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Mind Reader Mini Counterop Trash Can – I’m using it on my desk in my home office

This mini counter top trash can is pretty cute and is actually functional. The lid is easy to push to put things inside and small grocery bags work great for liners since it is so small.

Super cute mini counter top trash can that is perfect to toss empty sugar packets at a coffee station, straw wrappers at a soda fountain, or just for desktop storage. The lid slides off so you can add a mini trash bag. I ended up using it to toss my stevia packets in at my coffee station. My husband consistently complains about the packets i leave behind after i make my giant iced coffee in the morning (typically i leave it on the dish that holds the spoon)- this was a quick, clean, and easy solution he does not mind.

It can use gallon size baggies to line it with, and they are a bit large. It is perfect to keep under my outside grill to put american cheese cheese wrappers in as i cook. It is stainless steel and it looks a bit medical. It would be great for holding straw papers on a counter top too. 2 points off though for sharp edges. While i’m not finding it sharp enough to cut, it is too sharp for people who have thin skin or for people on blood thinners. It would be so much nicer if the edges were finished properly by being rolled. Instead they cut the pieces out and didn’t seam to do anything else to blunt them. It is cute, but i would not recommend it for any commercial use or in homes with the elderly or anyone else who might have thin skin. Here are the specifications for the Mind Reader Mini Counterop Trash Can:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless steel construction, elegant satin finish trash can with swing lid
  • Great for Breakroom, home, office even bathrooms
  • Helps keep your Coffee Station clean and organized
  • Holds most trash including stirrers, sugar packs, Coffee grounds, even Coffee pods
  • Easy to clean and built to last with attention to detail and superior materials
  • Compact size will save space on your desk

I run a retreat with a busy coffee/tea table (typically 30-36 guests at a time) and this is great tabletop bin for packet wrappers. It will hold a busy day’s wrappers & tea bags (though most guests leave those in their cups; and we use a sugar bowl, so wrappers are from artifician sweetener and individually-wrapped tea bags). It would also be suitable for home use by a few keurig users (my mom uses a keurig and always seems to have stray pods and stevia packets on her counter in the morning, which makes me bonkers), but the size woukd be inadequate for more than a few coffee drinkers. The main can (without lid) is about the size of a large can of tomatoes (not the 15-oz can; the 32-or-whatever-it-is size); the swing top lid ads several inches and will hold more, but that makes emptying clumsier. The only think i don’t like is that the edge of the flap is a tittle untidy; it coukd be sleeker, but for the price, it’s good. Not sure why it’s ‘desktop’–seems more a breakroom than personal item. It wouls also be handy for taster spoons at a farmer’s market or convention, makeup sample spatulas/cotton balls, etc.

This is a spiffy little can that looks really nice sitting on a desk or counter. As long as you can keep fingerprints off of it. For me, it got set next to my pod coffee machine, as a place to drop the pods after use. This works out reasonably well, with two caveats: (1) it’s difficult to sort out a trash liner, so damp objects like the pods will drip and leave residue, and (2) its size is such that it honestly doesn’t have great capacity (at least for pods). These two little complications means, for me, that it might not stay next to the coffee pot for long, and it will have to live on my computer desk, a bin for crumbled up postit notes and candy wrappers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • can’t get the top off
  • Cool design but too short
  • good looking can (that’s what she said)

At only about 6 inches tall i’m not sure how much use this really is. I guess you can put small bits of paper like old receipts or candy wrappers in there. The edges on top aren’t machined all that well so they’re almost sharp.

It is exactly what it says it is. It is a miniature garbage can, in my case, stainless steel. It is intended for use in small work areas, perhaps a craft or kitchen area, where you end up with lots of scraps. The can is constructed very well and the lid comes off.

Holds trash like a can should. To empty it, i just squeeze the round shape until the lid comes out. May recommend some pads on the bottom surface so that the metal doesn’t scratch/rub against whatever surface you put it on.

I’m using it on my desk in my home office to throw out post-its. The black part has a glossy finish. I think it’s cute and functional.

That said it is not very functionable as there is nothing i can find to line it for teabags or k cups that have water leaking from them so a liner is a must and the edges (*if you can get the top off) are very, very sharp. This could have been so perfect if they just addressed these 2 issues.

I love this little trash can. It is small but it’s perfect for trash by my sink. I put compost stuff in there and small/wet things. The lid comes off easy for easy cleaning. I put a small plastic bag in there and take it out and throw stuff away.

Swell little can for tabletop trash. Lots of compliments, good looking can (that’s what she said).

I got this for my husbands work space and he loves it. It is bigger than i thought it was going to be, but it also fits more than i thought it was going to. The top swivels just like a regular trash can and the aluminum design makes it look very sleek. I really like it and would highly recommend.

Like 1 banana peel and a tissue small. I also find this kind of metal very hard to clean and it gets fingerprints very easily. If the size meets your need, it’s durable and the lid closes well enough to keep my lunch food smells contained while i work at my desk.

Wish this was a little taller. The way the lid is designed it doesn’t allow for a lot of trash to be placed in it.

This is a simple and basic brushed stainless steel can. I say basic because the lid around the opening is simply cut metal. While it is smoothed out, there are no rounded edges around the inner lip of the can. I imagine that is to maintain a streamlined look. The lid is simply welded on and is level. As for size, even among desktop cans, this is petite, but its functional. It is about the size of my hand – perfect for my desk. I feel like it would be perfect for other uses such as a change bin or binder clips, etc. The can has no information about the country of origin, which is rare. It didn’t have any dents and while it was definitely basic i think it is going to last for a long time.

I have this beauty on my bathroom counter. It’s great for small trash (i.

It looks okay — shiny, not matte — but it’s a little more impractical than i was expecting. The lid is not removable, so you expect to shove your hand into it to clean it. Note that the metal edges are a little sharp. But it’s nice to have for a little space. (see photo for reference next to keurig b70 both on a mini-fridge.

This mind reader desktop mini trash can (silver) is a cute little swing-lid trash can, made of lightweight stainless steel. 99 on amazon) seems a little high, because there are ripples on the edges of the lid (as seen in the product page photos if you zoom in). As a trash receptacle, this will hold only seven (7) used k-cups. If filled full of k-cups, it is hard to empty. It strikes me as useful for collecting makeup waste like used cotton balls, but i use a small powder-room wastebasket for this kind of thing. I am a loss for how to use this on my office desk, because i have a medium-sized trash can underneath the desk. Maybe kids would have fun with it in their room?if you need a mini trash can, you could do worse. However, i don’t think this item is very practical or useful.

Nice small tabletop trash can, the lid and holder come off as well so you can easily dump it out. I got a stainless steel one, and it looks just like the photo (i know someone had gotten one that didn’t match). Swinging lid is nice, but also means you can’t get it too full. It’s found a home next to my coffee machine to collect random small trash.

The top is not removeable, so i ended up fighting to get awkward shaped items out around the lid.

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