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Genuine Joe GJO60465 Plastic Space Saving Waste Container – You won’t be disappointed

I have a bunch of gray rubbermaid tall storage cabinets in my garage and wanted a large recycling bin to match, and this matches perfectly. I know, ‘blue’ is for recycling. But i know what it’s for, and i dump it into a huge wheeled bin outside when full so all i care about is that it blends into my gray garage interior and doesn’t scream ‘look. Here is a big blue bin full of trash’. I don’t need a lid as i rinse my cans but if i did, i would not buy one on amazon, as they cost twice what the bin costs. I did a quick search and found the same genuine joe lids on major chain office supply and ‘mart sites for $10-$20 less than what anyone sells them for here. The bin price is good on amazon, but not the lids. So, shop around if you need the matching lid. Other folks have posted accurate measurements and pix so i won’t reiterate that.

The problem is that it is not nearly as light a gray as is shown in the picture. It is a dark industrial gray. Think the color of wet cinder blocks. It is for my kitchen so this just may not work at all. It is a good item, but doesn’t match the picture.

I really like this trash can. It’s nice and deep and good and sturdy. And it is reasonably priced. And i use 30 gallon trash bags.

Big recycle household and these hold a lot. Love the size because they hold so much but don’t take up much space overall. Had them for over a year and they have not cracked or anything.

I live in a condo so due to a shortage of space i never thought i’d find a reasonable solution that would support recycling. This tucks against the wall behind a closed door in my laundry room perfectly. I crafted laminated recycling labels to cover the joe trademark stamps. They actually work dual purpose as folks can see the waste basket is for recycle rather than trash. We have the name brand solution of these at work and mine looks just as sturdy and is exactly the same size. This was a wise purchase for me in many ways.

Living in a small apartment means optimizing what little space you have. This trash can is a life saver. It fits in the small space between my stove and kitchen wall, leaving the other areas open for me to actually use my kitchen for cooking. It is made of high quality, durable plastic which stands up to the heat coming from my stove/oven when i cook. An excellent investment, especially for those who don’t have all the room in the world.

  • Very nice trash can.
  • So far this was one of the most useful gifts given this year
  • Fits PERFECTLY in the back seat of a Ford F-150

The dimensions are of the inside of the container (at the top), not of the container itself. I had 20′ to fit 2 trash cans, and i purchased 2 of these and they have to stack on each other slightly. I could probably cut off part of each of them, but i don’t care enough.

Many reasons this didn’t work out for me, but for the product/delivery itself, not satisfied. Trash can came as an unboxed item such that the shipping label and at least 7 other bar code labels etc were stuck to the actual trash can. Not sure how easy they will be to remove, or if they will leave a stain, still deciding what to do with it.

We have two of these in our commercial kitchen, and they get really tough use, bordering on abuse. Update – it’s four years later and those two units are still in use. They are subjected to really rough treatment, getting dragged around the kitchen and out to the dumpsters – and they refuse to die. Will buy more to replace thse when (and if) they ever come to the end of their useful life.

I can’t use it for my original purpose, and i haven’t found a use for it yet. I didn’t want to pay to return it so i’m trying to figure out this out.

This can fits perfectly in the back seat of a 2013 ford f-150. You don’t have to move the seat forward or set the seat back up vertically. It just slides right in behind the seat and yet is held there firmly enough not to fall over.

Features of Genuine Joe GJO60465 Plastic Space Saving Waste Container, 23 gallon Capacity, 23″ Width x 30″ Height x 11″ Depth, Gray

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  • Space-saving waste container
  • Made of plastic
  • Space-saving waste container holds 23 gallons of trash, but protrudes less than 1-feet from the wall
  • Sleekly designed container fits under most work tables
  • Measures 23-inches width by 30-inches height by 11-inches depth

Make sure this fits
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Sadly this was a gift for my wife for her birthday. (i got her other things) but this was what she has wanted in the kitchen for years. It is quite nice and a good sized for our large family full of teens. We use the large 33 gallon bags and it works out well. Great product at a great price. We looked at the other brands and i am glad we went with genuine joe.

Perfect in our garage, i was tired of the large round one that you would have to walk around, this fits snug against the wall. Perfect for what i was looking for and heavy duty too.

It is almost counter height and has a small footprint. For the height i found hefty 33-gallon trash bags fit perfectly. The 30 gal bags are too short.

This garbage can is the perfect height that was needed in my barber shop. It is taller and narrower than the standard garbage cans. It is a fact that clipper blades have to be brushed constantly while cutting the hair. The extra tall height of this can makes it the simple solution to bushing the hair from the blades into the garbage can more easily. I line this garbage can with the large black garbage bags that are scented. And all the little hairs are less noticeable when sticking to the black bags rather than the other shorter white can with white bags that i had used previously. Since there is so much static electricity this time of year. I spray the outside and the inside of the can with static guard and then put the black garbage bag liner in the garbage can and presto, this is the perfect solution for keeping everything clean, neat, and tidy.

I just received this trash can in the mail today. I haven’t gotten around to using it yet but from what i can tell, it’s a very nice trash can. The plastic throughout is thick and sturdy and the handles are durable as well. It is a dark gray, slate color. The ‘genuine joe’ brand logo does appear on the front in black print and it does not come with the lid, you have to buy the lid separately. I’ve seen a few people recommend the rubbermaid slim jim trash can in preference to this one but i say this trash can is definitely the better option. This one is $16 cheaper and perfectly adequate for its purpose. This can’s measurements are: 30′ tall; at the bottom, approximately 7′ by 16′; at the top, approximately 11′ by 20′ (not including the handles); and the handles on both sides stick out about 2′, making the overall width of the top approximately 24′ (including the handles). I’ve attached pictures displaying front, back, side, aerial, and bottom views.

This is a tough trash can and very tall. I have this in the corner of my garage and it holds all of our scrap lumber. We previously had long pieces of lumber, trim and molding propped in the corner, but they’d inevitably fall over if a door closed too hard or big breeze came through. This can is tall enough that it keeps all of it contained and sturdy enough that there’s no chance of it tipping over. And it’s amazing how much we can fit in there.

Space-saving waste container

Durable, nice looking in home. Wished the handles were a little more compact but otherwise worth the price.

I use this for my recycling and it serves its purpose. Easy to tote in and out of the house to empty into my recycle can outside. It doesn’t come with a lid if that’s important to you.

So far this was one of the most useful gifts given this year. Now that we have quite a bit more recycling than traditional trash, we needed to upgrade our outgrown recycling can. We needed something that fit in a thin space beside our refrigerator and it worked perfectly. It arrived well packed in a large box and just feels sturdy. Not flimsy, but not super heavy. The handles on both sides are perfect. We use 30gallon trash bags in it so far and they work. If they don’t have the tie/elastic top built in, we just use a mega rubber band to secure the bag to the can. When full the bags are easy to pull out, even when the contents have been smashed down.

It’s great for being able to fit into the narrow place between my dryer & the wall, but i rated it a 4 because it is heavy, & much more so when filled with paper, metal & plastic trash. It’s quite sturdy, but had i considered the weight i would not have purchased it because it’s difficult for me to lift high enough to empty into the recycle container for the waste truck.

This trash can is the perfect size for between my washer and dryer in my utility room. Lots of capacity (23 gallons).

Very happy with this purchase. Ours is in the kitchen, exactly what we needed for a family of four. I will not go to a big box store or home improvement store for a refuse can again. I have owned probably twenty different cans over the past few years. This one by far is the bestfive stars.

Made of plastic

It doesn’t look that pretty but in a college house of 6 students, we don’t have to take the trash out as often as other households. Using at least 30 gallon bags like the hefty ones are great bc they don’t rip. It is tall so it conserves space. The small dog and cat also don’t get into the trash.

Hugs the wall (space saver) and is great for our family of 4 as a recycling can. I bought 30-40 gal recycling bags and recycling stickers for it.

My boyfriend had an actual outside trashcan in the fridge. He liked having such a big can. I was not a fan so we compromised with the genuine joe and it’s perfect. It’s slender form fits much better in our kitchen than even a normal trashcan would.

Great quality but make sure you know what you are using it for. Does not fit trash bags well but has become good use for a recycler.

I needed a trash container that would fit between my stove and fridge and that would hold a 30 gallon trash bag. The finish is smooth, i would have liked a choice in color but you really can’t see it anyway. And it holds enough stuff that i am not emptying it every day.

Large garbage bag fits perfectly. No more ‘kitchen’ size bags that fill up quickly with a family of 6 (even with recycling cardboard and plastics).

I purchased this product to use for a trash can in my camper. I wanted something slim and narrow to fit in a small space. My concept of measurements wasn’t very good. As it turned out, the container was too large. I ended up using it for it’s intended purpose which worked out great. I would highly recommend this for recycling. They take up less space and the height gives you plenty of storage room. This is the first product i’ve ever received without packaging. The shipping label was attached to the can.

Space-saving waste container holds 23 gallons of trash, but protrudes less than 1-feet from the wall

Very happy with the product, but only gave it four stars because the description is misleading. I bought three of these to use as recycle bins. The space where these were going to live is 30′ wide, so three bins that are 9. 5′ is actually the width of the opening on the inside, not the width of the bin itself. It’s actually closer to 11′ wide. I had to saw the sides of the rim off to get them to fit. Other than that, they work very well. But if you’re buying this particular product for it’s narrow size to fit in a restricted space, beware that the dimensions listed are inside, not outside. 5′ too all dimensions to check against the space you’ll be putting it in.

I bought this to use as a general trash can that i keep near the back porch. I like the fact that it’s tall and narrow so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

It is great at holding trash. It has little plastic pieces under the rim that secure bags.

It’s very tall and well constructed. I wanted it to store all of my rolls of wrapping paper and gift bags. Also, all of my bows and tissue paper fit in there. It stores everything perfectly, and doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Perfect size for what i needed to use this for. I use it in my garage to sort recycling that i do not take in myself. The color is not the same as in display picture, it is darker, and the logo is not printed on it either. But that is unimportant for my needs.

Very rugged and sturdy design, commercial quality. Will not work well with standard, 30 us gal trash bags; you need to use at least 33 gal. A good choice for anyone seeking a large capacity bin that will not need to be emptied every other day.

Sleekly designed container fits under most work tables

It’s nice and narrow, so even though it’s quite large, it takes up relatively little space. It’s also very strong and sturdy.

I love this trash can, if someone can even love a trash can. It’s huge, and i’m not taking garbage out as often as i used too, i also don’t have to worry about the dog getting into the garbage because it’s so tall.

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Genuine Joe GJO60465 Plastic Space Saving Waste Container, 23 gallon Capacity, 23" Width x 30" Height x 11" Depth, Gray
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