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Keter Pacific 30 Gal : Great outdoor trash can!

I just unpacked this, and like the appearance but haven’t used it yet. Reason: one of the two screws needed for the handle is missing. Of course, it’s an odd size and none of the 8,000 screws in the home workshop are the same. Sigh – how hard is it to get the three required parts into a package?.Now i have two or three choices – trip to the local hardware store to see if they have the size / thread configuration i need, replace the handle with a different one, contact keter and hope a second screw would get here in a reasonable time. I’ll try the first option tomorrow and see how that works out = “add one thing to the to do list”.

I don’t know about you, but i found it difficult to rationalize spending nearly $70 on a waste receptacle. But, i live in a 1-bedroom apartment and space is limited. I don’t have a garage, so i needed somewhere to put my recyclable items that didn’t look like a waste bin. I am very pleased with my purchase. The only reason it is not 5 stars is the handle could be easier to install. It’s still a little loose and i worked hard to get it like that.

Looks great outside and is sturdy.

The wastebasket itself is nice, but the metal handle had to be screwed onto the front. What should have been a 5 minute job took 45 minutes since the pre-drilled holes in the resin were made too far apart to match the metal handle. And redrilling the holes enough to be used without making the holes too big was a real issue. Won’t buy this product again.

I am please with it except for 2 things. Had i seen this in person, i would have gone with another product. My young kids are rough on everything. And in a high wind this thing will fly open. The lid had no hinge support. The deck box i bought from suncast has them. If you are going to blow that much on an outdoor trash can, it needs to at minimum have strap supports so the lid does not fly open backward and crack the plastic casing holding the main hinge in place. If that cracks, bye-bye, lid. Fortunately my husband can macguiver anything, cheaply. So he will add the support, otherwise i would have probably returned it. The other thing is you will need the drawstring trash bags for the insert, not a big deal.

Wonderful all we had to do was attach the handle.

Other than it’d be great if it came w/ some type of rubber band to put on the outside of the inner basket to hold the bag up. . The hole provided doesn’t really do it. However i just use the paper clip holders you pinch together to hold smaller sets of paper together w/ and it works fine. I bought it when it was much cheaper than this however. . I wanted a second for recycling but won’t pay this amount at the moment.

I am very happy with this resin wicker can. I bought it to put out by the pool when we have family gatherings. However my handle is missingtrying to get in touch with keter to see if they will send me one.

  • Attractive, but hinged lid lacks adequate support.
  • I use them as hampers and I think they look great with my sterilite drawers and bed
  • Couldn’t be happier – sturdy and looks great!

Keter Pacific 30 Gal. Outdoor Resin Wicker Waste Basket Trash Can with Liner

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Removable liner for easy cleanup or removing the trash
  • Includes bag tightening hole eliminating unwanted excess bag draping
  • Weather-resistant, won’t rot, crack, fade, unravel or rust.
  • Attractive brown wicker design fits any indoor or outdoor furniture décor
  • Metal hinged lid for easy access

One for the patio and one for next to the pool. I wanted trash cans, but i didn’t want an ugly trash can sitting out in plain view. All the others i looked at looked like, well trash cans. This looks like a wicker basket. The pool one gets direct sun most of the day. So far after one year there is no sign of discoloring or deterioration which often happens to things in direct sun. I don’t know how, but they don’t seem to get dirty looking either. I bought another one for next to our newly built guest house.

. Hate that it came without the liner or the handle. . Off to call customer service i guess. . Update: called customer service. They are sending out a complete new one. But it looks beautiful, even without the liner and handle.

A winning purchase just for the fact that it is so much nicer to look at than the normal ugly garbage bins, and this one happens to match my deck furniture. I wish it was a little wider rather than tall because it would be a better fit for certain garbage, but i’ll deal with it. Rain has not gotten inside so far. Should last for a long time.

I was looking for something for recycling but most bins were too small or way too big and ugly. Although this tall, it’s footprint is only 16 inches square. It has a full liner which makes it easy to keep clean if a trash liner would leak or tear. We used a 30 gal bag and it fits perfectly. The handle was a snap to attach and the top keeps things neat and odors down. It looks well made and that makes it’s place in the kitchen fit in.

This is a large nice looking trash can and perfect on our deck. It was warped on one side which kept it from closing properly. My husband rigged up some thing with a coat hanger and all is good now. If it had not been for that i would have given it 5 stars.

I use it with a plastic bag for recycling. The only problem is the top of the bag doesn’t secure well.

I am using it on my patio and it looks great with my wicker furniture. As described, it is not wicker but is a molded hard plastic. But looks good (and i am picky). It does come with a full liner and a handle. The screws for the handle were a little long, but i bought a shorter set of screws from the local hardware store (very cheap). The trash bag easily slips into the interior liner and is easy to hide when the lid is closed.

It was nice but the front of the lid was dented inwords a little when i got it it’s fine i guess since i’m using it as a hamper instead of a garbage can so it will be opened quite often and i won’t have to worry about little critters but kind of sucked because i did pay quite a bit of money for it very nice though didn’t know if it would work for what i wanted but totally matched the new decor of my room.

We have had this for over a year. The product has held up well and we are happy with it and bought a second one. The only issue on both is the top does not fit securely as the rest of the can shifts a little bit. Not a big deal but should fit secure to me.

We use this as an indoor trashcan with a big family. Works awesome and takes 30 gallon trashbags. Make sure you wrap bag around interior insert tight then poke bag into the set hole to hold the bag. For the price and size you will not beat this trashcan.

We purchased two of these to keep our home recycling items separated in our kitchen. Since they are made for outdoor, we now placed on our front porch and they look great. I love the inner removable bin with handles so we can easily dump these into our main recycling containers. They are great quality and look fantastic.

I bought 2 of these to match my sterilite drawers. I use them as hampers and i think they look great with my sterilite drawers and bed. Good quality, sturdy and looks like real wicker. Completely in love with my invented bedroom set.

This says outdoor use but believe me it will do for an indoor can as well because it is beautifully made.

The faux wicker looks good, it’s very spacious, and the inner liner fits perfectly within the outer shell. I do plan on using a 40 gallon trash bag inside the liner to keep things clean. No problems with the handle installation; it came with two screws.

Way overpriced for a piece of plastic yet it’s matches my patio set so i bought 2 very nice looking planters.

Perfect taller can to keep dogs out. Only problem is it’s so tall the bag falls on.

It’s exactly what i was looking for. I made my own little makeshift “doggy station” for my backyard. The diaper pail i bought fit great inside it. It matches my existing patio furniture and isn’t an eye sore. . It doesn’t look like a trash can.

It takes up a lot of space in my galley kitchen, but it prevents me from using 4 garbage bags a week. The only negative is that it is very hard to keep the bag around the top of the insert. I am trying a twist-tie this week.

A good looking, functional refuse container for patio or pool. I’m pleased with this item and would recommend it to other interested shoppers.

It was super easy to screw the silver handle onto basket top. Hope it can withstand our houston weather. Using outdoor in our pool area.

I like the garbage can for our pool area. While i like the garbage can, i knocked off two stars as it was missing the handle/hardware. I am going to have to make a trip to the store to buy a handle.

Received my trash bin today and am very happy with it. So glad i decided to buy it. Was hasitent at first but am very happy with it. Match my wicker patio/pool furniture perfect.

I know its just a trash can but for outdoors on my back patio i have gone through other ones that look like this one and this is completely sealed meaning the bucket inside is water proof it will not leak out any liquids that ultimately spill on the floor.

The inner liner is easy to remove and holds a trash bag in place.

This is just the ticket for us living in an apartment. We are older people and do not take the garbage out every day. This hold a ‘ton’of garbage and if we do not put stinky wastes in, we could go almost a week before we need to take out the garbage. Really attractive design and i like that it has a lid. Can use a 33 gal garbage bag just fine.

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Keter Pacific 30 Gal. Outdoor Resin Wicker Waste Basket Trash Can with Liner
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