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Kitchen Art KitchenArt 18530 Scrap Trap With Scraper : Great kitchen gadget

This was an impulse buy that turned out better than expected. There are only two downsides, but they don’t decrease my satisfaction. I have very little counter space in my prep area and being able to scrape off the leavings of my fruits and veggies as i ready them for my smoothie maker or food processor is a giant plus. The little scraper works perfectly to scrape the remains into the bin and nothing falls on the floor. This is particularly appreciated when pealing garlic and onions as their skins on the floor are hard to get up with my swivel sweeper. Unfortunately, because the bin is rather large, it keeps me from getting as close the counter as i need to to reach certain items or get full use of the limited space. Because of that there’s only one drawer i can attach it to and that is not the ideal one for quickest cleanup. The other downside is storage. Since i can’t leave it on my drawer, i have to put it somewhere easy to access but out of the way when i don’t need to use it and i don’t have many storage options. Still the item is so useful, i’ll find a solution.

It really helps with the cleaning process and is also easy to clean itself. Running it through the wash is fine, or just by hand as well. I wouldn’t use any other products. The convenience of it as well is perfect.

My wife and i love this product. We use it all the time when cooking. The only thing i’ll say that’s a downside is that it’s kind of easy to lose the little scraper piece. Since they get washed separately, sometimes the scrap trap itself is put away without the scraper, and then who knows where that goes (we’re currently looking for it from thanksgiving). This isn’t a big enough headache to deduct a star, though.

I saw this on buzzfeed and said, “that’s brilliant. ” i immediately ordered one. It hangs off one of my drawers all the time (except when it’s in the dishwasher). Fill it with scraps, trash the scraps and throw it in the dishwasher. I kind of wish the scraper tool wasn’t so loose. My girlfriend’s mother accidentally threw that part away.

This is a really handy gadget for not having to throw out my scraps into the kitchen garbage constantly (which is hidden away in my pantry). The one problem i had with it is that the brush/scraper that came with it was thrown away by mistake when i was cleaning it out. Did not even notice until it was too late. I have started to put left over grocery plastic bags within the scrap trap for easy removal of the garbage. It works great so i don’t have to clean it all the time. Before purchasing, i measured my drawer to make sure it would fit. Even if did not, amazon has a great return policy. I have had it for nearly two years now, it has held up great.

Is a small thing but it is really nice to sweep cooking debris into this container. It is well designed so it sits firmly attached to the top of a drawer. Mine is placed right under my counter. I can sweep everything into it from the counter (rather than my hand) and use it as as small trash can as i cook. It’s a small step taken out – having to sweep into my hand and walk to the trash can all of 5 feet away, but it makes a difference. It is very easy to clean even if you leave debris in it for a few days. The surface cleans quickly and easily in the sink. Occasionally i put it in the dishwasher and it stands up well, no warping etc.

I was looking for a waste bin to put food scraps in when i’m cooking and this was perfect. Our garbage disposal is okay, but can’t handle certain food like vegetable peels, etc. I cook at least 5 nights out of the week and am constantly chopping and peeling veggies for dishes. It’s a pain to corral all of the mess but with this life got a lot easier. I love that it hooks right onto my drawer directly below the counter. That way i can chop at my normal height and just push everything into the bin with the scraper. It holds quite a bit; i can usually get most of the vegetables for a recipe taken care of with just one trip to the garbage using this scrap trap. Great purchase for the money.

I am a kitchen gadget addict. Many of my purchases go unused, but this is a keeper. We compost, so it’s convenient to carry to the compost bin after veggies are trimmed. And we eat a lot of veggies. I like the ease of sweeping scraps off the counter into the trap. I store my oven mitts in it for easy access near the stove when i’m not using it for scraps.

  • Love it! I’m back to buy a second one for a friend!
  • This is so handy!
  • Best Kitchen Gadget in Years!

KitchenArt 18530 Scrap Trap With Scraper, Plastic, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 6.25 x 11 x 4.5 inch
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Holds up to 2 quarts of crumbs and food pieces for easy cleaning and disposing of mess
  • Includes brush/scraper that fits in front pocket, so you can easily sweep away mess without getting your hands dirty
  • Conveniently fits under the counter, over the drawer or door to save countertop space

I like the scrap trap pretty well so far. The hook that is used to attach to the drawer under the cabinet lip is a little bit too big for our drawer, so the trap kind of hangs down a bit. I think it’s a bit bigger than it really needs to be, and you have to stand away from the counter more than you usually would. Overall, it’s a great idea, i just wish it were a little smaller. The depth of it is great and i love that i can throw egg shells, veggie scraps, etc, in it without having to constantly walk to the trash can. I just throw it in the dishwasher with everything else when i’m done.

I live in a small nyc apartment, so counter space is always at a premium. This handy little trash bin hangs on any door or drawer, and is both more convenient and more sanitary than a conter-top garbage bowl or sink basket. I position it so that my cutting board is at its lip, making it easy to sweep in little bits and crumbs. Between this and the equally useful progressive international 11-inch by 15-inch counter edge cutting board with collapsible scrap bin, my counter space is freed up for ingredients and tools. It cleans up nicely in the dishwasher, and the included scoop is useful too. I’m completely happy with this purchase – highly recommended.

Yes, if your drawer knobs are too big, it may not work, but it will fit the vast majority of drawer knobs. There is a rather wide area for the knob to fit into. I have not sent it through the dishwasher, but after 2 years of use, it’s never been that nasty that i’ve felt the need to do so. The finish on the plastic makes it super easy to clean/wipe out after use. We use it less for food scraps and more for crumb scraps when we wipe down our kitchen island. And, i’ll admit we don’t clean/dump the crumbs on a daily basis. I don’t ever recall using the scraper, but it may prove useful to some cooks. The depth of the scrap trap is not a burden. Before purchase, i was concerned that i would be bumping it to it frequently. That is no issue for us as it is relatively sleek along the cabinet line.

It’s so convenient for me since i use a lot of fresh produce and fruit when i cook. Before i got this i would tie a plastic bag onto a drawer pull on a nearby drawer which would make a mess since half of the scraps would end up on the floor as i transferred them from the counter to the bag with two hands. With the scrap trap i just cut and drag it toward me. I really don’t use the scraper until i’m all done since i just use the knife i’m cooking with to scrape it in. It makes prep actually a little quicker since i’m not taking handfuls of pepper guts and other scraps to the trash can just to make room for the next thing i’m chopping up. It’s not really effective for big things like watermelon, but otherwise it’s the perfect size. Plus, you just take it and dump it out if you fill it up. So many people see it and do the, ‘what a great idea. Needless to say i will be buying several for christmas, birthday, housewarming and other gift giving occasions.

So nice for a sidekick when chopping fruits or vegetables. And the little scraper thing is useful for gathering up the chopped veggies and tossing into a pan, or clearing off the cutting board. There is a flat side that also works as a dough cutter/scraper.

This thing is so simple but so smart. It’s perfect for separating scraps from foodstuff quickly. I just position the front edge of my cutting board so it hangs slightly over the counter edge above the scrap trap and then get to work, scraping scraps off the board as i go. Not only does it eliminate multiple trips to the trash, it also keeps the cutting board clear as you work so there’s more useable space. It’s especially good for repetitive tasks like hulling strawberries where each small piece has a section to be discarded. And then there’s the added benefit that all of the scraps end up in one place, making it easy to empty the container into a compost bin when you’re done. No sweet scraps from that fruit salad you made sitting around in the kitchen trash to attract ants. Although this item is a unitasker, it’s one that has definitely earned its place in my small kitchen. Once you’re in the habit of using it, you won’t be able to go back to working without it. A quick note on measurements: the back side of the scrap trap has a lip that fits over and slightly down the back edge of the drawer it’s hung on.

This is the 2nd scrap trap i’ve bought. It matches my white cabinets so it doesn’t stand out. The scraper is a nice detail. My only wish is that it would have a kid. I can’t always take it out to the compost after i’ve added to it and it sits there looking nasty and stinking until i do.

I’ve had one of these before but lost it in my move. It’s very convenient when your cooking eggs or chopping vegetable. You don’t have to keep running to the trash can or deal with a big trash can in the way if you pull it out to be in the kitchen.

I know some reviews say it is an uneccessary gadget; however, i find it very useful. When cleaning off a dirty counter, my children very rarely get the crumbs into their hands, which leads to a needed sweep too. Having them push the crumbs into this and rinse out works well. Also, great for messy peelings, eggs, or drippy things that end up dripping all the way to the trashcan. Put it in the dishwasher and it is sterile enough to use when i’m chopping vegetables and pototoes on the same chopping board and need room; just sweep the cut up veggies into the scrap trap/or the scraps to make room. Its easier to empty this into a pan instead of pushing items off a wide cutting board into a pan. If you like to cook with your children, this is a great tool as well. It extends out from the counter a bit, so i wouldn’t want it right in front of me while working; i have mine out to my right side as i cook; it is in a corner area of my cabinets and out of my way,so i leave it there all the time.

This is by far one of the handiest kitchen gadgets i own. I keep it on a kitchen cabinet drawer between the sink and the keurig coffee maker (i put the empty coffee pods in there). Only problem i’ve had is i asked hubby to dump the scraps out into trash and he dumped the little scraper thing out and i didn’t notice until the trash had already been taken away 🙁 i’ve had this for over a year now and it’s still used daily.👍🏼👍🏼two thumbs up from me.

It’s much larger than i thought it would be, however it does hold a lot. It does not fit very well on my drawer because the size is so big 8 3/4″ wide hanger, the bowl is larger yet. My drawer is 21 1/2″ wide with a 5 1/4 inch drawer pull. It hits the drawer pulls, so i have to hang it from two drawers which is somewhat of a hassle when you have to open the drawer. If it fit my single drawer i would give it 5 stars, but it doesn’t so i would look for something smaller in the future.

The scrap trap is a wonderful aid for anyone who cooks, or even likes to eat fresh veggies and fruits. This is my 2nd one and i am afraid i killed the first one myself by laying it on a hot stove top. I had the first one for years and loved it so much that i bought a second one. I also sent my sister one and i am giving a friend one next month. It allows you to peel and chop anything and then scrap the peels and rejected items into the scrap trap hanging on a drawer right in front of you. Does not take up space like a “garbage bowl” on your counter. You do not have to walk back and forth to a trash can. I use mine multiple times everyday. I even put paper towels or napkins i have used into it. Fill it up with anything: food, trash, etc.

This is a great contraption and we use it daily in our kitchen. Pros:- can go over most knobs and handles- has a nice scraper brush- very handy and minimizes trips to the dustbin during cooking and prepping- perfect sizecons:- the scraper brush performs well on the kitchen counter, but i wish it could also scrape things out of the scrap trap. The brush is too wide to get all the food residue out (especially if you have garlic or onion peels in the trap) and i end up using my hand every time. – the brush is not tightly secured inside the scrap trap and falls in the dustbin if you don’t hold it while emptying the trap. However, the pros outweigh the cons and i still like using this item.

I appreciate it’s functionality. It seems to add ‘counter space’. You can simply brush the scraps into the trap. It’s scrapper has a slot to be placed quickly back into as you continue to work. It cleans up with ease, no matter how sticky the mess. It does have a slight hue of pink, but not drastic enough to make a fuss about. Thank you for this handy helper for the kitchen.

Read about this from good housekeeping for top ten must haves for a small kitchen. It was on hold or out of stock on amazon forever. I could put in a order but i had to wait at least 1 month which is crazy since i have the free 2-day prime shipping. I put it on my wish list and waited. It finally came back and very very worth it. It was a lot bigger than i realized it was. Fits my drawers perfectly which is awesome because my drawer width is very narrow. Better than rachael ray’s waste bowl for the wive’s with limited counter space.

I absolutely love my scrap trap. I used to use plastic grocery bags, but they took up precious counter space. The scrap trap hangs on my cupboard door or drawer. I use it in the morning to contain my used k cups and sweetener packets. I use during the day for food scraps and other debris during my cooking adventures. I also use it when cooking at the stove to place my dirty spoons, knives, etc. So my counter doesn’t get dirty. I liked this product so much, i bought two, one for my home and one for my vacation home. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a little more counter space, or wants to contain dirty cooking utensils.

I saw this thing on ‘i want that,’ and you know, i thought to myself, i want that. So i looked for it on amazon, found it, and ordered it. Wow, where has this thing been all my lifethis product is made of durable plastic that doesn’t feel cheap or brittle. It’s roomy, so it holds lots of cooking scraps, packaging, zip tops – loads of room to hold, and takes up zero counter space.That’s really important for people like me, who have not so much a kitchen as a galley. It’s like living on a boat, and counter space is at a huge premium, so a thing like this which allows me to just brush stuff from counter into the bucket without having to hold it or make room for it while i’m trying to prep my meals – man, it’s awesome. The design is smart – the lip is narrow, however, so do measure the width of your drawers to be sure that they are not too wide. I expect this will be remedied in a later iteration of the product, but for now, be aware that if your drawers are thicker than about 7/8′, this will not fit. However, there’s a nice cutout (well, an indent) to accommodate your drawer handles, and a built-in pocket to hold the scraper that comes with it: it’s a sturdy plastic card with a brush on one end for crumbs and flour or sugar, and a tapered side for sweeping bigger bits into the bowl. When you’re done, you just pop the card back into the slot, and it’s always where you need it.

I was a little worried about it fitting on my cabinets because of the handles but it has this good size indentation on the back of it and it fits perfectly. It looks as though it will fit over a wide variety of handles. It also holds quite a bit of scraps and trash for it’s size. I have bumped into it a few times and even knocked it off of the drawer and it went noisily crashing to my hard tile floor. I thought for sure i broke it. To my surprise it was perfectly fine. It’s great when i have a bunch of fruits or vegetables to cut up and i can put all the scraps inside this without leaving a mess on the way to my trash can. I would definitely recommend buying this.

I love this, just simply love the look and the practicality of it. Smart looking addition to our kitchen, have washed in dishwasher with no issues of color and quality change whatsoever. I would recommend this product. Durable, strong plastic, not a cheap feel or look. Fits over drawers and cupboard door with no problem.

Handy little invention, wonder why nobody ever thought of this before. Not sure about the slightly cheaper knock-offs that i also saw on amazon, but decided to buy this one based on a blog article i read. The plastic is thick and solid, comes with a scraper / brush. Not much more to say about a garbage collector bin other than to say it works, it’s super convenient and i’m glad i bought it. More important my wife really liked it as a surprise happy wednesday impulse gift.

I sometimes get suckered into kitchen gadgets that i never use, but this thing is awesome. Keeps the counter clean, you can either scoop the parts you want to put in the trash into this (strawberry stems, onion peels, etc. ), or you can put the parts you want to use in here to make them easier to dump into the pan (broccoli florets, chopped peppers and onions, etc. Makes it so much easier than trying to scrape chopped veggies off the cutting board into the pan and spilling them all over.

We recently moved to a house with a large, open kitchen. The trash can needs to stay in the corner, far away from the prep zone, otherwise it’s in the way. I cook mostly with fresh ingredients and after spending a day carting stuff back and forth to the trash can, i looked for alternative solutions. This fit well with my cabinets and has ample space for scraps when preparing a family meal. I’ll continue to use it when we get our compost bin set up because this is far easier to gather scraps than picking them up and placing them into the compost bin.

This is one of my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets. It is also the one i get the most comments about when people come over. I bought it thinking i would only scrape scraps from chopping food into it, but i also use it for a stove-side trash can for butter wrappers, twisty ties, and other things that would just end up on the counter until i carried it all to the pantry garbage can. It fits easily over a kitchen cabinet door and is very easy to clean. Every couple days i just hand wash it in the sink. The included scraper is very handy for scraping the food bits from the counter, but i haven’t used the white plastic brush side. If you’re debating getting this, just do it- you’ll find all sorts of things to use it for.

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