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Primode 100% Compostable Bags 3 Gallon Food Scraps Yard Waste Bags – I like these bags

We live in san francisco and the bags that the stores sell are so flimsy and disintegrate quickly. These still meet the criteria for the city and are amazing.

With these i don’t have to double bag. I use less of these bags than the other ones i’ve tried.

I recently bought this item and so far the bags seem to be much stronger than the ones i previously used. I have nothing to complain about. Here are the specifications for the Primode 100% Compostable Bags 3 Gallon Food Scraps Yard Waste Bags:

  • THREE GALLON SIZE: Each of our compost bags has a capacity of 3 gallons, Measures 16.3 x 16.5 inch Extra Thick 0.71 Mil pack of 100
  • 100% COMPOSTABLE: The food waste bags are fully compostable. Ideal to use for kitchen trash bag, food waste collection bag, bag comes With A Fresh Natural white color
  • US BPI- ASTM D6400 CERTIFIED, EUROPEAN VINCOTTE : Our compostable bags meet BPI requirements By the city for safety standards. Also meet European VINCOTTE requirement for backyard composting
  • STRONG & DURABLE: The compost trash bags are much tougher than others which tear and fray easily.
  • EASY TO USE: The composting bags are easy to use and just the right size, perfect for compost pails on the counter top or small kitchen trash cans

They are a biodegradable plastic, just the right size, and work well in my garbage collection system.

Good bags but could do with some compostable printing on them to keep the compost lady at the farmers market happy when i drop them in her citywide compost bin.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • These are wonderful.
  • These bags are considerably tough
  • These bags work excellently with my new waste bucket. I saved 9

Thin bags which i suspect is necessary for biodegradable.

I use these for cleaning out the litter box, and they work perfectly. I’ve never had one too on me, and that was my main concern.

These bags are a lot sturdier than previous ones we had gotten. They hold a fair amount and don’t shred.

These bags are of good quality and are priced well. I find they sometimes tear after a couple days where my compost container lid rests, and i have not had this problem with other products.

These bags work excellently with my new waste bucket. 00, instead of buying the bags that were sold by the company i purchased by new inside cupboard waste bucket system. The size is perfect and i love that i can toss the bag with all it’s contents into my yard waste bin for my garbage company to take away.

I have tried three brands of compost bags and this is the best one that does not break when there’s a lot of food and even some liquid in it.

Bought to replace plastic grocery bags used for kitchen scraps. Like the fact that they are compostable.

Contents go through to the container. I have to double and in some cases triple the bags.

They’re great and eco friendly.

I enjoy using these compostable bags to line my compost container. I used to use the name brand ones but after the moisture got to them they just fell apart. I’m happy i found the primode ones are a lot tougher and make composting much more affordable.

These bags hold up pretty well. I have filled them up sometimes too much and they never leaked. Since i don’t have to changethe bags that often they are actually cost effective. Ive used other compost bags that leaked with less waste in them. Product arrived as promised.

Right-sized, uncomplicated (no odd finicky unfolding like my previous compost bags), strong enough.

They fit our 3-gallon compost bin perfectly and hold up very well.

Good price, strong, and easy to use.

Liked the 3 gallon promise bag.

Can’t tell how compostable they are, but they appear to work as advertised.

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Primode 100% Compostable Bags 3 Gallon Food Scraps Yard Waste Bags, Extra Thick 0.71 Mil. ASTMD6400 Biodegradable Compost Bags Small Kitchen Trash Bags, Certified By BPI And VINCETTE, (100}
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