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Cook N Home 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Bin – A big improvement

I had a plastic bin for 30 years. I cut down a gallon sized vinegar bottle to fit inside, then put in a biodegradable bag and load it up. Easy to take outside to the compost bin.

I’ve tried out numerous compost kitchen counter buckets/containers and this is by far my favorite so far. It actually has two filters and they work really well. I’ve had it for a couple of months and there is no sign of rusting. I like the handle and that it has a rubber wrap in part of it. I have nothing negative to say about it so far.

It looks great and has no smell. I put my coffee grinds, paper towels and all my veggie and fruit scraps. Then i throw it into my compost. This holds just enough you don’t have empty everyday. I keep it on my counter next to my cutting board, it’s stainless so it goes with everything.

Exactly what i wanted, my last bucket was ceramic, looked nice but chipped and then busted. I maybe able to dent this one, but it will still be usable.

The charcoal filter in the top and the biodegradeable bags i purchased separately make for an odorless kitchen counter compost.

I really like this because the filter is really good which i realize because normally i have a really strong sense of smell and i can’t smell anything with this.

I put it under the sink and fill or pull it out as needed. When the lid is on, i don’t smell a thing. It really holds a lot so that i don’t have to empty it daily like i was with a smaller one i had.

Seems like nice quality, and arrived very quickly. I have been using it for about a month, right on my kitchen counter with no odor, and the unit is very attractive. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is that it didn’t come with any instructions or paperwork,which being new to composting would have been helpful.

It looks good, and it is easy to clean. I prefer it to ceramic bins i have used in the past.

I have been using this bin for 2 1/2 months at the time of this review. I purchased it because i wanted a stainless steel bin with fluted sides, and this was the best deal i could find for this style at the time. It is easy to clean, lives up to its description, looks nice in my kitchen, and washes clean without residual odors (it gets emptied at least once a week). This product comes with two filters that are barely 1mm thick, which is very thin. I did not remove a star from my review since the filters should be replaced regularly anyway. I simply recommend buying extra, thicker filters at the time you purchase this item so you can replace the cheap ones included with this product as soon as you need (or right away).

This looks like a good option for a counter top compost bin. Comfortable grip on the handle which is a nice feature.

Came looking just like picture and as described in advertisement. Controls smell with charcoal filters that work exceptionally well. Very decorative and easy to use and to clean up.

Before we had bugs and fruit flys all the time. Not to mention the smell of rotting food. Nastywith this and the filter attached to the top, good to goi feel much better about composting now. Remember to pick up replacement filters. Here are the specifications for the Cook N Home 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Bin:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Made with brushed stainless steel to match any kitchen design and is neutral/non-reactive
  • Natural charcoal filter under the lid minimizes odor and is best changed every 6 months
  • Lid fits securely for sealing off smell; Metal handle with a soft silicone wrap for comfort
  • 1 gallon size holds plenty of vegetable and fruit waste and fits easily on most countertops
  • Measures: 8 by 11 by 8 inches, 2 lb; Rust/stain resistant; Remove filter and wipe to clean

Look just fine on the counter and holds by coffee grounds and egg shells to be disbursed in the garden.

No, i can’t say that i love an object.

I love it, nice size, great look, much better than the ceramic one. I kept hitting it and getting hairline cracks, not a good idea for a compost bin on the counter. This is bigger and i like the stainless steel look, cleans up well.

I love the stainless steel look, goes well in my kitchen. The tall and slender container fits nicely on my counter without taking up much space. Easy to grab and go to the compost pile. I never smell anything, nice filter at the top.

What an upgrade from a plastic slimy bucket. Lightweight, grip handle, still gets air from the holes, but no smell because of filters. Good price and overall great buy.

I was worried that saving egg shells, veggie leftovers would start to smell if not emptied very regularly. I use a very small (xtra, xtra small) trash can liner in it because the compost bin liner available through amazon is not biodegradable anyway. I can sometimes get a couple uses out of the same bag. The handle ‘foam’ is also a dark blue and not black, just in case it matters to you.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Buy Replacement Filters
  • Doesn’t Smell At All – Out of the Box Review
  • Love it! I had a plastic bin for 30

I love that my composting habit is no longer stinking up my kitchen. This sturdy, high-quality and well-made bucket is my new favorite kitchen tool. I compost kitchen scraps on a daily basis but do not always get out to the compost bin. My kitchen scraps can rot away happily in this can for almost a week (heaven forbid) and there is still absolutely no smell. Even on hot days when i’m not running the a/c in the house. The double charcoal filters are the key here. I am really impressed, and quite frankly when first purchasing, i didn’t think it would work as well as advertised. It’s been four months, let’s cook n home stainless steel kitchen compost bin, 1-gallonsee how those filters hold up at 6 months and i’ll write an update.

I’d never composted prior to getting this bin, so i can’t really compare it to any other product. That being said, i’ve been using this bin for about four months now, and it’s still working like a champ. I use it straight-up as it came with no liner, and i haven’t seen any signs of leaking or rusting. It’s easy to clean, and it really does keep the smell contained. I have noticed that my kitchen scraps tend to get moldy pretty quickly in it, but i think that’s to be expected to some extent. As long as you empty the bin out frequently, it shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s durable, and it has a thick filter on the cover, which i really like. I was worried it would smell in the kitchen, but it doesn’t. I wish it were a little bigger, but at the same time, i like that it doesn’t take up too much room – it’s a good balance, i guess.

I’d recommend getting the can liners though, the can will rust at the bottom without them.

Excellent storage for food scraps before trip to compost bin. Thicker gauge stainless steel with nice rubberized handle. Sides are slightly corrugated for stiffness – smart design. Filter holds out nicely, so far (two months of use). Nothing to rust, nothing to scratch.

I like everything about this product from it looks to its function.

I love this compost bin, except during fruit fly season. I have always used some sort of repurposed plastic pail for compost, but the plastic ends up cracking and fruit flies begin to breed. I bought this pail to overcome that issue only to discover that the holes in the top allow the fruit flies in just the same. It cleans up easily and is a good size to put under my kitchen sink, saving space on my small counter. Hope to find a solution for the fruit flies when summer rolls back around.

Lid fits perfectly, nice quality and solid construction. Recommend using a plastic bag it makes it easier to keep clean on inside.

Cook n home stainless steel kitchen compost bin, 1-gallonfirst, i was not given anything to write this reviewthis little guy works perfect for our counter top composting. I got the delivery in an acceptable time and it was a basic box with the container wrapped in plastic, one bag for the lid and another for the can. Nothing fancy but i wasn’t expecting that either. So i open it up and out comes a shiny, bright bin and lid for collecting all the table scraps that aren’t meat for use in the compost bin outside. My first thoughts were of skepticism: i was worried about smell, i was worried about bugs. But, i started filling it up, coffee grounds, banana skins, left over amounts that were too small to save and too odd to add with any other food item left, and crossed my fingers. After a few days i noticed there weren’t any smells coming from it. The charcoal filter inside the lid of the compost bin, no install necessary, seems to be working to keep down the odor. I have had it go for about two weeks straight now and can’t smell it at all. Even when opening it to put more in to it i don’t get overwhelmed by any smells that i would normally think would stink up a regular garbage can or bag in a couple days.

I keep this on my counter in my kitchen and put all of my kitchen scraps in it. I have put lots of onion and garlic and coffee grounds inside and never been able to smell any of it.

Container ieems to holding up very well to be used as a green bin. Great thing is there’s a handle. So far no bugs have swarm around the bin. I think its because of the carbon filter. 6 months from now i will need to order refills on that. But other than that i like it very much. I have used different alternatives and ants have always endeded up invading it. So kudos to this compost bin.

I read the reviews and explored about 20 options before purchasing this. Can be lifted with one hand while the other hand has food scraps ready to deposit. Two people using it and no smells or bugs so far. Very pleased with this purchase.

I use this for collating scraps in the kitchen for my compost. It’s great, looks nice, and cleans well (does not rust).

Provides small plastic bins for compost, but this little container is far easier to use and to clean. The lid pops off easily, no hinges or annoying latches. And it’s very small, which suits my needs.

I asked for one of these for like, 10 years, and never got one from my family,so i decided to buy my ownself oneit is nice looking, large enough to accommodate my compost from the kitchen,it arrived safely, and i love it.

This is so handsome and actually compliments my kitchen decor.

I’ve been storing food scraps and coffee grounds in plastic bags. This is a much better solution for recycling these scraps.

This is a great product if you save your scrapes for composting. Very true that there is no smell given off and beats the heck out of all the other containers we’ve tried.

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