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Clear Trash Bags Tall Kitchen 13 Gallon Flap Tie 120 Count Garbage Bags : need TWO: upstairs and down

I use these to simply protect prepared usps boxes that are ready for shipping on my porch, prior to pickup. I buy them over and over and use them to protect either packages that i’m shipping via usps (before they show up to get the package) and, to also protect items that could be damaged by moisture, that i ship in cardboard boxes. This last box has lasted me about 2 years now.

I would not recommend it unless you want to use it for very. Very thin bags, when you lift a full bag it is very difficult not to break it, i would not recommend it unless you want to use it for very small loads. Good in terms of saving the environment as it uses less plastic.

Not all 13 gallon bags are equal. I know these are just trash bags, but man it makes a difference when they are poor quality. These are roomy and strong. I’ve tried several that aren’t as wide and others that rip easily.

I like see thru: helps me identify trash from recyclables.

  • Perfect for light duty, great value!
  • I hope they keep cranking these out ’cause I’ll keep buyin’ ’em!
  • Perfect for What I Need

Clear Trash Bags Tall Kitchen 13 Gallon Flap Tie 120 Count Garbage Bags – Bilt-Tuf

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  • Recycle 13 gallon clear tall kitchen trash bags are built tough using high quality resin at .69 mil thick.
  • Cross tie flap closure, performance you can trust.
  • Made in the USA
  • Bag dimensions are 23.75 inches by 28 inches
  • Compare these trash bags to Glad brand bags.

Tall sturdy bag that does what it says. We had purchased a wooden cabinet dual garbage can holder for use in our kitchen and didn’t want to have to deal with cleaning out the recycling can every few weeks. We threw these bags in and they are able to handle cans, bottles, aluminum, paper and anything else that is recyclable. They are not very thick, but after almost a year, we have not had one of them rip. I will definitely buy these again.

I bought a really nice stainless steel automatic trash can for the master bath and these clear bags help maintain the clean look of the expensive trash can.

Works for nyc residential recycling. These are perfect for using in nyc to comply w/recycling rules (clear or blue bags for recycling). We have 13 gallon trash bins, one each for paper & plastic/glass/etc and these fit fine. They’re relatively sturdy but do sometimes tear if you push a piece of cardboard too hard – but most bags would do that. This size box is nice b/c it lasts longer and you don’t have to try and find a bodega or discount store that sells the recycling bags. Why does it seem that there’s some sort of recycling bag syndicate that only lets the discount stores sell the recycling bags and only in 10-15 count boxes???.

I hope they keep cranking these out ’cause i’ll keep buyin’ ’em. We’ve lived in our current residence for about 18 months. Our local waste collection offers single-stream recyling. We can put all our recycling in a bin without sorting. But everything has to be bagged in clear trash bags. I couldn’t find any in local grocery or big-box home stores. But i found these on amazon and have been 100% satisfied with their quality, consistency, and price. 69 mil they’re just the right thickness. They can hold the weight of books or other heavy recycle items and also the corners of knocked-down cardboard boxes without splitting.

Love that i can see what’s in the bag. I used these for recyclables, and for things i’m going to store in the basement that i want to stay clean (keeps off the dust). It makes such a difference to me to be able to see what’s in the bag. (i’m an out of sight, out of mind kind of person. ) they’re perfect for what i use them for.

Does the job like it supposed to. Not much more to say other than i will keep purchasing these for the kitchen second bin of a two bin garbage/recycling drawer. 4 stars because it’s very good but not earth shaking amazing but like i said completely adequate.

I have purchased these bags several times because they are sturdy and they work great. You are getting 120 for the price so when you break it down it is an excellent value.

I purchased these bags to use for my recycling. They are fairly thin, but since they are only 13 gallon, they don’t need to be very heavy. I use them for cans, bottles, and paper, so they work great.

The handle-tie works great and i am satisfied with the overall quality of. I ordered these for recycling — i couldn’t find these in any local stores any longer. The handle-tie works great and i am satisfied with the overall quality of them. I haven’t had any issues with them at all. Will definitely order again.

Clear plastic tall kitchen bags for multiple uses. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find clear plastic bags in stores. This is the perfect size for my uses. . Lining the kitchen trash basket, and also bagging paper and cardboard recycling for weekly pick-up. The bags are strong, easy to get off the roll, and easy to open. I will buy more and recommend this product.

A wonderful product for see through storage. I have lots of dish ware in my garage and i have started using these bags so that i can not only keep my dishes clean, but i can see just what is in each bag. They have been a real timesaver since i no longer have to wash everything as i bring it in the house. They are also of a thin enough weight that it is easy to stack things on one another without too much plastic bulk in between, a great, great product for my purpose.

Very thin, easily poked or torn. Unless you are planning to put very lightweight refuse in these, i suggest you look for a thicker mil plastic than these bags have. We use them for bagging kitchen pantry items & placing recyclable plastics in. Light weight & free of sharp corners is important.

I use these bags in my shredder & found,. I use these bags in my shredder & found, with the last bag replacement, that protrusions in the bin broke through in several places. I guess i won’t be able to really pack down the shredded paper in the future to avoid this happening.

Really thin but otherwise decent. I did not realize how thin these bags are when i bought them. They don’t work great for recycling as cans or cardboard just punch holes in the bag. But if you get them for other purposes, not holding sharp edges irregular objects, they work great. Used them a lot when moving to keep stuff protected and dust free.

Shipped quick and very affordable. We use the bags for recycling instead of waiting for the trash to drop theirs off.

Amazon came through again and oh the product is great also. I looked for clear tall kitchen bags at several stores. One clerk told me i wouldn’t be able to find them because they were only for commercial use. Well amazon came through again. Found exactly what i wanted, decent price, and one package should last a long time. In our town you can put recycle in bags but they must be clear.

I have to use clear bags for trash in my town. Their ok, but heavier or ‘pointy’ trash must be double-bagged because these are thin.

Product is definitely acceptable and for a good price.