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Hoop The Ultimate Compost Bin Alternative & Compostable Bags : Pretty cheap. Plastic insert doesn’t hold the bag very

After our town switched to composting, i spent an embarrassingly long time researching various compost bin options. This is great, keeps the trash from smelling, and is easy to adjust and change. The screws on the top make it easy to adjust and take out, and it’s never felt gross or slimy like some of the other options.

Great solution for composting in a household with a small kitchen. We don’t have much room for additional bins and the countertop option would take up too much valuable counterspace. This clips right to the side of your current bin, and the bags are easy to load and unload.

It’s been a great bin so far. The close feature is my favorite part.

My city just started collecting compost and i was looking for a way to collect organic rubbish. My kitchen is tight on counter and cabinet space so that was why i purchased the hoop. It has performed its function perfectly. After reading other reviews that said it broke, i have handled it carefully but it hasn’t shown any signs of stress even when supporting a fully loaded bag. The only issue i have had is that the screws that are meant to tighten the hanging brackets to the garbage can don’t stay tight so i occasionally have to adjust them. I just ordered a second hoop for my guest house.

  • Excellent idea, but time will tell if it is built well enough
  • Great concept, iffy quality–good service, though.
  • This works great in my small kitchen!

The Ultimate Compost Bin Alternative & Compostable Bags, For Kitchen Organic Waste Collection, By Hoop Compost (White)

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  • Simplifies in-home organic waste collection for compost
  • Out of the way & less visible in kitchen (alternative to a traditional compost bin)
  • Improves cleanliness, reduces odor & limits fruit flies
  • Fits existing trash can and is easy to install & clean
  • Includes 3 month supply of certified compostable bags (25 count)

I love that it doesn’t take up much room and fits off to the side in the kitchen trash can.

Not big enough or sturdy enough. Only ended up using it once and then going back to my old under counter canister. I was really hoping it would work.

This handy little gadget does its job collecting scraps for my worm bin. One of the plastic tabs broke and the seller provided replacement parts free of charge and was very responsive.

I really love this idea, but i fight with the bag every day to stay in.

Simple solution to having a smelly compost can in the kitchen taking up spacei just wish the ring that holds the bag in place were a bit boot rugged. My kids throw stuff in there and sometimes it becomes a little jostled. Overall, a great user-friendly solution.

This product is great, but instead of putting it on the trashcan, i put it on the outside of my kitchen cabinet right under the sink. I fill it up and after a few days i toss it in my compost bin. I have not noticed any odd smells, so it seems to do a great job at containing odors. The fastener/click-to-close ring is a bit on the light side as far as construction is concerned, so be aware that it will probably wear and tear and not want to close. In the case that this does happen, i can imagine it is nothing that a little moldable plastic (sugre??) cannot fix.

Plastic insert doesn’t hold the bag very well. Plus it falls off the trash can a lot.

Allowed me to get the compost bucket off my small counter top. Would be great if the opening was a bit larger. Hard to bang out the sink drain with food scraps through the opening.

But my only suggestion is the part you add bag to the clip to the hanging part secured better fall off . I hang it on my sink faucet. My garbage pail it fell off to much .

This product is great in theory but the black piece doesn’t stay put very well and the bag gets buried under the other trash- i have attached it so it faces the outside of the can so it’s a bit easier to fill.

Update: after i posted my first review, the manufacturer contacted me directly and offered a replacement. While the current version of this product isn’t right for our needs–i appreciate their commitment to service. The idea behind this composter is great–it keeps the bag inside your main garbage pail, it isolates the compost in the bag (no bin to rinse or clean), and it shuts tight to reduce smells/bugs. But the quality is not good–within two weeks of regular use one of the “clips” snapped in two. Fine–i rigged up another from an old shelf bracket. A week after that, the entire “hoop” assembly snapped off. The plastic used is simply too thin and brittle for something that is supposed to support wet food garbage and open/close several times a day.

Bought this to start composting. I actually put it on the front and outside of my garbage bin as apposed to the inside as i didn’t want it touching our other trash. Clamps hold well but it’s also secured under the trash bag so it’s even more. Really like the design so far and hope it all holds up.

It’s been about a month of using the product and i love it. I’ve used compost bins before and it was such a smelly hassle that took up more space. I think this solution is perfect for someone who is composting through a city wide program wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t want to have to clean or deal with a smelly compost bin. I like how it’s an easy reminder of how many things that go in the trash are actually compostable. The only thing that would make it better if it was made out of metal to be more sturdy. The only issue i had was when someone accidentally threw away in inner ring when taking out the trash. Luckily, i reached out to the company and they sent replacement parts right away.

I am really pleased with the hoop. I have very limited counter and floor space in my kitchen, so this solution appealed to me. I actually sometimes just take the whole thing off to remove a full bag because reattaching it is so easy. But lifting just the hoop part up and leaving the frame attached works as advertised. The only ‘con’ i have personally experienced is that sometimes i wish the hoop were a little rounder or larger to let me dump awkward stuff in it more easily. But for most things it’s just perfect. If you are looking for a solution that doesn’t take up space on your counter or floor, or even in a cabinet, this is definitely worth trying.

This is an inexpensive and convenient way to keep composting materials out of sight in the kitchen. I agree with other reviewers that a steel frame would have been a great idea, but this concept is smart and the unit is easy to set up. Time will tell about durability.

I recently started composting with my trash service and i was really worried about having my food scraps just out in my kitchen. The hoop is a great item to help mitigate that. I really like that it fits in my existing trashcan under the sink, even though it isn’t rock solid – sometimes it falls off because of the rim of my trashcan. I also love that i can close it when i’m not using it – i haven’t noticed a smell yet. The only thing that is a little awkward for me is the ring for the bag – it is hard to get it on the first try, and it doesn’t really ‘snap’ in, which would make me feel much more secure that it won’t just fall into my trash can. Overall, though, it is a great product.

I think that this product works really well. -saving space on the countertop-hold tight-enables me to prep and drop the food directly in it (and if it falls around it, it is in the trash anyway)-and it comes with compostable bags.

Our city just started bundling compost service in with our trash’s monthly price. So i started looking at options to reduce our trash can size and divert organics to compost. I like the hoop’s solution of putting compost in your regular trash can. I don’t know who came up with the idea of storing rotting food in a counter top composter, right next to food prep areas that should be clean. This is a much better idea, the inventor of hoop gets an a+ from me on the idea itself. I do have a couple issues with this implementation. First, quality wise, i agree with a previous reviewer and i wish they used metal instead of plastic. The plastic seems flimsy and fragile, particularly the clasps on the inner hoop that holds the bag. I’ve used it for about a week and it’s been fine, but you can just tell it’s a matter of time before it will break. Second, it is not a great fit for my simplehuman trash can. I have the 55l rectangular can and the lid doesn’t completely close with it on. Also, keep in mind that it’s inherent to this design that regular trash will build up around the compostable bag. Once this happens, you have to pick up the hoop and lay the bag on top of the trash in the can. This is one of the tradeoffs of the design, but not a big deal, imo.

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The Ultimate Compost Bin Alternative & Compostable Bags, For Kitchen Organic Waste Collection, By Hoop Compost (White)
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