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Happy Sale Recycle Bin Separate Recycle Bag Waste Baskets Compartment Container : I absolutely love these. I keep these under my desk at

I have been trying to sort out my trash/recycling system in our apartment for a while, and i thought these would work for us. Turns out they don’t really – but that’s more of a situational issue than a problem with the product quality. They pretty much come exactly as they look in the picture, with the square inserts you assemble and then place into the bags. The fit is snug, but not overly difficult to put together. They are colorful, cute, and have the chinese character on the side of them as well. They hold their shape well, and are easy to move around when you need to. Bags fit well and you can tuck them around the edges of the square plastic insert to hold in place.

Perfect for household recycling.

I was a little hesitant on what the quality was going to be like, but after receiving and using for a couple of months i can say that i am very happy. These hold a decent amount of recycling products and fit together nicely with velcro on the sides of the bins. Each bind includes a nice semi-rigid plastic liner to help things from leaking and to help support the containers. The containers also have lids that velcro shut.

Great way to separate recyclable materials. I’ve already reduced the amour of garbage in my trash can and it’s been less than a week. As someone else suggested, i lined the cans bin with a standard garbage bag just to keep take rigid liner tidy. When it comes to the paper and plastic bins, i’m not too worried about it. My only suggestion is that the maker add a glass bin.

I purchased these to use at a social group i’m a member of. The bags work good, but i wish there was one for glass.

Cheap, easy to set up, keeps me organized. The baskets hold a good deal-i end up emptying them at max capacity every 1 1/2 weeks on average, and that’s with 4 adults living in the house. The plastic doesn’t leak, so my car doesn’t get filthy taking it to the recycling center.

These were purchased for my sister and she is absolutely in love with them. Very easy to use and set up. It appears to be a quality product. We are planning on purchasing one for our home as well.

Really has made recycling in my home much easier. I just wish there was one for glass and one for cardboard as well. They are kind of small, so expect to have to make weekly trips to the recycle center.

  • They hold more than you’d think
  • I will say they are a bit flimsy without the plastic inserts but once you put those in they look awesome. When I ordered these I
  • Colorful, cute, and a great solution for those who need to sort and transport

Recycle Bin Separate Recycle Bag Waste Baskets Compartment Container with Inner Frame (3 Bins + 3 Inner Frames) by Happy Sale

Insides a bit hard to put together since they are not folded in a manner in which they are to be constructed. But, once together, this is really a durable product and holds lots.

Even without the inserts these would stand upright without assistance but the liners make them very easy to clean. Holds a lot more than i thought they would and they fit nicely under my sink.

I got this to help me start to recycle and it helps they are a aesthetically pleasing size where they sit next to the trash can they are not too high or big to be obtrusive for me. I like the plastic insert so it is easy to clean. I did decide to use the paper for glass and found it doesn’t do well with a lot of weight as one of the straps snapped but the bag it self is good. Don’t over fill or make to heavy with heavier objects, if you don’t put glass in there i don’t think you will have any problems. They are easy to transport if you are taking them to a remote recycling location.

I ordered them for my desk at work so i could be a little more conscious as to my waste habits and they have been great.

The inner frame is a little flimsy in that it comes apart when washing but it maintains it shape inside the outer sack. The outer sack is clearly labeled and just lifts out or our large recycling bin on the porch. Collect all week and they just pick them up and off you go. They area little small for a large family but we are a family of three and they are perfect.

These actually hold much more than you would think. I lined them with kitchen bags even though they are washable. They take up much less space than what i was using previously. (see photos)even though they are somewhat flimsy, they are perfect for holding recyclables. I would definitely recommend them. I’m giving them four stars instead of five because i wish they were a little bit taller.

Love them – attractive in our entryway behind our door – i would not want them any larger -and the inserts within them keep them upright – the velcro attachments are wonderful and sturdy.

Didn’t realize that the product was sold in korea. There was a paper that described the product but it was only in english. Although the pictures on the paper was self-explanatory given that the product is not a complicate it device or anything, it would have been even better if there was a translated version just for the important part. I am using it already and i already like it.

Bins are made of hard durable fabric. Size is a little short/small. Would be better if they were trash can size so can use with normal trash bags. Definitely get the bins with the plastic sheets for the inside box. Holds up the bins structure when filled with items and is removable for cleaning.

The product came with zero instructions and the. Limers was impossible to put together. As soon as you snapped the second piece, the first one came apart. Honestly, a single folded plastic piece would have worked just as well and saved me the 20 minutes of frustration.

My daughter and her roommates did not have recycle bins for their dorms and were looking for a nice containers that were huge and bulky.

Pretty much what i expected. The inserts for structure were super easy to assemble to me. The bags smelled like poo or something, but i’m sure it’s a chemical smell. However you don’t smell it from a distance, just close up when putting it together, so not a big deal to me. Could be cheaper seems like to me. I haven’t used the velcro. I don’t see why they can’t just sit side by side.

They are made of a plastic material, so they can be wiped off. The inserts keep them standing up, and provide a solid base for the bottom. In case it is unclear, the inserts do actually go all the way down into the bags, so they aren’t visible. The bags can be velcroed together if desired. There are handles, which makes it easy to carry them.

The work as advertised but there is just a horrid odor when you first open it.

My recycling area finally looks a little stylish. I needed something to store my weekly recycling as i had been using one of those giant blue bags from ikea and it just looked messy sitting on the floor. When i came across i had to purchase. They are basically somewhat larger reusable shopping bags but a different type of material. The velcro allows them to attach and stand in a row. I will say they are a bit flimsy without the plastic inserts but once you put those in they look awesome. When i ordered these i thought they had japanese writing on them since japan knows how to turn everyday items into something cut but when i opened the package and saw it up close i realized it was korean (hangul) writing on them. Added bonus as i am a huge fan of many things korean.

These are super cute and easy to set up. I use them in my pantry to collect our items inside before taking them to the larger bins outside. Controls the sprawl of items and sorts easily.

They all velcro together, have handles for easy removal & best is they have plastic inserts so the bags will stand upright. They are also good size bags, it will fit a lot of recyclables surprisingly.

I keep these under my desk at work, i just can’t say enough good things about them. They velco together, have handles so you can carry, have the sturdy inserts (even a bottom piece). I will be buying more, one for home and another for work.

Opening package is stinky (like opening a plastic shower curtain), you may want to open outside and let sit out for 15 minutes so the gases can “air out”. Product doesn’t come with directions on how to put the plastic liners together, but after some thoughtfulness, i was able to figure it out. Size is good, like the concept and using successfully.

I love how the plastics inserts are easy to remove and clean. Theyve also been really great for my kids, as they are able to sort easily. I’m asked about them every time i go to the recycling center.

Bought these to help with my building’s trash & recycling rules, and they’re doing that job well. The english labels are large and very clear, and the images make sense. I really like the colors, though the blue is closer to teal than i expected. The plastic inserts make them very stable, but can be tricky to put together and insert into the bags. Each bag has velcro along the left and right sides, and this also helps the stability. The material feels like a recycled plastic grocery bag (like wegman’s), which should hold up decently well, but using a bag inside would probably help with longevity.

Would definitely recommend these. Perfect size, they look very nice. Very happy with this purchase.

I am very happy to try these out. My poor recycling bin to the right fills up so quickly, we end up not placing everything in our actual trash cans. This is a wonderful addition.

I actually really love these. Putting the plastic together was a bit more of a challenge than i comfortably care to admit, but within a few minutes, it was set up sturdily despite not being able to read the korean instructions. They velcro together to create one light weight unit with large volume. We go to the recycling center about once a week and, honestly, we could probably wait even longer because of the size of the bins. Plus they have a weird appeal to them which i like. That helps because in our small apartment they sit in our living area.

I am quite happy with my recycling bags although i do wish they were a little bigger. Also, the instructions for putting them together are in another language. It would be nice if they were in english as well. I do wish there was a bag for glass. The great thing about them is they come apart easily and have handles to make it easier to carry the items to be taken to be recycled. I highly recommend them, and give them 5 stars.

The plastic inserts need to be snapped together but after i constructed the first one the other two were easy. The bags themselves are like any other reusable grocery bag and cannot hold more than a few pounds unless you want to risk ripping them, which shouldn’t be a concern because these are small enough that you can’t accumulate too much at once. The bags are plastic instead of a cloth material making them easier to spot clean. On the sides of the bags are carrying handles as well as velcro strips to seal the bag if needed. If i had to complain about anything it would be the smell upon opening the package, like burnt plastic but it fades away, or the fact that this ships in several layers of plastic that cannot be recycled which is kind of silly considering the product type. I much prefer these over traditional bulky bins because they are easily portable and are a fun design.

The plastic frame really improves this product 100%. I thought assembly was easy. You just stand up the bag,and then insert and open the four sided “square” with the slits at the bottom (this supports the sides). Then take the square base and crease the edges along the seams to make a tray shape. Now, insert the tray in the bottom of the bag and slide the tabs into the slits on the side. I think the trick is to assemble it inside the bag.

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