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InterDesign Una Wastebasket Trash Can 12″ – Inexpensive and look good

I’m giving this 5 stars because it’s what i had expected. When i say cheap it’s not dollar store cheap.

I ordered 10 of these waste baskets. When they arrived they were stacked together so tight it took significant work to get them apart. I thought i wouldn’t be able to do it for a while. Also, one of the basket handles was cracked all the way through but too much of a hassle to return.

This is a great bin for a tight place in need of a trash can. It fits perfectly where i needed it, it seems to be of high quality durable plastic, and it does everything it should. It holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff. So while i was originally concerned about having to constantly empty it into a larger trash can, i don’t find myself making too many trips. It holds plenty of empty soda cans and bottles, papers, etc. Couldn’t be more pleased with it.

The perfect tiny little trash can for small spaces. I ordered the gloss white and its perfect for the little space between my toilet and wall and the dog can’t fit her big head back there to get to it. Its short so don’t expect it to hold alot but its fine for a bathroom.

Kind of thinner and more flimsy than i expected, and the edges of the handles are a bit sharp. But the small size and those handles make it much easier to empty than the hulkingsuper-size rubbermaid basket i used to keep under my desk. This one may not last forever,but it’s perfectly fine for collecting papers.

My trash can was in pretty good shape. It was perfect for me because i intend to use it for paper as well as to soak my bad ankle in ice water. For anyone out there intending to do the same, i wear a size 7 in women’s and it could possibly fit a size 8. Mine just slightly concaves outwards on one side (versus a perfectly straight sides as it looks in the picture). But it is not as severe as the previous reviewer’s pics posted here of the yellow and blue cans by any means. I really had to look at it to see it. I just put the curvier side against the wall. For the money and all the color options i really like this can. The color is bright and exactly as pictured. I love the color, shape and price.

  • White trash can is nice, fits my bathroom vanity much better than the square trash bin
  • I use it to throw in lint and any crap I find in pockets
  • Just what I needed, and yes, it works just fine

I have 2 of these now, and i really like them. The shape goes easily under the sink in the bathroom. They hold a lot, clean up easily, look nice.

Size is true (bigger than what i figured it would be). Holds a plastic grocery bag, if you are using it for a waste basket and you don’t want to worry about cleaning it out.

This is a very small wastebasket. It is perfect for my half bath. I wouldn’t recommend for kitchen or where a larger size would be more practical. It is sturdy and well made hard, plastic with a sheen.

The manufacturing process makes it look cheap.

This white trash can is rather nice, it fits my bathroom vanity much better than the square trash bin that was in there previously as this piece can slide neatly along the side between the sink drain pipe and the vanity wall much nicer. The can is slim and fits better in small vanity cabinets. Handles on both sides, when placing can liner inside the handle openings allow the air to escape from underneath the bag. The sides of the can are somewhat flimsy, they do cave-in a bit because the plastic is thin. The trash can that i received from amazon was not protected in anyway from scratches, and when it arrived it had multiple scuff marks & scratches. Although this is infuriating as i paid full price, there certainly was not a discount provided because of the seller/shipper inability to protect the product from shipping abuse and subsequent damage; it is too much trouble to return this item and it will only be used inside the vanity.

Features of InterDesign Una Wastebasket Trash Can 12″, Navy

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  • Made of durable, flexible plastic
  • Sleek modern design
  • Integrated handle
  • Great for bathroom, home, office or kitchen
  • 12″ x 6.5″ x 10.8″, 10 quart capacity
  • Proudly made in the USA, BPA free

From the manufacturer

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Needed this for a narrow space in a very small bathroom. The stated measurements were accurate, and it fit just right. Hard plastic, and does the job. Exactly what we were looking for.

Needed narrow trash can to fit in rv bathroom. This one worked, durable and it looks good next to darker wood.

Fits perfectly under my sink and i love that it uses the plastic grocery bags as liners. Liked it so well that i bough 2 more, a smaller one for a friend for her small travel trailer.

These are very small but still work fine for my home office, i have one for trash, one for recycling and one for shredding under my desk and they don’t get in the way,.

Not the greatest quality wastebasket. However, it is nice and slim, and perfect for use in the guest bathroom, so i’m happy with it. I’m figuring the guests are not lifting and inspecting the wastebasket anyway, and i like how it stays out of the way, yet convenient to use.

Perfect size that i was looking for my van.

Made of durable, flexible plastic

I bought this trash can as a gift for a co-worker. It matched her décor for her cubicle. I was bit concerned about the shades matching at it was perfect. It’s just so extremely cute. Now i sort of want to do the same and copy. The colors brighten the area. I am glad i chose this for her. I will probably buy one in my color of choice as well.

This trashcan is excellent for small bathrooms or small apartments or just small spaces anywhere. It’s made of quality material, has a great form factor (not too small, not too big, and delightfully rectangular), and does it’s job well. The handles are great and placed well on the sides. We are using this trash can right next to our toilet. It fits between the throne and the sink counter.

This is a nice, slim wastebasket. We bought two for underneath bathroom vanities. We were specifically looking for something with straight sides so it would maximize the use of space. These sides aren’t perfectly straight, but pretty darn close. They are small, though (10′), so keep that in mind. You may have to empty it frequently if you go through a large amount of trash.

I previously ordered desk set and liked it so much i wanted waste basket to match. I would like it to be a bit larger for desk but find it is ok. I think it would have been cheaper to order the full set together. Quality good and handles are nice to have. After shopping around at other stores and either very expensive or cheap quality i liked price and found everything i was looking for.

The interdesign una wastebasket trash can is the prefect size for by my chair in the living room and prefect for by my desk in the office. It comes in a number of colors to go with the home or office decor.

This is just what i was looking for. This is a medium quality trash bin, but it holds trash just fine. And more importantly it fits in the space next to our rv 5th wheel’s toilet. It’s small, but enough for a bathroom trash can and the quality will certainly make it last for years.

Sleek modern design

First and foremost, i don’t get paid to write reviews. I also did not receive this product for free. This trash can looks great and the smaller size does help for places like the bathroom. However, i wish it was a bit bigger. Mainly, i wish it was another inch wider.

I purchased this small wastebasket to sit on back of my shower bench to hold and hide my bottles of cleaning spray. It is a good size for this purpose and holds two bottles. It is a little shorter than the bottles so they show over the top. So far, i am pleased and have had no problem with the shower water getting into the wastebasket. I realize this is not an intended use for this product but it is performing proudly and i am happy to not have the cleaning bottles showing.

We needed a narrow trash can beside our dryer. Fits perfectly and the handle is good.

Super cute and looks just like the pictures. It’s a little smaller than i had imagined but it’s perfect for what i needed it for which was my bathroom. It feels really sturdy and i haven’t had any issues with it. For the bags, i bought these little 4 gallon glade trash bags and they fit perfectly.

Handy and the perfect size for our little bathroom. Even the handhold holes look okay, i don’t know why they are there but what the hey.

Its a trash can and therefore not too much to say. Seems sturdy, i like the slim design and multiple color options (we have 2 side by side- one for trash and one for recycling). These are hidden in a cabinet so design didn’t matter to me. In person it looks just as pictured.

Sturdy, light, and a rich dark blue. Perfect for our nautical themed bathroom. The wastebasket was packed in a ridiculously large box, but it arrived safely and undamaged.

Integrated handle

These simple white wastebaskets perk up any room i’ve put them in. I would have liked a couple other colors, like the coral, but they were out of stock. Still, very simple, clean design.

These are sleek, and look nice in our office. My only complaint is that one side is completely flat, while the other bows quite a bit. Not a huge issue, we just have to make sure it’s turned the right way to sit flush up against the desks.

I never thought i’d be writing a review about how much i love a trashcan but here i am. This can is the perfect size for under a desk, in a bathroom cabinet, the backseat of a vehicle, or anywhere where there aren’t heavy amounts of garbage to be thrown away. My love for this item is unending. We now own 4 of these cans and i keep thinking of new places i can use them.

Purchased the mint and yellow versions of this trash can at the same time. Disappointed to find the sides were misshapen and the yellow trash can looked like there had already been trash in it. Easy enough to wash that out, but it says something about the presentation of their product. They’re a bit flimsy for what they cost, but since i like how the colors match the coordinating shower curtains, i’ll be requesting an exchange. Fingers crossed that the replacements arrive in better condition. The box they arrived in was undamaged. Update: received replacement trash cans quickly. This time they arrived in bags but the sides must not be sturdy enough because they still arrived warped. If you’re going to use a trash bag with these, that might not be a big deal. But for me it defeats the purpose.

I got this for a small space i have in under my desk. It’s the perfect size, and the handles make it easy to pick up and empty out. It holds more than you would think, and it fits perfectly in the small space i bought it for.

I have two of these: one is squished between my dryer and the wall (perfect size for that). I use it to throw in lint and any crap i find in pockets. The other one of these is in my bathroom between the toilet and sink. Again, perfect size for a small bathroom. They are attractive, and when lined with white 2 or 3 gallon bags, they actually look kind of elegant. I’m considering using a command hook at the back of the one in the bathroom to pull the lining tight to make it look more tidy. It’s probably a waste of effort to make a trash can tidy, so i don’t know if i’ll actually do that.

Great for bathroom, home, office or kitchen

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