then using the rakes, we gather and balance stacks of the leaves on top of the rake, then deposit into wheelbarrows. The activity alone of using the rake to gather and deposit the leaves is exhausting and hurts our backs so bad that it is very difficult. I have been seeing people using these scoop tools in their yards, and decided to give this particular style scoop a try, since because of the acorns in with the leaves. I thought this style would be more effective in capturing more of the acorns (and not fall between the “teeth” of other scoop designs) well. These releaf leaf scoops are fantastic. They turned a rather physically daunting chore into a much easier one, not to mention we spend literally less than half of the time that we normally have spent gathering up all these leaves and acorns. We are going to purchase another pair for next season. A “must-have” for raking chores. In studying numerous styles of these scoops, we noticed that some of them seem to be sold as a single scoop. You need two of them to perform the chore they are designed for.

Got the scoops out of the box and promptly went outside to try them out. They are made of strong material and work like a dream. The only thing i with is that the portion of the scoop that you grip had some sort of curve to it as it “cuts” into my hand and is uncomfortable after a little while. Other than that (for me), they are awesome.

My driveway gets covered in pine needles and cones, and i thought these would be good for scooping up piles of those. I used them for that purpose this morning and they worked very well. I’m a small woman with small hands, and although these are very big i found them comfortable to use with gardening gloves. I was able to pick up the pine needles and drop them into my large yard waste barrel without stuff dropping everywhere. They aren’t completely flat on the bottom, so there is some debris left on the driveway, but i am pleased with the job i could do with them. I think $25 is a bit expensive for these. The plastic is sturdy enough for the job, but they seem like they could crack pretty easily under pressure from the wrong angle. But i chose them because i like the shape, and they seemed to be sturdier than the cheaper pointy hand rakes that are available.

Just want to write a very brief review and say these leaf scopes totally met my expectations and work every bit as well as the advertisements. They are super easy and intuitive to use, they are great for leaves and a variety of yard waste, and the design and durability is very good. Only one recommendation i would give is that you use gloves with the scoops, otherwise the plastic will cut into your hands after a while.

I finally had a chance to tackle my leaves today. These make quick work of the leaf pile, but i have one issue with them. I’m a pretty big guy and wear an xxl glove and there is plenty of room for my big hands. It’s the area that goes around the wrist that is my complaint. The top of the wrist is good, as the plastic is curved to fit the wrist, but the bottom piece is straight and rubs up against my wrist. It’s really uncomfortable, but not a deal killer. I can live with it because they do pick up a boat load of leaves like nothing i’ve used before. If the wrist piece was curved on the bottom like the top, this would be a five star review. So , if you’re built like a defensive lineman, you might think twice. The rest of you are going to love these scoops.

I have over an acre of wooded backyard, so managing the annual leaf drop is a significant job. I am always looking for products that can help make the job easier. These scoops have really been a big help. They are easy to use and great for picking up leaves efficiently. For compost piling, bagging, or loading the chipper shredder feed hopper, these scoops are great. Update: this original review was from dec. 2014, a year and 1/2 later, i’ve now bought my second pair of these great scoops, not because they wore out or anything of that nature, but because i got tired of not having my original pair of scoops when i needed them, because my daughter constantly borrows them for use working at her own home. They are a must have tool for yard maintenance year round.

I received the “leaf scoops” about a month ago as advertised and on time. The product is light weight and very sturdy. They are smaller than i expected them to be but no matter; they do the job. It is so much easier scooping up leaves with these instead of trying to pick them up with a rake. Just rake the leaves into a piles, scoop them up with the “leaf scoops” and drop them into your yard bags. I would recommend this product to anyone who has to pick up leaves from their yard.

At first, i was very hesitant about buying these. They seemed unnecessary and expensive. But, honestly, they are the best thing that i bought for leaf removal. You can grab so much more with them then you can just with gloves on, you don’t have to bend over as much so it does save your back, you don’t have to actually touch the leaves so it’s cleaner, and they act as small rakes so you can pick up the last bit of leaves and debris very easily. I cannot recommend these enough if you do any amount of leaf removal, either as side work like i do or for your own lawn.

I want to update my initial review. The scoops are still fantastic. And the customer service is just as impressive. There was a packaging problem with the delivery of my scoops. Worked with re-leaf to address and am completely satisfied. If you want to pick up large quantities of leaves and get the job done, you need these scoops. I was really impressed with the large quality of leaves i could pick up in one pass. The scoops aren’t too heavy and are easy to hold. I am not impressed that both scoops broke on the first use after just a couple of hours of use. The corner of each scoop cracked and pieces broke off.

We had been searching high & low for a pretty easy way to pick up our leaves, and when we found these, they looked as if they would work really well. When they arrived home, we used them that next week. They worked wondersand they’ve helped our backs from continually bending over longer than we should be. These pick up a huge amount of leavesty for such a great product.

I just used these and they are awsome for picking up a large amount of wet leaf mulch with twigs in it — much faster than a rake. My only suggestion for product design is that the place between my thumb and index finger hits a rather hard plastic edge (even with garden gloves) — maybe not a bother for someone with bigger hands. Or maybe i should grip them differently. But i am happy with the purchase and will continue to use them for quicker pickups. Definitely worth purchasing.

My hands are small, so these ‘mitts’ could be a bit awkward to use at times, but they have been great these past several weeks while working in the back yard. I have a mixture of thorny wild blackberry, rose bush clippings, english ivy and bamboo debris and it was great to be able to scoop these up (often mixed together) without having to worry about getting pricked or pinched by any of the plant material. So yes, the cleanup has been going very well.

These are built like a brick house, top notch quality and should be very durable moving ahead. They work great when you have piles of leaves, small sticks, etc. The reason i did not give them 5 stars is when not working from a pile and scraping from the ground the inflexibility of the product can make for a challenge, in fact we just went back to using our hands. I would definitely recommend if the use case above fits your need.

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ReLeaf Leaf Scoops: Ergonomic, Large Hand Held Rakes for Fast Leaf & Lawn Grass Removal
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