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Recycle Carts Recycle Cart – Sturdy, fits bins perfectly, easy to roll out to curb.

Standard recycle bins fit on rack perfectly. Easier to take out recyclables now.

I have a steep driveway and this works perfectly to get my recycling bins down to the street and also keeps and liquid that may drain out off of my feet.

This product is better than i expected. My only concern is the clips that hold the the recycle containers since they are made of plastic which tends to become brittle over time. I wish these were metal instead. However for the low price you can’t go wrong. I put it together in about 15 minutes and the directions are easy to follow for a change. I bought this for my wife and she loves how easy it is to maneuver even when the recycle bins are full of newspapers. We do not leave it at the curb on trash day as trash collectors are rough on trash containers.

Liked the first one so much, i ordered a second. Didn’t give it 5 stars only because the foam hand grip was not installed centered (not a deal breaker, but a ding nonetheless).

Needs better screws but a good cart, it took two trips to the hardware store to get different screws because the ones that comes with it were impossible to get threaded and stripped out immediately. Other than that, i was able to put it together myself (it would’ve taken less than 30 minutes. ) and it will make my life much easier getting the bins to and from the curb.

Heavy duty cart that was easily assembled. Works great with my recycling bins and is versatile enough for other uses as well. Sturdier than the pvc carts.

  • Defective product/replaced with 2nd order
  • It’s very sturdy and helps me get the heavy bins where they
  • Excellent product with equally dependable customer service

This was just what i was looking for. It was easy to out together and our town’s recycling bins fit perfectly.

I was skeptical as to whether the bins would attach as simply as indicated — but they do. Perfectly packed, easy to assemble — thanks to one of the clearest instruction books i’ve ever seen. Only phillipshead screwdriver, hammer and wrench needed (i used a vice grip because i couldn’t find my wrench) and it is sturdily assembled.

Updated 7/10/16 – this cart has been redesigned and is even easier to assemble now. (see attached updated images)wow, this recycle cart is great. Built very very well and super affordable. Much better than other carts i’ve used. I bet this thing will last me a lifetime. Great transaction and will recommend to others. 3/4/15 update – i bought another one of these locally as a gift, and found this assembly video very helpful online – [. still very happy with my cart, and have referred many people to it. ]

Due to age we have a hard time lifting the recycle bins.

This is a sturdy cart and a good idea. It saves me space in the garage too. I’m the first in the neighborhood to get one of these, and already i’m being asked ‘where’d you get that?’.

Features of Recycle Cart for Recycle Bins Robust Recycle Cart for Simple Recycle Bin Moving | Recycle Caddy

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  • Incredible Strength! 1″ Steel tube construction, high quality corrosion-resistant hardware, and a reinforced frame
  • Premium Wheels! 7 5/8″ circumference, 1″ wide tread and virgin rubber UPDATED DESIGN IN AUGUST 2017!
  • Super Heavy Duty Bin Clips! Tested to over 400 pounds, accepts almost any recycle bin, and UV protected
  • Oversized Axle! 8mm steel axle for stability, allows foot to initiate movement, and increases overall frame strength
  • Comfort Foam Handle! EVA foam overlay. UV protected and eases hand strain with heavy loads

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Item just as described, probably very easy to put together as my not-so-handy boyfriend sent this photo to me after about 15 minutes. Worth every penny to not have to bend over and lug both bins to the curb and back.

Gave it to a neighbor as a gift and she is delighted with it.

I have always wanted a recycle bins cart, so my husband finally did the research and got me this for my birthday-can you believe that- a recycle bins robust recycle cart. I put it together and it works so well, and now i do not have the bins being pushed from here to there.

Easy to assemble and works great.

Bought this as a replacement for one that someone felt they needed more than i did. Now i just take the bins down on it and bring the cart back in. Don’t wanna replace this again, but i would if i needed too. It’s very sturdy and helps me get the heavy bins where they need to go.

Welll balanced with filled bins. Padded handle for comfort and grip.

Incredible Strength!

I bought two of these as gifts for friends who have lower back issues and small recycling bins. Assembly was so very easy—didn’t even need a screwdriver—and the caddy is durable and tough. I advise wheeling your trash to the curb and then stowing the caddy inside or surely some jealous individuals will take it.

As other reviews stated, assembly screws are definitely something the company needs to check out concerning quality control. When we were finally able to get it together, it was great. I had it all week in the garage, holding my bins up beautifully. It rolled smoothly and felt very sturdy. I put it out on garbage/recycling day like all my other neighbors, the recycling crew came and went, and in the hour that the recycling came and i went to go fetch the cart and totes, someone stole it. All my neighbors leave their caddies out so i have no idea why this one was targeted. All i can think is that, when the totes are not actually on the bin, it looks like a dolly and someone thought i was throwing it out with the trash maybe and took it. It was 9am in the morning when it was stolen, so that’s all i can come up with. So i only got to have it for one week.

Seems well built and easy to assemble if the hardware was complete and accurate. Received only one stop nut of the proper size, plus one large nut that had no application, three axel caps, (two required), three wing nuts, (two required). The phillips head screws that are used with the 6mm stop nuts are nearly impossible to tighten due to the poor phillips cut. These should be hex head to facilitate tightening the stop nuts. Other than the questionable hardware, the cart is quite nice.

Also good for moving bureaus and large items. Solves many moving problems.

One cart went together perfectly but the second one was difficult. Who knows why but it was nearly impossible to screw in the screws on the handles. These carts are awesome though for bringing all of our recyclables to the curb with ease since here in idaho we still have to separate recyclables.

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Premium Wheels!

Easy to put together and wheels to crub easily. Excellent way to carry and stack your binds.

Fits nicely in the corner of the garage.

This cart has changed my life. Rock solid, well constructed, totally functional. I’m thinking about starting a fan club – share stories, experiences, etc.

I no longer have to lug those two items out to the curb. Once at the curb, easy to unload from the cart, and equally easy to replace whenempty.

The recycle cart is easy to assemble. My recycling bins slip right on the clips. The only thing is that the clips that hold the bins are made of plastic (although a sturdy plastic) so i hope they last. So far i have had no issues. The cart does not get any abuse as i leave it in my garage and remove bins from cart at the curb so it can’t get tossed around by the trash collector or run over. I would buy this cart again.

Bought thre carts for my recycle team at work. Carts are not sturdy for the price. One student accidentally leaned forward and the wheel broke off.

Great product and well-made. I am concerned about the cotter pins that hold on the wheels, however. My husband put this thing together in about 15 minutes nothing more than a crescent wrench.

Super Heavy Duty Bin Clips!

Only suggestion is to rubber on botton so bin dies not slide off.

At first, i thought why is this so much money for something so simple. I haven’t made peace with the price but it’s honestly something i’m happy i have. It’s easy to get your stuff out to the end of the driveway.

Easy to put together, works great,,,we had one made out of plastic pipe that didn’t hold up this one looks like a keeper.

We purchased this specific cart several months ago. Love it – very well designed and less cumbersome than the platform types you see elsewhere. Additionally, the after the sale customer service is exceptional. Our friendly recycling company somehow managed to drag our cart down the entire length of our street. The unit was still intact except for the wheels. I called the company directly and spoke to a gentleman who immediately indicated he would send out replacement wheels and caps. To say i was surprised is an understatement. He didn’t even ask me to pay shipping. Within a few days, the wheels arrived and i now have a workable cart. To take the time to write this review is the least i could do in thanks and appreciation.

Easy to assemble and good quality. I have put 30+ pounds on each rack and no issues. Had it a year and works like new. Be sure to oil the axel and exposed steel to ensure it does not rust outside.

Easy to attach recycle bins to the cart. When the bins are loaded with recycled items and heavy. The balance of the cart and the wheel size make it relatively easy to move. It is suggested that the bins are put in place on the cart empty and fill while mounted on the cart ,thereby making it easier to do the job.

Oversized Axle!

I was excited to have this cart and tidy up the garage a bit. The box was compact and didn’t appear to have any damage on arrival. Assembly was smooth until the last step when i discovered the pin that the wheel slides onto was bent 45 degrees (should be straight) and therefore couldn’t attach the wheel. I’m returning and will order another. Hopefully the 2nd one will be good and i will update this reviewupdate – i returned the defective cart (returning items through amazon is super easy) and ordered a 2nd cart. The new one arrived the day i returned the 1st one. Second one was in perfect order (i check every part first) and went together quickly since i remembered how it went. This carts rolls smoothly & easily. The garage looked better immediately with the bins on the cart and now only requires one trip on collection day.Very happy with it and recommend, but check that nothing is damaged before you assemble.

Fabulous, took 10 minutes to assemble. Cheaper than ace hardware in fl and more solid product.

I did not want one of the carts made of pvc tubing – too bulky. This cart is slim although my bins will not attach from the narrow ends because a plastic support on the bin gets in the way of the clip on the cart.

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