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iTouchless Multifunction Matte Finish Trash Can, Works and looks great!

Great for when you have messy hands and don’t want to or don’t have the coordination to step on a pedal to open the can. It’s about the same size as the round ones for bathrooms but somehow looks smaller. I like that i can wave my hand (or foot) above the sensor and the lid opens and stays open for a few seconds vs. Having to continually step on a lever or see into an open bin. I haven’t found (or really looked very hard) bags that fit this design but the regular grocery bags fit fine if you don’t mind seeing some of the bag folded over the edge of the bin.

Works really well, it a bit noisy as other reviews have stated. It was smaller than i thought it would be but i can still find a use for it. I will probably look for one that is a bit bigger for my needs.

Services the purpose very well.

Fast shipping and awesome product.

I took this trash can out of the box today and set it up. The setup was quick and easy. I bought the 13-gallon version for my kitchen a few weeks before ordering this model for my bathroom. Never thought i’d buy fancy trash cans, but i am a bit germphobic, and it’s so nice to avoid touching anything that touches trash. Also, they look much neater and cleaner than the plastic cans i used to have.

This trash can is perfect for our needs. Our little dog had been stealing from the trash lately bc we had a flimsy lid on our old can. I needed something slender to fit a tight space plus a heavier and sturdier base so she can’t knock it over (our old one was plastic and this one is metal). I also wanted a good seal on the lid to deter her. She hates mechanical and electrical noises (my laptop is her arch nemesis. I had to turn off all system sounds). This trash can makes the faintest sound when opening and closing and she is very wary of it.

This trash was the perfect size. Its a little loud but works for me.

Key specs for iTouchless Multifunction Matte Finish Trash Can, 2.5 Gallon, Pearl White:

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    by entering your model number.
  • EFFORTLESS and HYGIENIC – 100% Touchless Trash Can with Sensor-Operated Lid – no touching required, the motion sensor opens the lid automatically
  • COMPLETE ODOR CONTROL – includes 1 Odor Filter and 1 Lemon-Scented Fragrance Cartridge, it’s the perfect trash can for the bathroom, kitchen, or office
  • BEAUTIFUL and DURABLE – Elegant matte white steel can body and high-quality, silver-colored ABS plastic lid, fingerprint-resistant and easy to clean
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) or optional Official iTouchless AC Adapter (sold separately)
  • RISK FREE – Manufacturer offers 1 Year Warranty

Comments from buyers

“Perfect size, perfect function
, Works and looks great!

It’s perfect and works well, with no issues and i’ve had it quite a while now.

It is small but we enjoy it.

I have purchased two of these trash cans. I hate looking at trash and since you don’t have to touch it or step on a pedal, it is quick and easy to use. The rubber ring holds the bags in place so there is no looking at the bag either.

Like it’s father, the son is as nice to have.

This is the 4th itouchless trash can i’ve purchased in the last 10 years and i love and still use them all. They’re attractive, have dependable mechanisms, easy to clean and batteries last a long, long time. I love the deoderizer feature in the small can which i use in the guest bathroom.

These little garbage cans are so cute. I have a 13 gallon one in the kitchen and i’ve never had a problem with it so when i saw these little 4 gallon cans, i thought they would be perfect in the laundry room and master bath and i was right. I bought them from the amazon warehouse, so i saved a little bit of money also. I can deal with a dented box if i’m getting an additional 20% or more off the regular price.

This trash can is just the right size for our bathroom. My purpose in buying it was to have a covered trash can that reduce odor. As a bonus, i like the way the bag is held into place such that it never falls down into the can and is not visible from the outside of the can.

I dislike that ut gets full real fast.

Works very well, keeps odors inside.

Great for keeping the odors out of the house, however my dachshund’s long nose trips the sensor.

Wow, this trash can is amazing. You wave your hand over the top and it flies open, then you drop in your trash and it flies shut. It holds a lot of trash too.

I like this trash can for it’s look, but the sensor mechanism is very slow and you practically have to touch the sensor for it to respond. Doesn’t help if you’ve got a handful of dripping food and you have to sit there and wait for the dang thing to realize you’re standing right there.

We bought this to use as a composting bin in our kitchen and it works great. Though i bought compostable bags online for it, i realized today that some grocery stores produce bags are compostable and fit in it perfectly. We planned on keeping it on the kitchen floor next to the counter top but the odor filter works so well that we keep it in a cupboard and it doesn’t create any weird food scents in there.

Works perfectly and fulfills my needs. I use it in the kitchen and it’s great for keeping odors out. The sensor also works great and i don’t have to try multiple times to get it to open. Overall, it’s really convienient and worth it. I would definitely recommend this to someone.

But sometimes it won’t open or close automatically and needs to be reset by turning it off and back on to work.

Do be sure to read the directions; some comments were about sensor not working well and the solution per instructions was to remove thin protective film over the buttons, first.

It does what its suppose to bathroom trash can, it pops up , accept ones trash and close the lid. The charcoal filter is a nice touch but don’t really need one. Plus the price is reasonable un like other models.

I don’t have to bend over as far and empty as often.

5 gallon itouchless a few weeks now and loooove it. I got for my small apartment bathroom and it fits nicely between the small space between the toilet and sink counter/cabinet. I have a small dog so i prefer a lid on the bathroom trash for obvious reasons to the majority of other ladies. The touchless motion sensor lid opening/closing works great. This extremely helpful instead of step-lids or swinging lids type small trash cans – especially where the only place for a trash can in my little bathroom.

Beautiful and lovely addition to my restroom.

Easy to use, motion detector works well, and lid opens all the way and stays open long enough (others i’ve purchased in the past closed too quickly). I’m concerned that it may be slightly too narrow (wish they made a 6 gal), but for now i’m very pleased.

Great small automatic trash can.

Love the looks, size, and the lid with motion detector. Nice looking in our family room. Don’t have to look at the garbage anymore or “lift the lid” with hand or by tapping a foot pedal. We sometimes have to wave our hand over the sensor a couple of times to get the lid to open but that’s a minor inconvenience. We have two larger motion detector lid garbage cans and love them.

I recommend the itouch automatic touch-less sensor trash can. It fulfilled all my requirements including small size for small bathroom and touch-less operation. Agree with some reviews that the open-shut operation sounds clunky but it’s not bad-enough to say don’t buy it. The white color is not a dead-white which was my preference; but the off-white works. The tiny red light on top of the unit that flashes every few seconds is also mildly irritating but getting used to it.

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