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Cute, functional, and dishwasher-safe insert. No filters to get fuzzy and have to replace. Haven’t had any fruit-fly or odor problems. I really like this little bucketi saw some confusion in the comments when i was looking to buy, so to clarify — this is not where you make compost (like, break down food scraps into dirt). This is where you collect the scraps that you then take out to your actual compost pile. I have seen some under-counter composting bins but this is not that. However, it does work excellently for its intended purpose.

The size is perfect for what i needed however when the inside bin gets full the handle falls off when trying to pull it out.

We like it for how we use it though i can’t speak to the odor containing abilities. We have a larger compost bin at the back of our property we just use this so we only have to make one trip. Good odor control of emptied daily or every other day.

I love this cute compost bucket. It sits by my sink and isn’t too big or bulky. The lid has a seal so smells don’t escape and i haven’t had the problem others have had with the seal coming off. I don’t smoosh the lid down though, just place it on top. It still keeps smells in and bugs out. And i really put it to the test, putting a moldy onion and some other various half rotten veggies in it. I’ve not had the handle come off like others said and it’s nice to be able to scrub it down really well after each use.

I spent a lot of time comparing various composting buckets and went along with this one because it was the only one that had the internal bucket that comes out. I like the idea of the outer bucket not suffering any banging and wear from the daily trek out to the compost heap and the tapping of the bucket on the side to get everything out, which always results in a warped can and the lid never fits quite right. The internal bucket eliminates that and because it’s plastic, it doesn’t warp as easily as the metal buckets i have had in the past. The major flaws of this bucket however are the flimsy handles on the inner plaster bucket. Obviously was not tested to see if the design worked. It really is just a hole on each side with a piece of wire for the handle that stick into the hole curving into the hole with a couple of mm extending out to catch the bucket into place. The wire pops out of the holes all the time. The trick with it is that you have to take out the compost every day. If you are someone who waits for the bucket to fill up, then reaches in for the little dainty wire handle, you can bet that about 10 steps out the door the handles will pop out from the weight of the contents and you will have compostables all over your kitchen floor. If the bucket is only half full, the handles stay in place.

I have not noticed any stank yet. The bucket on the inside pops out so that you can carry just that part to your bigger bin. The lid seals on pretty well which helps eliminate the stink. I love that the color is nice and plain and blends in well with my kitchen decor without screaming ‘hey there is rotting food inside here’. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Exaco Trading Co. CPBG 01 Exaco 2-in-1 Indoor Compost Bucket, 1 Gallon Green

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  • Attractive and easy to clean kitchen bucket has a one gallon capacity, dishwasher safe
  • Recycle organic waste into compost for your garden
  • Bucket-in-bucket design makes it easy to carry out to the compost pile
  • Lid comes with a clear rubber seal to limit odor and pests
  • Made from sheet metal. inner bucket made from polypropylene

I received this bucket as a gift a year ago and have since given it as a gift to three of my family members. It sits on my countertop, so it’s easily accessible while i cook. It contains smells very well because of the seal on the lid. It’s easy to clean because the inner bucket is plastic and removable. The only negative i’ve experienced is the black lettering on the front has smeared a little after i cleaned the metal outer bucket. I didn’t scrub it or use harsh cleaner, so i’m disappointed in that. I have the light green color, which i prefer, but it was not available when i ordered christmas gifts this year.

This is my second compost bin. I keep one for what i feed my red worms and one to go to the compost pile outside. It is easy to use and clean and it looks nice on the counter. The size is perfect – the same as my other one. If they are too big i might not empty it as frequently.

I really like having this small bucket on my sink to collect compostable scraps. I chose this product after seeing/using one while on vacation. I ordered the silver one and there is something different about the finish. My bucket is developing discolored streaks – as though the finish is breaking down. Did not notice that with the painted one. This is an aesthetic matter and does not impact its functionality. Still, it is a good addition to my kitchen.

This does not have a filter, it’s just a container with a lid and a plastic bucket with a handle that fits inside. It looks so pretty sitting on the counter, there is no smell, the lid fits very snugly inside the container, about an inch deep into it so it is not sitting right on top with a crack. We are a couple with no kids, and we empty this into our compost bin every few days, so for that sort of situation, it is perfect. I think it’s probably too small for a bigger family.

It’s a really pretty compost bucket and the green is gorgeous. I get plenty of compliments. I was looking for one that specifically spelled compost in the front and was green, voila. It has a nice rubber seal that doesn’t let the stank out and within the green bucket is a removable white bucket with a handle. Very good quality and worth it.

It is perfect size for my household. Looks great, but there is flaw in inside of the can.

Exactly what i was looking for, fits well on the counter, blends with everything. The only complaint i have is the top does not seal although it does have a rubber sealer around the lid. The flies and fruit flies come and go as they please.

This is perfect for those kitchen scraps that you have on a daily basis. When it gets full, simply pull the insert out and take it to the compost bin to dump it. Rinse out the container and you are back in business.

Just like what the other reviewers said. The odors stay in and once i killed the fruit flies that were attracted by the container i had before, the fruit flies stopped coming.

This is my go-to compost bin in my kitchen, plus it looks cute enough to set out on the counter. I’ve gone to many a friends house and seen a bucket for their chickens or compost and it doesn’t look pretty. I hope to one day be able to install this into a cabinet but for now it sits pretty up on my counter. I would have given it 5 stars but the plastic seal that goes on the lid has already been a bit of a headache to keep on. It falls off everytime i take the lid on or off and when i clean it, which is every day. This is a great item to have for those of you who compost.

My research indicated that, over time, every material type has its drawback when it comes to compost buckets: metals rust, ceramics crack, and plastics retain smells. This dual, 2-in 1, approach seems to sidestep all those issues. Plus, there are no carbon filters or little bags to bother with. It is easy to empty, and we’ve experienced no undue odors (or flies) even during summer. This bucket is small enough to tuck under the kitchen sink but large enough to last up to a week, so that emptying it coordinates well with other garbage chores.

Exaco Trading Co. CPBG 01 Exaco 2-in-1 Indoor Compost Bucket, 1 Gallon Green : So very happy with this little bucket. I had a different style previously- a ceramic one with a charcoal filter which i didn’t care for– heavy, and fruit flies could still get in and laid eggs around the filter– ew. This metal pail has a plastic bucket inside which lifts out, very easy to dispense. The lid is tight fitting too. I wish it were a tad bigger, but then again, it might take up too much counterspace. Looks nice on the counter as well.

When this cool little counter-top compost bucket arrived, it had a small crack in the bottom of the insert. In my haste, i didn’t make a phone call, but rather only read amazon’s return policy, and was disappointed when it appeared that i was going to have to pay return shipping. In this case, amazon’s return policy is not exaco trading’s return policy. Had i simply called exaco trading (877-760-8500 ext 701), like i finally did this morning, i would have not only received a new compost bucket shipped to me for free, but enjoyed a very pleasant conversation with andrew cook, vp of exaco trading.My previous negative post on my compost bucket?. These things are shipped to amazon in bulk, as many items are, and the only way we can be assured of getting a good product is by making sure we purchase from good companies like exaco, who are willing and ready to keep us, the customer, satisfied. The next time i see the company name exaco trading, i will know, that no matter what, i will be treated well when purchasing from them.

Actually adds to the look of the kitchen. The lid seals great, no smell, no mess, all good. I like the very small size too. I use the liners which are stretchy so it’s no mess at all.

The lid doesn’t fit that tight. It is easy to pull off with one hand while prepping veggies and fruits, so that is nice. It seals tight enough to prevent odors from escaping, but if you knock it over, the top will come off pretty easily. I like how the top does indeed seal, and you don’t have to worry about buying carbon filters. The inner bucket handle lies flat inside, but once when the bucket was full of water and soggy compost scraps, the handle popped off the bucket and the slop fell down all over my porch. Lesson learned, the inner bucket is not that sturdy, so don’t carry by the handle if it is heavy. The outer container is sturdy, on the other hand. So you are safe carrying that by the handles. It is cute, and can sit out and blend into your kitchen decor.

I use this compost container for my food scraps, coffee grounds, etc. It is the perfect size for the kitchen. I dump it in my outdoor compost bin about once a week. It is a nice metal, with a plastic removable liner that has a handle. The only negative remark is that the rubber piece around the lid occasionally slips off. Also there is never an odor using this compost bin.

Perfect size to sit on my counter– looks good, has a good seal so i rarely catch of whiff of what’s decomposing in there. I’ve been using it for about a year and it’s very solid, the paint still looks good. The first one i got had a dent– pretty big one. And the company replaced it quickly. The only thing i’d change is that the handle on the interior bucket falls off pretty regularly– not a deal breaker but this makes the handle a pretty useless feature.

I did not expect it to be that small haha. But its perfect size for a counter top. But its so cute and easy to use i dont care. If you are a serious composter, or have a big family and do a lot of cooking, id get a bigger one and one that was sturdier.

I received this and i thought it was kind of small. It seems to look smaller than a gallon-size to me. But i started to give it a try since the one i had was taking up too much space on my countertop. I’ve had it for 2 weeks now and i’m a single person who cooks every meal. It took me a week and a half to fill up the first time. I don’t have a composting bin to dump it into so i used compost in bags to put it into my regular trash chute. It doesn’t let any fruit flies in or smell out. It’s really easy to use just put the lining into the bucket pull it out tie the lining and throw it down the chute. I’m going to buy one of these as gifts for my family for christmas. I think every person needs one of these in their households.

This compost bucket is just as cute as it looks. Love the light olive color, it’s small enough that it can sit on your kitchen counter without looking awkward or conspicuous. I just started composting for the first time but live in an apartment, so wanted to start out small. My compost bin is out on my balcony and i just use this bucket to store my veggie/fruit scraps and eggshells before transporting them out to the balcony. That is all it should be used for, do not try and compost in this bucket. I’ve had it for 2 months now and no rusting, no loose handles. . Take care of the item and you will have no complaints.

Love this little compost pail. I’ve had pails with removable plastic liners and charcoal filtered lids and this pail and i much prefer this. I empty the little inside pail into my big outside composter when it gets full and that’s the end of the problem. I’m not using up compostable bags or having to deal with emptying and disposing of plastic bags like i was before. There is no charcoal filter to always be falling into the contents or turning moldy overnight. I liked it so much i got both my sister and my niece their own and they both love them. Now i’m buying another for my new home. Besides just being wonderfully functional, it’s cute. I can have it in my kitchen and it’s an addition, not an eyesore.

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