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HMANE Wastebasket : Good value for the money and design

Came dirty on the side like it was used.

Looks so cute in my baby’s room.

Goes well with my girls theme.

The basket is very cute and well made. Their customer service ended up being very helpful. I would recommend this product.

It’s a cute addition to my makeup corner.

My little sister loved it but i thought it was a little on the small side. If you are unsure just get a size bigger.

Wastebasket,Hmane Hollow Flower Shape Plastic Lidless Wastepaper Baskets Trash Can

  • Make sure this fits
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  • -VARIOUS SPECIFICATIONS AND COLORS AVAILABLE: Blue, Pink, Coffee; S-6.3*4.92*7.28inches, M-7.5*6.1*8.9inches, L-8.46*6.89*9.92inches
  • -HIGH QUALITY: Made of environmental Plastic materials, thick, high tenacity, non-slip base, firm and durable, non-toxic and odorless
  • -ATTRACTIVE: Hollow flower shape lace, suitable for various occasions, not only beautiful, but also practical
  • -STRONG LOADING CAPACITY: With hollow pattern distributing force, adds more capacity of loading
  • -APPLICATION: Can save more space by proper use, suitable for living room, bathroom, bedroom, office etc.

The waste basket is a bit smaller than expected but otherwise is really very cute.

Goes great in my new blue bedroom.

Love the design and color of this cute wastebin but it is tiny. (see photo with pencil to scale.

It was way smaller than it looked like. I did keep it and use it in spare bedroom where there is little space for anything.

My daughter was so excited to have her own little garbage can. And this was just the right size to have in her room.

Is a little bigger than a coffee can, would order again because it’s very cute but need a bigger size.

Looks very nice in my 13 year old’s room.

Very petite trash can and exactly what i was looking for .

Very cute and perfect for what we needed it for.

Love this thing for my daughter’s room. On the down side, it took almost 3 weeks to arrive.

Wastebasket,Hmane Hollow Flower Shape Plastic Lidless Wastepaper Baskets Trash Can : I love the color but be aware the small is very small.

Nice piece smaller than i expected.

___ Asbury Nautical Themed Galvanized Steel Metal Wastebasket – Just the right touch

Overall a good product and looks nice. However, saw this was shipped in a bed, bath and beyond box. Beware you can pick this up for $9.

This trashcan is perfect for my kids bathroom decor. I really wish it came with other matching accessories (toothbrush holder, q-tip holder, etc) because i would love to add more of this to the bathroom.

This looks really nice in my son’s nautical themed bathroom. I painted his initial on it.

This is so cute as my bathroom decoration.

I adore this can, the paint is thick and even, looks great, sturdy. Only problem is i cant use it as a garbage can. It’s way too cute to put a bag over the rope handles. (no i wont put toys in this adorable can, maybe some crocheting items. I’m sure i’ll find the perfect thing).

. Looks great but n nautical bathroom.

  • This trashcan is perfect for my kids bathroom decor
  • looks great, sturdy
  • How can a bucket be bad? Serves it purpose for bathroom trash

Beautiful, just as pictured, size is perfect.

Perfect for my kids nautical themed bathroom.

Love it, great size and durable. Great addition to my guest bathroom.

I thought it was going to be smaller but was pleasantly surprised to find that the size was on the bigger side. No dents and in perfect condition. Makes a gorgeous addition to my bathroom.

Perfect size and accent for nautical room.

Features of Asbury Nautical Themed Galvanized Steel Metal Wastebasket, Rope Handle, 10-in High x 9.75-in Diameter, WHITE (1)

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  • The Asbury Metal Wastebasket will add nautical flair to any room’s décor

Make sure this fits
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Perfect for my nautical bathroompaid more than the sticker on the item tho :(.

65 more than its valued at, which means the mark-up has to be greater, it’s cool, people need to make a profit i’m not against that, i just thought shipping was free with prime. According to the sticker it was supposed to be $9. 64 which means shipping was not free. And this is a product from bed bath and beyond. I could of drove a mile down and bought one.

Looks great in our master bathroom.

Serves it purpose for bathroom trash. I line it with a walmart sack, kind of takes away from the decor look.

Great, sturdy can, almost too cute for a trashcan. Great accent for nautical or coastal-themed rooms.

The Asbury Metal Wastebasket will add nautical flair to any room’s décor

Beautiful as well as sturdy.

Nice trash can for my beach themed bathroom. Small trash cans at my local department store were more expensive than this one, and i think this one looks better.

Thinking about buying another one.

Nice size bathroom trash can. I just hope it doesn’t rust.

Looks great is my nautical themed bathroom.

It is super light and the vintage look goes great with my room. It looks exactly like the picture.

Fast delivery couldn’t be happier.

United Solutions EcoSense WB0084 Blue Twenty Eight Quart Recycling Wastebasket – 28QT Recycling Bin in Blue – Everyone Should Recycle If They Can!

I put cans and bottles in it but i’m still trying to figure out where they go. It’s been a week and the bin is almost full. I’ll update this review as i learn more. Week 2: the bin is full now, there’s a noticeable odor coming from the bin now. Does that mean it’s working?week 3: the bin tipped over and all the cans and bottles fell out. Is this part of “recycling”?. Should i clean it up?week 4: i googled “recycling”. Maybe they were trying to escape. Month 2: i haven’t slept for 6 days, i think the bin is trying to recycle me. If you’re reading this, call the police.

Exactly as described, fits perfectly in wooden trash container.

Not much to get excited about; it’s a waste basket. But it is well-made, sturdy and has no offensive odor. One good thing in particular; the rims are strong, so i’m guessing these baskets will not break/tear as others have done when lifting a full one with one hand.

The product is very small and fits no more than two. It is suggested to throw tissues into it only.

Just wanted a small recycle can to sit by my trash can. A little bigger than a 5 gallon bucket. It easily holds a mix of wine bottles, cans, cardboard boxes and milk jugs at the same time.

Well priced , but still seems to be a nice, quality product, it certainly does what it’s supposed to. I would buy again, and would have no issue recommending to a friend.

  • Everyone Should Recycle If They Can!
  • Awesome Little Recycling Bin
  • High quality and perfectly sized to place in a corner. Love it.

A typical waste bucket that is fairly small but perfect for a small amount of crushed cans. In the pictures i show the actual size compared to a one gallon jug of milk to provide an example to reference. I bought this simply to look clean and show what its purpose was even though it lives in a closet.

Love this recycling receptacle that i purchased off amazon a few weeks ago. The 7 gallon size is a perfect fit for the small nook available in my kitchen. I keep it next to my normal tall size kitchen trash can, which i’ve shown in an image, too, so that you can compare it for true size. I actually recommended it to my best friend since i like it so much. And she purchased one herself the next day. We’re both in agreement that we’d recommend it to our friends and family for purchase.

I kouldn’t find recykling bins a ssymbolikally⁵ aktive as this at lokal stores (target) last time i look. I bought one and loved it so much as a tight-fit into my recykle double-wide ‘grocer’s krate’ that for a time, i didn’t leave it at home but recykled with it within the magikal kingdom. But realizing there was a gap, and a larger gap, at home in recykling, my recykle and my recykling bin had to part ways for a time, and as a result, bins upon bins of recykling are going to the right space at home. I ordered another, a sekond, to fill, space, organize the missing vertikal⁺ on my recykle, and make it easier to port my inventory⁶ (a day of water, a bmr bag, an earth day⁵ renewable bag, a rolled-up grocery⁵ store bag, and whatever other things need karried), and have some spare space beyond for the okcasional need beyond, like a textbook or library⁵ book or two, or general shopping runs. I ordered it late, and it’s presently⁵ arriving at least a day later than their (outer) estimates were for delivery⁵, after there was already a generous margin for delivery⁵. I’d rate this as a 5 simplex, with a 3 for the delivery⁵ error on the sekond arrival. Hopefully⁵ it will be home when i get home. I rarely⁵, very rarely⁵, leave produkt reviews. I love this produkt, partikularly⁵ on the back of a recykle for vertikal storage expansion, but also at home, it helps my family⁵ koreördinate and the sort has been rigorous, klear, and klean, perhaps to some degree in kalmbination with my willingness to go thru the trash, even if it makes me vomit, to resort it as a resort if the mix is a mess.

Does a good job of holding trash. All in all 10/10 for holding trash. Also does a good job of dumping out trash. 10/10 for dumping out trash into trash bin.

Plenty big enough for a single person household, i usually have to empty it once a week or so. I love the bright blue color and the recycling symbol on the bin. It’s sturdy and i expect it to last for years.

Features of United Solutions EcoSense WB0084 Blue Twenty Eight Quart Recycling Wastebasket – 28QT Recycling Bin in Blue

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  • Recycling wastebasket
  • Made in USA
  • Blue 28 quart
  • Dimension:- 14.5 x 10.5 x 15.2 inches

From the manufacturer

About Us

United is dedicated to providing quality, good value plastic items for use in and around the home and office. We have 3 strategically located, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We are proud that 99% of our sales are generated from products Made in the USA in these facilities. We have top-notch employees, who have years of experience in both blow molding and injection molding of quality, plastic products.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I initally bought it last november. I wanted to buy another, but not for the $20 (currently listed).

The recycling logo is much (a) smaller and (b) higher-up than what’s pictured, to the extent that a bag in the bin does, indeed, cover the ‘recycle’ logo, which has led to creation of alternate signage after folks were putting non-cans in there. Otherwise, a decent purchase.

We have a property that we do some vacation rentals out of and we wanted to be sure tenants were recycling. This fit right behind the trash container in our kitchen and makes it easy to recycle.

We have a big recycling bin that we keep in the garage, but we also needed something for inside the house so when we have guests over they wouldn’t have to ask us if we recycle or not. With this slim bin, that goes well up against any wall or cabinet drawers. All our guests just goes straight to this bright blue bin with the recycle logo without having to hunt us down to ask. We host alot of parties at our house so it’s super helpful. When the night is done, we just simply take this light bin out to the garage and dump it into our big recycling bin.

I keep this next to my garbage bin of the same size, to collect my recycling. My guests used to be confused about which bin was for trash and which bin was for recycling, but now the recycling bin is blue. I like how tall this is, so i don’t have to take the recycling out every day.

A nice plain large trash bin.

Recycling wastebasket

These were exactly what i was looking for. I just wish everyone would recycle like they should.

Perfect lil recycling bin for my kitchen. Plastic has a nice sheen and flex to it. This bin is smaller than the usual size.

This has made our life so much easier. We were using a 5 gal bucket. This looks better and holds so much more at a time.

I needed a thin rectangular recycle bin for my closet. I have a very small kitchen and no room for two garbage cans. After comparing sizes, prices, and reviews, chose this one. High quality and perfectly shaped for my needs. I am so happy to have this because putting recycling in my closet keeps my apartment looking tidy.

The opening is too narrow to hold a substantial amount of recyclables, which tend to be on the larger side. Probably good for small recyclables like cans. I don’t really think it’s worth it to buy it, unless you want to take out the recycling every other day or intend to use it for small items.

Fits under the sink and gives you room above to reach in and deposit the item. Wish i could get a same width/height but deeper version.

Made in USA

I purchased this in addition to the one my h. A gave me because i needed another container for my recyclables. I had a small issue with the waste management picking it up but i got it resolved.

I use this in my home office/art studio. Perfect for my needs: big enough for papers but small enough to not take up too space. I live near border of santa monica, near border of west la. Near a well known chain specializing in household items, esp kitchens, bed, bath and more. None of these stores carry a simple, durable, inexpensive, basic trash container. And most employees, if found, can be snotty, aloof, or busy. Bought two different trash containers via amazon. Let your fingers do the walking.

The only downside is the size really. Would love if it was offered larger, but c’est la vie. Still a good product and has been durable from our experiences so far. Just don’t expect to be able to fit more than a few days’ work of recyclables into it.

This is an industrial/commercial style wastebasket. The color is not quite pitch black – more of a blackish charcoal. It is on the small side and would be suitable for a restroom or desk area where trash will be minimal or removed on a daily basis. I thought it would be more appealing than its photo but i think the photo makes it appear better than it is. It was inexpensive and i was going to place it beside a bed side for tissues or odds and ends, but it is too unattractive for that. Right now i use it as a bucket and it is working out well.

Bigger than expected, it can fit a few wine bottles, cartons of milk, and beer bottles/cans without trouble.

Nice size, don’t know why i could not locate one in a store, but this is just what i wanted.

Measured, and this should’ve fit under the kitchen sink, which it does, but only with a little work and wiggling. Still, it isaí solid, seemingly well-made trash can.

Blue 28 quart

I bought this to put stickers on and they stuck right on no problem. Saving the world one amazon recycling bin purchase at a time.

The wastebasket is sturdy and functional, but smaller than i thought it would be. I ordered this wastebasket for under the sink, and it fits under the sink but does not holding a lot. Its a better fit for a office or bathroom. I will be placing it in the garage for my husband to use as a wastebasket out there.

This is exactly what we were looking for. Fits well in our laundry room and allows us to sort our recyclables easily. Bright blue color makes it easy to distinguish from our normal trash.

Was smaller than expected but i could have overlooked size when ordering.

I agree with all the positive comments and with none of the negative comments. I got this to replace a wastebasket half its size, and it fits under my sink with just the right amount of headroom to spare, and enough space to hold two weeks of recyclables. For the person who complained that it was not large enough to hold cardboard, i suggest this is not made for cardboard or any other kind of paper product which may suffer if it gets wet. This is for plastic and aluminum. For paper, you need a container with a snug fitting lid, or a lid attached to the body. For plastic and cans, this is perfect.

I’m usually stickler for going for big brand names, but i just couldn’t see paying the $$ they wanted for this simple item, not to mention the trashcan i was replacing this with was a big brand name and had broken after several years. This one seem rock solid, nicely made and spot on with the pictures and such.


These 40 quart baskets are just what i wanted. Was looking for 24 quart baskets and ended up with these, what a find this became. My 13 gallon bags fit like a charm in these.

Does what it says on the tin. The recycling truck is happy to treat it just like the official township cans. Beats putting the junk mail into a paper bag.

Household Essentials ML-6692 Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket | For Bathrooms & Bedrooms | Natural – Boho woven bucket

I purchased two of these baskets for display on top of cabinets in the laundry room. They appear to be well-constructed and look nice. Unfortunately, only one of the two baskets had the two darker rows near the bottom, so displaying them together is less than optimal since the two baskets don’t match exactly — that is why i only gave them a 4-star rating.

I put a plastic bag inside of it and throw my trash in it.

A trash can shouldn’t be this pretty. The woven basket even smells good.

Perfect size for grocery bags.

The color is a little bit lighter than pictured but it’s still very cute for the price. It did smell a little bit at first but it totally disappeared within a few hours.

I love this little waste basket. It goes with every color that i have had in my bathroom. It is made so well and looks as though it will last a lifetime. I like to change colors often in my home and i wanted something that would match everything. I am very pleased with it and it will be around for a long time.

  • Not brown as pictured but definitely worth $12
  • Natural grass made for dry waste light weight
  • My gamble paid off

Well constructed but the color of the actual basket is way lighter than it appears in the picture. I was expecting a rich brown but received a very light colored basket (ordered 3 baskets and all 3 are light).

It’s functional and meets the description, and delivery was fast. However, i didn’t read the reviews that mentioned the smell, and that was kind of a shock. Luckily it’s spring where i live, so i can leave windows open in the room where i’m using it until the smell dissipates. Other items shipped with it have picked up the odor, so make sure you don’t order it together with food, clothing, or anything with fabric. It’s also a slightly coarser weave and different color from the photo, and mine is just a little lopsided. That’s not unexpected for the price, but the odor is.

Great price for the baskets, where you’d otherwise pay $35+ for the same thing at pottery barn.

Bought this to go with another small basket that i have in my foyer for shoe covers for house guests. This is used to dispose the shoe covers when guest are leaving. Has a plastic lining that is not the most sturdy but since i only dispose lightweight shoe covers not damage is done. I is very nice looking and the color gives it a rich look.

Lovely, attractive, very sturdy. Dimensions on the product description are fairly accurate. Though it’s a little small — it’s not tiny. I was a little hesitant to purchase it since i was concerned it would be too small, but it’s actually perfect and very serviceable in a bedroom where you don’t have huge amounts of stuff to throw away. It’s big enough to discard old magazines, mail and other papers in it, for example, and other things of that sort (covering plastic from dry cleaning and so on). And still have room for more. I use it in my bedroom with the matching magazine rack and they look great together. I am delighted with it and glad i purchased it.

Features of Household Essentials ML-6692 Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket | For Bathrooms & Bedrooms | Natural

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wicker
  • Imported
  • STYLISH ROUND designer trash can made of natural wicker
  • STURDY METAL FRAME protects basket’s shape
  • BLENDED DECORATIVE weave with protective coding to protect from humidity
  • PERFECT FOR USE in bedrooms, dorms, bathrooms, or offices
  • MEASURES: 10″H x 10″W x 10″D

From the manufacturer

Who is Household Essentials?

Laundry, Ironing, Storage, Organization, Home Decor, European Brands and More!

We are a manufacturing company who is pretty proud of the stuff we make. We strive to provide quality solutions to everyday problems. And sometimes we just make something because it’s beautiful or just really neat! We want to provide the kinds of things we are willing (and do) use in our own homes.

  • Experts in home
  • High standards of customer service
  • Getting it right, or we make it right!
  • Interested in a good customer experience
  • Experts in importing
  • Distributors of European brands

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

No smell like others stated. I love how it looks and very happy with the price. Matches my bohemian decor in the restroom perfectly.

Fits in with my bathroom theme and is just as i expected. These things can run over 20. This is well made and i hope to have it for many years.

These baskets are a great deal for the price. They look stylish in my bedroom. I will say one of them was a little uneven on the bottom making it not sit flat on the floor but for the price, it was a good buy.

Fits well with my natural-themed bedroom composed of fine floral prints, plants, and woods. Typical size for a bedroom or bathroom trashcan. Perfect if you’re looking for something nicer than plastic but not too pricey.

I selected this particular trash can because i liked the color, but instead of getting this warm brown tone, i got a dark blonde colored trash can.

These are super cute and well-made. Nothing particularly amazing about them, but they are exactly what they look like. A neat bathroom size waste bin made of woven something-or-another. Hey, it’s always nice when you buy something online and it’s what you expect it to be.


Would’ve preferred it have been a bit darker but not en.

I read the reviews that mentioned terrible odors as soon as the package was unwrapped and decided to see for myself. I bought two of these waste baskets for an office that i share with my husband. The room is roughly 17×15 and i wanted the color and texture to compliment our wood floors and black desks. They are woven tightly so if you are using for paper waste, there is no need to have a ‘trash bag’ liner.

The brown catail is a natural fibre made of woven grass and has no metal frame support, in contrast to some of the other products by this manufacturer, so it is light and flexible. A litter lighter than expected from the ads picture, but the ad also say cream, which is more accurate. 5 oz and has no liners (others by this manufacturer) do; not a lot of confidence this would be ‘durable’ but it would be dependent on your use. The weave is such that the sides weave in to the bottom such that the bottom isn’t woven in separately such that it might tear out. For me in the bedroom, this should be fine. Dimensions are about 10′ tall, 10′ diameter at the top and 7. Tag says made in china, fwiw. From the q&a section, i would guess this could hold 4-5 rolls of toilet paper.

This trash can looks great and has a removable clear liner inside. Overall, for the price, this is a great trash can.

We were very surprised by the fine quality of these baskets. We almost did want to use them as waste baskets as they are so nice looking. They metal stiffeners are thick and well made, giving the baskets a solid feel.

Tightly woven to hold trash in. No splayed pieces, appears to be of good quality. Even though i measured the baskets i was replacing this one with and they’re the same size, this one is a bit smaller than i expected (the opening doesn’t angle out much further, if at all, than the rest of the basket), but it’ll work out just fine. The color is only a tad darker than the picture, but it’s a great, neutral basket to match any decor.


I love it its perfect for my seashell theme bathroom. The basket is a very good size and it’s made very well.

I bought these for christmas for my mom (don’t you judge me; it wasn’t her only gift and she asked for waste baskets). These were surprisingly sturdy. I think they’ll hold up for a while. They need a liner, but i’m glad i got these.

Common natural weave and fiber. Perfect size for small bathroom trash. It is a natural weave so expect it to have a few small holes in bottoms or sides. Only downside is that the color on the pictures looks like a brown or a natural banana leaf, it is not, it is a tan, very bright color similar to bamboo. (i need brown so i will return) overall i think it’s a good buy.

Look great, very nice look for $9- only giving 4 stars because the bottom weeve was cheaply done and had some bigger holes (but only on the bottom, not on the sides).

This is a very nice and well-made basket. It has a heavy frame and will not tip over. Someone commented that it had an odor and it does but it is a fresh straw or hay odor as one would expect from a newly made wicker basket, no surprise. I think it is well worth the money. You couldn’t find one like this, for this price, in the stores. Very happy with my purchase.

This basket is perfect for the bathroom. Holds a 4 gal bag, you could go another inch to inch and a half larger in diameter and still use a 4 gal bag. Very sturdy construction, almost like its made of wire, but it’s not, should hold up for a long time.

Appears well made, nothing fraying and no holes. I got it to match other water hyacinth decor in a bedroom and it looks great. I definitely waited for it to go on sale due to the small size. It’s nice but not exactly an heirloom.

STYLISH ROUND designer trash can made of natural wicker

This is absolutely beautiful in person. It is exactly as described & was delivered on time. I am really happy with this.

This is the perfect touch of natural in my black and white bathroom. Love that it has a clear plastic insert that can easily be washed.

I use it as a hamper for dirty bibs and burp rags.

It is really sturdy and wasn’t frayed at all. Really great quality and perfect for our bathroom.

STURDY METAL FRAME protects basket’s shape

simplehuman 6 Liter / 1 : Perfect for my Cat Litter Box.

Plastic is not thin or flimsy. The metal petal also gives it a quality feel. Can does not tip over when using the petal. I also like that the front of the lid comes out away from the body of the can a bit making it easy to lift the lid by hand if you didn’t want to use the petal. Can is just the size i needed. It’s hard to tell from the picture but it is oval not round helping it to fit in a tight space. A perfect 5* is hard to come by in my eyes but this sure comes close.

As i went to empty the trash i thought to myself – it would be so nice if the trash can was lined so i could take that out rather than tipping the entire bin and voila. It’s very nice looking, a great size, everything works very well. I really wanted a bathroom bin with a lid so that smells wouldnt be travelling around and garbage would not be visible. And i wanted a foot pedal so i wouldnt have to touch it with my hands to throw things out. The bin liner was just an added bonus and i couldn’t be more pleased.

Absolutely love this trash can. It’s the perfect fit for an office or bathroom, where you just need a little waste disposal. It looks amazing and functions just as well. The pedal easily lifts the lid with no issues at all. The thing to make the biggest note of with this trash can, is its size. It is on the small side, so if you need something a bit bigger, you might want to research into something else. This trash can is perfect for q-tips, floss and other miscellaneous bathroom trash, or just your everyday paper trash around the office. Bigger stuff like cans and bottles are going to fill up this little guy quite fast. But i do love the plastic insert, as well as the custom fit trash bags. Makes replacing bags a breeze, and the bags fit nice and snug around the lip of the trash can.

I use this as a can next to my litter box. I use my own liners, plastic shopping bags or veggie bags, and the smell stays in the can.

I have dogs that like to dig in the trash. I thought this would be a good solution for my bathroom, but it turned out to be more of a hassle than it was worth. While the design was rather sleek looking, i felt like the effort needed to open the top sent the trash bin skidding across my tile bathroom floor. As a result, i’d shove it next to the wall to make opening it easier. Eventually, i got so sick of chasing down my trash bin i went out and bought something a bit bigger and easier to use. This might be better suited for smaller, more enclosed area.

We primarily use cloth diapers for our baby, but occasionally need to use disposables when we don’t get to the laundry in time, or when we’re out. Thus, we needed a small diaper pail for the disposable diapers. There really aren’t any specially made small diaper pails, and so we went with this small trash can and the trash bags that go with it. It works great at containing the odors. The bags fit the liner perfectly, so it is also attractive.

simplehuman 6 Liter / 1.6 Gallon Compact Plastic Round Bathroom Step Trash Can, White Plastic

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ENHANCE YOUR TRASH EXPERIENCE – Extra-strong and durable Code B custom fit liners fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL SPACES – Fits well in bathrooms, offices or wherever space is limited
  • STRONG PEDAL – Engineered for a smooth and easy step – gives stable operation for a “big can feel.”
  • REMOVABLE INNER BUCKET – Lifts out for easy trash disposal
  • 8″W x 10.8″D x 12.1″H – 21″ with lid open

We’ve been using this for almost three years in our main bathroom, and it works perfectly fine. It contains smells effectively (like wet diapers), and it’s continued to work well through years of regular use. It’s attractive enough, but still just looks like a cheap plastic garbage can, so i remember being somewhat disappointed when it first arrived considering all the glowing reviews. I have one ongoing annoyance, which is that the raised plastic letters on the top attract dust and are unnecessarily difficult to wipe clean. We have a cheaper generic brand trash can that’s very similar in style, and i prefer that one since it’s easier to wipe clean and because the plastic liner insert has a hole where you can tuck the bag edges to keep it snug.

I wish we had bought this trash can earlier. We have a ton of simplehuman products and all of them are great. We wanted an all plastic trash can, fairly small, foot pedal, inner liner, and black. It is the perfect size for a bedroom or living room, the inner liner is removable so it doesn’t need a bag and can be washed out easily, it doesn’t register fingerprints on the matte black, and it won’t dent like the metal cans.

simplehuman 6 Liter / 1.6 Gallon Compact Plastic Round Bathroom Step Trash Can, White Plastic :

Umbra Skinny Trash Can – Sleek & Stylish Bathroom Trash Can : Nice design, good quality

This is really cute, but not as “metallic” as the picture seems to indicate. I was concerned that it would be too narrow and look awkward, but it fits the space next to the toilet well in both my bathrooms. The high and low handle give this a modern look i really like.

A good wastebasket for the bathroom. The plastic grocery bags fit in this perfectly. I love that there is a little handle too. I think the best thing on this is the rounded bottom. I can’t stand cleaning the inside corners of a wastebasket. I’d rather throw them out and get a new one. Because the bottom of this wastebasket is rounded, nothing will every get stuck in the corners, so a quick rinse will do the job fine. Another great thing about this, is the price. Because the price makes it totally affordable to just replace the sucker rather than cleaning itplease click yes if my review have been helpful to you, it will encourage me to continue writing and updating my reviews, and leave a comment if you have any questions, i will be more than happy to answer if i can be of help.

Ordered this trash bin and it arrived at the promised time. When removed from the shipping box a six-inch long abrasion was noticed near the top edge of the bin. When contacted, amazon immediately replaced the item without my having to return it. The replacement unfortunately also had an abrasion near the top edge. This defect was not as sever as the first one but nonetheless disappointing. Amazon was so good about the initial replacement that i did not want to bother them with another, so i kept the bin. It would be interesting to see if the abrasions are endemic to the whole production. I like the size, shape color and price of the bin, it’s just a shame that the manufacturer’s quality control it not up to standard.

I was on a mission to find a compact trash can which would fit in my very small bathroom. To put it in perspective, i had about a 1. 5″ gap between the toilet bowel and the adjacent sink/cabinet. This was the third product i ordered via amazon. The first was simplehuman countertop trash can, brushed stainless steel, 1. 40 gal and i found this to be far too small for use as a bathroom trash can. As the name of the product implies, i would suggest only using this for more of a picnic type trash can. I then ordered this simplehuman profile open trash can, stainless steel, 10 l / 2. 6 gal which was too big for the space i had available.

I needed a slim waste can in bronze for my toilet area. This waste can fit right in, and i no longer worry about scraping the new toilet to remove the can. This was just one of the items purchased during a reno to make my bathroom accommodating to my elderly mother. In the photo you can tell the scale of the can, which fits very nicely is my rather small toilet area. Also shown in this photo is the toilevator we installed for mom.

Never thought i’d be so happy over a trash can, but these are perfect. I took a chance and bought the 3 pack, and i am so glad i did. Not only did one work perfectly in the guest bathroom, matching the decor perfectly, but one in the office and in the guest bedroom as well. Great size, easy to clean, nice design. Modern-looking, love the available colors and convenient little handle. I had a hard time finding any in the physical stores that matched my specs as well as these.

This can is well made with non sharp edges, non smelly, seems durable and a bit bigger than i thought which is a good thing. Indoor, color bronze looks almost like brown, but under natural light, it appears like amazon picture, just a bit lighter. However its not elegant metallic look as i hoped. It has matte finish exterior and polish interior, the bottom width is 8. 5′ at top ; height is 11′ – 13′ from lowest to highest point and 6′ depth. In the picture below, i lined it up with 4 gallons waste bag, and put it next to the slippers for you to compare the size. Finally, this trash can is still my good purchase thanks to the quality, stylish and modern design at an affordable price.

I was in need of a small waste can for my vanity room. Nothing too big or too small. Something that would fit a small 90 degree corner. Searching online i found umbra skinny polypropylene waste can was the perfect size. I found that this was a great purchase. What i like about it:it’s a nice small slim waste can. About 13 inches in height, it’s design to be narrow and space-saving. Fit great for tight corners. The price is very affordable at less than $10. The handle is great and makes it easy to carry or emptying out trash. This waste can is very good quality. Constructed of durable polypropylene, it has a little flex/bend to it. No need to worry about dropping it or banging it against the wall. It won’t crack or scratch easily. Also, it’s easy to clean with regular dish washing soap and water. The option of selecting over 12 different colors is nice thing offered by umbra. Wanting to match my white floors, i chose the white waste can. The white color looks goodthe best feature about this can is it uses regular grocery bags. These bags make good waste bags for this size of a waste can. Having lots of plastic grocery bags stored away from ralph’s, and walmart, it fits perfectly inside the umbra skinny polypropylene waste can. No struggle or hassle placing the waste bags inside.

  • Nice design, good quality
  • Great design and good price
  • Wonderful Trash Can for Bathrooms with Space Constraints

Umbra Skinny Trash Can – Sleek & Stylish Bathroom Trash Can, Small Garbage Can Wastebasket for Narrow Spaces at Home or Office, 2 Gallon Capacity, Surf Blue

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  • FITS ALMOST ANYWHERE: A stylish trash can with a modern slim design that looks great and easily fits into narrow openings and odd spaces in your bathroom, bedroom or office
  • CLEVER DESIGN: Despite its narrow profile, Skinny trash can hold up to 2 gallons and features an integrated handle for easy transport and disposal of contents making it an ideal trash can for bathroom
  • DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Made of super-strong polypropylene, Skinny trash cans are durable, easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, and features a rounded bottom with no crevices for dirt, grime, or liquids to get trapped in
  • ENHANCES YOUR DECOR: Unlike an ordinary small garbage can, this trash can makes a statement with its stylish colors and unique finishes and was designed to enhance your existing décor
  • THE ORIGINAL SLIM TRASH CAN: Designed by David Quan for Umbra, Skinny takes an everyday household essential from mundane to magnificent

Read the description before purchasing. It’s smaller than i expected but that’s my fault for not reading fully. Height wise, it’s what you would expect from a small trash can. But length wise when they say skinny, they mean skinny. I originally planned to use this in our master bath once we are finished remodeling. But with how skinny and small it is i’m just going to use it for beside the bed. I still like the design even though it is not what i expected. It was very well protected in its package. Overall, i’d recommend for someone who needs something small and compact. Just read the description before purchasing.

Fortune Candy Step Trash Can – I really like this little trash can

I really like this little trash can, very nice and clean, really good for my bathroom. This is exactly what i was looking for.

I thought it was larger but i still like it.

Used in our bathroom, a great fit next to the throne.

Perfect for laundry room and bathroom. The step actually does work (unlike some others i have had where it is too flimsy to use and one still has to end up using their hand to lift the top). We have a dog that likes to investigate the trash at times so the lid did the trick at keeping her out and it still looks nice too.

It is small but thats okay for this job.

A perfect small size for collecting counter trash. Steel less resistances rusty.

  • Very Very Small, but you might need that.
  • Nicely sized for a small bathroom servicing a family of two.
  • We like it for what we needed it for- a small

I will love it if it continues to operate this well. Perfect size, lid closes smooth.

Trash bags are perfect for can.

I mainly got this because i needed a trash bin with a lid, as our cats kept falling into our old bathroom bin. Should’ve paid more attention to the size of it since it is very small, but the description was fairly up front with that information. I might end up getting a slitly larger bin for the bathroom, but i think i can use this bin for other things. I’m mainly giving this 5 stars because it seems well made and they didn’t try to hide how small this is.

Nicely sized for a small bathroom servicing a family of two. Nice slow closing/noiseless lid. How long will foot pedal endure daily usage?.

We like it for what we needed it for- a small bathroom trash can (mainly used for water cups, flossers, and kleenex). Only complaint is that the top of it has dented fairly easily. Other than that we love the little bucket inside- my little kids carry it downstairs and empty it in our bigger trash can.

Features of Fortune Candy Step Trash Can, Garbage Can with Lid, Small Trash Can for Bathroom / Limited Space (0.8 Gallon, Silver)

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  • Durable Foot Pedal: Strong steel pedal, made by robust commercial grade and thicker materials enhance the durability of our trash can. With rubber surface provide extra comfortability.
  • Soft Close Lid: The lid adopt slow down closing technology, open and close softly, no noise.
  • Removable Inner Bucket: Inner bucket lifts out for easy trash disposal or clean the trash can.
  • Portable: The carrying handle is more convenient to move the trash can from room to room.
  • Slim Trash can: Perfect for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, under desks or wherever space is limited

Make sure this fits
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It’s great if you’re looking for something pretty small. But for me it was even too tiny for the bathroom. Maybe good for a room you do not frequent.

Opening and closing works very smooth. Nice and well designed insert makes the job of emptying the can easier.

The size of this trash can is perfect for office or bathroom, lid opens up easily with a step. The lid traps the odors in and keeps the area from smelling bad.

Small for the price, but looks nice and keeps the smell in. Used for one cat to keep litterbox clean.

Durable Foot Pedal: Strong steel pedal, made by robust commercial grade and thicker materials enhance the durability of our trash can.

Soft Close Lid: The lid adopt slow down closing technology, open and close softly, no noise.

Removable Inner Bucket: Inner bucket lifts out for easy trash disposal or clean the trash can.

Portable: The carrying handle is more convenient to move the trash can from room to room.

Seville Classics 3-Pack Round Mesh Wastebasket Recycling Bin – Very functional and inconspicuous

Using it like i should and working fine.

These trash cans are very sturdy and look nice and are pretty tall/big. Didn’t fit in all of my bathrooms as i had hoped but pretty good to use as an office wastebasket.

I have a similar looking trash bin i purchased years ago and paid more for i’m sure- these were to match for other rooms in the house. The mesh is a bit flimsier than the others i had, but i assume that’s a change in the times more than the product. Sevillle build som ereally good stuff- particularly their chrome shelving- and these are not an excpetion. I am quite happy with the purchase.

Big enough to hold a few days worth of garbage. The only downside is that you need a liner for general trash, you wouldn’t need one for just paper products. The price for three baskets is the same as one basket in most retain chains, so i definitely feel like i got a good value for my money.

Just what i expect, fast shipping and very high quality product. Perfect size for any office, i bout for my private school classes and it’s looks so professional and cool.

They look great in all of our bathrooms.

They were slightly dented at the top upon arrival, but easily fixed. They fit my trash bags and they’re lightweight and the dark color blends in with nearly all of our rooms.

I like that they are lightweight and fit into various decor configurations. They are sturdy enough and to this point, seem to be durable.

I have to say, i love the look of these wastebaskets for some reason. When i say this pack of 3, i had to get it to replace some of the ones at my house that have some signs of abuse(a little rust or dents). It is a fantastic price, and the build quality looks excellent. I specifically replaced a silver one located in the bedroom which was starting to rust near the mesh area. I have no idea how that happened, but from comparing the two, it looks like these have a better coating on the basket. I believe i bought my previous silver one at ikea. These definitely take the cake though.

Great product for the price. Why i needed 3 baskets, not sure, but hey, have 1 in my office, 1 in the garage (totally unnecessary) and 1 in the laundry room for dryer sheets and dryer filter sludge.

Great price better quality product than i expected.

These are great for home office, and kids’ bedrooms.

These are actually very good quality wastebaskets, the only reason i am returning them is that they are slightly too big for the bathroom where i intended to use them. If you have a small bathroom i would recommend getting a 3 gallon basket. Here are the specifications for the Seville Classics 3-Pack Round Mesh Wastebasket Recycling Bin:

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  • Includes 3 separate wastebaskets with 12″ diameter top, 9″ diameter base, and 14″ height
  • Provides a trash and recycling capacity up to 6 gallons (20 liters) per wastebasket; regular 8 gallon trash bags fit the wastebasket
  • Large, round opening and tapered shape make sure trash goes into the can, not around it; wire mesh keeps the wastebasket well-ventilated, preventing the buildup of moisture and smells
  • Constructed of steel with a reinforced rim and base for stability and strength; silver epoxy powder-coat finish provides protection from corrosion in dry environments
  • Furnish every room of your home with a wastebasket, make sure your office has trash can at every desk; separate recyclables from garbage with multiple baskets. Use them your way.

These are perfectly fine little trash cans. They’re the goldiloks size – not too big and not too small – and they were a great deal for the price on a package of three. My only ding is that one of them came bent in the package. I had to try to pop it back out to round shape. I think it’s a combo of amazon didn’t pack it well, and the mesh is pretty thin gauge. But they’re perfectly fine now and look more elegant than a big solid klunky trash can.

Looks simple and professional, great value for the price. We personally use it without any liners for disposal of bottles, cans, and paper towels.

These are probably best described as waste paper baskets, designed to stand alone in an office-type environment where the kinds of things you discard don’t require a liner. The mesh material is deformable but difficult to bend permanently – it’s deceptively strong, and is firmly attached to the rims at the top and bottom. There is a vertical seam where the mesh meets – this isn’t visible in the photos, but is not obtrusive or very noticeable. These have a nice appearance and will likely fit into any decor that isn’t all-white. They do not look ‘industrial’, but they would fit in such a setting. They seem a good value for the money. They’re doing their job, and i hope to never think about them again.

I am not sure why trash cans have gotten so expensive. These fit the bill for good price. Item is basic, sturdy and does the job. It is bigger than i thought it would be but then again i didn’t really pay attention to dimentions. This trash can works in any room that is not a ‘white room. ‘ it fits under my sink but do not find i have to change it daily. Not a good kitchen trash can for a family but if you hate a wastebasket sitting out in your kitchen this one works well. The top is big enough to easily accomidate a full size paper plate with out having to crush it in half.

Great material and definitely worth the price.

Sturdy, fits in any decor, good size (so many are too small), may buy more. Can always spray paint it, if you want to match a room wall color or a contrasting color.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wastepaper baskets, not for bathrooms or for wet/yucky garbage
  • Great priced bundle. Seem to be superb build quality.
  • Trashy business, but not trashy quality or priced.

These baskets are small, lightweight, and have just the right design to subtly blend into a room without intrusively screaming ‘garbage can’ to anyone who walks in. The sides aren’t super sturdy, but they are resilient and will usually pop back into place after being pressed in.

Use these as our waste-bins around the apartment. Pretty happy with them, but because you can see the contents of them it doesn’t take much trash to make them look disorderly. Also, dust and small bits of trash sometimes slip through the mesh and coat the floor when i turn them upside down to gather the trash.

If you want a nice trash bin that can handle trash in the bathroom, near your desk, or in a hallway, this one is great. I would probably suggest a larger, plastic one for a large kitchen, but this one works well for small ones. Very great purchase to make your home have quick access to trash bins. Another benefit is that the plastic bag that is a part of its packaging can actually be used as a temporary trash bag inside iti wish the company put in the description the specific size in gallons that this can hold, so that purchasing plastic bags can be easy. I’ll update this post once i figure out which one works best.

Perfect set and price to have a can in each room.

I really can’t believe the deal youre getting on these . Based on the price i was worried they’d be flimsy and small, but i am so impressed and excited . As much as anyone could be about a trash can haha. These are a very nice size, larger than expected, and larger than the average bathroom trash bin you’d find. They also seem very well constructed.

Good price for basic waste basket. Not art deco but ok for office use.

I bought these for my office. They hold up well and do not feel so obvious.

These are considerably cheaper than the rolodex baskets, but are almost identical. They are a good size for catching the trash in your study, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. I have the rolodex, and wish i had seen these first.

Nothing special, it’s a trash bin. Little bigger than i expected but that’s my fault for not looking for at the phusicay size. These are a great deal otherwise, best suited for a desk side trashcan or small office wastebin. I had planned to use these in the bathroom, but they are a hair too for where i wanted to place them.

Cans arrived undamaged and work fine. For liners, i am using ‘hommp 7 gallon medium trash bags, 120 counts’ because the popular blue/green 6-gal bags do not fit. I would suggest looking for another 7-gal liner to use as the hommp roll has issues tearing off bags correctly.

Classic design, substantial.

Great value, one for every room in my small apartment. One caveat: these things aren’t heavy-duty – not that a small waste basket needs to be, just don’t even think about inverting one and using it as a stepping stool, or such.

A little flimsier than i expected, but perfect for an office where you’re mostly discarding paper. Good price for 3 of them, might not hold up to heavy use.

The cans themselves are great; classic trash-can look. However, as other reviewers have also commented, the mesh deforms easily, and whoever does the storing and/or packing at the facility doesn’t handle them nicely. Be prepared to push the dents back in (it’s not hard to do). It doesn’t look perfect after being re-un-dented, but near enough that i’m not unhappy with the purchase.

Umbra Treela Small Trash Can – Durable Garbage Can Waste Basket : Great waste basket

I am using this as a stand for my plant and it works perfectly.

Color is nice it went perfectly with our new bed. A bit taller than i thought it was going to be.

Actually looks better than the picture.

This bad boy takes all the trash i can throw at it, i literally have not found a single thing under 3 feet that it wont take, toilet paper, que tips, old wrappers, new wrappers.

It was the perfect height for the area that it was intended for.

It’s good in size for bathroom. I would say that it’s like medium size close to large. The height is over the toilet seat close to the top lid (standing lid).

I really love this small little trashcan, it’s very convenient and extremely light. If you ever need to move it to another place it’s very easy. The trash can also looks very nice however if you’re looking for a realistic wood finishing, you should keep looking.

Cleans up easily as the interior is plastic. Wood grain looks very genuine, ie doesn’t look tacky or cheesy, or fake.

  • you’re super good at holding in trash
  • For a small bedroom trashcan, it does great!
  • Durable, good value.

Umbra Treela Small Trash Can – Durable Garbage Can Waste Basket for Bathroom, Bedroom, Office and More, 4.5 Gallon Capacity with Elegant Walnut Exterior Finish

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  • CLEAN MODERN DESIGN: Made of durable polypropylene plastic, Treela offers the look of wood without staining or warping
  • DURABLE & FUNCTIONAL: Treela features the simplicity of a cylinder shaped trash can with an open top and a simulated walnut exterior – a modern take on a household essential
  • UNIQUE & VERSATILE WASTE CAN THAT GOES ANYWHERE: Use Treela to add a stylish, decorative touch to virtually any space including your powder room, bedroom, living room, office, study or dorm room
  • CONVENIENT 4.5 GALLON (18 L) CAPACITY: Measuring 10 inches in diameter and 14 ½ inches tall, Treela is a small, versatile waste bin that provides a clean and elegant look for holding your waste or recycling
  • Designed by David Quan, Treela is another design innovation from Umbra that adds a modern contemporary aesthetic to an otherwise drab household essential

Great looking and is a great size. Very sturdy and durable as well.

Its a nice looking garbage can, matches the furniture in our room well. I did receive my first one cracked and broken but the sellers immediately sent me a new one when i told them it was damaged. I am pleased with my purchase.

This trashcan is plastic, but has a wood-look finish. It’s fantastic in my living room. —plus, its very tall; keep trash neatly out of sight.

Better than the one brown option i found at lowe’s. I wish it had an insert to hide the bag, but it’s good.

It’s a trash can and does it’s job. What more could you ask for from a trash can. You’re super good at holding in trash. Unlike people, you’re pretty transparent about it.

If you are like me and just read the description and did not take the time to figure out the actual size, be forewarned this is not a typical small bathroom garbage can. It is more the size of an office waste basket so i bet many people would find it too big for their bathrooms. That said, i have it in my bathroom and love it. I don’t mind the bigger size, it looks great, and it’s nice to be able to just give it a quick wipe. The dark inside also makes it so that there is no staining on the inside.

Perfect fit next to the toilet and love how tall it is.

It was exactly what we were looking for. It’s bigger than a bathroom size trash can but nitbtoo bug and holds a good amount.

This was much bigger than expected.

A little cheaper material than appears in the picture. But still good looking for a guys bedroom or a bathroom.

Very hard to find home office trash cans these days that aren’t mesh or plastic or intended for the bathroom.

Perfect size to keep under my desk in my office at home.

Beautiful product and excellent price.

The can sort of blends in behind a chair with my dark wood flirting. Large capacity for a waste basket.

Perfect size for our bedroom. Got the small 13 gal trash liners to keep it clean.

mDesign 5 Liter Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can Wastebasket : It serves its purpose

Unlike many reviewers here, my two trash cans arrived intact with no dents or damage. I ordered them because i have bathrooms with gold/shiny brass fixtures and most of the metal step trash cans and even the plastic ones have brushed nickel or chrome trim. This can is definitely a “soft brass”—almost a tarnished brass, so not quite the color i was hoping for/ and it’s not a very high quality product though functions fine and fits nicely into the narrow space next to the toilet. It’s hard to tuck a liner in so that it doesn’t show outside the can and the handle for the inner can is more of a nuisance than an asset. It doesn’t seal very well when closed because the lid is so flimsy. But it works for my purposes overall—more or less blends in and more or less keeps the trash from view.

This is made out of a thin metal. But it arrived great and works wonderful for my bathroom. I love the grab and go plastic bucket inside to dump it out.

It works ok, but not the best quality and it’s very small.

Have had for a month and no problems with the use of the foot pedal.

Good quality & nice/sleek looking. Smaller than i’d like but i’m struggling to find a bathroom trash can with a foot pedal opener, so i’m going to settle for this size.

I had my bathroom remodel in order to have more counter space i got longer cabinet which left me limited space for trash can this one was perfect for tight space but it is too light in weight.

In our master bathroom the toilet is very close to both the wall and the bathroom vanity. There isn’t any room anywhere else in the bathroom to put a trash can. This fits perfectly between the toilet and the vanity. It isn’t the most solid or heavy duty trash can, but it works well for the small space.

  • Great – Even Outdoors
  • That trash can perfect for tight space
  • Just OK because it is much smaller than I anticipated

mDesign 5 Liter Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can Wastebasket, Garbage Container Bin for Bathroom, Powder Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Craft Room, Office – Removable Liner Bucket – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The rectangular shape is the perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks and other small spaces; The lidded, hands-free step can allows you to store it in plain sight; The trash is contained and out of view
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe clean with a damp cloth; The durable plastic liner bucket can be easily lifted out of the can by its handy carrying handle and rinsed out with mild soap and water when needed
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: The slim profile and modern style make this can work in so many places throughout your home; The removable interior liner bucket has handles, making it so easy to empty; The step design means you can operate it hands-free;Great for apartments, condos, campers, RVs, dorm rooms, cabins and tiny homes
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of steel with a durable finish; The interior liner bucket is made of shatter-resistant plastic
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 8″ x 5″ x 11″ high; 5 Liter capacity

Firstone came broken and dented. Ordered again and came with a small dent on top that i could just “live with.

Nice looking and fits in a narrow space.

Keeps the dog out of the trash. It is compact but hold quite a bit.

Worked great in our bathroom beside the toilet. Liked the different shape and easier to remove garbage from.

I was looking for a lidded trash can with a pedal, and this one fit the bill plus more. The size is a bit smaller than expected, and i wish it had an inner sort of top ring to tuck away a plastic bag liner, but i still like it a lot.

What about this is its rectangular shape. It runs smaller than average, and fits tightly against the wall and is a space saver. If you want a larger trash can this is not the product for you. I wanted small so this is perfect.

I like the fact that it fit, and looks great. The lid slams a little but we are getting used to. I think we can put in an edge guard to soften that up a bit, otherwise good product at great price.

This little trash can is perfect for our small bathroom. It is very lightweight but i don’t know why that is a selling point for a bathroom waist can. I’m concerned about long term durability because the metal is thin and light.

It’s very small and fits easily in guest bathroom and provides the services you need.

I was looking for a trash can with a lid in this color. Great product for the price. Would be nice if it came in a bit bigger size, but overall still a good buy.

Just ok because it is much smaller than i anticipated. I’ll have to find a different use for it. I can’t use it in the room i planned for because it’s simply toooooo small.

I placed this outside my garage to put dog baggies in when i don’t feel like opening the garage door. Even out in the weather, it works great. The hands-free means i don’t have to juggle the leash, the baggie and the lid. The lid also keeps much of the odor in.

Came and was better quality then i though.

It was smaller than i expected.

A nice and easy way to control clutter in any atmosphere. The (rather small) area to put you feel – is actually nice.

I was hoping for something a bit nicer. I needed the trash can to be this size so my options were limited. It came scratched and a bit dented. All were tiny and most people probably wouldn’t care but the little things get to me. The gasket and lid alignment are slightly off so it doesn’t close perfectly. If this were for a bathroom that was more frequently used i would probably return it but it’s for the bathroom in the basement.

Not shiny silver, more of a light grey. Perfect for what i bought it for and would work for small trash, like in the bathroom.